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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

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32 minutes ago, Force Ghost Cap said:

People keep saying this.  To quote the Princess Bride: 




In TLJ, similar to the structure of Empire Strike Back, our heroes parted for their own adventures.  So while they might've been disappointing they didn't stick together, it wasn't exactly shocking or subversive.  Finn's adventure was important to his journey.  In The Force Awakens, he decided to stay with the Resistance for Rey.  In The Last Jedi, he decided to stay with the Resistance for himself.  That's the whole point of Canto Bright.



Only Greg Grunberg gets this excuse.  😒

I know exactly what it means thank you very much, you might want to consider the reason people keep saying it is because that’s what actually happened.


Rey handed Luke the lightsaber and he threw it over his shoulder, hence everyone’s expectations subverted. JJ directly attacked him for that scene when Rey threw his lightsaber into the fire and then who should pop out as a force ghost holding his lightsaber with that line about how “A Jedi's weapon should be treated with respect” ..Luke himself. 

That stuff on Canto bight was Rose’s crusade not Finn’s. And it wasn’t an arc it was filler at best..

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"I'M THE SPY!" and "Poe, Leia left you in charge" garnered audible/unintentional laughter at my screening

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This was everything I wanted the previous 4 films to be. 

The first time I have loved watching a new Star Wars film since watching the originals as a child.

I had such a beaming grin on my face for the whole night.... so, so happy. 


Weve had a rocky past few movies but we got there in the end.

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On 12/21/2019 at 7:41 AM, moms 4 opiuM 4 college said:

what the hell!!!  what a mess!  what did J.J. Abrams do to make this happen?  The production of precious Star Wars was decimated and ruined with the edits and cinematography.

where was the chase scenes?  The back trilogy of space action superfranchise Star Wars and no rollercoasters?
the editing was tough but the cinematography was worse.  Star Wars demands rewatches and acceptance and complete examination to get through figuring out how to live and ignoring everything else.  Males don't need a wife empress in the Star Wars world, they need Star Wars.  
This felt like Resident Evil: The Final Chapter at points with the editing.
 The score will get better through time but was more annoying then not, it just seems so typical for another Star Wars movie 
to do this even if it is the last one and ruin everything!
Attack of the Clones took alot of rewatches to not feel lost in it, but this goes all adventure drama instead of kinetic action.
Apparently J.J. Abrams had everything torn apart in this leaving Star Wars people with no choice but to view the movie from a higher point of view.  This seemed like Star Wars movie scraps thrown together 
  The last minute edits continue to baffle me and make me question the point of a big production.
It was cool they kept traces of love stories in the movie despite public relationship objections and other embaressment in the media.
Adam Driver must be mad about something to knock this last movie out of heirarchy and transition with Marraige Story.  *shudders in defeat*

i'd rate this above Rogue One because Rogue One has boring sequences too, but nobody seems to be talking after this ultimate Star Wars conclusion.  Somebody out there doesn't like Star Wars very much and wants to punish high stakes Star Wars fans and make them move.  the fans aren't going anywhere with themselves outside of Star Wars when they have Star Wars theme parks around.  don't count on Lando being like an Avengers movie.  

is this old dump of a movie supposed to be the movie to reduce the amount of bombs that go off in the world?


1) Attack of the Clones
2) Revenge of the Sith
3) The Phantom Menace
4) The Last Jedi
5) The Rise of Skywalker
6) Return of the Jedi
7) The Empire Strikes Back
😎 A New Hope
9) The Force Awakens
10) Rogue One
11) Solo

This list is something. I think I-III are masterpieces... still...

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I don't even know how to rate such a work of art.


If i'm rating it how I interpreted it, it's an 8/10 comedy. As satirical comedies go i'd rate Spaceballs above it (that's a 9/10 no questions) but it did make me laugh a lot. Especially great was making Rey a Palpatine, Kylo's conversation with Han, EVERYTHING Luke ghost related and EVERYTIME Palpatine appeared. All the ships having planet exploding weapons was great too. At some points I was laughing so hard I nearly choked. A really well balanced comedy when you think about it...


Now, on the other hand, if this work is to be rated as intended, as an actual Star Wars movie, the conclusion of a trilogy, heck the conclusion of a trilogy of trilogies this has to be a 3/10, hot ass, deep in Oscar's bin, garbage mess of a movie. Let everyone involved feel shame, let their children feel shame, let their grandchildren feel shame. SHAME.

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Where to begin?


Overall a decent film with many issues.  Not sure i have a problem with acting or even action. I think the weakness is in the pacing and the story.


I am one who was on the fence with TLJ. It was a well made movie but changed so much of where this story was heading that to correct the course changes needed to be made that would make elements of the previous movie redundant. I blame Rian for the problems here. Maybe if he stuck to JJ's original vision the story would have flowed better. The course correcting was difficult to do with just one movie and even then it was a short movie. So you can imagine how quick the editing was. The movie jumped about from scene to scene and we couldn't digest the scenes properly.


Rey is a Palpatine. Ok, fine. If not a Skywalker it would make sense to have her be from the dark bloodline. Hence why she is so powerful. I just felt when they mentioned cloning done by Palpatine (is he one himelf?) i figured maybe she is a female clone of Anakin. But nope, a full on Palpatine. How and when that happened, we will never know. Her destroying Palpatine on her own made Ben Solo being there pointless. I expected him to fly back take the second lightsaber and say 'i am a Jedi, like my mother (or uncle) before me and my Grandfather before them). Would have been so epic as they both fried the emperor. For having so much foresight the emperor didn't realise he could just take their essence and regenerate himself? Dimwit.


The emperors existence should have been shown at the end of TLJ. There was just too much to clear up in this movie. So a Palpatine finally killed a Palpatine. So why did we have 6 movies about the Skywalkers? lol


Wtf was up with the Knights of Ren. Were they not jedi students with Kylo? why no light sabers or even any use of the force? Absolutely pointless including them. Waste of space. 


Turns out what Finn wanted to say was he is force sensitive and not that he loves Rey. How hard was it to include it in the movie. Poor fella never got to tell her. 


Leia scenes were awkward but understandable. It was a nice send off to her. Was also nice to see her daughter grace the screen a few more times. 


Anyways all in all it was a decent watch but just too much for one movie. TLJ is now redundant. what a waste of a movie. It really didn't push the plot along at all now that you see how it ends. Stupid Rian. Kathleen also needs to go. Made a bigger mess then George himself did. 


I feel the franchise will never be as big as it originally was or reach the highs of TFA at the boxoffice. I truly hope i am wrong because this will always be one of the highlights of my childhood. Marvel rules now the force will have to take a backseat. 




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52 minutes ago, Omario said:

Wtf was up with the Knights of Ren. Were they not jedi students with Kylo? why no light sabers or even any use of the force? Absolutely pointless including them. Waste of space. 


I kept calling them "The world's most dangerous lacrosse team".

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Damm I am dissapointed, the movie was pretty bad tbh. Worst SW movie I have ever seen. Man I am so sad atm, I wish I didn't go to the cinema this evening :(


The story was underwhelming, there is no cohesion.

The Force has all of a sudden become magic and does crazy things that seem way to broken. LIke stopping 20000 ships with lightning seems transformer-esq. Every thing feld rushed, a lot of chasing with out a clear goal. I am so bumbed about this. Hope it will grow on me.


For now D / D-

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Its fascinating how every Star Wars movie manages to get such extremely mixed reviews here and in general. Ill see the film tomorrow again, lets see if i like it more the 2nd time.

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6/10, B-


Great optics (many scenes still look like Chris Foss paintings come alive)

Incoherent and silly story

Hyperactive camera

Some nice gags

Music was ok during the quieter moments


What bothered me most was that, when choosing between "more spectacular" and "more logical", they would always go for spectacle or funny, inherent logic be damned. There are a lot of things happening that simply don't make much sense. We went as a 3-generation-project - I had the seat between my father and my son - and there were many scenes where I heard groans from the left (my father) and snickering from the right (my son).

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A decent, satisfying, yet overly-exaggerated Star Wars movie, which had too many things to answer to and pay off.


The good: Soundtrack, Visuals, Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron & Zorii, Palps and his presence.

The ok: Rey, Lando, Babu, Jannah, D-0, Leia, PO&R2, Chewie, the story, the major twists we've got and the action-scenes.

The bad: The script, Finn, Finn & Rose, Hux, Palp's cult and army.


Better movie than TLJ, worse than TFA. 7/10. B+

Also, OT>ST>PT. Here's my full ranking:


Empire Strikes Back 10/10.

A New Hope 9.5/10.

Revenge Of The Sith 9/10.

Return Of The Jedi 9/10.

The Force Awakens 8/10.

Rogue One 7.5/10.

The Rise Of Skywalker 7/10.

The Phantom Menace 6/10.

Solo 6/10.

The Last Jedi 5.5/10.

Attack Of The Clones 4.5/10.

The Clone Wars 3/10.


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Posted (edited)

Gave this one a C.  Easily the worst of the ST, as it is an incoherent mess.   Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley's performance is what gives this film any hope.  Kylo and Rey's relationship was always the heart of the ST, and while JJ doesn't nail it, he at least understands that was the correct route to take.  The film ultimately feels like missed potential that really could have connected the saga, but ends up being and uninspired mess.  All of this is not to say one can't have some fun with this film, you just have to take it as a solo project, instead of something that is suppose to wrapping up 42 years of the greatest story telling.  

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It was an entertaining mess. So much stuff thrown into here and nothing has any focus or proper development aside from Kylo and Rey. Adam Driver is the MVP and Daisy Ridley is great as well. The rest is a fun spectacle but its all over the place with lore, macguffins, new characters that no one care will care about by the end of the movie, and returning characters that got sidelined/wasted. 


6/10 (C-) 

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Anyone else love the Palpatine cult/ritual Lovecraftian influence? Felt so creepy and epic to me. I hope we learn more about the cult in the future. As a Lovecraft fan I loved that scene.  

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