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The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent | April 22, 2022 | Nic Cage as Nic Cage

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On 3/16/2022 at 9:42 AM, Grebacio said:

First reviews are in:

100% on Rottentomatoes, 17 reviews

78 Metacritic, 8 reviews



Cage- he's one of the all time great artists of the modern era surely and one of the last great action stars of this era (like schwarzenegger, stallone, van damme , mel gibson, bruce willis are others - the difference is most of them continue to make B grade films). He's got that unique sense of down to earth, dry humour that works so well for action films.


Hollywood should put up a memorial for Cage when his career is over.


Sadly he has only a relatively small net worth left- thats the price for his zaniness and excess, just paying off his debts, but not forgetting himself and true art.

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I think this film was sold on the absurdity of it's premise and 'THE MOST NIC CAGE MOVIE TO EVER EXIST' but it actually shows a surprising amount of restraint. It's kind of an actual normal movie.


It doesn't get too bogged down in references, the comedy is pretty situational rather than gags or zingers. You're just watching two bros hanging out and having a good time together with a little bit of action thrown in and some tender moments. Pedro Pascal is the MVP, he's unbelievably charming and funny in this movie. Dude can do anything. 

Cinematography was surprisingly decent as well, nothing flashy but all on location (only one green screen car scene which is a miracle in this day). 


I very much enjoyed it, there was something about it that reminded me of a type of action comedy you'd get in the 90's but I do wonder if I wanted the balls-to-the-walls version of this movie.


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I love when I watch a movie that is way better than I ever expected it to be. This is one of them. It works on many levels - and one of the reasons why it works is because it is so darn earnest. Cage and Pascal are terrific. The movie is hilarious and meta, while the story still works in its own right.


If you were on the fence in seeing this, I definitely recommend checking it out.




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