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Eric Madrigal

THANKSGIVING WEEKEND THREAD | Frozen 85.25 3-Day, 123.75 5-Day. Thanksgiving record! | KO 27/41.7, FvF 13.2/19, ABDITN 11.8/17.3, Q&S 11.7/15.8 | BLACK FRIDAY SALE UNTIL SUNDAY - GOLD ACCOUNTS 25% OFF

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Just now, La Binoche said:

The weakest link. Accent goes in and out. Fares better when she has to quietly suffer than when she has to ACT. Doesn't help that she's surrounded by such talented ladies. 


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It's too soon for me to rank the F2 songs with F1. I'm very familiar with the songs from Frozen, because I've listened to them so many times. Where for the second, I've seen the film once and don't yet own the soundtrack.


However, it feels like F2 has a better balance of songs throughout the movie, with two happening in the third act, and both have full emotional impact. In F1, only Fixer Upper is in the third act. And I think that all the F2 songs are a better fit thematically or storytelling-wise.


Do any of them have the showstopping power of Let It Go? I'm not sure, but even if not, overall it's a stronger, more balanced selection. 

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4 hours ago, Valonqar said:

WTF, Dolittle tracking is already that good? Who the fuck wants to see that thing?

My kids tell me it's the movie with Iron Man and Spiderman together again...hilariously, if the marketing pulls that off, I can totally believe the numbers b/c everyone LOVED that dynamic:)...

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13 minutes ago, Jedi Jat said:



Very fantastic for both.


I wasn't one of the ones expecting a 100m 2nd weekend for F2 even after the Wednesday number came so 85-90m is still solid.

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We must be looking at a near $30 million 3-day for Knives Out - which would put it in the $45 million range for the holiday. 
For the industry this is a huge win....an original, well reviewed mainstream movie doing excellent numbers against a behemoth. 

After the Charlie’s Angels/Terminator/Sleep calamity, this message must surely be loud and clear. Sure...the right franchise, but original, high concept material in quality hands - people will come out.  Don’t spend $150 million + on a sequel to a has-been when you can trounce it with a new high-concept movie for less than a third!! It’s not rocket science.  They’re worth the risk!!!!

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