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Weekend Thread: SW 26.2/25.3/21 72.5M | Jumanji 11.7/12.4/11 35.1M | Frozen 6/5.85/5.3 17.15M

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how much did Disney pay them?



If business today can outstrip Friday’s figure of $26.2M (still a very good number) then Skywalker can possibly match or near Last Jedi by Sunday. Box office sources got excited yesterday about the weekend forecast when they spotted Skywalker‘s resurge over Christmas and Dec. 26. Skywalker‘s 3-day is still in the range that many were forecasting heading into the weekend ($70M-$80M) with $76M (-57%). That figure is ahead of Last Jedi‘s second weekend (not counting its Christmas Monday), which was $71.6M (-68%).


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24 minutes ago, Gavin Feng said:

how much did Disney pay them?



Saying TROS will come close or beat the 10 days cume of TLJ is kind

of misinformation.  TLJ has been released December 15, had a couple

of days before the holidays

All of TROS days has been either weekend or holidays.


Comparing them after 3 weeks would be more accurate

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4 minutes ago, AdamKendall said:

This media spin for Disney Star Wars is nauseating.  It's not gonna finish within 75 million of TLJ.

"As we saw going into the Festive season, and just about surpassing the loftiest expectations, given the fan pressure on the project, Skywalker finishes well North of 500 million, surpassing Rogue One. That's another major win by Disney, as it's heading into the lucrative 2020 calendar, where nothing else will touch the 450 375 million global launch of Skywalker - but one of their projects will get closest, sources tell us." - Deadline...probably

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