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Frozen II 971m OS 1.44B WW

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14 hours ago, PKMLover said:

Prediction for ww after this weekend?


34 minutes ago, Fullbuster said:

Why are international numbers for Frozen 2 so late?? 

I have (not less than) 690 / (maybe) 760 WW (290/300 + 400/460) - 10 days, but it is very very very just a prediction. No actuals for too many market.  If Sat morning Disney give numbers as last week did, we know better.

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11 minutes ago, Jedi Jat said:

1.5 Billion is locked

What do you think would be it's international  boxoffice breakdown ?

I remember just last year when some folks thought this would drop from the original. It's hard for such breakout hit to increase over it's predecessor. Frozen was such a phenomenon,it was bound to happen. 


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On 11/5/2019 at 4:53 PM, Arendelle Legion said:

It is pretty awkward to be a winter movie rreleasing when half the world is summer.    

Huh?  What in the world is a "winter movie"?!  I seem to be the only one who doesn't get it.  Do some contend that the real-life temperature outside of the theater has to match the general temperature of the setting of a movie in order for it to be successful?  This seems like an extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary evidence.  I can imagine holiday-themed movies having some correlation in regard to timing, whether that is actually true or not, or maybe a movie that is about a particular season as its main theme, but Frozen isn't that.  It gets cold in the movie, but it takes place during the summer with all of the characters wishing for the return of normal summer temperatures (like much of the audience themselves would in the dead of winter)--hardly a winter-oriented movie.  Much of the movie takes place during summer with normal temperatures (Anna even mentions how hot it is--twice), so is the contention here that these parts, which include the ending, just don't work for a winter release?


This hypothesis not only requires extraordinary evidence to prove any validity, but also to demonstrate its relevance to the movies being discussed.  Its relevance to Frozen is highly questionable as it is, so imagine Frozen II, which takes place during the fall and does not have magically-induced winter temperatures.

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