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STAR WARS (1977)

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The classic among the classics. The blockbuster. Remember Star Wars? ;)


Star Wars debuted on Wednesday 25th 1977. The movie became unprecedented hit, beating Jaws as the very first movie ever to cross $200 mln in domestic gross. After 422 days (60.3 weeks) the movie stood at $221,280,994 as the highest grossing film of all time! But it wasn't over, because due to its huge popularity, 20th Century Fox advertise it again with new posters and new commercials, adding theaters to unprecedented number of 1644 or 1756 (depending on source) extending Star Wars' initial run till November 7th 1978 (532 days / 76 weeks) when it finishes at $265,055,905!


Later, Star Wars were re-released couple of times, in 1979 (for over three weeks with gross of $22,455,262), in 1981 (for two weeks only with gross of $17,247,363), and 1982 (for 8 weeks with gross of $15,476,285). This is the very first movie ever who crossed $300 million domestically, and the biggest hit of all time since December 1977 till January 13th 1983.


   Production Budget:  $11 million*

   *Some sources claim more, even $13 million.

   Marketing costs:      N/A


   Domestic:     $322.74 million [The biggest hit of all time for over 5 years]

   Foreign:        $190.3 million [The second biggest hit after Jaws]

   Worldwide:   $513.04 million [The biggest hit of all time 1978-1983 until E.T.]


Of course Star Wars reclaims its domestic title (the second and the last film in history who does that) and became all-time champ again, from February 14th 1997 till March 14th 1998, thanks to Special Edition from 1997.

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Fun fact #377


Star Wars fell to the second place for the biggest hits (domestic as well as worldwide) in early 1983 and remain 2nd till early 90s (JP, T2).


Fun fact #390


Star Wars fell to the second place in domestic chart in March 1998 and remain second for over 10 years (!!) till The Dark Knight!

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