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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

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Saw this back in December, after having time to process ultimately I thought this movie was alright. The best way I can describe this movie is "going though the motions", and by that I mean the plot was kept moving along at a brisk pace, enough to not be bored but had minimal impact on me and I kinda wish I felt something more. We often harp on some movies for being too slow, while this one felt like it was moving too fast. The whole scavenger hunt felt rather poorly handled, and not really necessary. I'm indifferent to palpatine being resurrected, but I did not like JJ making Rey his granddaughter.


This is the second franchise in the last few years to pull the whole "orphaned/nobody character is somehow related to powerful OG figure from past installments" nonsense. Why can't characters just be powerful on their own merits? Rey being a Palpatine just feels off and adds little to nothing to the star wars mythos. I'd almost prefer it if she was Luke's illegitimate daughter or something, almost.

The acting in this movie was solid, even if the character arcs were not. Poor Finn hasn't had any character growth sine the The Force Awakens.  Poe has also remained static throughout this trilogy, even though it's revealed here that he has some shady backstory but ultimately it feels too little to late. Poor Rose is just discarded completely. Why couldn't she have just gone on the scavenger hunt with everybody else? Would it have been such as hassle to have her join team Rey? Apparently so. Ultimately I thought this movie was fine, didn't hate it, never really thought it would be an epic conclusion the Star Wars saga but it was entertaining/amusing enough. Maybe now we can finally break away from the skywalkers and explore the greater galaxy around them.


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Shockingly bad, LAST JEDI left too many openings for the next film to end it, this needed to be a bridge film to the actual conclusion. 

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The movie is not terrible and has a few genuinely great scenes and set pieces.


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