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Eric Atreides

Weekend Thread: Actuals - Terminator 29, Joker 13.5, Mal2 13.1, Harriet 11.7, Addams 8.3

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I’m over in the states at the moment. 
Saw Parasite yesterday (we don’t get it in the U.K. until February!). Unbelievably great movie. 

Followed it up with a Dolby Cinema screening of Dark Fate. What’s with the rumbling of seats with the bass - horrible. 
Anyway, liked patches of the film but just couldn’t get over some of the story decisions that felt like an insult to the first two movies. Just my two cents. 

6 movies in now and there’s still only two Terminator movies for me. 


For general audiences not that into the franchise it’s a pretty solid blockbuster. Certainly very entertaining. 
They tried. Unlike that atrocious MIB phone in during the summer. 

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42 minutes ago, Geo1500 said:


What made GoT was due to cult following in the beginning but it seems like The Witcher has a bigger cult following when you compare them from the early stages and I would say the Witcher has already late-GoT run type of buzz currently. The Witcher will also experience piracy it's just the norm these days. 

A. The Witcher won't have anywhere the same level of piracy simply because the Netflix subscription base is much larger than HBO's, as you said before. People are simply far more likely to have a Netflix subscription for the dozens of shows and movies they watch, but not an HBO one (or a subscription to another platform that carries HBO shows, such as Sky). As such, overall coverage for GoT will still be considerably higher

B. I can't get a proper break-down of figures, but it's probably fair to say that A Song of Ice and Fire perhaps had the edge, before they expanded into separate media. With the games for Witcher and show for GoT, A Song of Ice And Fire has outsold The Witcher series by a 3-to-1 margin. Now, again, The Witcher only had the games, but that's going to be the main buzz-driving force for the show as well. As the two series moved into different medias, their followings have increased, but ASOIAF just seems bigger. This brings me to point number 3...

C. Game fans moving on with the show remains to be determined. As we've seen with countless movie adaptations, fans of the game series showing up is far from a guarantee. The fact of the matter is that people prefer to PLAY the characters rather than watch them. But those fans that ARE excited are quite vocal about it, making the buzz appear high. 


In the end, I just don't see The Witcher grabbing the same kind of casual audiences as GoT. For all their faults, D&D did know they had to appeal to those usually put off by audiences and they succeeded. The problem with any show trying to replicate that within the same genre is that it will always appear to just be a pale imitation (whether that's deserved or not). Being first helped GoT immensely and I don't think a fantasy show will capture the hearts and minds of audiences like that any time soon.

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1 minute ago, AdamKendall said:

That Joker number is at least 10 million higher than I was expecting.  

That's kinda been my refrain for the last 3 weeks. :rofl:

Never ceases to over-perform, it seems.

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13.9 dom weekend for 299.6

37 os weekend for 634.4


50.9 ww weekend for 934

- 66 away from 1b

- 94 away from TDKR's WW-China of 1028 (Highest DC WW-China)

Both are locked and it's eyeing 1050-1075

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14 minutes ago, grim22 said:

IIRC, Sean Bean’s death was the first time GOT really got into the pop culture conversation since all viewers were so shocked. The Red Wedding is when it went Supernova.

It never stopped increasing, significantly. That is very rare for a TV show, and why it is impossible to predict which one of the new series will be its successor, you have to wait and see.



(And that is only 9pm live-ratings, not counting the even faster growth of DVR/HBO Go viewers during this decade).

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