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Weekend Thread: SW 26.2/25.3/21 72.5M | Jumanji 11.7/12.4/11 35.1M | Frozen 6/5.85/5.3 17.15M

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Terrible audience retention is what happens when you don't tell an even semi coherent story through your supposed carefully planned trilogy. Yes Lucas changed and retconned too but his trilogies, even the awful prequels, came off like a coherent trilogy.

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9 minutes ago, infamous5445 said:

TROS's second weekend over Endgame's third?

It needs 67.3 weekend for the 10-day holiday inflated total to match Endgame's 357.1 ow :ohmyzod:

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9 minutes ago, a2k said:

Last Sun was very sweet

1 (1) Star Wars: The Rise of Sk… Walt Disney $40,301,011 -15%   4,406 $9,147 $177,383,864 3
2 (2) Jumanji: The Next Level Sony Pictures $9,390,543 -7% -41% 4,227 $2,222 $102,316,512 10
3 (3) Frozen II Walt Disney $4,730,574 -4% -21% 3,665 $1,291 $387,214,888 31
4 (4) Knives Out Lionsgate $2,255,602 -10% -9% 2,535 $890 $89,952,095 26
5 (5) Cats Universal $1,899,780 -10%   3,380 $562 $6,619,870 3

Felt like more folks were off that Monday after Sunday than this coming Monday. Hopefully you're right though.

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Yes, a billion is still in play. Although I think it will start falling hard overseas soon enough. 


So first it was maybe Friday will do 30 mil because it's a kids movie. Next it was, maybe it will increase a lot on Saturday because it's a kids movie and now it is maybe Sunday will be great because reasons. We'll see.

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All-time Dom

15 2016 Finding Dory $486,295,561    $542,275,328    $1,028,570,889
16 1999 Star Wars Ep. I: The Phantom Menace $474,544,677 $552,500,000 $1,027,044,677
17 1977 Star Wars Ep. IV: A New Hope $460,998,007 $314,400,000 $775,398,007


468.33 would be 0.5*TFA (unadjusted)

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1 minute ago, Jedi Jat said:

Say it does $1000-1016mn, China's $16.5mn would be what stand out.

Leave it to China for getting another franchise movie over the billion dollar mark. Unbelievable the way these Hollywood productions rely on that market these days :ph34r:

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18 minutes ago, Zakiyyah6 said:

It is good. Don't reward studios when they fuck up beloved properties. I remember when Justice League died I took comfort in the fact that heads would roll at WB and that Snyder would never be allowed near DC properties again.

JL was more of a Whedon film than a Snyder film.  That was his failure just like this is JJ's failure. 

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Just now, JohnnyGossamer said:

I assume people will still blame TLJ even if RoS ends with a worse internal multiplier. This isn't getting 3.0+. Likely gonna get the same or worse than TLJ's 2.8 multiplier.

Nobody has blamed TLJ for TROS legs, just its opening weekend. Over sensitive TLJ fans need to stop making up grievances and start getting ready for that Rian Johnson trilogy that's never going to happen.

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1 minute ago, Arendelle Legion said:


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Our minds are connected thru the Force.

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