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Most overrated films of 2019

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On 2/18/2020 at 4:08 PM, Ethan Hunt said:

does anyone actually like Climax or Joker?

Judging by how much money Joker made I'm sure plenty of people liked it. Climax turned a psychotic drug trip into tedious drivel. It made the AV Club's top 25 which is why I watched it, but all the reactions I've seen here and elsewhere from anyone who's seen the film seem to hate it. I don't know who that movie is for, film nerds who don't do drugs but want some pretentious approximation of what it's like? I don't know. That movie sucked balls.

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The Irishman - this isn't bad at all, but just kind of there with nothing engaging.  Of course great acting, but it just felt like it was going scene to scene since I had no emotion with the movie

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Didn't think Midsommar worked at all. Disturbing imagery without a lasting effect doesn't constitute as "scary" to me. Felt like it was trying to replicate some of Hereditary's brilliance, but imo it fell way flat. Pugh was the only exceptional thing about it.


I'll also throw Us in there. Has a great first two acts, but the third act completely derails it. And The Lighthouse... because wtf was that movie :lol: none of the themes I thought were subtle, it was too on-the-nose for the type of movie that it is. 


I still think Parasite and Irishman are overrated. Parasite I at least think is a very good movie, I just didn't think it was anywhere near 2019's best. Irishman really hasn't grown on me and I found it meandering, overlong, and not always narratively focused (the last act sorta saves it). 

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Likely US...


The film was a huge stepdown from the great themes from Get Out and was a perfectly example of how many people in the industry will get into a collective circle jerk about a film regardless of its quality just to stick it to the "blockbuster films".

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Captain Marvel. The worst of the whole MCU, by far.


Endgame. It ranks 3rd among Avengers film for me.


Parasite. It is a good movie, but I do not think it is the masterpiece that many say. 8/10 for me.


Knives out. A bit boring. I expected more.

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Not sure I agree with Captain Marvel that show up often in this thread



Avg: 6.8/10, 79% positive, 6.26/10 from Top Critics with 64% positives

Audience: 48% positive, 2.89/5 average






metascore: 6.4 / 10

User Score: 3.2


And it is being called overrated by a lot of people in this thread as well (an other side, that it is probably not the case)


There obviously some trolling crashing score campaign that is going on, but even from official critics that sound perfectly reasonable for what it was a 6/7 on 10 type of popcorn summer movie, I could be biased because it was on my favorite side of the MCU (could be due to seeing it in theater versus many other on tv), felt almost more on the underrated than overrated at this point.


Toy Story 4 mentioned just above fit much more the bill for me,


Ford V Ferrari


John Wick 3 (all John wick after the first half of the first movie) could also be in that conversation I feel like, from the critics reception side, Ad Astra maybe (like mentioned above certainly not by audience).


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Joker and Parasite. Both films everyone thinks they are so deep and complex. All the reviews extrapolate so much from the films, stuff that I could not see at all in the film.


Parasite was at least an entertaining little B-movie though.

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The answer is Booksmart.  96 RT and 84 metacritic give me a break.  The movie had 0 laughs.  No one in the theater filled with about 50 people laughed for what was supposed to be a movie like Superbad.  The school is made to look like a zoo with kids running wild and over the teachers yet they are all going to Yale and Stanford and no real mention of class.  The two leads are unlikable people with a huge sense of entitlement all the while super judgy. 


I truly felt like I was being punked by reviewers after seeing the movie.

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