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This is the thread to submit films for Year 7 of CAYOM 3.0! The release calendar is below. It's pre-filled with the IMAX films from the Advance Schedule Thread, but you will still need to make posts for those movies with details about them. You can also submit your fillers here. Note that you are not allowed to post movies in this thread until they are completed - with full cast and release info and however complete a plot summary you plan on giving them. Keep in mind that directors are limited to one major film or two small films a year and that actors should be limited to a realistic number of projects as well.


To submit a film, make a post in this thread including the relevant information.

Required info includes:




Release Date:

Major Cast:

Theater Count:

MPA Rating:


Production Budget:

Plot Summary: (Can be as short or detailed as you wish)


If you do not have all of this information finalized, you should not post the film in this thread until you do.


You can also optionally include other relevant information like producers, composers, the name of the releasing studio (if you are using your own fictional studios), special formats for release (like IMAX or 3D), even custom taglines or posters if you wish. None of this is required to post your film and it can be added after you first post if you so choose.


Limited releases are allowed, and they can expand into additional theaters on a week-by-week basis. You will need to specify when the film expands and how many theaters it goes into each week, up until the final expansion that is the widest it will go.


I've included some typical midweek release dates around holidays and such. If you want to release a movie on a weekday in some other week, go right ahead and just specify it in the post for that movie. I'll add that day to the release calendar.


This post will be updated regularly with new additions. If available, you can click on the title of a film in the release calendar to go straight to its post.

The deadline for submissions is 11:59 PM EST on March 2nd, 2020.

Titles listed in green are finished.




Friday, January 6

Vixen and the Flaming Feather - Animation/Adventure - Directed by Gianluigi Toccafondo - PG - $13.5m budget - 2,227 theaters


Friday, January 13 (4-Day MLK Weekend)

Father Knows Worst - Comedy - Directed by Tyler Perry - PG-13 - $20m budget - 3,785 theaters

Hypercompetency - Sci-Fi/Action/Noir - Directed by Lana Wachowski - In IMAX (2 weeks)


Friday, January 20

No releases


Friday, January 27

Expedition Everest - Action/Adventure - Directed by Jon Turteltaub - In IMAX (2 weeks)


Friday, February 3

No releases


Friday, February 10

No releases


Tuesday, February 14 (Valentine's Day)

No releases


Friday, February 17 (4-Day Presidents Day Weekend)

The Epsilon Syndicate: Art of the Dream - Action/Comedy/Thriller - Directed by Danishka Esterhazy - In IMAX (2 weeks)


Friday, February 24

The Scavenger Wars Part II: Director's Cut - Sci-Fi/Thriller/Drama - Directed by Matt Duffer & Ross Duffer - R - $245m budget - 2,400 theaters - In Dolby Cinema and Cinerama


Friday, March 3

In the Doghouse - Thriller - Directed by David Fincher - R - $50m budget -3,401 theaters - In Dolby Cinema and IMAX (2 weeks)


Friday, March 10

Dazzling - Concert Film - Directed by Bruce Hendricks - PG-13 - $7m budget - 2,450 theaters - In 3D


Friday, March 17

Pillars of Eternity: An Ancient Legacy - Fantasy - Directed by Miguel Sapochnik - In IMAX (2 weeks)


Friday, March 24

No releases


Friday, March 31

Brother Bear - Adventure/Fantasy - Directed by J.A. Bayona - In IMAX


Friday, April 7 (Easter Weekend)

The Legend of Zelda: Secret of the Guardians - Animation/Fantasy/Adventure - Directed by Travis Knight - In IMAX (2 weeks)


Friday, April 14

Snow Leopards - Nature Documentary - Directed by Drew Fellman - G - $5m budget - 2,450 theaters

Vengeance - Thriller - Directed by David von Ancken - R - $35m budget - 3,219 theaters


Friday, April 21

The Rescuers: Burden of Dreams - Family/Adventure - Directed by Chloe Zhao - In IMAX (2 weeks)


Friday, April 28

No releases


Friday, May 5

Daughters - Sci-Fi/Adventure/Drama - Directed by Greta Gerwig - In IMAX (Beginning on May 12)

One Piece II - Action/Adventure - Directed by Jon Watts - In IMAX (2 weeks)


Friday, May 12 (Mother's Day Weekend)

Sir Thymes Time 2 - Animation/Adventure/Comedy - Directed by Trish Gum - PG - $120m budget - 4,037 theaters - In 3D

(Daughters and One Piece II split IMAX showtimes 50-50 this weekend)


Friday, May 19

No releases


Friday, May 26 (Memorial Day Weekend)

Call of Duty: Eye of the Storm - Action/War/Thriller - Directed by Paul Greengrass - R - $160m budget - 3,944 theaters - In IMAX (2 weeks)

Flying High - Concert Film - Directed by Morgan Spurlock - PG-13 - $7m budget - 2,450 theaters - In 3D


Friday, June 2

No releases


Friday, June 9

Yang - Mystery - Directed by Duncan Jones - In IMAX


Friday, June 16 (Father's Day Weekend)

The Scavenger Wars Part III - Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller - Directed by Matt Shakman - In IMAX (2 weeks)


Friday, June 23

No releases


Friday, June 30 (5-Day Independence Day Weekend)

Should You Imagine - Animation/Fantasy/Comedy - Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky - PG - $165m budget - 4,508 theaters - In 3D, Dolby Cinema and IMAX (2 weeks)


Tuesday, July 4 (Independence Day)

No releases


Thursday, July 6

Looney Tunes: The Classics Remastered  (Limited Release) - Animation/Comedy - Directed by Darrell van Citters - PG - $20m budget - 4 theaters - In 3D


Friday, July 7

No releases


Friday, July 14

Scoundrel - Genre TBA - Directed by Rian Johnson - In IMAX


Friday, July 21

Looney Tunes: The Classics Remastered  (Limited Expansion) - Animation/Comedy - Directed by Darrell van Citters - PG - $20m budget - 12 theaters - In 3D

Temple Run - Adventure - Directed by James Gunn - In IMAX


Friday, July 28

Attack on Titan - Fantasy/Action - Directed by Matt Reeves - In IMAX (2 weeks)

Looney Tunes: The Classics Remastered  (Limited Expansion #2) - Animation/Comedy - Directed by Darrell van Citters - PG - $20m budget - 20 theaters - In 3D


Friday, August 4

Looney Tunes: The Classics Remastered  (Wide Expansion) - Animation/Comedy - Directed by Darrell van Citters - PG - $20m budget - 1,000 theaters - In 3D


Friday, August 11

Hoops 3 - Sports/Dramadey - Directed by Charles Stone III = PG-13 - $18m budget - 2,879 theaters

The Long Way Home - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Directed by Steven Caple Jr. - In IMAX (2 weeks)


Friday, August 18

No releases


Friday, August 25

He-Man V: The Stench of Evil - Fantasy/Action - Directed by McG - In IMAX (2 weeks)

Snakes - Nature Documentary - Directed by Alistair Fothergill - G - $5m budget - 2,450 theaters


Friday, September 1 (4-Day Labor Day Weekend)

No releases


Friday, September 8

Earthsong Volume II: Dynasty of the Stars - Fantasy - Directed by Julie Taymor - In IMAX (2 weeks)


Friday, September 15

No releases


Friday, September 22

Dawn of the Last Six - Fantasy/Action - Directed by Andrew Stanton - PG-13 - $200m budget - 4,214 theaters - In IMAX (2 weeks)


Friday, September 29

No releases


Saturday, September 30

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (One-Day Amazon Prime Sneak Peeks) - Sports - Directed by Ryan Coogler - PG - $25m budget - 800 theaters


Friday, October 6

Countdown City - Crime/Drama - Directed by Mimi Leder - R - $45m budget - 3,372 theaters

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater - Sports - Directed by Ryan Coogler - PG - $25m budget - 3,427 theaters - In IMAX (2 weeks)


Friday, October 13

No releases


Friday, October 20

Megalo Box - Sci-Fi/Sports - Directed by J.D. Dillard - PG-13 - $90m budget - 3,502 theaters - In IMAX (30% of showtimes this week) (2 weeks)

Starlight - Animation - Directed by Rodney Rothman - In IMAX (70% of showtimes this week) (2 weeks)


Friday, October 27

(Megalo Box gets 70% of IMAX showtimes, Starlight 30%)

Friday, November 3

Toons v Reality - Animation/Comedy - Directed by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller - PG - $105m budget - 4,230 theaters - In 3D, Dolby Cinema & IMAX

The Turkey Squad - Action/Sci-Fi/Comedy - Directed by Beth McCarthy-Miller - PG-13 - $50m budget - 3,251 theaters - In 3D


Friday, November 10 (Veterans' Day Weekend)

Star Fox - Sci-Fi/Action - Directed by Joseph Kosinski - In IMAX (Thru November 21)


Friday, November 17

No releases


Wednesday, November 22 (Day Before Thanksgiving)

Tower of Babylon - Epic is apparently a standalone genre now - Directed by Denis Villenueve - In IMAX (Thru December 7)


Friday, November 24

No releases


Friday, December 1

No releases


Friday, December 8

Green Lantern Corps: Home - Sci-Fi/Superhero - Directed by Christopher McQuarrie - In IMAX (Thru December 19)


Friday, December 15

The Gift of Life - Documentary - Directed by Tim Wardle - G - $4.5m budget - 2,112 theaters


Friday, December 22 (4-Day Christmas Weekend)

The Ends of the Universe - Animation/Sci-Fi/Adventure - Directed by Steve Ahn & Chris Palmer - PG-13 - $100m budget - 3,418 theaters

Making Waves 2 - Sports/Dramadey/Family - Directed by Sean McNamara - PG - $18m budget - 3,120 theaters

Monday, December 25 (Christmas)

No releases


Friday, December 29

No releases



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Snow Leopards

Studio: Creatures Incorporated (new nature division for my studio)

Release Date: 4/14/Y7

Genre: Nature Documentary

Director: Drew Fellman

Rating: G

Budget: $5M

Theater Count: 2,450

Runtime: 77 minutes

Narrator: Ian McShane

Composer: John Williams



We follow the life of a snow leopard mother named Glacia as she tries to raise her three young cubs in the most harsh of tundras. We also learn about the diet of snow leopards, hunting patterns and additional facts.


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Posted (edited)


Studio: Creatures Incorporated (new nature division for my studio)

Release Date: 8/25/Y7

Genre: Nature Documentary

Director: Alistiar Fosthergil

Rating: G

Budget: $5M

Theater Count: 2,450

Runtime: 77 minutes

Narrator: Samuel L Jackson

Composer: John Williams



We follow the lives of three snakes, Samuel, an anaconda, Sandra, a viper and Connor, a cobra. As we learn about all the various types of snakes populating our planet.

Edited by YourMother the Edgelord

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Studio: Infinite Studios 

Release Date: 3/10/Y7

Genre: Concert 

Director: Bruce Hendricks

Original Song: “Work It” by Cardi B

Rating: PG-13

Budget: $7M

Theater Count: 2,450

Format: 2D and 3D

Runtime: 98 minutes


Plot: Cardi B does a concert with 3D and stuff. We also learn more about her as well as the debut of her new song. Nuff said.

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Posted (edited)

Dawn of the Last Six

Director: Andrew Stanton

Genre: Fantasy/Action

Release Date: September 22

Formats: IMAX, Dolby (shot entirely with digital IMAX cameras ala Infinity War)
Major Cast:

Jason Momoa as Dionysus

Patrick Wilson as Ares

Cillian Murphy as Loki

Gemma Chan as Freyja

Danai Gurira as Isis

Rami Malek as Osiris

Charlize Theron as Lust

Matt Smith as Professor Cartel

Alexis Bledel as Female Loki

Sienna Miller as Female Ares

Josh Duhamel as Male Lust

With Daniel Kaluuya as the Boss

And James McAvoy as Afterlife


Theater count: 4,214

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense fantasy violence, language, sensuality, and drinking.

Runtime: 138 min

Production Budget: $200 million

Music by: John Powell


Previous Film: The Last Six - 62.4M/152.9M/665.8M (OW/DOM/WW)


Plot Summary: Fifty years after the original film, the Last Six reunite after a professor discovers a way to get back to their realms, but everything is not as it seems.




The film opens during the events of “The Last Six.” Afterlife sends off his army of dead soldiers, and then turns to away. He looks around Arlington and tries to find the biggest tree there. Once he locates it, he sticks his hand into his decaying stomach and pulls out a heart. It is noticeable that this heart is not his own, but rather one he has been carrying inside of him for a long while. He puts the beating heart inside the tree, and comments that if he fails, he’ll have another chance at his new world order, for him and his wife.

The film suddenly switches to 16:9 ratio for a BBC newscast. Footage of the finale of “The Last Six” is shown. The newscaster (Simon Pegg in a cameo) explains it has been fifty years since the heroes known collectively as the Last Six saved the world from utter destruction. After initial responses that the Six had been aligned with the being responsible for Washington D.C.’s near destruction, the world looked at them in a different way once they all helped with the clean-up. Over the first five years, they all ended up being major assets in the governments of the world. Dionysius allowed grape crops to come up in otherwise desolate countries. Ares stopped a few wars from breaking out. Loki saved endangered animals by transforming overabundant animals into the endangered species. Freyja implanted ideas of truly beautiful art into several humans. Isis brought about the cure for several illnesses. Osiris managed to keep population controlled without using unjust laws. All in all, the Last Six helped the world together. However, five years into their tenure on Earth, everything changed. A weapons-manufacturing dictator from the Middle East did not appreciate the Last Six’s era of peace, and thus, ordered a nuclear strike against their home island, which they had made for themselves. Of course, the Last Six survived as they are immortal, but they realizes things had to change: humans needed to have a protector from other human beings. Thus, the Last Six split up, and each took a continent to watch over. Ares had Africa, Dionysus had Europe, Freyja had North America, Loki had South America, Isis had Asia, and Osiris had Australia. the Last Six are greatly appreciated in these roles; however, thanks to the split, they are not nearly as public as they first were. The newscaster concludes his broadcast by saying the people of the Earth will be ever grateful of the Last Six.

Down in the Burning Place, we see Afterlife wandering around in endless torment. He has been here for fifty years. Thankfully, being an omnipotent being makes him merely in pain, rather than dead. He screams out to the Boss, stating that he’ll rue putting him in here. Realizing quickly the Boss isn’t listening, he smiles, knowing that his wife will soon be out for revenge. Meanwhile at Arlington, we see the tree that Afterlife placed the heart in. It suddenly explodes and out walks Lust, a female deity wearing only a dress of black smoke. She looks around and smiles at the pathetic world. She quickly transforms into pure smoke and begins heading toward London, ready to enact her plan.

In India, a sandstorm is taking place. Everyone has evacuated the streets except for one Indian boy who cannot find his way home. He begins choking on the sand, unable to get air, when Isis arrives. Isis uses her powers to give great health by clearing the boy’s throat. She then picks him up and flies him to his house. As the boy hugs his mother Isis smiles at her rescue. Meanwhile, in Australia, we see a man passed out in the dry outback. He is very near death thanks to dehydration. Osiris sees him on his patrol, and comes down to help him out. Touching the ground with his crook, he allows vegetation to grow and a spring to sprout. The man wakes up, and begins to drink and eat, while Osiris watches on. In Brazil, a gang fight is about to break out. As guns are raised against each other, Loki arrives to mediate, AKA tell them to stop. Naturally, no one really wants to listen to him, and one of the gang members draws their gun towards him and shoots. Loki teleports away and then duplicates himself with a gun in each hand. The gangs run away, deciding not to fight. Loki smiles, pleased with himself, and then gives a duplicate a high-five. In Kansas, a man is crying with his wife. A doctor has just informed them that they are not able to have children. Freyja, having a sixth sense for misfortunes such as these, arrives. She puts her hand over the woman’s belly, and a bright light shines. She turns to the man and says congratulations on their future baby, as her womb has been opened. In South Africa, a little kid runs away from some bullies. The bullies often beat him up day after day, and he is sick of it. He hides in an alley when Ares shows up. He asks the kid if he can fight, and the kid punches Ares. Ares doesn’t feel anything, but he chuckles. He then shoots a beam of light at the kid to amplify his natural physical power. When the bullies arrive, the kid fights back and easily wins. Finally, in London, a bus is going out of control. Right before they fall into the Thames though, a few grapevines prop up and stop the bus within its wheels. The bus is saved and Dionysus arrives to get his glory. A college student sees him and is in shock. After all, it’s one of the Last Six! He explains to Dionysus that his professor at Oxford (it is winter holiday) has been studying the Last Six since birth, and he always talks about the general neatness of the deities. Dionysus is intrigued; after all, for a guy with such a huge ego, who wouldn’t like a man who dedicated his life to studying him? Dionysus quickly enters the grapevine and travels through his complex network of underground vines around the world. He arrives in Dubai, near Isis’ place in the suburbs. As Isis arrives home, he surprises her, and Isis smiles, as she always loves seeing Dionysus. The two go in for a kiss, and then Dionysus tells her of the professor. Dionysus still think it’s so cool that there’s a guy who has been studying them, and Isis rolls her eyes in a loving way, thinking Dionysus’s overly huge ego is rather cute. Dionysus asks Isis if she’ll come with him to see the guy, since he knows that the professor would love seeing a third of the Last Six, and his reaction would be priceless. Isis agrees to come with, because, well, why not? Asia can survive without her for a few hours.

In Oxford, we see Professor Cartel wake up in his apartment. It is late afternoon, but he’s just taking advantage of the holiday. His doorbell rings and as he goes to answer it, he wonders who it is. The answer to that question proves to be Dionysus and Isis, to which he faints. Isis scolds Dionysus, saying this was probably a bad idea, but Dionysus just giggles. Dionysus then promptly conjures up some wine for Cartel who takes a whiff of it, and then wakes up. Cartel stares at them in awe, and asks them to meet him at Oxford in an hour so they can have a proper talk. He then shoos them out the door, and slams the door behind them. Dionysus chuckles and Isis lightly punches him, saying it’s not nice. Dionysus kisses Isis. Meanwhile in the house, Cartel is freaking out. Two of the Last Six are meeting with him! This is the culmination of all his life’s work! Maybe... maybe he can show them the experiment. Cartel smiles, happy on his good fortune for once. He looks at his desk, seeing the letter of resignation he was drafting. He won’t need this job anymore definitely!

An hour later, Cartel has his best suit on and is meeting with Dionysus and Isis in his laboratory. Cartel explains that he is the first professor of a new popular major titled Applicable Mythology. Applicable Mythology is a major that studies the events of the last fifty years in a literature context, and also in a philosophical context. Some in the major believe the Last Six all come from another planet, but the Professor prefers to go with his hypothesis: there are three other realms, all of which correspond with more classical mythology in Earth’s history. Isis confirms his hypothesis, stating she comes from Maat and Dionysus comes from Olympus. Cartel gives a little squeal of approval, and Dionysus rolls his eyes at this. Cartel then explains he’s been working on something with this hypothesis, and then he unveils a machine. Said machine looks a bit like a giant theremin, continuously changing colors. Dionysus asks what it is, and Cartel explains that by using an artifact from the seventh god from the Fight of D.C. (specifically, a hair of the Boss), he was able to reverse-engineer a portal to somewhere. He knows that his machine should be able to send them back to one of the mythological realms; he just needs an additional artifact to pinpoint a realm to visit. Isis doesn’t believe him, stating that all the realms have been destroyed, but Dionysus are a bit more open to the idea. Cartel explains that though the realms may have been destroyed, he does not believe they are no longer there. Rather, he tells of another hypothesis. The being of pure evil – Afterlife, Dionyus corrects Cartel. Right. Afterlife could not use his own superpowered method of destruction on Earth, but he attempted to destroy Earth by using nuclear missiles. Thus, he thinks the realms are still there, but instead are similarly in a state of a nuclear holocaust. Dionysus asks why they’d be interested in visiting ruined worlds, and Cartel says he might have found a way to restore the worlds.

Cartel states he needs the other four gods here if he wants to continue telling them his idea. He doesn’t like repeating himself. Dionysus begins to argue, but Isis understands Cartel’s wishes and heads off to find the other four, dragging Dionysus along with her. As Cartel fixes up the place, black smoke enters the room and he begins coughing. He asks where this is coming from and the black smoke solidifies into Lust. Cartel asks who she is, and Lust answers with a kiss on the cheek. Cartel is instantly smitten, as it is Lust’s power to make any man fall in love with her. Cartel asks what he must do to help his beloved, and Lust smiles, turning into smoke and entering his clothing. We hear her ethereal voice state that she just must remain their little secret.

We see Isis and Dionysus quickly gather up Osiris, Freyja, Loki, and Ares in a montage. As they choose to fly together to Oxford, they catch up on each other, which basically amounts to Dionysus showing off Isis. Dionysus asks Loki and Ares if they have found women of their own, and Ares rolls his eyes. Loki comments that he hasn’t found anyone besides himself, but himself is good enough for him. Dionysus asks what that means and Loki spawns a female version of himself who he promptly kisses. Everyone is weirded out. Meanwhile, Freyja and Isis are having small talk. Freyja teases Isis about Dionysus but Isis just gives a sly smile. Osiris asks Isis what she sees in Dionysus, and Isis comments that Dionysus is just a really fun guy compared her other immortal options. Osiris asks what about himself, and Isis replies that Earth’s world has different rules than Maat, and she has learned to adjust. It’d be best for Osiris to adjust too.

They have arrived at Oxford, and Cartel is waiting for them. Despite being under Lust’s spell, it does not stop him from fanboying over the four new gods he is meeting. However, Ares is not easily impressed and asks Cartel why they are here. Dionysus decides to help out and makes some memory wine, allowing Osiris, Freyja, Loki, and Ares immediately up to date on what is going on. Ares asks how Cartel intends on restoring the worlds. Cartel answers that he has made a device, pulling out a large metal crook. This crook, along with four other identical crooks, if held by Osiris, god of death and life, should hypothetically allow restoration of a realm if it is placed in the absolute center of the realm. Osiris asks for more explanation. Cartel explains that the crooks are designed to use both human legend and knowledge from the Last Six to allow restructure of the broken worlds. After they are placed in the center of all four realms, they will allow immediately restore to the way they were the day before the Fight of D.C. Freyja asks what that would mean of those lost in the destruction, and Cartel states he does not know how the restoration will work, but it should be worth a shot. Loki asks for a minute in private, and Cartel, slightly miffed, leaves the room. Loki tells the other five that he does not trust Cartel. Dionysus looks at Loki like he’s crazy, and asks why. Loki states he doesn’t know why; there’s just something wrong with Cartel. Osiris states that he doesn’t see anything wrong with Cartel and his plan. Since he is the god of life along with death, he should be able to manipulate the crooks into restoration. Loki is apprehensive, but when its put to a vote, it is unanimous: the Last Six will return to their realms to try restore their homes.

Cartel returns to the room. The Last Six tell him of their decision and he squeals in delight. Dionysus comments the squealing is getting annoying fast. Cartel explains that they must go in order of the destruction of the worlds in order for proper restoration, and basing off footage he had of the Fight of D.C., he presumed that, since Ares seemed like the Boss’s second-in-command, he managed to get the teleportation device hooked onto Olympus. Freyja asks what are they waiting for, and Cartel tells them all to put their hands on the machine. They do as the machine gets fired up and suddenly they all disappear – and then reappear in the desolate wasteland that used to be Athens, Olympus. Only a few buildings are standing, including the Parthenon. Nevertheless, Ares and Dionysus are in awe at returning home. However, we see Cartel falling to the ground in pain. There is still radiation here, quickly overpowering him. Isis runs over to him and grabs his head, giving health, and a shield from the radiation. Cartel, now fine, asks why the gods don’t need the protection. Isis explains that the only reason the other gods and goddesses here perished is the sheer force of Afterlife’s weapon; radiation does not affect immortal beings.

Osiris takes the metal crook as Cartel explains that once the crook is properly placed, then they’ll be able to move onto the next realm. Osiris says he’ll have to go to Olympus’s underworld to place the crook. Loki volunteers to go with him, but Osiris snorts at the suggestion, saying he’d rather just go alone, quickly melting into the ground to head to the Underworld. Dionysus tells Isis he has something she wants to show her on the planet, and asks her to close her eyes. Isis complies and the two quickly fly away. Ares looks at Cartel and asks him if he has any interest in touring the Parthenon. Cartel squeals a yes, and Ares says he really needs to stop squealing. Loki and Freyja are left to protect the realm-hopping device, much to their boredom. We can see black smoke removing itself from Cartel’s clothing.

In the Parthenon, Ares shows off many wings and hidden passages to Cartel. Cartel asks if Ares knew Athena, and Ares answers that yes, they were good friends. Ares did not have many friends on Olympus, being considered too brutal for most of them, but Athena, as the goddess of just warfare, was the one goddess who worked with Ares regularly. Cartel asks if the human legend of Athena being a virgin was accurate, and Ares looks at him like he is crazy. Of course that’s accurate! Cartel comments that the Parthenon looks quite a bit like the one on Earth, and Ares comments that he hasn’t visited there on purpose. Cartel asks why, and Ares answers with tears in his eyes that he was worried he’d never see the real  Parthenon again.

Dionysus tells Isis to open her eyes. She sees an overgrown vineyard. Dionysus comments that even though Athens was the patron city-state for Athena, all gods had a home in major city-states and this was his. He pulls a grape off a vine and tastes it. He comments it’s a bit sour but still good. Isis takes a taste and she likes it too. Isis asks Dionysus what it’s like to see his ruined world, and Dionysus opens up, saying he doesn’t like how empty it is. He used to throw a party everyday filled to the brim, but now, the world is dead and he is alone in the universe. Isis says he has her, and Dionysus jumps on her as they start to passionately kiss.

Meanwhile, Osiris has arrived in the Underworld. He comments that all he needs is a quick glance and he’ll know his way to the center. He travels through some caverns and finds a wide opening – the core of Olympus’ underworld. As he pulls out the crook, he sees some black smoke materialize. He pulls out his actual crook, ready to fight, but instead, all he sees Lust. He mistakes Lust as a surviving Olympian and asks her to come with him. Lust manipulates him, asking him when the last time any woman had interest in him was. He comments that no female has been interested in him since being on Maat. Lust asks what about the humans, and Osiris bitterly comments that he has always been the disliked of the Last Six, since those on Earth always believed him to be more of a god of death than of life. Lust asks him to kiss her, make it so they can love each other. Osiris catches on, saying this is really odd. Lust rolls her eyes and forcefully kisses him, making him under her command. Osiris asks what he can do, and she asks for the metal crook. Osiris hands her the crook, but before she uses it, she tells him to go up with the others, but not to mention her. As Osiris complies, Lust strikes the crook into the center of Olympus.

There is a room full of bubbles, showing different places on Earth. It is obvious the room used to be full of four times as many bubbles, but alas, the loss of the realms caused the loss of the Boss’s portal. Suddenly though tons of bubbles pop up, showing Olympus in ruin. The Boss teleports into the room to note the phenomena, when he gasps. This is not impossible, at least not this soon.

Loki and Freyja continue to wait around the transporting device. Loki asks Freyja what she hopes of Asgard. Freyja responds with a question, asking Loki if he remembers what they were doing when the Boss crossed into their lives. Loki tries to remember and smiles, saying she turned him to a boar. Freyja laughs, and reminisces on how simple times used to be. Freyja then tells Loki something important: before she turned Loki into a boar, she cast a powerful protection spell on her boar Hidisvini. Even though she isn’t a health goddess, she has wondered for fifty years if Hidisvini has survived the attack on the realm. Loki is cynical, but doesn’t say anything. Freyja asks him what he’ll be looking for in Asgard. Loki is somber and states he will look for forgiveness. Freyja tries to comfort Loki, but Loki won’t have any of it. Freyja asks why Loki needs forgiveness, but before Loki can answer, Ares has returned with Cartel. Isis and Dionysus fly in too, saying they saw Osiris on the way.

Osiris arrives a few minutes later, with a trail of black smoke following him. He says the job is done, and the seven beings touch the portal device to send them onto to Asgard. Unlike Olympus, Asgard is very much alive; not with people though, but with plants. Dionysus sees the vines and says it is like a dream come true. Freyja tells Loki she knows Hidisvini would’ve survived in an environment like this and she runs off to find her boar. Loki comments that he needs to go pay his respects, and thus teleports away. Osiris asks Cartel where the center of Asgard would be, and Cartel states that hypothetically, Valhalla could serve center. Ares mutters that Cartel sure does a lot of things “hypothetically.” Dionysus yawns, and asks Isis if she wants to just go help Freyja with her boar. Isis is briefly conflicted, but says sure!

Cartel leads Ares and Osiris to Valhalla where they see Loki sitting in the center of the hall. Cartel asks what’s going on, but Ares covers his mouth. Loki is staring off into space, blinking back tears. He apologizes to his father for being an awful son. This was his last hope; Valhalla, home of the dead warriors. He wished to see Odin and Thor again, but they’re gone. Loki apologizes for being a failure and he says he never truly wanted Asgard gone. He breaks down into tears and Ares goes up to give him a hug, but Loki pushes him away. Loki lashes out, asking what the Hel is point of saving the realms if everyone there is gone forever. Ares says he doesn’t know, and Loki looks at him, seeing he too is holding back tears. Ares states he has always had a hope of returning to Olympus and his old life, but after seeing the deadness of the Parthenon, he does not see it ever being the same, but they could have a chance to rebuild. Loki doesn’t believe him, but Osiris interrupts, saying they need to keep moving. Ares glares at him, but agrees. He asks Loki where the true center of Asgard would be. Loki pulls out his staff and hits the ground, opening a staircase… a Stairway directly to Hel.

Dionysus and Isis catch up to Freyja who is in the woods hiding. Dionysus loudly says hello, but Freyja clamps her hand over his mouth, and points. Hidisvini is chewing on some vines. Isis asks why Freyja doesn’t just grab Hidisvini, and Freyja answers that she’s already tried that. The issue is that Hidisvini does not seem to recognize her. If Freyja could just touch his head, all memory of her should be able to return; unfortunately, that’s much easier said than done. Dionysus volunteers to help, and so does Isis. Dionysus tells Isis to just stand back, it’s time for a fun show with just Dionysus. Dionysus runs out and sends some vines around Hidisvini. Hidisvini immediately breaks through them and rams Dionysus back forty feet. Isis can’t help but laugh, and then tosses her staff with her Ankh on top into Hidisvini’s foot, pinning him completely to the ground. Dionysus asks how that worked, and Isis answers that the Ankh is enchanted to be near all-powerful itself. Dionysus rolls his eyes, but then Isis kisses him, telling him he’s funny when he’s thrown back forty feet. Meanwhile, Freyja puts her head against the pinned Hidisvini, who remembers her and begins licking her. Freyja smiles, saying she missed him too!

Loki leads Cartel, Ares, and Osiris into Hel. Loki says if they just all hold onto him, he should be able to teleport them directly to the center of Hel, and thus, the center of Asgard. The four others comply and hold onto Loki. Teleportation occurs and they are in the center of Hel. Immediately, black smoke remove itself from Osiris’s clothing and Lust manifests. Lust looks at Loki and Ares and smiles, saying they both look like cuties. Loki and Ares immediately see through her guiles, and tell her in unison to f*ck off (Yay PG-13 f-bomb!) Isis shrugs, and says that could be arranged, and then sics Osiris and Cartel on them. Ares takes on Osiris as the two begin wrestling, and Loki attempts to distract Cartel, knowing that he, as a human, is naturally weaker and Loki does not want to kill a human. The fight lasts about three minutes until Osiris begins choking Ares. Lust explains that even though Ares is stronger, Osiris has more willpower, for what is a more strong emotion than lust? Loki sees what’s going to happen and teleports away. Lust kisses Ares, putting him under her control. Meanwhile, Loki lands on top of Hidisvini, which drives him mad with squealing. Freyja asks what Loki is doing and screams they need to get out of there now! Lust, in the center of Hel, grabs the metal crook and sticks in the center.

In the Boss’s room, bubbles of Asgard appear. He takes a look into one of them, and sees Lust standing over the crook. His eyes widen in terror, and says he’s gonna have to do something he really did not want to do. He reaches into a bubble of the forest and pops it. Immediately, Loki, Dionysus, Isis, Freyja and Hidisvini are in the room, which quickly expands to make room for the five new passengers. The Boss welcomes the four gods to what his home would appear to be to lesser beings. Isis and Freyja bow to him, but Loki and Dionysus are annoyed. They ask him bluntly where he has been, and the Boss says he has a lot to explain.

The Boss states if they remember correctly, he cannot interfere with the Last Six’s business regularly, because his own form of teleportation takes a lot of energy from himself. Lust and her minions land in Maat. The Boss explains that in order for the Great Prophecy to work out – Dionysus asks what the Great Prophecy is. The Boss answers that eventually, Afterlife must have a son that will eventually destroy all the realms that the Boss will be able to remake as one huge realm. The Boss says this is kinda like the Rapture as described in Christianity, but there are a few key differences. Loki is not interested in specifics, except for one- if the realms are recreated then, will all those dead return? The Boss says yes, everybody of any species will return to life in the events of the Great Prophecy. The Boss gets back to his main point: in order for the Great Prophecy to work out, Afterlife needs a wife to have children with. That’s where Lust comes in. However, Afterlife was well aware of the Great Prophecy, and thus has remained celibate with his wife, Lust. Afterlife always had a back-up plan for his desire to make the worlds his own. Lust and her minions quickly descend through Maat. Lust has been planting the crooks so that once she makes it to Earth, she can force Cartel to reverse the polarities on them, allowing all four realms to be destroyed beyond repair. Then, she will break Afterlife out of the Burning Place, and together they’ll remake the realms in their image. Lust throws the third crook into the center of Maat.

Freyja asks what they can do. The Boss says first he has a gift for them. He quickly throws dust at Loki and Dionysus, and in a quick flash, they are turned into females. Loki laughs, asking how this’ll help them. The Boss explains that thanks to the archaic times when the Great Deities (aka the Boss, Afterlife, and Lust), Lust is only able to seduce members of the opposite gender. Dionysus begins freaking out, because she does not like being a woman. Isis rolls her eyes at her now girlfriend, telling her that Dionysus is not getting any kissing until this is done. Dionysus says that that makes it even worse. The Boss says he also has a gift for Freyja. He touches her head and Freyja asks what she has now. The Boss tells her to touch Dionysus’s neck. She does and Dionysus returns to his male form. He immediately kisses Isis, happy to be back to normal. Isis rolls her eyes and gives Freyja a wink. Freyja immediately turns Dionysus back to female much to his disappointment. Loki tells Dionysus being a female is fun; you can hit on a lot more people that way. Dionysus gives Loki the biggest glare in history. The Boss can’t help but grin at this, and he says that he has a gift for Dionysus too. He grabs her hands and embeds a circle pattern in the palms. Dionysus asks what this’ll do, and the Boss answers that since bubbles are in wine, she now has the power to throw portals to any of the five realms. The Boss comments that this is kinda cheating in the sense of it being related to wine but whatever. The Boss then says they’ll need to complete their mission ASAP, because the longer they hold these powers, the more the Boss will be weakened, and he has a feeling that regardless of how this goes, the Great Prophecy is coming sooner than later.

Lust materializes in London along with Cartel, Osiris, and Ares. Ares asks how he can help his beloved, and Lust answers to just watch. Lust manages to remove several layers of smoke from into a huge black pillar which reaches up into the atmosphere. All around London, people look up into the sky and see the black smoke tower covering the land, when suddenly, the pillar attacks the Thames directly. A sinkhole forms in the Thames, and we see Big Ben crumble to the ground. The Boss sees the sinkhole in a bubble and then looks at the four goddesses in front of him, and he tells them he will visit them after their mission is complete. Isis asks what happens if they don’t complete their mission, and the Boss says that’s not an option as he sends the four to London. Meanwhile, Lust laughs, knowing that her plan is finally coming to fruition. She hands Osiris the metal crook and asks if she can trust him and Cartel with the final step. Osiris says he’ll do whatever he can to prove himself to his beloved. Lust smiles, seeing she has things under control, but then an explosion is heard, revealing the four goddesses.

Lust grimaces and tells Osiris to wait before the other gods are under her control. She sends Ares to capture them. Dionysus and Isis see people falling in the sinkhole, and immediately get to work on rescuing the innocent humans in peril. Freyja tells Loki to help her capture Ares so they can turn him female, freeing him Lust’s control. Loki nods yes, and immediately teleports to fight Ares. Ares attempts to punch Loki, but Loki spam-teleports, saying he should never hit a girl. Ares grabs Loki, but Loki disappears in his arms, revealing it was an illusion. Dionysus throws multiple portals, quickly getting the hang of it. He throws several portals for Isis to quickly fly through and rescue those falling at different altitudes. Dionysus comments to herself that she could get used to this power. Loki then throws her staff at Ares, but Ares grabs it in the air, and flies to stab it through Loki. Loki screams now, and Freyja pops out of Loki’s disappearing illusion, and grabs Ares’ neck, quickly changing his gender. Ares is dazed, but asks where she is. Hearing her own voice, Ares freaks out, and Freyja apologizes, but says it was necessary to stop Lust. Ares asks what she’s talking about, and Dionysus and Isis fly back to Freyja and Loki. Loki says it’d be easier if Dionysus would help out. Dionysus rolls his eyes but makes his memory wine and hands it to Ares. Ares takes a sip, and then promptly says “Oh, Zeus, no.”

Lust sees Ares’ turn and begins to freak out. She takes Cartel in one hand, saying he has to help her reverse the polarity down at the bottom. Lust then orders Osiris to fight the five goddesses. Osiris looks at Lust like she’s crazy, but has no way to say no to her demands. Osiris immediately raises all the water in Thames out of the sinkhole, and sends it toward London to flood it. Dionysus simply opens a portal to Maat that all the water enters and floods the endless desert. Loki high-fives Dionysus, but Dionysus purposely ignores her as the two save people from the disaster taking place. Isis flies up to Osiris and tells him to stop. Osiris says that Lust treated him much better than Isis ever did. Osiris screams at Isis, asking if she remembers Horus. Isis looks at him sadly, knowing this is Lust talking, not Osiris. Isis draws her staff with Ankh, and Osiris grabs his own crook, and the two have a fight using them.

Meanwhile, Lust is holding Cartel hostage, warning Ares and Freyja if they come closer, she will kill the innocent professor. Freyja says she thinks Lust is bluffing, but Ares answers that she doesn’t know if they can risk that. Freyja has her own ideas, and tells it to Ares. Ares nods her head and shoots a beam of light at Freyja, amplifying her natural abilities. Meanwhile, Osiris quickly gets the advantage and holds his crook to Isis’s neck, asking for any last words. Freyja shoots out four beams out of her hands, returning Dionysus, Loki, and Ares back to male and transforming Lust into a male. Freyja quickly flies away and grabs Isis away from being anywhere close from Lust.

Lust screams at himself, being disgusted by being male. Osiris is free from Lust’s spell, so he, along with Dionysus, Loki and Ares fly up to finish off Lust. Lust spits the four and then jumps down into the sinkhole, trying to get to the center of the Earth with the Professor to finish his job. Cartel screams in terror, no longer under Lust’s spell. Osiris says Lust is falling too fast to catch up, and Dionysus asks Ares for some nice amplifying too. Ares complies and shoots a beam of light at Dionysus. Dionysus then opens a portal under Lust and Cartel, opening their way into the Boss’s land. The Boss says hello to Lust, and Lust just snarls at him. The Boss is gracious and thus, turns Lust back into a female. The Boss asks Lust if she’ll take his mercy and Lust spits in his face. The Boss isn’t surprised at all, and says he was just asking to be polite. He then imprisons her in the Burning Place with Afterlife. Cartel is alone with the Boss, and Cartel immediately apologizes for all the wrong he did under Lust’s spell. The Boss forgives him, knowing it wasn’t his fault. The Boss then says that Cartel has a very important role to play in what he calls the “Consummation.” Cartel asks what that is, and the Boss says he’s already said too much, but he trusts Cartel to keep that job at Oxford. Cartel nods yes as the Boss sends him back with himself as an escort.

Isis and Freyja regroup the other four, and Dionysus says it should be done. Osiris immediately walks up to Isis and apologizes. He shouldn’t have brought up Horus; they both know how great that loss hit them. Tears in both their eyes show that they forgive each other as they hug. Loki yawns, saying that was fun. Ares and Freyja talk it out with each other, as Ares says thank you for freeing him. Freyja blushes. A hint of romance? And speaking of romance, Dionysus stares at Isis and Osiris’s hug, tapping his feet. Isis gets out of the hug, telling Osiris she promised Dionysus something. With a painful smile, Osiris nods his approval as Isis runs to Dionysus and the two passionately kiss. A big light is seen and suddenly Cartel and the Boss appear. Osiris and Ares immediately bow to him, and the Boss says there’s no need for formalities. He calls for Freyja and Dionysus, and the two walk up to him. He touches Freyja’s head, removing her gender-bending ability. Dionysus asks if he really needs to give up the portal power, and the Boss smiles, saying he’ll let Dionysus keep it if Dionysus returns to being a female. Dionysus immediately gives the power up to the Boss, much to Isis’s giggling. The Boss says he owes them all a bit of an explanation. Yes, the metal crooks could’ve saved the realms, but it is not the proper time. Eventually, the old realms will repair themselves, such is the nature of harmony. That said, it all ties into the Great Prophecy, in which Lust and Afterlife’s child will come to Earth and destroy it horribly. The Last Six, and Cartel training his students, must prepare themselves for that fight whenever it comes. We see Lust and Afterlife reuniting and kissing each other passionately. The Boss states he fears that the time is coming very, very soon. The Boss then disappears, leaving the Last Six and Cartel to a ruined London. Loki asks now what, and Cartel looks at him like he’s crazy. Cartel says they have to clean up London, and Osiris agrees along with the other five. As they fix up London, Cartel voices-over that basing off what the Boss said, he expects that there’s going to be a new era sooner than any of them would like, but right now, the Last Six practically protect Earth. As they will never separate again, it has truly been a new DAWN OF THE LAST SIX.

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Call of Duty: Eye of the Storm


Genre: Action/War/Thriller

Cast: Kit Harrington (Soap MacTavish), Sean Bean (Captain Price), Diego Luna (James Ramirez), Costa Ronin (Vladimir Makarov), Til Schweiger (Nikolai), Nikolaj Lie Kaas (Yuri), President Vorshevsky (Karel Roden), Gedeon Burkhard (Kamarov), and Liam Cunningham (Colonel MacMillan)

Directed By: Paul Greengrass

Release Date: May 26, Year 7

Theater Count: 3944 Theaters

Running Time: 132 minutes

Budget: $160 million

MPAA Rating: R for graphic scenes of war violence and pervasive language



Plot Summary: (All dialogue between Russian characters is in Russian)




The film opens just a few hours after the conclusion of the second film. Captain John Price (Bean), Nikolai (Schweiger), and Yuri (Lie Kaas) evacuate a badly wounded John "Soap" MacTavish (Harrington) to a safehouse in Himachal Pradesh, India. As medical personnel work tirelessly to keep Soap alive, Price and Nikolai go over the current situation. General Shepherd has been killed, getting some vengeance for the betrayal, but they have no evidence proving his treachery, so the US and UK governments will consider Task Force 141 a rogue unit. Also, there is the matter of Makarov, who will be emboldened now that Shepherd isn’t around to tie up loose ends. Price says that the trail leading to Makarov and his connection to the current world war will require lots of breadcrumbs to follow. At this point Yuri enters to tell them that Soap has been stabilized. Nikolai says “looks like we have someone who knows where the breadcrumbs are,” referring to the fact that Yuri has past connections with Makarov.


The scene changes to an aerial shot in the clouds that slowly descends though them to then reveal an epic long-distance shot of New York City at war, with Russian ships having clogged the harbor. We then cut to a reserve base in New Jersey where the members of Team Metal, including James Ramirez (Luna), are called in to be briefed on a mission. Much of Lower Manhattan, Staten Island, and Brooklyn are held by the Russians, which maintain local air superiority with their powerful anti-air missile systems on their local fleet. If those systems are destroyed, American air power will cripple the fleet and force a withdrawal. Team Metal will use scuba gear and underwater motors to get close to a Russian Oscar II missile submarine, commandeer it, and use its anti-ship missiles against the Russian fleet.


We get a couple short scenes of banter and downtime with Ramirez and his unit, led by Sandman, and then we see the mission, with them scuba-diving into New York Harbor and motoring to intercept the lurking Oscar II. They board through docking hatches without detection and begin stealth-killing crew as they make their way towards the fire control center. They’re eventually spotted and an intense close-quarters, claustrophobic gunfight happens in the narrow sub corridors. Ramirez and others reach the fire control center and spin up the missile system. Ramirez keys in the final launch order and Team Metal rushes for an exit hatch, grabbing a pair of inflatable life rafts along the way, and get onto the sub’s exterior just as the first missile launches and the Russians launch torpedoes at the sub. Team Metal gets the rafts into the water and gets away seconds before the torpedoes hit, sinking the sub. However, by this point the sub had launched several missiles, which obliterate several major Russian warships. Team Metal looks at the carnage and Ramirez says he hopes that this made a difference.


Back at the safehouse in India, Soap wakes up. Nikolai is there and says Soap had been out for a week but the worst is past, though his wound will take more time to heal. He helps Soap up and leads him to a room that has become a war center of sorts, with maps, photos, etc postered everywhere. Price and Yuri are waiting and Price comes over to clap Soap on the back and say they had a scare there. Soap says it’ll take more than that to kill him and asks what’s going on. Price says that the Americans just won a major battle in New York City a few days ago and the Russians have pulled back their forces. The war seems to be in a bit of a lull. Price says that the lull will give them time they need to uncover dirt about Makarov. Soap says they should get to it, since Makarov won’t wait around long to try and re-ignite conflict. Nikolai says that Yuri has been telling them about old contacts of Makarov from weapons purchases. If they can find these guys, it’ll backtrack their way to Makarov.


Soap still needs some recovery time before he’s ready for a mission, so they plan to relocate and go into hiding until Soap is ready. They go to Nikolai’s helicopter and depart.




We see a televised address by Russian President Vorshevsky (Roden) where he announces plans to make peace with the United States at a summit in Hamburg, Germany, saying that this conflict has cost too many lives for no gain. The Russian media uproar is big and Vorshevsky confides to his close advisors he suspects that the Ultranationalists will try to stop the peace. He soon travels to the airport and boards his official plane, meeting his daughter Alena onboard.


After some establishing shots of the plane in flight, a Russian fighter jet comes behind it and fires a missile. The plane deploys countermeasures and tries to evade and the missile explodes prematurely, though the explosion damages the rudder and forces the plane to make an emergency landing in a Belarusian field. There security tries to coordinate an extraction, but several helicopters arrive with paramilitary forces who engage Vorshevksy’s protective detail and kill his staff. Alena and her protective detail are able to slip away into the forest. Vorshevsky however is guided towards what he thinks is a rescue chopper but turns out to be Makarov’s. Makarov’s men gun down Vorshevksy’s agents and Makarov (Ronin) tells the Russian President that the two of them will need to have a nice long chat.


We briefly turn our attention to Team Metal, which is enjoying a rare moment of relaxation during the conflict. Ramirez and the other shoot the breeze, but then Sandman enters with word that they are traveling to the UK on the first leg of a trip to Germany for the peace summit, since word hasn’t arrived of the kidnapping yet.


By this point Soap is largely recovered, so Yuri gives Price intelligence about an arms deals involving Makarov in Sierra Leone. Soap, Price, and Yuri travel to the outskirts of Sherbro, Sierra Leone, which is controlled by paramilitary forces. On the way Price asks Soap if he’s ready to be back in action and Soap playfully tells Price to watch out for himself instead of worrying. They have to sneak their way through the forest to the outskirts of town since there are plenty of militia patrols. Along the way they encounter several militants about to arbitrarily execute some villagers. Yuri says they should press on but Soap and Price are reluctant to do that, so from cover they quickly take out the militants with silenced weapons. They emerge and are quickly thanked by the villagers. Soap says they are looking for a weapons warehouse in the town and need directions. One of the villagers says he knows the quickest way to get there undetected and offers to guide them. Price agrees.


With the guide’s help, Soap and the others evade militant patrols and enter Sherbro and are guided to a church in the town square. They arrive in the town square just as a helicopter takes off, presumably with the weapons. Soap, Price, and Yuri therefore find themselves in the midst of a big firefight with the remaining militants. Through some creative trickery, they’re able to flank the militants and gun down several from behind, causing the others to retreat. Soap and the others enter the church to find some scattered documents, some in English and some in Russian. Reading them, they discover that Makarov just acquired several tons of a chemical nerve agent.


We briefly return to Team Metal, which arrives in the UK to find out that the Russian President is missing, potentially dead, so the peace summit is off. Ramirez asks if this means they go back home but he’s told by their contact with the British SAS, Colonel MacMillan (Cunningham), that with a coalition of military leaders now running Russia, the war could reignite at any moment. We then see some downtime with Ramirez and others adjusting to British cuisine and culture played for laughs.


MacMillan in his quarters receives a message on a special frequency and grumbles, a sign he knows who it’s from: Price. He tells Price that he’s a wanted man and it’s considered treason to even talk to him. Price says MacMillan knows the official story is a load of shit. He says he has information for MacMillan and wants some in exchange. MacMillan says that because of Price saving his life in Pripyat 20 years earlier he owes a debt. Price tells him about what they found in Sierra Leone and asks MacMillan to dig up any intel he can linking more African weapon merchants to anyone linked with Makarov, no matter how tenuous. MacMillan promises to find what he can.


Afterwards we briefly go to Price, Soap, Yuri, and Nikolai discussing how they’re now in a holding pattern. Yuri asks if MacMillan will keep his word and Price says that MacMillan owes him a debt and he’ll pay it. After some chitchat and banter Soap excuses himself, still being in a bit of discomfort. As he changes the dressing for his mostly healed wound Price drops by to express some concerns, saying Soap doesn’t have to go on the next mission. Soap says all of them are putting their lives at risk and he won’t hide in the corner. Price says that for a moment, Soap was clinically dead, and that after what Shepard did, he doesn’t want to lose anymore soldiers or friends. Soap reassures him that everything will be fine.


Not long afterwards, Ramirez and the rest of Team Metal are contacted by MacMillan and asked to join the SAS in an assault on suspicious activity in a dockyard. They agree and assault the dockyard, which is guarded by mercenaries. Several mercenaries escape in a truck and we get a car chase via construction pathways into London’s underground metro with the mercenary truck and Team metal’s own truck weaving through tunnels and dodging oncoming subway trains, before Ramirez is able to shoot out the first truck’s tires, causing it to crash. Team Metal secures the cargo, which is an unstable chemical bomb. As Hazmat teams swarm to the site, MacMillan learns that a second bomb has exploded elsewhere in London and there are reports of more all across Europe…


We see President Vorshevsky in a holding cell, looking tired and dirty. Makarov enters. Makarov says it never had to be like this, but Vorshevsky and the others decided to expel Makarov from a position of power once the Ultranationalists won the presidential election. Vorshevsky says that they considered Makarov a liability because of his unstable behavior and he deadpans that “clearly your actions proved we were right.” Makarov smiles and says it’s Vorshevsky who’s now the liability, as his own cabinet supported Makarov’s plan. Vorshevsky asks why he’s still alive then. Makarov replies that the only portion of the military the new rulers don’t control is the Strategic Arsenal, Russia’s nuclear weapons. They refuse to change the launch codes given to Vorshevsky. However, Vorshevsky has the codes memorized and if he turns them over, Makarov will be able to bypass the Strategic Arsenal leadership. Vorshevsky says Makarov is insane. Makarov laughs and says he’s simply trying to accomplish what all of them, including Vorshevsky, swore to Imran Zakhaev that they’d achieve: Destroy the West. Vorshevsky says he’ll never turn them over. Makarov agrees that currently he won’t, but then adds “but once we find your daughter and you see her tortured, you’ll feel differently.”


Cut to news footage of the chemical attacks, which have paralyzed Western Europe with bombings in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy. Several Eastern European nations seem ready to become protectorates of Russia, reforming the Warsaw Pact.


We rejoin Soap, Price, Yuri, and Nikolai, who are now in Somalia. Price says that MacMillan was able to have contacts track down some leads, which indicate that the local warlord Waraabe is Makarov’s biggest weapons supplier. Soap points out that Waraabe is locked up tight in his compound and it’d take an army to get to him. Nikolai says his fellow Loyalists in Russia have arranged for some support to come their way, since they want Makarov dead.


Cut to Soap and Yuri on a hill overlooking the compound, looking through rangefinders. “Knock knock” Yuri says as a helicopter swoops in to fire a missile, blowing up the compound’s gate. As the helicopter provides intense covering fire, Price leads a dozen ex-soldiers on a direct assault. The ferociousness of the sudden assault kills many of Waraabe’s men and Price soon finds him cowering in the corner of his office. Price puts on a gas mask and tosses a gas grenade into the corner. As it starts to let out poison gas Price tells Waraabe he’ll give him a mask if Waraabe gives him names. Waraabe replies that his contact with Makarov’s organization is a bombmaker named Volk, in Germany. Price thanks him and then shoots him.


The team regroups to debrief. Price says he’ll forward the information to MacMillan, who can get a closer team to Germany in to acquire Volk. Meanwhile it’s time for them to relocate to Europe. The head of the soldier unit says that Kamarov, an old friend of Soap and Price, is setting up resistance cells in Eastern Europe.


We briefly return to Makarov, who is in a bunker with several televisions showing different news coverage of the chemical attacks, watching them with a slightly psychotic intensity. He’s interrupted by an underling who says that the Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland are negotiating treaties of alliance with Russia and that a potential military coup may occur in the Czech Republic. Makarov asks about progress on finding Vorshevsky’s daughter. The underling says that they believe her security detail has linked up with Russian Loyalists in Eastern Europe.


With the information from Price, MacMillan briefs Team Metal on Volk, giving some information on where to find him in Berlin, where he has a secret workshop. Ramirez is assigned point position and carefully leads an infiltration of the area, which has lots of booby-traps. They get the drop on Volk and arrest him.


News of Volk’s capture reaches Makarov and he’s very displeased, since it could reveal information about his organization. His mood is repaired slightly by word that military coups have happened in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and both groups want the Russian military to intervene in support of the coups. Even better news is that Makarov’s men have learned that the Loyalists have been escorting Alena Vorshevsky west in Prague. Makarov smiles.


The scene turns to the Czech Republic, with Price, Soap, and Yuri smuggled into the country. They get to a dingy town near Prague and enter a bar with everyone tensed up. Things get close to boiling into a fistfight brawl until Kamarov (Burkhard) appears to defuse the situation. He hugs Soap and Price in welcome and says he wishes he could see them in more peaceful circumstances. The three follow him to the basement where a resistance cell is holed up. Kamarov briefly explains about Alena Vorshevsky being stuck in Prague and says that if they get her safely to the West, it prevents her from being a bargaining chip against her father. Kamarov adds there is a complication: His contacts report that Makarov is coming to Prague to meet with the new Czech government. Price wants to make assassinating Makarov the priority. Soap isn’t too sure, saying that getting Alena out safely could be compromised. Yuri says that if they remove Makarov, the threat to Alena and her father will dissipate. Price says that he and Kamarov will assassinate Makarov while Soap and Yuri get Alena out of the city.


Later, Soap goes to talk to Price. Soap says he knows Price is dead-set on killing Makarov but he’s concerned that Price is letting vengeance get to his head. Price, who has been sharpening a knife the whole time, stops and says that Makarov had him locked in a dark cell for five years, collaborated with General Shepherd to stage a massive war that has killed thousands of innocents, a collaboration which is the reason Shepherd killed many of Soap’s comrades in arms. “Shepherd got his due, now it’s Makarov’s time” Price says. Soap, frustrated he can’t reason with his friend, sadly shakes his head.


We follow Price and Kamarov, who have to carefully sneak into Prague. The two have a small team with them. They soon get near the hotel and they observe several official cars arriving and Price sees a man who looks like Makarov walk in. Price tells Kamarov to take his squad on a diversionary assault while he infiltrates the hotel.


We then see Soap and Yuri driving a van with several allies in the back down the road towards Alena’s safehouse. There is a tense moment where they have to pass a military checkpoint but they get through. They soon reach the safehouse and enter, Alena tired and nervous. Soap assures her that everything will be alright.


We go back to Price, using rope and other gear to scale the side of the hotel while gunfire is heard from the far end. He climbs up to the top floor and bursts through a window with a silenced pistol in hand. He sweeps through the top floor and in a grand reception room finds what looks like Makarov with two guards and Price guns down the three of them. Price walks over for a closer look…and it’s not Makarov, just a very convincing lookalike. A cell phone rings in the lookalike’s pocket. Price answers and Makarov over the phone says that he’s sorry he couldn’t make the appointment, but he has “other” people to meet first. Makarov says he didn’t want Price to be lonely, so he’s arranged for a guest. The doors on the far side burst open and Kamarov is pushed through, handcuffed and wearing a bomb vest. Makarov bids Price farewell and hangs up as Makarov’s thugs open fire. Price rushes for the exit, but mercy-kills Kamarov first, then gets to the window and starts to rappel down the hotel side just as the bomb vest explodes. The explosion causes Price to fall a couple stories and he gets up with a bum leg. He hobbles into a side alley as military forces show up.


Back at the safehouse, Soap and Yuri are escorting Alena to their van, with other security going into a truck in front of them. Just as they get in, a RPG is fired from the roof of a nearby building and it blows up the truck. Yuri guns the engine of the van as Soap fires out the passenger window and the van speeds down the street, only to get broadsided by another van as it turns a corner. Soap’s van flips over and careens into a wall. Yuri is stunned and Soap focuses on getting Alena out of the back door, Yuri crawling out through the shattered windshield. Just as Soap gets Alena out of the van he is shot three times in the chest. Things slow down as we watch from Yuri’s perspective as Alena, in shock, tries to run off but is grabbed by a Russian soldier. Yuri, struggling to get up, watches as Makarov emerges from the second van, walks over to a twitching Soap, and fires a final bullet into Soap’s head. Makarov notices Yuri and gives his old comrade a mocking smile before walking away. Yuri, still dazed, slumps against a side rail.


Cut to Price, getting his hurt leg bandaged in a resistance safehouse. Yuri enters the room and based on his facial expression Price instantly gets it. In a sudden anger he leaps up, grabs Yuri, and throws him against a wall choking him. Price wants to know why he’s still alive and Yuri barely gets out an answer: “because he wants us both to know he’s won.” Price then lets go and says “Not fucking yet.”


Cut to a military prison, where Volk is locked up. MacMillan enters and sits down in front of the bombmaker. MacMillan carefully explains to Volk that a good friend of his would love to carve Volk into pieces if it meant finding a way to Makarov, and MacMillan is of a mind to let him. MacMillan therefore tells Volk that he can talk to MacMillan now, or wait the few days for MacMillan’s friend to arrive and talk to him instead. Volk, trembling, says he’d prefer not to wait. MacMillan smiles and says “good man.”


Cut to Ramirez and his team gearing up and climbing onto a large converted transport jet. Bidding them farewell, MacMillan tells them that their target is a former diamond mine in Siberia where they believe Makarov is likely keeping President Vorshevsky prisoner. Ramirez asks for the mission priority and is told that getting Vorshevsky out is the number one objective. They’ll be dropped near the mine and will link up with “special” forces who are moving to the area for support. After passing the time on the flight, Team Metal does a HALO night airdrop into the area and is met by Price, Yuri, and Nikolai. After some initial friction, Team Metal only knowing the official story of Price and company being wanted criminals, Price convinces them they all want the same thing.


In the bowels of the mine, President Vorshevsky is shoved into a dimly lit room and the lights turn on to reveal Makarov there with Alena. “Such a pretty daughter you have” Makarov comments with a hand on a terrified Alena’s shoulder. “Would be a shame for that not to be the case in the near future.” Vorshevsky, trembling, says if he gives Makarov what he wants, Makarov will just kill them both and then start a nuclear war. Makarov, looking downright sociopathic, says that in a few hours Vorshevsky will be begging him to kill Alena. He adds “I’ll leave you two together for now, so you’ll be reminded of what you stand to lose.” Makarov then exits the room as father and daughter tearfully hug. Makarov goes to a control room and tells a subordinate to start “breaking Vorshevsky in one hour”. Makarov says he has some investments to take a look at.


On the way to the diamond mine, Nikolai walks up to Price and tries to talk, saying Price has been quiet since Prague. Price says there is nothing to talk about, until Makarov is dead. Nikolai says that Price’s focus on Makarov helped contribute to Soap’s death and Price, snapping a bit, says angrily that he knows that and he’ll remember it for a long time.


The combined strike team reaches a secondary access elevator that takes them directly into the heart of the diamond mine. Nikolai and most of Team Metal provide covering fire while Price, Yuri, and Ramirez plunge into the mine corridors to locate Vorshevsky and his daughter. They soon find the two being dragged into a thick sealed bunker, so the only way to get in is to blow the roof with C4. There are a few lines of dark humor as Price and Ramirez set up the C4, and then they blow the roof and in the couple seconds of chaos jump down and gun down Makarov’s men before they can kill either Vorshevsky or his daughter. Price wants to continue on to find Makarov but Yuri convinces him Makarov can wait for another time. The five fall back towards the access elevator. Makarov’s chief subordinate receives an order to blow the mine to prevent Vorshevsky from escaping and he has men detonate charges in the deep tunnels to start a chain reaction collapse. As the mine begins to fall apart Price and the others reunite with Nikolai and the rest of Team Metal. Price tells Nikolai to grab Vorshevsky and his daughter and get out at all costs so Nikolai does that as the others move slower to fire at Makarov’s men. On the way, Ramirez is wounded in the chest and Price shouts for Yuri to get him out of there. Ramirez however tells Price to get out as well, he’ll hold off Makarov’s men. Price says that’s a death sentence and Ramirez replies “Unlikely to survive this wound anyway”. Price runs down the corridor as Ramirez opens fire, stumbling with Yuri to the waiting elevator which shoots upward just as the mine level they’re on begins to collapse.


Makarov hears a report about Vorshevsky being rescued. He is put in contact with the Ultranationalist leaders who say that Makarov is now a liability because he is traced to the chemical attacks and that if Vorshevsky still plans to pursue peace popular support will be behind him. Makarov says that so long as he lives, Zakhaev’s dream lives.


Cut to news footage from a few months later showing President Vorshevsky meeting with Western leaders and shaking hands as a new peace deal is made. We see that Price is watching it from a hotel room in Dubai. “One job left” he says to himself. Someone knocks on the door and Price lets the person, MacMillan, enter. “I’m still a wanted man” Price says and MacMillan replies “only officially.” He hands a folder over to Price, who smiles when he sees the contents. “Thanks for this Mac” he says. MacMillan says that so long as Makarov goes down, no one cares who pulls the trigger. The two have a drink of scotch.


We see a fancy hotel building in Dubai, with Makarov, having grown a beard, living under an alias in the penthouse suite. A van pulls into the staff garage, right next to the cargo elevators. Price and Yuri are in the back, wearing heavy body armor, and they with Nikolai’s help hack the elevator and program it to take Price and Yuri straight to the top. A silent alarm is triggered, which spurs Makarov to order his guards to be ready while he contacts another ally to prepare transit. There is a tense moment as the elevator ascends, and then when the door opens at the penthouse level all hell breaks loose as Makarov’s guards open fire, their bullets pinging off the body armor as Price and Yuri methodically sweep through the floor, killing all guards, though the last guard throws a grenade. Price is able to fully dive around a corner but Yuri is partially caught in the blast and as a result is wounded. He tells Price to go on which Price does, going up stairs that lead directly to the roof where he sees Makarov trying to climb onto a helicopter. As the helicopter lifts off Price is able to shoot the pilot, which causes the helicopter to crash back on the roof. Price goes to pull out Makarov but is overwhelmed in a hand-to-hand fight, but before Makarov can execute Price he is shot in the arm. Makarov quickly wheels around and trades shots with a returned Yuri and gets hit a second time in the side while Yuri is shot in the head. This gives Price enough time to return to his feet and tackle Makarov onto the glass portion of the roof. As they struggle, Price grabs a loose cable, wraps it around Makarov’s neck, and shatters part of the roof making them both fall through. Price falls about 20 feet and lands on an interior walkway and looks up to see Makarov hung, his neck snapped. Price, a leg broken, sits up against the wall, hearing sirens in the background. He contacts Nikolai and says the job’s done. Nikolai says that emergency services are inbound and asks what Price intends to do. “Admire the view” Price replies. He pulls out a cigar and lights it and begins to smoke, watching Makarov’s corpse as sirens grow in the distance.



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Genre: Thriller

Directed By: David Von Ancken

Cast: Liam Neeson (Robert Jarvis), Sung Kang (Takati), Shô Kosugi (Okajima), Hiro Mizushima (Yamada), Shidô Nakamura (Matsuo)

Release Date: April 14, Year 7

Theater Count: 3219 Theaters

Budget: $35 million

Running Time: 104 minutes

MPAA Rating: R for violence, language, and some drug use


Plot Summary:




Robert Jarvis (Neeson) is a former Navy SEAL who after sustaining heavy injuries shifted to working as a naval crime investigator (NCIS) for a number of years before retiring. He has a relatively happy life, his kids grown-up. A few early scenes show him relaxing and one day meeting with an old friend, Colonel Keely, who is a Marine officer stationed on Okinawa. They talk about old times and what Keely’s up to now on the island. Keely then leaves to go back to Okinawa. We see a couple more scenes of Robert’s life.


Scene shifts to Okinawa where we see a few masked men break into a home and silently kill everyone they find. However they grumble that their target isn’t there. Suddenly their target enters the home: Colonel Keely. Keely is able to fight back, injuring one fairly badly before they overwhelm him and murder him. In the commotion, we see that the murderers missed a room in their search and a young woman is able to escape out a window. The murderers then leave and the woman returns to find Keely and a couple others (his wife and a young man) dead.


Robert gets a phone call and it’s the woman, Amy, saying her dad, mom, and brother have been murdered. Robert immediately makes travel arrangements to Okinawa. As he travels, we see a NCIS team working the Keely murder. One of the team members is Nick Olson and he is a bit stumped. Robert eventually arrives in Okinawa and finds Amy, who is distraught. She tells him what happened and Robert decides to go to Keely’s home to look around. He finds Nick still there and Nick doesn’t want him to interfere with a crime scene. Robert points out a couple clues the NCIS team missed and Nick realizes that Robert was at least a former cop and says if Robert has any insights he can point them out, but he can’t get involved.


We see Nick showing Robert around the house and what NCIS discovered and Robert concludes that this wasn’t a break-in but a planned murder. Robert then goes back to Amy and asks her questions about what her father was doing on Okinawa and if he was looking into anything troublesome. Amy says that Keely was having people look into the drug trade on Okinawa. Robert thinks that’s a good place to start and tells Amy she should leave Okinawa until things get sorted out. Robert then takes the information Amy gave him and over a couple scenes tracks down a mid-level drug dealer called Sakorro. Robert infiltrates Sakorro’s warehouse and delivers a beatdown on several thugs before trapping Sakorro and threatening to torture him. Sakorro says that Keely was getting close to some sources of business but that he had plans to throw him off the scent, but his bosses in Tokyo overreacted and sent a hit-squad to take out Keely. Robert does some beating of Sakorro and learns more information about the murderers. He decides to spare Sakorro since he is “too weak to get involved with killing” and sets the warehouse on fire to attract police attention.


As local police go through the remains of the warehouse and interrogate Sakorro and his thugs, Robert uses his info to track hospital records and match them with details of the hit-squad. He finds a match for the injured one and tracks down the person to a hotel on the far side of the island. As he goes there he gives Nick a call that the killers will soon be caught, spurring Nick to race in that direction. Robert meanwhile arrives at the hotel and proceeds to ambush the killers, killing them one by one until only the injured one is left. Robert threatens to kill him unless he gives up their employer and the man agrees, telling Robert the name “Koyatsu.” Robert decides to kill the man anyway but Nick arrives at that point to stop him. Robert tells Nick that people high in the criminal food chain ordered Keely’s death and he intends to find them. Nick says the Japanese police can handle that and Robert replies that the police can’t be trusted. Robert then flees before Nick can detain him. As he finds a way off the island, Robert makes a call to someone in Tokyo, saying he’ll need his services.


Scene changes to Tokyo where we see a bunch of Japanese businessmen meeting and we learn that they’re in fact all leaders of the Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia. They talk business and one mentions that some Okinawa operations are compromised. A young man, Yamada, tries to push for new expansions but is shot down by an elderly man, Sahashi. Later after the meeting three men talk and we learn that one of them is Koyatsu. There are two others, a middle-aged man, Han, and Yamada. Yamada seems to be the one in charge.


We get a scene where Nick calls a Tokyo police officer he knows named Takati and tells him about the Keely murder and Robert’s intentions. Takati promises to find Robert and resolve the case. Takati has a partner, Matsuo, who thinks this job’s a waste of time. They go to the airport and pick up Robert as he gets off his plane. Robert goes with them in their car and on the road Takati tries to tell Robert that as an American in Tokyo he’d stick out like a sore thumb and he should let professionals handle their own turf. Matsuo throws in a couple snide comments. Robert says the two officers made a mistake: they didn’t handcuff him. He immediately struggles and forces the car to make a minor crash off the road. The two officers are stunned and Robert flees. Later, we see that Matsuo is corrupt and calls Koyatsu to warn him about the American.


Robert arrives at an apartment that is owned by a man his age, Okajima. The two are old friends from Robert’s military days and Okajima knows a lot about how the Yakuza are set up in Tokyo. He gives Robert information about how to find Koyatsu and gives him access to supplies such as weapons and other tools.


Robert goes to Koyatsu’s main location, a nightclub, and after beating up a couple bouncers is able to find Koyatsu and threaten him with a gun. Robert takes Koyatsu to the roof of a building and threatens to throw him off the roof if he doesn’t give up names. Koyatsu mentions Han and says he was just the middle-man for most things. Robert reminds him “but you still give the orders to those under you” and throws Koyatsu off the roof anyway.


Takati and Matsuo arrive at the crime scene since the description of the American matches their guy. Takati is furious and says if Robert got names out of Koyatsu then this is only the beginning of the violence. Meanwhile Han nervously calls Yamada about Koyatsu’s death and is told that the American will show himself soon enough, but that means Han must be bait.


Robert returns to Okajima for more information, this time about Han. Okajima tells him what he knows and mentions the Yakuza is in the middle of civil unrest between older and younger leaders. Okajima says that this can’t end well and tells Robert to leave the country, but Robert is determined to get revenge since he says he owes everything in life to Keely and so he owes Keely this. Okajima is unsure he wants to continue helping Robert down his bloody path.


Takati and Matsuo do some investigation and learn that Koyatsu is connected with a man named Han. Takati thinks Han may be the next target and says they can stop this now and maybe unravel the truth behind the crimes. Matsuo agrees, but we then see him calling Han and Han says if Takati gets too close to the truth Matsuo needs to deal with him. We see Han is staying in a hotel with lots of security. We also see a scene that shows Takati has a wife and young child and has a loving relationship with them.


Robert with help from friends of Okajima infiltrates the hotel in a fake room service cart and goes up to the roof after being told which room Han is in. Robert sets up a rappel line calibrated for the exact length needed and we see he has a second. Meanwhile Takati and Matsuo arrive at the hotel and because they are cops are stalled by security on their way to talk to Han. Robert rappels down the side of the hotel and then when he gets to a main window propels himself through it to the shock of Han and his guards. Robert quickly kills all the guards, getting wounded in return, and ties up Han before setting up a second rappel line. He then beats information out of Han just as Takati and Matsuo show up. They try to convince Robert to give up but Robert declines, shoots Han, and jumps out a window, the audience seeing him rappel down to the ground.


Takati and Matsuo are upset, for different reasons we know of, but Takati calms down and says since this is a crime scene they can take everything in for evidence, which makes Matsuo a little nervous.


Robert stumbles back to Okajima’s place, hurt, and Okajima patches him up. As this happens Robert talks about why he owes everything in his life to Keely and we understand just how big a debt Robert believes he owes. Okajima realizes Robert will not stop his quest and says he will continue to help.


We see a scene with Yamada in a private gym, training in martial arts and even a katana. His session is interrupted by Sahashi and his bodyguard, and we learn Sahashi was a friend of Yamada’s father. Sahashi is able to figure out that Yamada is connected to this string of deaths in Tokyo and says Yamada never knows his limits and when to refrain from pushing them. Yamada is angry and says he is the future of their organization and Sahashi just lacks the guts to do anything risky anymore.


We then see scenes of Robert with Okajima’s help investigating the information Han told him as well as scenes of Takati pouring over the evidence taken from Han’s hotel room. Takati realizes that the evidence here implicates lots of people in various criminal activities, so Matsuo gets nervous. Matsuo is able to get in touch with Yamada and talks about Takati and is told to eliminate him before he unravels too much. Matsuo agrees and through some police work of his own links the American to a few fake hotel employees and links them to Okajima. He tells Yamada this and Yamada says he’ll handle the old man. We then finally see that Robert and Okajima figure out that the corrupt cop they gleaned from Han’s info is either Takati or Matsuo. Robert decides to visit Takati first.


That night Matsuo persuades Takati to have a night on the town and Takati goes outside to tell his wife where he’ll be. Later, Robert arrives at Takati’s apartment and notices suspicious men going inside. He follows just in time to catch them bursting into Takati’s apartment to kill his family and Robert quickly intervenes, killing the two men in a vicious fight using household items. Robert realizes from this Matsuo is the bad cop and asks Takati’s wife where her husband is and she tells him. As Robert races to find Takati, Matsuo is shaky and nervous as he takes Takati to a pier they hang out at a lot to drink and finally says Takati doesn’t know when to quit and points a gun at him. Takati tries to convince Matsuo that their friendship is important but Matsuo says he made his choice. Before Matsuo can shoot Robert arrives and shoots Matsuo in the leg. Takati pulls a gun on Robert since he’s a criminal but Robert says the Yakuza just tried to kill Takati’s family and they’re safe now because of him. This changes Takati’s mood and he lets Robert interrogate Matsuo about the order. Matsuo mentions Yamada and then says Yamada knows about Okajima and is sending men to kill him. Robert then races away, telling Takati Matsuo is his to deal with. Takati plans to take Matsuo in for an arrest but Matsuo pulls out a hidden second gun and kills himself out of shame.


Robert arrives at Okajima’s place and finds a few dead men inside, and then Okajima sitting on a couch with Sahashi, Sahashi’s bodyguard standing to the side. Sahashi explains that he had some of Yamada’s men followed and had them killed as they tried to murder Okajima. Okajima says he knows Sahashi from their service in the military and that for this matter at least he is their ally. Sahashi tells Robert that Yamada is reckless and power-hungry and will only hurt the Yakuza in the long run, so Robert is being given permission to go after him. Sahashi gives Robert details of where Yamada will be and says Yamada must have done something terrible to bring such a storm to Tokyo. Sahashi then leaves and Robert mulls over what just happened.


Takati goes home to his family to comfort them and learns from them about what the American did to save them. Takati has them pack their things and take a trip, to be safe, and then goes to find Robert at Okajima’s. Takati tells Robert that he wants to help, since his family was targeted, and Robert agrees since taking on a Yakuza boss and his army of guards alone is suicide. We see scenes of them with Okajima prepping, gathering supplies and going over the layout of where Yamada is going to be. We also see Yamada learn about his failed murder attempts and Matsuo’s suicide, which makes him very panicky and angry. We also see a scene where Robert and Takati talk about their personal lives and what they have to go back to when this is all over.


Robert and Takati arrive outside Yamada’s estate and execute their plan, though while Robert kills the guards he encounters without hesitation, Takati uses non-lethal force to disable them since he’s a cop and they’re unaware of his presence. They get in position and Takati causes a distraction by blowing up a garage, sending guards that way. He also throws smoke grenades all over the place to obscure a good chunk of the estate’s outdoors. This gives Robert time to enter the estate and confront Yamada. He is wounded by Yamada’s guards but kills then, but before he can attack Yamada, Yamada quickly throws a knife that injures Robert and knocks his gun away. The result is a hand-to-hand brawl between Robert and Yamada while Takati continues to distract Yamada’s guards, finally having to use lethal force when they shoot at him. Meanwhile Robert and Yamada’s fight moves through the estate and Yamada makes things more difficult by grabbing a katana in his training room to try and slice up Robert, though Robert dodges the slices and grabs a katana of his own to fight back. They wind up outside in a water garden and fight in a decorative pond in knee-deep water. Yamada disarms Robert and gashes him and goes for the kill, but Robert at the last second dodges and wrestles the sword away, then pinning Yamada underwater there and holding him there as he drowns. Once that is over, Robert is found by a pair of guards but before they can kill him they are shot by Takati. The two leave.


Takati drives Robert back to Okajima’s and says Robert should leave the country immediately, since the whole police force will be looking for an American of his description. Robert thanks him for the help and Takati drives off. Robert then talks with Okajima, who asks if finishing it makes Robert feel better. Robert replies that he never feels good about killing someone, but he feels at peace for repaying his debt. They talk for a little bit and then we see Robert calling Amy and saying that the men responsible for her family’s death are gone. Amy is happy, but says she didn’t want Robert to go to those lengths for her family. Robert says he knows, but it’s something he had to do and now it’s all over. We then see Robert leaving on a plane just before police officers arrive at the airport with a rough description of him. Finally we see Robert at a cemetery looking at the grave for Keely and his family and Amy comes. Robert gives her a hug and says her father was a good man. Amy replies “so are you” and the two walk away.



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The Ends of the Universe


Voice Cast: Yuri Lowenthal (William Kidd), Laura Bailey (Adira), John DiMaggio (Bosch), Josh Keaton (Jim), Fred Tatasciore (Vogrit), Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Kamale), Dee Bradley Baker (Hogan), Kimberly Brooks (Gendi), Steve Blum (Makris), and Mark Hamill (Tovash)


Genre: Augmented 2D Animation Sci-Fi/Adventure/Romance

Directed By: Steve Ahn & Chris Palmer

Written by: Dave Filoni

Original Music by: Jack Wall

Release Date: December 22, Year 7

Theater Count: 3418

Budget: $100 Million

Running Time: 113 Minutes

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for animated sci-fi violence, some language, and some disturbing images



Setting: At least several centuries from now, with humanity having spread out among the stars and encountered a variety of alien races. Generally peaceful cooperation exists, though on the fringes of explored space profiteering is king, the law is barely existent, and there is no end in sight to the universe’s boundaries. The edge of space is home to those seeking to make a fortune, one way or another.


Plot Summary:


Google Doc Link



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Countdown City


Genre: Crime/Drama


Starring: Ansel Elgort (Hank Palace), Kaitlyn Dever (Nico Palace), Jane Levy (Trish McConnell), Manuel Garcia-Rulfo (Cortez), Jimmy Tatro (Jordan), Sophie Rundle (Martha Cavatone), James Norton (Brett Cavatone), K.J. Apa (Jeremy Canliss), Victor Slezak (Rocky Milano), Molly Gordon (Julia Stone)


Special Appearances By: Mike Colter (Culverson), David Harbour (McGully), and Annette Bening (Dr. Fenton)



Directed By: Mimi Leder

Written By: Damon Lindleof

Release Date: October 6, Year 7

Theater Count: 3372

Running Time: 135 Minutes

Budget: $45 Million

MPAA Rating: R for scenes of violence, strong language throughout, some drug use, and nudity


Setting: A little over three months have passed since the conclusion of The Last Policeman, and only 77 days remain before the impact of the asteroid known as Maia.


Plot Summary:


Google Doc Link



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Sir Thymes Time 2

Director: Trish Gum

Genre: CGI Animation/Adventure/Comedy

Release Date: May 12

Major (Voice) Cast:

Elijah Wood as Sir Thymes

Chiwetel Ejiofor as Yakkity Yak

Jeff Bridges as the Piano Man

Mindy Kaling as American Pie

Jane Lynch as Mrs. Robinson

Domhnall Gleeson as Sgt. Pepper

Bill Hader as Hound Dog

Eden Sher as Soul Sister

Oscar Isaac as Despacito

Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Flash

J.K. Simmons as Jude

Ian McKellen as the Wayward Son

with Christopher Lloyd as Fonzie

Thalia Tran as Lucy

and Bex Taylor-Klaus as Breeze


Theater Count: 4,037

MPAA Rating: PG for  some crude humor.

Runtime: 99 min

Production Budget: $120 million

Music by: Mark Mothersburgh

Additional Formats: 3D


Previous Film: Sir Thymes Time - 48.7M (66.2M)/211.1M/581.0M (OW (5-Day)/DOM/WW)


Plot Summary: The jukebox is converted to digital music, but Sir Thymes sees something lurking underneath as the digital ringleader, the Piano Man seems to have ulterior motives.




A man orders his food, and then goes to the jukebox to pick a song. He sees a song with an interesting title, “Sir Thymes Time,” and decides to pick it. The chorus to this original song begins playing, and we go inside the jukebox to see a dancing clock to this song’s beat. The song soon fades out to him narrating. He says that he is Sir Thymes, but they should know that already. He loves living inside the jukebox of Fonzie’s Diner with his friends. Thymes explains that he recently went on a journey to discover who wrote his song, and discovered that he has power over his own song. Thymes says he doesn’t like to use this power though, since it makes him feel a bit too special and awkward around his friends. He then starts re-introducing himself to his friends. There’s Yakkity Yak, a talking yak, who is the oldest character in the jukebox, and the only other novelty song who Thymes knows. American Pie, an attractive talking pie, has the honor of being the longest song Thymes knows. Mrs. Robinson, an old snooty lady, is generally the leader of the seven, since everyone is afraid to talk back to her. Sgt. Pepper is a man who often tries to find love and fails, so instead, he comes up with ideas for the group. There’s Hound Dog, who is sometimes the group pet, but is also the coolest member of the group. Soul Sister is a dancing sun, who is very, very relaxed. Finally, there’s Despacito, a dark pair of sunglasses with a heart of gold. Thymes concludes his opening narration by saying that no matter what happens, he’ll stay with his friends forever... or so he thought.


A little boy runs up to pick a song. Looking through them all, he picks “Yakkity Yak.” Inside the jukebox, the seven other song characters run out to watch Yakkity Yak do his classic dance. However, as the album plays, something odd begins to happen. The song skips all over the place, thanks to scratches. Yakkity Yak attempts to continue dancing to it, but unfortunately, the song is simply unreadable. The boy screams in anger and hits the jukebox. Inside, the song stops, and Yakkity Yak is tossed off the stage. Everyone runs up to help him, except for Soul Sister, who decides to look out the peephole. Yakkity Yak complains that it’s getting worse; with all the damage that Jesse’s Girl inflicted on the records, it’s amazing they lasted this long. American Pie scolds Yakkity Yak, telling him not to say that. Soul Sister looks out the peephole and sees the boy’s mother complaining to Fonzie. The woman says she doesn’t see the point of the jukebox anymore; now that the only song that plays without skips is “Sir Thymes Time,” which no one has ever heard of. Fonzie says he’s aware of the problem and has already ordered a JukeCloud to switch over completely to digital. Soul Sister gasps at this new news, as Fonzie says he plans on having it installed in the morning.

That night, at the typical meeting, Soul Sister reports what she has heard. Sgt. Pepper flirts with her, telling her that’s the greatest story he’s ever heard, but Soul Sister will have none of it. Thymes says that maybe the digital transition will be easy, but Hound Dog laughs at that. Hound Dog actually doesn’t trust this “JukeCloud” at all, saying that going digital will send them into a world with so many other song characters, they won’t maintain their friendships. Mrs. Robinson calls him out on that, saying that there’s no way stuff like that’ll ever happen. Despacito states they’ve all been through too much to have that happen to them. Thymes points out that there’s nothing they can do to change it, since there’s no way to contact Fonzie otherwise. The other song characters look at him glumly, but then Yakkity Yak tries to bring up everybody’s spirits by announcing a going-away party for the jukebox. Said party is thrown with an undercurrent of melancholy underneath.

The next day, Fonzie comes in and removes the records one-by-one. We see the song characters enter into their records, merging with them in a frozen state. Fonzie then plugs in the JukeCloud and scans in each album, one by one. Concurrently, we see the song characters reappearing in a state of the art slick chrome universe. Ten times the size of the jukebox, the JukeCloud brings a touch screen interface and practically infinite song options. As Thymes is the last character to be completely scanned in, he soon discovers that he, along with the rest of the songs are in a waiting room; what some may call an “upload approval.” Fonzie presses “Yes,” and all eight song characters are instantly in the actual JukeCloud. Mrs. Robinson marvels at the fantastically huge area, but Despacito notices that there doesn’t seem to be many song characters there. They hear a chuckle and turn around.

A giant piano with arms and legs walk towards them, and introduces himself as the Piano Man. He is the keeper of the JukeCloud’s song characters, and Soul Sister asks where all the other song characters. Piano Man explains that they are all hiding, waiting for the newbies to be approved by him before they all meet them. Piano Man analyzes each one, one by one. He recognizes them by artist. Yakkity Yak by The Coasters. American Pie by Don McLean. Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel. Sgt. Pepper by The Beatles. Hound Dog by Elvis Presley. Soul Sister by Train. Despacito by Luis Fonsi, featuring Daddy Yankee. When he reaches Thymes though, he cannot recognize him. Piano Man lists several artists, all of which Thymes says no to. Piano Man asks who Thymes is by, and Thymes answers truthfully with “Sir Thymes.” He also then volunteers the information that he’s the only song ever that can write his own music since he is the only song by the band Sir Thymes.

Piano Man laughs at him, saying autonomous songs are merely legend. Thymes, not knowing what autonomous, says he’s not lying, and the other song characters vouch for him. Piano Man merely chuckles, and says no matter what Thymes says he will not believe him. However, there is a way for Thymes to get in as what he calls an “independent song.” Thymes asks what it is, and Piano Man says he merely wants to find three new songs for the JukeCloud. He hands him a note, and then pushes him out the door. Piano Man says to follow the note and find the songs on his own. Thymes finds himself on something looking like a infinitesimally huge spider web, or rather, a World Wide Web. Thymes grumbles to himself, saying that the Piano Man doesn’t seem very nice, but then opens the envelope. He needs to find Jack Flash, a spy who likes to jump around; Jude, a peaceful hippie; and the Wayward Son, who Thymes already knows. Thymes narrates that he doesn’t really want to go on this quest, but he will since it’s necessary as far as he knows. He thinks about where he might’ve heard of Jack Flash, and we flash back to see Thymes looking out the peephole of the jukebox and seeing a kid play a video game like Guitar Hero playing “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.” Back on the Web, Thymes sees a video game website and decides to head towards it.

Thymes enters the website and it is laid out like an arcade with various bits of data flying around. A man wearing sunglasses and a jumper walks up to Thymes and says hello, introducing himself as Jack Flash. Thymes comments that that was extremely easy. Jack Flash asks what he’s talking about, and Thymes explains, saying he’s here to take him to the JukeCloud. Jack Flash spits on the ground and tells Thymes never to mention the JukeCloud again. Thymes is confused but complies. Understanding the need to change the subject, he asks what the data flying around is. Jack Flash gruffly answers, saying they’re probably game characters or some video files. Flash explains that they’re essentially on a higher plane of existence than they are, so it’s impossible to tell for certain. Thymes is once again confused but doesn’t press on. Thymes asks if there’s ever anyone else here for Jack Flash, and Flash replies with a no.

Thymes is a firm believer in the power of friendship, and thus, asks Jack Flash to come with him to meet some friends. Flash scoffs at Thymes, saying he has no plans on visiting with Piano Man. Thymes asks why but Flash doesn’t respond. Flash tells him he’ll make a deal. If Thymes can beat him in a video game, then Flash will go with him. Thymes asks what video game can they play, if characters are “on a different plane of existence.” Flash smiles, saying the kid is catching on, and then asks if he’s ever heard of “Pac-Man Fever.” The song plays as Flash and Thymes play two-player Pac-Man in a fun montage. Thymes kinda sucks while Flash is a champ. Thymes keeps on saying he’ll get better but after 43 games, Flash says he’ll go with Thymes, despite Thymes not winning a single game. Thymes asks why, and Jack Flash answers that Thymes has become rather endearing to him. Thymes decides this is a good thing, he guesses, as the two exit the video game website back into the World Wide Web.

Back at the JukeCloud, the Piano Man lets the other songs inside... except for Soul Sister and Despacito. After the other five are let, Piano Man mocks Soul Sister and Despacito for their autotune, claiming that they are not real music like he is. Soul Sister begins crying since she is very emotionally weak and Despacito glares at the Piano Man, but the Piano Man mocks his glare too. Hound Dog comes up to the Piano Man and asks him to stop. After all, Soul Sister and Despacito are their friends too. Piano Man looks at Hound Dog enraged. How dare he tell the Piano Man what to do? He immediately grabs Hound Dog by the foot and grabs a thread of binary code from his foot. Hound Dog looks at it scared, and American Pie asks what it is. The Piano Man answers her queries with an explanation. They are all now simply lines of data, data that over the years, as one of the first downloaded songs ever, Piano Man has learned how to use properly. Yakkity Yak looks scared and asks what he is doing. Piano Man simply rips off half of Hound Dog’s coding and throws him to the ground, and Sgt. Pepper runs up to examine him. Hound Dog sits and stares blankly at Sgt. Pepper. Sgt. Pepper asks him if he’s okay, and Hound Dog replies with simply “I ain’t nothing but a hound dog, crying all the time.” Piano Man has wiped out his entire song, except for the chorus. The Piano Man then says he supposes he needs a few new full songs to make up for the glitchy Hound Dog and lets Soul Sister and Despacito in. All the song characters look at him terrified as Hound Dog simply repeats his chorus over and over again.

On the World Wide Web, Thymes says the next person he needs to find is some guy named Jude. Flash smiles, saying he knows where Jude is, quickly heading towards a beetle shaped site. Thymes and Jude enter the site which is shaped like a giant apple. Thymes asks where they are and Flash answers that it is a Beatles fansite. A diamond studded girl named Lucy runs up to them and welcomes them to Beatle-mania! Thymes giggles at the politeness and Lucy giggles back uber-obnoxiously. Flash just rolls his eyes and asks where they can find Jude. Lucy answers that Jude is with Sgt. Pepper right now, and Thymes gasps. After all, Sgt. Pepper is one of his best friends!

Lucy takes Flash and Thymes to Jude and Sgt. Pepper, and Thymes asks Sgt. Pepper why he’s here instead of the JukeCloud and Sgt. Pepper looks at him confused. Jude says that he knows Sgt. Pepper has never seen in before, at least in this life. Thymes asks what Jude means. Jude explains that there are multiple versions of songs, obviously. That way, someone in China could listen to a song while someone in Chicago is falling asleep to the same song. Sgt. Pepper says that he can remember parallel lives if he tries hard enough, and then goes into deep thought. Sgt. Pepper then gives Thymes a high-five, saying he seems like a cool guy. Thymes says this is weird, and Flash explains that most song characters deal with parallel lives. Thymes says that since he’s the only copy of his song, that must explain why he doesn’t have any parallel lives. Jude gives a high-five for avoiding the potential “mind WHAT.” Thymes asks Jude if he wants to come with him to the JukeCloud, and Jude smiles, saying he has nothing better to do. Thymes goes “Yes!” and Flash rolls his eyes as the three leave Beatle-Mania.

Meanwhile, at the JukeCloud, everyone is asleep… or at least pretending to be. Nevertheless, the Piano Man leaves the JukeCloud and heads for iTelevision, the video sharing site. He jumps into the search bar and sends “Piano Man remix.” He finds 20 remixes and one parody song. He drags the coding out himself one by one, making Piano Man clones of differing sizes and shapes. The Piano Man laughs maniacally. Back at the JukeCloud, there is an emergency meeting in private of the surviving songs. Yakkity Yak is freaking out, saying his song on loop is better than this “only chorus” thing with Hound Dog. Mrs. Robinson tells everyone they need to calm down; there’s no reason for Piano Man to do that to all of them. Sgt. Pepper says the only proper way is to counter attack, and American Pie asks how they can possibly counter attack against a character who can reduce them to nothing. Soul Sister and Despacito hold each other; the two being the most terrified of what the Piano Man might do.

While crossing the World Wide Web, Thymes asks Flash and Jude if they have any idea where they could possibly find the Wayward Son. Jude and Flash look at Thymes like he’s crazy and Jude tries to break the news calmly on Thymes, skirting around the issue. Thymes asks what he’s talking about, and Flash bursts out, saying that the Wayward Son is merely legend, and no one online has ever seen him. Thymes look at them in despair and then asks what should he do now. Jude says they should just go to the JukeCloud and explain the situation to the Piano Man. Flash says he’s never trusted the Piano Man, and Thymes asks why. Flash, blindsided by the question, does not have an answer. That settles it; Thymes leads the other two back to the JukeCloud, hoping that the Piano Man accepts his failure.

As Thymes enters the JukeCloud, the Piano Man is waiting for him, or rather, Piano Men are waiting for him. The remixed versions of Piano Man are now the Piano Man’s army. Thymes asks what’s going on, and the Piano Man says he’ll show him in song. Set to, of course, “Piano Man” by Billy Joel, the Piano Man sings of how he has control of the JukeCloud and those who reside there’s coding. The Piano Men army pulls out the coding of Yakkity Yak, Mrs. Robinson, Sgt. Pepper, American Pie, Soul Sister, Despacito, Jack Flash, and Jude, relegating merely to choruses. Thymes asks him why he’s doing this and the Piano Man answers that he was going out of style far too soon for being a slow paced song in the fast pop music world of today. Now, with all the other songs being merely choruses, he’ll be the only song chosen as he’ll be the only non-glitchy song. The Piano Men army run in to grab Thymes and the Piano Man grabs the coding of Thymes underneath his feet. However, the Piano Man cannot cut his coding thanks to Thymes being the only copy of his song, something Piano Man used to believe was a simple bluff. Thymes starts singing, “Sir Thymes Time got out of Piano Man’s clutches; saving his friends with thank you very muches!” but nothing happens. The Piano Man giggles and says that even Thymes cannot be corrupted, his singular song powers do not work with as a digital version of himself. The Piano Man orders his armies to take him away promptly.

Thymes is thrown out in the World Wide Web to wander. Thymes simply doesn’t know what to do when suddenly he hears a PST. He heads over to where he heard the sound, which ends up being a Scavenger Wars fansite. Breeze, who introduces themself as "I'm still Breeze", as is waiting there for him, and Thymes asks if he knows them. Breeze answers that they felt a strong urge from one of their concurrent lives to take Thymes somewhere, and Thymes has no choice but to trust them. Breeze leads him to a much smaller website than where Thymes had ever been before, the official website for the radio station WISE. There is simply a pool there, and Breeze tells Thymes to jump in the pool, or rather, the live stream. Thymes, not having much else to do, complies. He quickly sheds numbers off his body in confusion and when he exits the pool, he sees the Wayward Son. He is in the Oldies Station of WISE.

The Wayward Son welcomes Thymes back to his abode, and Thymes asks him what’s going on. The Wayward Son sighs, knowing that there is indeed no time for formalities. He then asks Thymes if he wishes to save his friends from their currently mindless state, to which Thymes answers with a resounding yes. The Wayward Son begins to explain that the JukeCloud simply cannot handle both destroy the wicked Piano Man and restoring his friends back to normal. However, if the old jukebox was restored at Fonzie’s with new, completely blank records, Thymes could burn the songs of his friends onto them using his singular powers and restoring his friends back to normal. Thymes says that it’s impossible to talk to Fonzie, or any human for that matter. The Wayward Son smiles, and says that even though Thymes has shedded his digitality in a way, he has now gained the capability to work both online and offline; meaning he can keep his powers in the JukeCloud if he went there now. Thymes asks why he doesn’t just go back and stop the Piano Man and the Wayward Son explains that even the singular song powers cannot fix his friends completely if their digital coding is lost; his friends must return to offline. Thymes asks how he can save them, and the Wayward Son says that he has the telephone wires’ way to Fonzie’s house. If Thymes can get into Fonzie’s computer through a power cord, he can digitally download himself to Fonzie’s MeMusic and thus his MePage. If Thymes consistently writes new verses to his song, he can talk to Fonzie through this method. Thymes asks if this has ever been done, and the Wayward Son admits that Thymes is the first ever singular song he has ever met. Thymes says he’s ready to try.

Thymes makes his ways through the telephone wires, following a map the Wayward Son gave him. He enters the house, and quickly finds the wire the Wayward Son described as “the computer charger.” He enters the computer and sees the huge computer chip. He listens quickly for some music and manages to hear “Imagine” coming from a smaller chip inside the huge one. He steps in the smaller chip and finds himself inside the MeMusic. Lucky for Thymes, the MeMusic is currently syncing with Fonzie’s MePage and Thymes enters the sync, ready for first contact.

Fonzie wakes up the next day and grabs his MePage for his morning jog. Putting it on shuffle, the first song playing turns out to be “Sir Thymes Time.” Fonzie stops running once he hears the opening bars, instantly confused on how that song managed to get on his MePage. Thymes begins speaking to Fonzie through song, telling him about how song characters work. He tells about the story of how his friends love Fonzie’s jukebox and how personally, if it weren’t for Fonzie, he wouldn’t be around. Fonzie says this is a lot to digest, and Thymes apologizes but there’s more that must be said. We see Fonzie running to the diner, simply saying “Yeah” or “Uh-huh” to several of Thymes’ statements. Thymes’ plan is going to be put in action.

Fonzie gets in the diner and runs to the JukeCloud. He immediately heads to the back and unplugs the power cord. Unfortunately the JukeCloud remains running, and in fact, starts blaring “Piano Man.” Fonzie asks Thymes what to do, and Thymes says Fonzie needs to upload Thymes back onto the JukeCloud. Fonzie asks if he knows what he’s doing and Thymes says yes. Fonzie attaches his MePage to the JukeCloud and Thymes re-enters for the final fight. All of Thymes’ friends repeat their chorus in creepy dissonance as Thymes waits around for the Piano Man. The Piano Man comes, asking Thymes if he’s ready to be forgotten, and Thymes says no way. Thymes begins singing a new verse of “Sir Thymes Time” and the fight is on as Piano Man sics the Piano Men onto Thymes.

Thymes continues to sing new verses, coming up with new ways to dispatch the Piano Men as the song goes on. Unfortunately, all creativity has a limit and Thymes is quickly reaching it. That said, he manages to dispatch all the Piano Men, but the one true Piano Man is ready for a real fight. The soundwaves of both songs attack each other as Thymes is slowly losing ground to the edge of the JukeCloud and the entrance to the World Wide Web. Outside, Fonzie can hear the music playing and Thymes being overpowered Piano Man. At a loss of what to do, Fonzie sees the Internet router is still plugged in his office. He runs and pulls the router. Instantly, the World Wide Web turns into a black hole. Thymes uses the last creativity he has in to sing an anchor into position for he and all the songs. Piano Man is not grateful and runs up to attack Thymes with the last verse of Piano Man. However, he trips over Thymes’ anchor and falls into the abyss of the World Wide Web. Thymes looks around at his confused, chorus-only friends and says there’s only one thing left to do.

Later that day, Fonzie replugs in the jukebox, and Thymes takes all of his confused friends with him. After Fonzie has loaded the jukebox with ten blank records, Thymes remembers all the songs by heart though and he sings along with the respectable character to reburn their song to a new album. As Thymes sings with them, he gently reminds them of the verses, allowing them to remember their past self. An hour later, Thymes is almost done; he just has to burn himself to an album. Together, all ten song characters sing “Sir Thymes Time,” and Fonzie hears it smiling. Hound Dog says it’s only time for one thing. Mrs. Robinson asks what that is, and then Soul Sister giggles, and says a party for the new members of the jukebox, Jude and Jack Flash. As we see various character moments, including Mrs. Robinson flirting with Jack Flash, the film ends on a narration by Thymes, saying that whereas on his previous journey, when he had his friends for help, this one he had to do pretty much alone, and even though he’s happy he was able to save the day and make some new friends, – Jude, Jack Flash, and Fonzie – ultimately, he’s happiest now that they’re all safe. After all, times with friends is the one time Thymes treasures most of all. THE END.

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Megalo Box


Director: J.D. Dillard

Based on the Japanese Television Anime of the same name

Genre: Sports/Sci-Fi

Release Date: October 20th, Y7

 - 30% of IMAX on the 20th

 - 70% of IMAX on the 27th

Theater Count: 3,502

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for Violence and Language

Runtime: 2 hr 35 min

Production Budget: $90 Million

Original Song: "On the Up and Up" (written by Koffee, performed by Koffee and Skrillex)

Composer: Basement Jaxx (This score makes heavy use of electronic beats.)


Major Cast

Luke Pasqualino as Junk Dog / Joe

Benicio del Toro as Coach Ned

Florian Munteanu as Yuri

Rinko Kikuchi as Yukiko Shirato

Andrew Koji as Mikio Shirato

Jonathan Majors as Leonard

Divian Ladwa as Manu

with Colman Domingo as Spencer

and Laurence Fishburne as Felix


Minor Cast

Edwin Rodriguez as Shark Santana

Bonsile Mantsai as Mandla Masondo

Iko Uwais as Yuda Wiranata

George Takei as Eiichi Shirato


Plot Summary

In a futuristic urban setting where Megalo Boxing, boxing enhanced by metal frames called Gears worn on the arms, is the most popular sport in the world, an underground boxer is given the chance to work his way towards the Megalonia tournament, which is run by a corporation.



We hear the sound of a speeding motorcycle.




Cut to the motorcycle as its rider races across the dry desert at full speed. Cut to black.




Cut to the back of the rider’s olive green jacket as it sways violently. Cut to black.




Cut to the face of the rider (Luke Pasqualino), wearing goggles that protect him from the wind and sand. He wears his hair in a tall, loose afro. He possesses an enigmatic smile.


He continues to drive in a straight line across the desert landscape, his body hunched towards the handle-bars. We see flashes of a boxing ring: an enemy boxer’s tech-covered arms arrogantly held in the air, the scoreboard on the wall, betting tickets thrown into the air, the rider’s mangled body on the floor of the ring, the enemy boxer’s mouthguard, the ropes wet with blood.


The rider gasps. We cut to a long shot as the motorcycle off a cliff. Freeze frame.


Hold for a few long seconds. Then an electronic hip hop groove commences. We cut to an overview of the film’s futuristic city. “Administrative District” flashes on the screen in translucent yellow letters.


At a crowded outdoor gathering, Rinko Kikuchi’s character, dressed with a white futuristic suit and gold earrings matching her company’s logo, speaks at a podium on behalf of her company Shirato Group. Through her speech, we pick up key information: Megalo Boxing is the premier combat sport of the era, demanding that fighters where technological enhancements called ‘Gears’ that are worn over the arms. Shirato Group is a company which develops luxury Gear systems for boxers. And it’s here where she announces Shirato Group’s Megalo Boxing tournament, Megalonia. Megalo Boxers will compete around the world to qualify for one of only four spots in the tournament. And this tournament will be held in three months’ time.


In the secluded garage of Spencer’s Workshop, Spencer (Colman Domingo) is coated in black grease and sweat. He tinkers away, sweat dripping past his bandana and glasses. He looks down at his creation, smiles, and walks away from the work station. We see the Gear system he was working on: a machine that attaches to the upper back, and appendages that attach to the arms, among other items.


An outside shot of the workshop reveals that it’s located in a slum. Spencer walks into the living room and sees the rider, who’s on the couch eating pistachios. On the lo-fi television, Rinko Kikuchi’s character discusses Megalonia using corporate rhetoric. The bar on the screen reveals her name: Yukiko Shirato, CEO of Shirato Group.


Spencer: Finished fixing up your Gear. The motorcycle’s gonna take a bit longer, though. How the hell did you manage to wreck it that badly, anyway?


Yukiko explains to news reporters that the tournament has no restrictions on nationality, age, or qualifications—it’s open to all citizens. The rider frustratedly flicks three pistachios in the air, all of which land neatly in his mouth. Just before the rider can introduce Megalo Boxing’s reigning champion, the rider turns the television off and lay laterally on the couch.


Spencer: You’re not entering?

The Rider: It’s open to “All Citizens.” Didn’t you hear that part?

Spencer looks down in sadness.


We catch a bird’s eye view of the slum—barebone houses in the desert, where folks live in squalor.


The Rider: And since we don’t have citizenship ID, we’re not citizens…


We cut to a figure disgruntledly getting in a rickety pickup truck. There’s a cross hanging below the rear view mirror. We see the figure’s beard in the rear view mirror; he crumples up a ticket, throws it out the window, and says, “That’s the last time I bet on dog racing.”


At the shop, Spencer signs off on repairs for “Junk Dog”—this is the rider’s ring name, and it’s the name he goes by.


We cut to a shot of the slum, where a large amount of billboards are littered with graffiti. “Restricted Area” flashes on the screen in translucent yellow letters. Junk Dog walks pasts crowds of people huddled around televisions displaying Yukiko’s announcement. He also walks past a wall that’s littered with advertisements for the tournament. He walks towards a bar and enters it.


Two men tip Junk Dog off, telling him Coach Ned needs him to lose the night’s match. Junk Dog marches to the bar, where Coach Ned (Benicio del Toro) is chugging down beer. Coach Ned is drunk enough to have his cheeks blush red. The coach also wears a string-less eyepatch over his left eye.


Junk Dog grabs Coach Ned by the collar of his shirt. “You promised there wouldn’t be any shady crap tonight.”


Coach Ned’s drunken response: “When you fight seriously, and win, it doesn’t bring in enough cash. They threatened me over it.”


Junk Dog protests—he’s sick of throwing fights. Coach Ned reminds him there’s no other way for an illegal Megalo Boxer to make enough. He tosses Junk Dog an earpiece and tells him to suck it up “just a bit longer.”


Cut to the fight of the night—at a venue called the Drunk Monk. In the hallway leading to the ring, Coach Ned tells Junk Dog to put on his ear-chip. “It’s time.” Junk Dog follows the coach’s orders.


The match lasts for two rounds. Junk Dog fights with a Gear that matches the orange color of his ear-chip, while his opponent, Ghetto Harlan, fights with a yellow Gear. Junk Dog’s Gear is slim; Ghetto’s is bulky in an intimidating sort of way. In the first round, sparks fly off their gears as they exchange blows; Junk Dog goes for an uppercut and stops his fist just before it reaches Ghetto’s chin. The second match is much quicker—Junk Dog, per Ned’s orders, allows Ghetto to land a nasty knock-out punch to the face—freeze frame at the punch. Junk Dog falls down. The ref counts ten seconds. The crowd throws their betting tickets in the air. We cut from a defeated Junk Dog on the ring floor to Coach Ned as he accepts a brown package of money at the bar.


Junk Dog leaves on his motorcycle in a huff. He drives onto a freeway that is closed for construction, pushing the pedal to the metal. It’s made clear he’s blowing off steam.


We intercut gradually between Junk Dog on his bike and Yukiko on the closed road. The road is to lead towards Megalonia’s main stadium. Yukiko and a mysterious figure stand together on the road. In a black limousine on the other side of the road, Mikio Shirato (Andrew Koji) sits in the shadowy backseat, shifting a coin between his fingers.


Yukiko: It’ll be a stage fitting for the ultimate victor. To make this project a success, you’ll have to be the last man standing in that arena, Yuri.


A young man walks forward and stands next to Yukiko. He wears a slick burgundy turtleneck jumpsuit. Yuri (Florian Munteanu) moves his umbrella, revealing his face to the camera.


Yuri: Right. I won’t disappoint you, Owner.


Yukiko decides it’s time to head back. She steps out into the middle of the road. Junk Dog, driving at full speed, sees that Yukiko has walked in front of the motorcycle. He moves out of the way and wipes out, crashing the motorcycle once again. Yuri helps Yukiko to her feet; he looks over and sees the red gloves in Junk Dog’s sports bag. He smiles. Yukiko offers to reimburse the rider in full, but Junk Dog rejects her charity. Yukiko leans in to gives him her business card, but Junk Dog stylishly smacks the business card out of her hand. Yukiko turns to leave. Before they go, Junk Dog criticizes Shirato Group and Megalonia, saying that it’s nothing more than a brawl—that it’s not real Megalo Boxing.


Yuri walks in front of Yukiko. He glares at Junk Dog.


Yuri: Take back what you just said.

Junk Dog: How about you teach me, then? Not just two guys beating on each other. Show me what real Megalo Boxing is like.

The boxers hunch forward and prepare to fight. Mikio watches blankly from the limo’s backseat. Before Yuri can take the first step forward, Yukiko tells Yuri to stop. Yuri follows Yukiko to the limousine; Yuri gets behind the wheel, and he glares at Junk Dog before driving off.


The next day, Spencer fixes Junk Dog’s motorcycle—“I’m starting to feel bad for that thing.” He gives Junk Dog some words of motivation before he drives off.


We cut to the ring. Coach Ned asks Junk Dog to drag the fight out for at least five rounds. As the crowd screams impatiently for Junk Dog’s opponent, Junk Dog asks Coach Ned a question.


Junk Dog: If I said I wanted to stop throwing fights, what would you do?

Coach Ned: …Why don’t we focus on the match, kid.


We cut to a mysterious figure who is walking towards the ring in a black hoodie. The figure steps into the ring—Junk Dog’s already figured out who it is. Yuri takes off the hoodie, revealing his glistening Gear that’s been merged with Yuri’s arms and spine. Yuri is practically a cyborg.


Junk Dog steps forward, while Coach Ned pleads for him to stop. Junk Dog tosses Coach Ned his ear-chip, and he meets Yuri in the middle of the ring—by now, the crowd has begun chanting Yuri’s name.


Junk Dog: You’re pretty popular, champion.

Yuri:  Why won’t you tell me your name? I can’t imagine you’d want a ring name on your tombstone.

Junk Dog hunches forward.

Junk Dog: They don’t make tombstones for stray dogs.


They throw punches as the crowd goes wild. Yuri fights effortlessly, at first fighting with his left arm behind his back. Junk Dog fights with all his might as sweat drips from his brow. Coach Ned, unsuccessful in his attempt to stop the match, holds his hands behind his head. About a minute into the match (which hasn’t let up for air), Junk Dog throws a punch that forces Yuri to use both of his arms instead of just one. With two arms, Yuri easily knocks Junk Dog to the ground, thus winning the match.


As Yuri turns to leave, Junk Dog yells back out to him—he wasn’t satisfied with that crumb of a fight. Yuri tells him to work his way up in Megalonia if he wants to fight again. With a glare of confidence, Yuri struts away.


In the locker room, Junk Dog tells Coach Ned that he wants to fight in Megalonia. Coach Ned simply tells him that he needs a citizenship ID to fight in the tournament. Junk Dog angrily stands up to his feet and hobbles away—Coach Ned reaches to help, but Junk Dog refuses the offer.


We cut to Junk Dog riding his motorcycle through the desert that is the Restricted Area. He notices a billboard and stops. The billboard reads:


“It’s a wonderful district life. Not for your average joe.”


Junk Dog stares up at the billboard with a determined look in his eyes. He rides away with conviction in his heart.


At the next boxing match, as the boxers are preparing for the first round, Coach Ned tells Junk Dog that he needs to lose this match. Junk Dog steps up to fight without giving any response to the coach. Coach Ned, concerned, calls out to the boxer. The referee starts the match. Junk Dog forces the other boxer to throw a punch; he ducks under the other boxer’s punch, and he slams his fist across the other boxer’s face. The other boxer falls to the ring floor. The crowd is stunned into silence. The referee waddles to the boxer and begins counting. Junk Dog turns toward the frozen coach in stoic resolve.


We cut to a fish on a plate. In a secluded dining hall, Coach Ned stares at the fish in silence. He peers up and sees the two security guards who led him into the room. We hear footsteps coming from the hallway; Coach Ned listens to the ominous footsteps for a considerable amount of time. Suddenly, Felix (Laurence Fishburne), an intimidating man in a bartender uniform, waltzes into the room. He saunters up to Ned with a subtle smile on his face.


Felix: I see you’ve gone back on your word.


He takes a fork a sticks it in the eye of the fish. Coach Ned is calmly reminded of his promise to win when he’s supposed to win and lose when he’s supposed to lose. Felix coldly states that he doesn’t believe Coach Ned has any way of paying back the money that was lost.


Felix: I’ve had my enemies boiled alive, as you know. But for now, I’m thinking of simpler type of punishment.


Coach Ned slams his hands on the table and makes his last offer to avoid punishment—he can put Junk Dog in Megalonia, and they’ll pay him back by winning the tournament.


Felix: You sure he can win the whole thing?

Coach Ned: I know it.

Felix raises an eyebrow. He lifts up the fork and examines the fish’s eye. Then he sets the fork down.


Cut to a dark room, where a tattoo-covered punk types away at a computer keyboard, illegally creating a citizenship I.D.. Coach Ned asks Junk Dog what he wants the name on the I.D. to be. The boxer chooses the name ‘Joe.’ The punk chimes in and says that’s a fairly unassuming choice—but a good one nonetheless.


The boxer will henceforth be referred to as ‘Joe.’




We cut to a makeshift boxing ring underneath a city bridge. The ring is titled “Gym Nowhere”. Coach Ned’s boat is docked in the nearby river. Coach Ned leans on the ropes, staring down at a stopwatch. He looks to the right; focus pull to Joe, who is running towards Gym Nowhere in a grey hoodie. Joe makes it to the ring, and Coach Ned clicks the stopwatch.


Coach Ned: That’s not your record. But it’s pretty close.


We cut to the makeshift ring as Joe prepares to practice throwing punches.

Joe: You sure I shouldn’t practice with the gear?

Coach Ned: The more you practice without it, the better you’ll box.

Joe: The first fight’s tonight. I’ll be going in without practicing with the gear.

Coach Ned: Just trust me on this one, alright? Let’s throw some punches.

In a long uncut shot, Coach Ned puts on a facemask and holds up mitts while Joe practices his throws and his boxing form.

Coach Ned: Your opponent is Shark Santana. He keeps his arms close to his chest. When he does hit, he hits hard. You gotta be prepared to block and be prepared to seize any moment you can.

Joe takes the advice and naturally applies it.

Coach Ned: Good. Keep it up.


We cut to an outside shot of the arena. Before we even see the inside, we already know that the venue teems with excitement.


Cut to the locker room as Joe puts on his gloves. His gear sits on the bench, and he reaches for it.


Coach Ned marches into the locker room with a baseball bat.

“You wanna know why we didn’t practice with the gear, I’ll show you why.”

Coach raises the bat up and smashes Joe’s gear system to pieces. Joe looks astonished. Piece by piece, Coach Ned tosses the pieces of the gear system in a nearby trash can.

“Put your jacket on. We have a fight to win.”


Basement Jaxx’s score amps up subtly as Coach Ned guides Joe down the hallways that lead toward the arena entrance. Joe wears wide eyes and a nervous smile on his face. They receive amazed glares from everyone they walk past. The camera follows them as they enter the arena and walk past thousands of cheering fans. Joe steps into the ring and takes off his jacket. The commentators have a field day with Joe’s lack of a gear system—going as far as to predict he’ll get killed in the ring.


Shark Santana (Edwin Rodriguez), the opponent wearing a black gear system, smirks at the sight of the gearless boxer.


Coach Ned rubs his hands together and talks in Joe’s ear as he stands in the corner.


Coach Ned: Get in there, last through the round, come back here, and I’ll tell you why you’re gearless. Just like we practiced, alright?


Joe and Shark meet each other in the middle of the ring. They raise up their gloves.


Shark Santana: You should’ve worn your gear. Now I’ll break you like a twig.


The first round is rough for Joe. He has trouble figuring out how he’s supposed to break Shark’s defenses. Shark knocks him to the ground; Joe takes two seconds to catch his breath and two seconds to get back up on his feet. He spends the rest of the round playing it safe. When he sits down on the stool in his corner, unprompted tears crawl down the bruises on his cheeks. Coach Ned talks into his ear once more.


Coach Ned: Let me tell you something. Winning all your matches isn’t gonna be enough to get in Megalonia. You need some sort of quality to make people notice you. You fight without your gear, you get the attention you need. They’ll see you as an underdog, they’ll see you as a bold fighter. Without your gear, you have a statement on your gloves. Now get back up and deliver that statement in the ring! And no tears, kid, save your body fluids for the sweat!


Joe gets up from the stool and hobbles back into the ring, rubbing his glove across his mouth.


The referee begins the second round. Joe fares much better in this round than the last, but Shark still seems like an insurmountable obstacle. Joe lasts through the whole round without getting knocked down, and he goes back to the stool. He listens to the coach intently.


Coach Ned: You’re doing good, but not good enough. You gotta think two or three steps ahead—have him think you’re doing one thing when you’re really doing something else. If you want to grab their attention, now’s the time to go for the knockout—do it while Shark still thinks you’re an easy victory. Remember, he’s playing offensively, so block his punches until you find your opportunity. Now get back in there!


Shark Santana’s coach finishes speaking to him in Spanish. The opponent gets up and stomps toward the middle of the ring. The referee begins the third round; Joe spends a considerable amount of time blocking Shark’s punches. Suddenly, Joe launches his fist toward Shark’s head; Shark goes for the counter, but Joe, having predicted the counter, ducks. He lands a clean uppercut, and Shark falls onto his back. He hits his head on the floor of the ring—the way he hit his head, it’s clear he’s not getting back up.


The camera stays on Joe as he stares into space and struggles to catch his breath. The crowd is going wild for who the commentators have begun to call “Gearless Joe”. The referee counts to ten and raises Joe’s right arm in the air. We cut to Coach Ned as he leans on the ropes and smiles toothily.


Cut to the next morning. Yukiko sits alone on the balcony of her luxury inner-city home, sipping a porcelain cup of tea, when a female secretary walks onto the balcony.


Secretary: Miss Shirato. There’s something you need to see. It’s all over the news.


Yukiko follows her secretary into the living room and see images of Joe’s victory.


Secretary: He won his match without wearing any gear. Is that something to be concerned about?


Yukiko leans forward, peering closely at the victor.


Yukiko: It’s him.


Mikio Shirato barges in uninvited.

Mikio: Looks like a boxer with no gear might make your efforts fruitless.

Guard: Miss Shirato, I tried to stop him, but—

Yukiko: It’s fine. (to Mikio) If you think I’m worried about one gearless boxer, you can think again. Why are you here?

Mikio: Just stopping by to say hello to your puppet.

Yukiko: Mikio, please—

Mikio: I could ruin you at any moment. Spread rumors that you’re rigging the tournament.

Yukiko: You know that isn’t true, Mikio. Me, Yuri, Shirato Group—we’re all operating under the regulations.

Mikio: Just. Let me. See him.


Yukiko guides her brother, Mikio, into Yuri’s training gym. Yuri is on a treadmill, running with an oxygen mask on his face, staring straight ahead. Yukiko and Mikio stare up at him from down below.

Yukiko: Keep running while I speak.

Yuri nods subtly. Yukiko holds up a photo of the victorious Gearless Joe.

Yukiko: I know you’ve thought of him. Keep up the good work and you might be able to fight him. That’s all. Let’s go, Mikio.

Yukiko leaves. Yuri stares down at Mikio, who saunters closer.

Mikio: When my gear beats yours, you’ll be in the streets. With that tramp friend of yours.

Mikio rubs his nose and walks away as Yuri continues to run.


We cut to Shirato Group’s executive meeting. This meeting takes place in the tallest skyscraper in the Administrative District. Mikio listens in from the hallway as Yukiko gives a speech and clicks through a sleek PowerPoint presentation detailing Yuri’s gear.


Yukiko: The metal gear bolted on our boxer’s arms has never been designed for him alone. When Yuri wins Megalonia—and he will win—Yuri’s integrated gear will be sought after by many corporations for many different purposes. Militaries, blue collars workers, people with disability.

Executive: You could suggest the same for Mikio Shirato’s Gear system.

Eiichi Shirato (George Takei), Yukiko’s father and an executive, side-eyes Yukiko.

Yukiko: I respectfully disagree. Mikio’s Gear is built specifically for boxing. Meanwhile, Yuri’s Gear is specially designed, not for boxing, but for the enhancement of the natural human muscle. All I mean to say is this: Yuri is great enough boxer to show off this Gear on the world stage. Does anyone have further confusion?


The executives whisper in each other’s ears. Eiichi hunches down at the table. Mikio walks down the hallway, chuckling to himself.


Cut to Joe as he rides through the Restricted Area on his motorcycle. He stops in front of a TV store—every TV in the window is displaying news of Joe’s win, and a large crowd of Megalo Boxing fans has gathered around. Joe carries his bike off the road and finds his way through the crowd; he reads that his current ranking among all Megalo Boxers is #215—his victory over Shark Santana had launched him into the ranking, but he still has a long way to go. The fans around him, one by one, begin to notice who he is; Joe simply salutes, heads back to his bike, and drives off.


Cut to Coach Ned as he sits alone in a sit-in diner, reading all about Joe’s fight.

Coach Ned: We may have a chance just yet…

Leonard (Jonathan Majors), a muscular man with a burn scar over his left eye, walks in, while Manu (Divian Ladwa), a man in an olive green beanie, follows him. Leonard walks up to Ned’s booth and takes off his baseball cap.

Leonard: I thought I’d find you here.

Coach Ned looks up at Leonard and gasps.

Coach Ned: Leonard! I thought you were dead!


Coach Ned stands up and embraces Leonard. Manu excuses himself and walks to the bar. The two sit down, and it’s revealed that Coach Ned had been mentoring Leonard before a war; Leonard had gone off to fight in the war and was presumed dead.


Leonard tells Coach Ned that he saw him with Joe when the fight was on television. He tells Coach Ned that Joe needs more people in his corner than just his coach. He can’t fight himself because he lost his leg in the war, so he states that him and Manu, a friend he made during the war, are interested in joining Joe’s team as supporters.


Coach Ned: Leonard—I practically abandoned you. What makes you want to do this?

Leonard: (thinks for a moment) I’m searching for piece of mind. I think I’ll find it here.


Cut to Joe in his grey hoodie, coming back to Gym Nowhere from a long run. Leonard is in the ring with mitts on his hands. Manu stands near him with his right hand hidden in the pocket of his jacket. Coach Ned walks up to Joe and leads him in.


Coach Ned: Look who’s joined Team Nowhere. Joe, meet Leonard. Leonard, meet Joe.


Leonard helps Joe into the ring.


Leonard: You’re pretty lightweight for a boxer. Coach Ned must’ve whipped you into shape if you can beat Shark Santana.

Joe: If?

Leonard: Hmph. You’re cocky. Come on, let’s see what you got.


Joe spends a few moments practicing with Leonard. Leonard pretends to back away.

Leonard: Sorry, coach. He doesn’t have what it takes.

Manu smirks. Joe puts his gloves on his hips and catches his breath.

Coach Ned: Oh? And why’s that?

Leonard: His form’s sloppy, for one thing. Plus, he’s a sissy. You saw how he cried in the ring.

Joe: Why don’t you come back and I’ll fight for real?

Leonard: Hmm?

Joe raises his fists.

Joe: I’m just getting started.

Leonard walks back to Joe and continues to help him train. Joe lands many hits, and one particularly powerful throw is match-cut with the knock-out punch of Joe’s next match.


A lengthy montage begins that’s set to the original song “On the Up and Up,” a collaboration by reggae artist Koffee and dubstep musician Skrillex. The song contains reggae-styled rhythms, trap beats, and Skrillex’s trademark electronic musicality. In the montage, Joe continues to train with Coach Ned, Leonard, and Manu. He continues to fight his matches “gearless” and beats opponent after opponent. His megalo box ranking rises from #215 to #17, and he becomes more and more popular with the crowds as they chant “Gearless Joe” over and over again.


Cut to a sports broadcast network, where two commentators reveal the first three boxers to secure their spots in the four-fighter Megalonia tournament. The first is #1 fighter Yuri—no surprises there. The second and third to secure their spots are two foreign megalo boxers: the aging yet powerful Mandla Masondo (Bongile Mantsai) and the speed-centric Yuda Wiranata (Iko Uwais). Discussion then turns to who the fourth fighter is going to be, which leads them to the fight of the day: the #4 boxer Suger R. Hill (unknown boxer) versus the #7 boxer Mikio Shirato. One of the commentators brings up Gearless Joe, but the other one dismisses the notion, suggesting the chances of him getting into Megalonia are slim to none.


Cut to Coach Ned, Leonard, and Manu, who’ve been watching this broadcast in the arena lobby while Joe recovers from his last match. Yukiko walks past them as people in suits follow her; Coach Ned takes the opportunity to accuse her of setting up a tournament entry for her brother.


Coach Ned: If this match decided who got in… Nobody would be happy.

Yukiko: (stops) What do you mean?

Coach Ned: Am I wrong? This match is basically setting the table for your brother. I doubt the public would accept that. They’re gonna wonder if you forgot a certain someone.

Coach Ned motions towards the screen, which displays an image of Joe.

Yukiko: I hear your fighter is actually too injured from his last match to be fighting anyone at the moment.

Coach Ned: Oh, the kid’s rarin’ to go. Everyone gets a fair chance, right?

Yukiko: I hope things turn out well for you two. After all, Megalonia is open to anyone…

She leans into Ned’s ear.

Yukiko: With the exception of those who don’t use Gear…

Yukiko and her followers walk off.

Leonard: You’re just as brash as ever, Ned. Confronting the CEO like that.


We see a few brief shots of Joe recovering in the boat docked at “Gym Nowhere” which quickly give way to the match between Suger and Mikio. Coach Ned, Leonard, and Manu watch from the nosebleed section, while Yukiko sits with Yuri in the front row. The boxers go at it for some time, and Leonard comments that Mikio is reading all of Suger’s moves—even Suger’s switch-ups aren’t making any difference. Manu suggests that the AI in Mikio’s scarlet Gear system “likely determines the most energy-effective attacks and defenses given what’s going on in the match.” So in other words, Mikio’s gear is calling the shots—not him.


Mikio defeats Suger, which puts an irritated look on Yukiko’s face. One of the commentators states that Mikio’s placement is all but guaranteed by his win against Suger.


Coach Ned: Damn idiot. That’s not your call to make.

Manu: Hold on!


Mikio presses a dial on his ear chip and makes a speech while everyone watches.


Mikio: This means I have a ticket into Megalonia… Or rather, I wish it did. But there’s still one thing I need to do.


Mikio looks directly at the camera, smiling smugly.


Cut to Coach Ned swinging open the door of the boat. Coach Ned bursts into the room and embraces Joe, claiming they’ve succeeded. They turn on the television, where we hear the rest of Mikio’s speech.


Mikio: Before I can truly claim the last slot, there’s one fighter I simply can’t ignore.

He points up at the camera zooming in on him.

Mikio: “Gearless” Joe. Which of us is fit to fight in Megalonia? Let’s settle it in the ring.


Team Nowhere has a brief celebratory conversation commemorating how far they’ve gotten thus far. Joe stands up, ready to continue training, but he falls to his knees and grips his stomach. Coach Ned tells him to take his shirt off; Joe does so, and his body upper body is covered almost head to toe in bruises. Coach Ned tells him to take some time to heal his bruises—they’ll be back to training in no time. The scene ends when Joe sees Yuri on the TV and slams his right fist into his left hand.


We cut to another Shirato Group executive meeting. The executives do everything they can to convince Yukiko that Mikio should be given his ticket into Megalonia without having to fight Gearless Joe.


“The purpose of this committee is to make Megalonia, one of Shirato Group’s biggest ventures, a success. Which should make it obvious who the last entrant is. I doubt the former president would ever hesitate so much over such a decision.”


Eiichi Shirato side-eyes Yukiko. The CEO peers at the sour looks the executives are giving her. She stands up from her chair at the head of the table.


Yukiko: I understand your arguments, gentlemen. I will inform you of my decision.


In an elevator, Yukiko reveals to her secretary that she had set up the match between Mikio and Suger, and that the result of that match, as well as the prospect of Mikio’s entrance into Megalonia, is against her own agenda for the tournament.


Yukiko: I suppose I’ll have to use him to stop my brother after all.


Yukiko is taken back to her house by helicopter.


Meanwhile, Coach Ned is reading his paper in the same diner from earlier when a man in a trench-coat sits with him at the table. He shares a rumor that Yukiko doesn’t want Mikio getting into the Megalonia tournament. The trench-coat man tells Coach Ned to watch himself before leaving in a hurry.


A brief scene shows Yukiko talking to a scientist, discussing the union between Yuri’s body and his integrated Gear system. Cut to Yuri training against three intimated boxers—he easily defeats all three.  Yukiko walks up as he wipes off sweat with a towel.


Yukiko: I’m starting to think the word “defeat” could never apply to you.

Yuri: In the ring, only true skill survives.

Yukiko: …You’re right.

Secretary: President Shirato. Mikio has requested you meet him in the lab.


Yukiko walks into a Gear development lab, where technician are busy constructing Gear systems that look exactly like Mikio’s. She notices a blanketed Gear system on a counter. Mikio appears and claims that it’s a Gear system which is able to defeat the champion Yuri. Mikio also tells her that he knows she was behind the match between him and Suger. He looks down at her with a sly smile and contempt in his eyes.


Mikio: It hurts that you thought I couldn’t win. But now your plan’s fallen through, so I expect your next move will be using that irritating little stray against me. You never wanted me to get into Megalonia. And you’ll do anything to have your way, just like when you stole the Shirato name from me.

Yukiko: Need I remind you, it was our father who chose me to succeed him.

Mikio: After you manipulated him into it.

Mikio snickers.

Mikio: That’s fine. This is your last chance. But this time, I’m going to be the one… Chosen.

Yukiko: You make it sound like your victory is guaranteed.

A hesitance.

Mikio: This was a fun chat, Yukiko.

Mikio puts his hands in his pockets and saunters out of the room.


Cut to Gym Nowhere. Coach Ned stands in the ring with Joe, wearing a practice Gear system, while Leonard and Manu stand behind the ropes. Coach Ned explains that the majority of Gear systems used by Megalo Boxers come cause the arms to lag a few seconds—that’s the advantage of being gearless that Joe is risking his neck to capitalize on. But Mikio’s gear retcons this lag—the relation between his Gear and his arms is much more seamless. Leonard offers a word of advice as well: Mikio is a cocky bastard, but Joe shouldn’t let that get to him. Joe nods.


Cut to Joe and the crew walking to the entrance of the arena. They turn the corner and find Mikio leaning against the wall.


Joe: Thanks for calling me out. But if you wanna say hello, save it for the ring.


Joe walks forward to try and walk past, but Mikio blocks his path.


Mikio: You’re not getting in the ring. You don’t have the right to. Isn’t that right, Junk Dog, the fraud?


Mikio tells the crew that he knows about the forged ID and the illegal underground matches. He implies that he’ll spread the information around if Joe takes even one step into the ring. Joe throws his jacket off and proceeds to try and hit Mikio; Coach Ned steps in front of him and punches Joe in the gut, knocking him out cold. Leonard and Manu stand in utter shock.


Mikio: Megalonia is a stage for the chosen. No one’s getting in my way. Not some stray dog… Or that woman.


Mikio steps in the corner of the ring, leaning languidly against the ropes. As it becomes clear that Joe will not be coming to fight, a look of worry falls onto Yukiko’s face. In the ring, Mikio whispers to himself.


Mikio: I’m taking it back. That which you stole from me.


The referee raises Mikio’s arm into the air. Yukiko and Mikio exchange glares.


Cut to the boat, where Joe, Coach Ned, Leonard, and Manu reconvene later that night. Joe grabs Coach Ned by the collar of his shirt, claiming it wouldn’t have been over if he’d stayed out of his way. Coach Ned reminds him that if he’d hit Mikio right then, he would’ve told everyone, and then they’d really be screwed.


Leonard, who’s been pacing around the room, turns to Coach Ned in anger.


Leonard: Why didn’t you tell us about this? Underground matches, fake IDs… What?! I thought you were better than that!

Coach Ned: Leonard—

Leonard: No. I’ve been fighting day in and day out just to be meaningful to a society that couldn’t give two shits about me. I’m sorry, but I want no part in illegal activity. Let’s go, Manu.


Leonard storms out of the diner as Manu tries to follow. Coach Ned holds out his arm, wanting them to wait; without thinking, he grabs Manu’s right arm. (At this point, Manu had kept his right hand hidden in his jacket pocket during all of his scenes so far.) Coach Ned looks down and sees that Manu’s right hand is a poorly-made bionic hand. Manu stares at Coach Ned with pain in his eyes before taking back his arm and following Leonard out.


Joe sits in the booth seat with his chin down. Coach Ned tells him to chin up; Mikio did that to Joe because there’s a reason he doesn’t want to fight him, and if they find out why before Mikio is announced as the fourth entrant of the tournament, then Joe might still have a chance.


Later that night in Gym Nowhere, Joe continuously pounds on a punching bag in sheer frustration. He stops to catch his breath and leans against the punching bag. The soundscape and image transitions to a television broadcast as the commentators talk about the unexpected way the night’s match came about. They reveal that Mikio will be publicly selected as the fourth tournament entrant “tomorrow night.”


In a secluded grey kitchen, Felix turns off the television and tells Coach Ned that he’s disappointed—right at the last step, they “ran away with their tails between their legs,” as Felix puts it. He asks Coach Ned if the gamble is over. Coach Ned tells Felix that if they can find out what Mikio’s up to, they can still drag him back into the ring. Felix rolls up his sleeves.


Felix: You think you have a to fix this, don't you?

Coach Ned: I’ll do anything, Felix. Anything.


Felix chuckles to himself. He walks to a sink and washes his hands. He tells Coach Ned that, two weeks ago, someone was searching for information about Joe in the underground. He also tells Coach Ned that Mikio doesn’t actually have any evidence that the ID was forged, meaning Team Nowhere fell for his bluff.


Felix slams a sharp kitchen into the steel table. He tells Coach Ned that he’ll provide the information he needs, but that this is his last chance. We see a smooth sequence where a suspect is taken from the Drunk Monk and interrogated by Coach Ned and Felix. They tell him to start talking.


After a brief shot in which the executives officially choose Mikio Shirato as the fourth entrant, as well as a conversation between Mikio and Yuri (“I wouldn’t underestimate them, Mikio. Once a stray dog sinks its teeth in, it doesn’t let go.”), the suspect tells Coach Ned and Felix that while Shirato Group was developing Yuri’s integrated Gear system, they were concurrently developing a mounted Gear system that was packed with artificial intelligence. Development on that Gear system was eventually cancelled, however. Coach Ned asks the suspect if Mikio had been developing the AI-enhanced gear—the assumption is correct.


Coach Ned: I get it. So Shirato’s not a united front. Mikio wants to beat Yuri to prove that his Gear is the best.


The suspect explains that the Gear’s AI doesn’t have any weaknesses—its sensors detect movements in the opponent’s Gear and automatically picks perfect counter-measures. Mikio was therefore afraid to fight a megalo boxer who didn’t use any Gear systems.


Joe sits alone in the boat, eating pistachios and catching his breath from rigorous training. He receives a text message from Coach Ned and reads it. His reaction:




Coach Ned is about to leave when Felix tells him to wait.


Felix: Ned. You’ll always be the scorpion. Never forget that.


Coach Ned walks out of the building. We cut to Coach Ned as he storms into Shirato Group’s skyscraper and demands to have a one-on-one meeting with Yukiko Shirato. We cut to that meeting.


Yukiko: I refuse.

Coach Ned: What?! Weren’t you listening to me?!

Yukiko: I was. I thought you might explain why you abandoned the fight… But an appeal for a rematch?

Coach Ned: Don’t you get it?! Joe can take him down! If you make this match happen, we’ll be removing your enemy for you!

Yukiko: I have no interest in those who run from the ring.

Coach Ned: Hang on! That was because of Mikio’s trap! We didn’t have any choice back there! That whole match was a setup! And the same goes for you! You were using Joe and Suger to keep him from getting into Megalonia! You dragged us into this feud of yours!

Yukiko: Let’s say that your accusations about my brother are true. Why did you accede to his demands? If there’s a reason that you refuse to explain, I can hardly trust you about anything.

She side-eyes him coldly.

Yukiko: And do you honestly think I would place my hopes on a Gear-less boxer? My hopes are in Yuri. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a ceremony to prepare for.

Yukiko turns to leave. Coach Ned slams his fist against the table.

Coach Ned: I get it. And I already knew what you thought of us. I was prepared for this kind of answer. But I’m telling you, we’ve come too far to back down now!

Coach Ned takes out Joe’s fake ID and places it on the table.

Coach Ned: Mikio brought up things in our past that we can’t let see the light of day. That’s why he threatened us. He wanted us to act like we’d lost. This is the proof. You can believe me or not, but that match was set up by Mikio from start to finish. It was a genuine, 100% fixed fight! And if you’re not gonna set up a rematch, I’ll go public with that fact. When word gets out that the last slot was filled by cheating, it won’t just be some bad press.

Yukiko turns to leave. Coach Ned grabs her by the arm.

Coach Ned: If we go down, we’ll drag everything down! Both Megalonia and you!

Yukiko: You expect me to trust you after this?

Coach Ned: Not me. You just need to trust Joe. The fights he’s one have all been real! He’s the genuine article, and that’s a fact! All I’m asking for is a single chance! A chance to show everyone his true skill!

Yukiko hesitates before collecting herself.

Yukiko: I understand. I understand that I can never accept how the two of you operate, that is.

Yukiko yanks her hand away, walks out, and locks the door behind her, trapping Coach Ned inside of the meeting room.

Yukiko: The ceremony will continue, as scheduled. In the meantime, you’ll have to stay in here.


Yukiko walks fast through the lobby as Mikio watches from the second floor.


Back at Gym Nowhere, Joe hits the punching bag with confidence. He stares across the lake at the skyscrapers in the Administrative District—fireworks are being launched in the air, indicating where the ceremony is. Joe smiles wide. The smile is skeptical, and it is determined. It is irrational, and it is affirmed.


The ceremony commemorates the finished constructions of the largest megalo boxing arena in the world, where the Megalonia tournament will be held. We cut between Yukiko introducing the first three boxers and Joe driving his motorcycle full speed on the highway. Joe hunches forward, maneuvering his way through heavy amounts of traffic. Yukiko announces Mikio as the fourth entrant, but she still needs to hand him the physical ticket into the tournament. Yukiko and Mikio meet each other in the middle of the red carpet as cameras flash in the background. Joe speeds past the security guards blocking the ceremony entrance and drives full speed ahead to where the ceremony is being held. Yukiko is just about to give Mikio the ticket, but the revving of the motorcycle engine distracts both of them. Joe parks his motorcycle and runs towards Yukiko and Mikio, but the security guards hold him back.


Joe: Not yet! This isn’t over yet! Me and him! Let’s settle this in the ring! Please!


Mikio struts forward with an annoyed look on his face.


Mikio: But it is over. Cowards like you aren’t granted requests. As I told you before, “Gearless” Joe, stray dogs aren’t allowed here. Only those with true skill may enter the ring in Megalonia.

Yukiko: True skill…


Mikio tells the guards to take Joe away. Joe resists as the guards obey the order.


Joe: You really want this?! You think he’s got true skill?!


Yukiko steps forward.


Yukiko: A moment, please.


The guards stop to listen. Yukiko speaks not just to Joe, not just to Mikio, but to the world.


Yukiko: I’m sure we’re all surprised. But this kind of bold move is very much what we’ve come to expect from Joe. Regarding the results of last night’s match, I’m fully aware that there has been a lot of speculation to the cause. However, whatever the truth is, one thing’s for certain: It’s just as Mikio Shirato said just now. Only boxers with true skill may enter the ring at Megalonia—fighters who are beyond dispute. Not boxers who have won by default.


Yukiko tears the final Megalonia ticket in half. She hands one half of the ticket to Joe despite the disgusted looks on her executives’ faces.


Joe: Just the way I like it.


Joe ascends the staircase to grab his half of the ticket.


Yukiko: This doesn’t mean I trust you.

Joe: Fine by me.


Joe takes his half. Yukiko turns to Mikio.


Yukiko: I finally understand why I was chosen as our father’s successor. And I make the rules here. This will be your last chance, brother.


Mikio chuckles to himself.


Mikio: I think for the first time, you’ve shown your true colors. And from now on, all I have will be devoted to destroying you.


Mikio snatches his half of the ticket. Yukiko turns to the audience.


Yukiko: I hereby announce that the final Megalonia entrant will be the winner of the rematch between Mikio Shirato and Gearless Joe!


The crowd goes wild. Yukiko smiles to herself. Mikio and Joe glare at each other. Felix watches the result of the ceremony from the back of a limousine, and he shuts the laptop upon realizing what has happened.


Felix: You’re one lucky bastard, Ned.


No need to delay—we cut straight to the match. Many of the characters we’ve previously encountered—Spencer, Leonard and Manu—are watching this match in their homes or at bars. Yuri and Yukiko are next to each other in the front row, watching with intent. Coach Ned shouts at Joe—“Don’t just stand there! Use your feet to move around him!”—and Joe applies the coach’s advice, but Mikio is still able to keep Joe on the defensive. We freeze the frame on Mikio’s jab across Joe’s face. Mikio states in a voice-over, Let me guess. “It wasn’t supposed to be like this.”


Joe falls hard onto the floor of the ring. He stands to his feet, and the first round is over. He goes back to the corner, and Coach Ned warns him that the Gear Mikio’s using now isn’t the same one he was using before. In other words, this Gear, which is obviously designed to fight Yuri, might be able to read Joe’s moves as well. So Joe needs to keep the mix-ups going so he isn’t countered automatically.


Joe goes back into the ring. Joe tries to attack, but Mikio allows his Gear to counter his move within seconds, and Joe is knocked back down to the floor of the ring.


Yukiko, believing that the fight is foregone, stands up to leave.


Yuri: It’s not over. You wanted to see which has true skill. Isn’t that why you had them meet in the ring?


Yukiko sits back down.


The second round ends. Joe goes back to his corner and spits out a tooth. At this point, he has a black eye and many bruises.


Coach Ned: Listen. If his Gear reads your moves, then it can use your moves itself. That means it gets more and more tough the longer the match goes on.

Joe: You’re the one who said it. Gear doesn’t decide who wins a fight. Remember?


In the other corner, Mikio orders around his technicians as he waits for them to polish it.


Yukiko: He hasn’t changed.

Yuri: Synchronization with the artificial intelligence creates strain, physically and mentally. I’d think the cost is higher than ever with this new model.

Yukiko: That’s the limitation of his Gear. Gear that humans cannot make use of has no future. That’s why he can never be Shirato’s leader.


The next round comes. Mikio’s Gear is operating at full capacity; Mikio backs Joe against the ropes, pummeling him relentlessly.


Joe: Is that all? You think you’re the real deal with punches like these?


Mikio uppercuts Joe out of the ring—Joe’s body does a full backflip before it lands on the floor. Coach Ned rushes to help him, but Joe tells him not to—if his corner helps him up, he loses by disqualification. Coach Ned smiles.


Coach Ned: Hey. You’re right, kid. It’s the Gear that decides who wins. It’s the fighter. Show him with that big shot of yours.


Joe nods and gets back in the ring. Mikio positions himself, and then he notices Yukiko and Yuri in the front row.


We cut to a flashback. Yuri walks out of Shirato Group’s training facility and notices Mikio practicing with a punching bag. Yuri turns to leave, but Mikio has already spotted him.


Mikio: Hey. Why’d you abandon my Gear and choose that disgusting Gear? Have you given your loyalty to Yukiko?

Yuri: I did it to win. That’s all.

Mikio: In that case… Why don’t we prove which is the better gear? Right now?

Yuri: Only winners have the right to fight me.

Mikio: You think you’re the only one with real skill? You’re just a wild animal that’s cozied up to Shirato!

Yuri: What exactly do you want to prove?

Mikio: What?!

Yuri throws a swift punch towards Mikio, stopping it right in front of his face.

Yuri: It’s not about Gear. Real Megalo Boxers have control over their own fists when they choose to stand in the ring.

Mikio stares at him through the space between his boxing gloves.

Yuri: Are you the one who put your guard up? Or was it your Gear?


Cut back to the ring. Joe drops his guard completely, letting his arms hang loose from his body. He easily side-steps all of Mikio’s punches. The commentators discuss this excitedly, having never seen something like this in the history of the sport. Mikio stops trying to hit him, and the third round soon comes to an end. Mikio marches to his corner frustratedly, while in the corner of Team Nowhere, Joe tells Coach Ned that he has an idea. If Mikio’s finishing blow is a right straight hit, then Joe will block it with his left arm, leaving it wide open.


In the fourth round, Joe keeps his arms down. Mikio goes for the finishing blow—but he takes his right arm back and swings with his left. Joe steps back before the hit and lands a clean uppercut across Mikio’s chin. Joe steps out of the way as Mikio collapses to the floor. With a K.O. at 2:16 in the fourth round, “Gearless” Joe is declared the winner of the match!


Yukiko stands up to her feet as Coach Ned runs to meet Joe in the ring. Joe takes a moment to look around the arena, where the crowd has begun to chant “Joe” over and over again. Coach Ned pats him on the back.


Coach Ned: Hey, kid. That’s your name they’re chanting.


Joe turns around and finds Yuri sitting in the front row.


Joe: Hey, champion.


Yuri notices him and stands up to acknowledge him.


Joe: Here I am, as promised, in your ring.


Yuri smirks.


Yuri: I don’t brawl with stray dogs. Don’t you know that, Joe?


They stare at each other for a moment.


We cut to the bar where Leonard and Manu have been watching the match. Manu tells Leonard that he’s happy Joe made it into Megalonia. Leonard scoffs.

Manu: Maybe we should try helping them again.

Leonard: Manu… We shouldn’t be a part of their fraud.

Manu: What else can we be a part of? The way I see it, we’re more similar to Joe than we are to anyone else.

Manu drinks his beer while Leonard stares into space.


We cut to the night sky—the moon is red tonight. Joe lays down in the boat while Coach Ned takes a walk outside. He notices a figure hiding in the shadow. He goes to talk to him. It’s Felix.


Felix: Hey, scorpion.

Coach Ned: Hey, just for today, could you—

Felix puts a hand on Coach Ned’s shoulder.

Felix: Tell him the truth. Now.


Joe: Talk about impatient. Already here for the prize money?


Joe leaps out of the boat to get some fresh air. Felix lights a cigarette for himself.


Coach Ned: Joe, the truth is—

Joe: Just tell him, Coach. It’s too early to celebrate, isn’t it? The real fight starts—

Coach Ned: There’s not gonna be a real fight.


Joe is visibly shook to the core. We cut to a flashback from three months ago. This is a continuation of the scene where Coach Ned had just suggested winning the tournament as a means of paying Felix back. Felix sets down the fork with the fish’s eye on it.


Felix: C’mon, Ned. I don’t wanna hear this desperate talk of dreams. I want a real answer, from the real you. The two of you are going to Megalonia. But not to win the championship. What can you and the kid do? What should your move be? Tell me what comes to mind, Ned.


We cut to Coach Ned in the present. He sits on a large tire and shuffles his hands.


Coach Ned: I told him that we could throw a fight at Megalonia. The biggest fixed match ever. And our only chance is your opener—the one against Masondo. Felix is gonna be running the bets for Megalonia. That’s a ton of cash. There’s no other way for us to be free from—

Joe: You never believed in me, did you?

Coach Ned: That’s not it! The more you won, the more I started to think you had a shot! But it’s too late now. I didn’t have any other way of getting that fake ID. Joe, I guarantee that your skills are real. And this isn’t the end! Just think of it like a detour. All right? So in the next match, you use this…

Coach Ned hands Joe an earpiece. Joe calls him an asshole and punches him in the face, knocking him down to the ground. Joe tosses aside the earpiece as well.

Coach Ned: You have to face the facts, Joe! Felix isn’t the kind of guy we can reason with! I did all this because I didn’t want you to end up—

Joe: No, Coach. You were only worried about yourself.

Coach Ned storms to his feet and grabs Joe by the collar of his jacket.

Coach Ned: You little prick! Where do you get off?! Who do you think made it possible for a stray dog like you to get this far?!

Felix throws down his cigarette and snuffs it with his foot.

Coach Ned: Frauds like you and me can’t become the real deal, even if we die trying!

Joe: That’s just like you. You don’t have a “real” bone in your body. Everything about you is hot air.

Coach Ned: No!

Joe: I was stupid for thinking otherwise.

Joe gets on his motorcycle.

Coach Ned: Wait, Joe! We’re not done talking!

Joe: I’m done with you.


Joe speeds off. Felix tells Coach Ned that he needs to do what he can to get Joe to cooperate, because if he wins, both of them are going to die. He hands back Joe’s earpiece and walks away, leaving Coach Ned standing alone in the pouring rain. Back inside the boat, a drunken Coach Ned recites the parable of the frog and the scorpion to himself, walking past a countertop full of empty beer bottles, collapsing to the floor, and crying to himself.


We cut to the next day’s press meeting with the four tournament entrants—Joe is absent from this meeting. Yuda Wiranata, Yuri’s first opponent, is cocky in an eloquent sort of way, while Mandla Masondo depicts himself as much more brash. Yuri peers over at Joe’s empty chair with a confused look. Backstage, Yukiko’s secretary tells her that there’s no word from Team Nowhere. Yukiko has another worried look on her face.


Joe is watching the broadcast of the press meeting in Spencer’s house. Spencer walks in, and Joe expresses his discontentment with the situation. Spencer takes the opportunity to inspire him to keep going by reminding him how far he’s gone in the last three months. Joe isn’t sure who he’s supposed to turn to for help after his falling out with Coach Ned. Spencer pats Joe on back—“You’ll think of something.” Joe leans in and considers these words. We cut to Joe outside of the shop, preparing to leave, when Spencer gives him an earpiece. Spencer was told to give Joe this earpiece by “someone.”


Spencer: So tell me, Joe. Who am I betting on tonight.


Joe smiles and speeds away.


Cut to Joe knocking on the front door of an apartment. Leonard opens the door. He is surprised to see Joe and invites him inside. Joe tells them the whole truth about him and asks Leonard to be help him train instead of Coach Ned.

Leonard: So I imagine Ms. Shirato already knows you’re undocumented.

Joe: Yes.

Leonard: So she’ll have made it known if she were planning to do that?

Joe: Sounds about right.

Leonard: If Manu and I help you, will we be killed? By this Felix guy?

Joe: He loses a lot of money if I win. He’ll be mad enough to do that.

Leonard buries his hands in his face. Then he looks up.

Leonard: I’m already dead. I died in the war. If Felix wants to kill any of us, he’ll be coming through a dead man to do it.

Joe lights up. Leonard hands Joe a small note with an address written on it.

Leonard: Meet me here at midnight. We’re finishing what Ned started.


Joe meets Leonard in an indoor training gym at midnight. Leonard explains that, before he went off to war, he was trained in this gym by Coach Ned. Manu comes into the room and shakes Joe’s hand with his bionic hand. Leonard asks Joe if he’s ready to start training, and Joe nods.


We cut to the match between Yuda Wiranata and Yuri, which is kicked off by an elaborate pre-game hype video pitting the boxers against each other. Men and women in military suits watch the match in a booth high above the ring while Yukiko stands behind them and explains the advanced capabilities of Yuri’s integrated Gear. It is a hard fought match, though with his overwhelming speed, Yuda is lucky enough to land a hit on Yuri once. Yuri ends the match in the very first round by knocking Yuda out with a left hook. The referee announces him as winner, which puts a smile on Yukiko’s face.


After the game, Joe stands alone on a boardwalk overlooking the ocean. The Megalonia stadium stands behind him. He’s about to get on his motorcycle to leave when he notices an Alaskan Husky sitting right next to him. Yuri calls the Husky back to him, corralling the dog into a silver sports car. The dog naps on the passenger seat happily. Yuri sees Joe and walks over to talk to him.


Joe: So he’s yours?

Yuri: Yeah. It’s odd, though. He usually doesn’t like strangers.

Joe: That was a hell of a hook, man. I felt bad for Yuda when it landed full on.

Yuri: When you get in the ring, you either win or lose. There’s nothing else. Everyone’s equal.

Joe stares down for a moment.

Yuri: Why don’t you use Gear? Why insist on fighting without it?

Joe: At first, it was a gamble just to get my name out there. But now it’s nothing else.

Joe throws a few punches into the air.

Joe: Everytime I get in the ring, I’m betting my life on my fists. It’s scary as hell, but it’s so much fun I can barely stand it.

Joe throws a punch towards Yuri.

Joe: I wanna have a real match against you, pure and simple. I got a feeling, against you, I’d go further than I’ve ever gone before.

Yuri raises his eyebrows.

Joe: What about you? What’re you fighting for?

Yuri stares up at the stadium.

Yuri: A dream.

Momentary silence.

Yuri: Someone believed in me when I was nothing, and brought me this far. I’ll make her dream come true. That’s why.

Joe stares down in silence.


The next morning, just as the sun is rising, Coach Ned sits alone in his rickety pickup truck. He drinks a bottle of beer and listens to the radio. On the radio, a reporter discusses the match of the night—the one between Gearless Joe and Mandla Masondo.


Radio Commentator: Expectations are high after Joe’s defeat of Mikio Shirato, with not just media experts, but even the exacting standards of overseas bookmakers predicting a victory for Joe. Those odds are currently being listed at between 3/1 and 5/1.


In a secluded room, Felix goes to an online betting website on his computer, and he places a bet for Glen Borroughs. We cut back to Coach Ned, who stares up at the cross hanging on his rearview mirror. We get a closer look at the cross; it contains the famous Hispanic phrase Dios Aprieta Pero No Ahoga—“God squeezes but doesn’t choke.” Coach Ned glares at the cross before grabbing it and tossing it out of the car.


The match is about to start. In Shirato Group’s booth overlooking the ring, Yukiko asks Yuri if he wants anything before the game starts. Yuri simply replies with “no.” In the hallway leading to the arena, Joe stares down at the earpiece in his hand. Leonard and Manu tell him that they’ll be in his corner no matter what. Joe nods and puts in the earpiece. Men in suits guide Coach Ned into a booth above the arena, where Felix is waiting with two plates of cooked fish. Felix is sitting in the same room as Coach Ned to ensure that he’s telling his fighter to lose the game. Coach Ned puts on the headset and walks up to the glass.


Mandla Masondo and Gearless Joe get into the ring after elaborate entrances—Mandla steps in grandly with a fur coat, while Joe steps out of the shadow confidently, with Leonard and Manu following closely behind. In the booth, Coach Ned gulps. “Your boxer better not be going rogue,” says Felix.


In the ring, Coach Ned talks to Joe through his headset. “I’m not gonna ask you to forgive me. Hell, I don’t even deserve it. You probably don’t even wanna hear my voice. But I’m counting on you. It happens in the first round. You’ve gotta hold out until then.”


Joe and Mandla begin fighting. Mandla Masondo throws his punches, while Joe dodges.

Coach Ned: He relies too much on his power, so he never steps in deep enough. Use your legs. Get around him.

Joe cancels for his dodge. He ducks under Mandla’s next throw and lands a clean hit, though he gets hit in return.

Coach Ned: I said use those legs! He’ll smash your Gear otherwise!


The first round ends. The men in Coach Ned’s booth start to question whether Joe is even listening to him.


Coach Ned: If Joe was trying to beat him, he would’ve nailed that uppercut he launched after the body blow. Listening to me isn’t the point. He’s doing his job.


The second round begins. Coach Ned pleads for Joe to get past the round. Mandla Masondo lands a clean punch; Joe is almost knocked down, but he maintains his balance. He begins to listen to Coach Ned’s suggestions and begins boxing much better. Coach Ned stands up to his feet, genuinely excited at how well Joe is performing in the ring. Felix jokes that he’s starting to look like a real boxing trainer.


The second round ends. Joe heads back to his corner. Manu holds a towel in his bionic hand and wipes sweat off of Joe’s face.


Leonard: He’s asking you to lose in this round?

Joe gives a look which says ‘yes’ without any words. Leonard sighs.

Leonard: It’s not too late to make the safe choice. But me and Manu support whatever you choose to do.


Joe nods. He steps into the ring. Coach Ned tells him that he’ll throw the fight with one minute left on the clock. The third round is initiated.


Coach Ned: You did great out there, Joe. Once this is over, you’ll be free. You won’t have to deal with this shit anymore.

Felix stares coldly.

Felix: Don’t get the wrong idea, Ned. You two have done a good job so far… And that’s impressive. But… Did you really think tonight would change anything? It’s like I told you. A man’s nature doesn’t change. A scorpion’s a scorpion. And a stray dog remains a stray. He’ll be fighting for the rest of his life… in my ring.

Coach Ned gasps.

Coach Ned: No…


Mandla backs Joe into the corner of the ring and pummels him relentlessly. Mandla lands a knockout punch, and Joe falls to the ground. The referee begins counting down, while the spectators sit in stunned silence. Joe lays there on the floor of the ring, his mouthguard and drops of blood laying next to him. Just as he’s about to close his eyes, Coach Ned screams into the headset.


Coach Ned: Get up! Get on your feet, Joe!


In the booth, he’s already knocked one of the suited men out cold. Felix’s other bodyguards are now surrounding him. Tears fall onto as the floor of the ring as Joe stands up.


Coach Ned: Get up! Get up and fight! You’re not taking falls anymore!


Joe stands up right after ‘nine’ is called. He tosses his earpiece away and raises up his gloves.


Joe: It’s not gonna end like this!


Joe and Mandla continue the fight. Something about Joe’s newfound determination intimidates Mandla, and he begins rushing his plays. Joe easily lands a punch straight-on, right in Mandla’s face. He falls down.






















Joe is declared the victor, and the crowd goes wild. Leonard and Manu rush to the middle of the ring as the crowd celebrates.


In Felix’ booth, Coach Ned is backed up against the glass with his fists raised and blood dripping from his mouth. Felix’s men are armed with knives. Felix steps in front of his men and stares down at Coach Ned.


Felix: You picked the wrong man to sting, Ned. You’re done.


Coach Ned smiles. He picks up a butter knife from the floor.


In Shirato Group’s booth, Yukiko stands up.

Yukiko: It seems like you’ll get your fight after all.

Yuri: Yukiko.

Yukiko: Yes?

Yuri: For the first time in my life, I felt what jealously is like. “Gearless” Joe… He has true skill.


We cut to Joe, Leonard, and Manu as they run through the stadium to find Felix’s booth. They find Coach Ned as he clutches the part of his face where his eye should be. Felix sits calmly on the couch with his leg crossed.


Joe: You did this? You did this to him?!

Coach Ned: Give it a rest.

Joe: Coach…

Coach Ned: I settled up on my own. This doesn’t involve you.


The hand Coach Ned’s holding his face with is dripping with blood. He speaks directly to Felix.


Coach Ned: If you’re not satisfied with an eyeball, then I’m ready to rip out my damn heart and fork it over!


Felix sits for a moment.


Felix: …Get out of my sight.


Team Nowhere helps lead a now-blind Coach Ned out of the booth. Felix speaks to himself.


Felix: The man who wanted to see the kid dance in the ring more than any other… willingly tore out any chance he had of seeing that happen. You think just anybody could pull that kind of stunt? I’m amused.


Fade to black as Team Nowhere leads Coach Ned down the hall.


We cut to a log cabin in the woods. Inside, Mikio Shirato drinks a cup of coffee and stares up at his Gear system A.C.E., which is hanging up on the wall. The doorbell rings. Mikio opens the front door. It’s Yuri.


Mikio: Yuri! What are you doing here?

Yuri: Mikio. I need a favor. For old time’s sake.

Mikio smiles.


We cut to Yukiko as she shakes hands with the military men and women; they’ve signed the contract for the manufacture and use of Yuri’s integrated Gear system in the army. As the military people turn to leave, Yuri steps in the room and asks Yukiko if the can talk in private. In a hallway, Yukiko asks Yuri what’s going on.


Yuri: I’ve had my Gear removed.

Yukiko blinks.

Yukiko: What?

Yuri: I know I’ve done it without your permission. I apologize for that. But this had to be done.

Yukiko: To think you’d do this after all the work we’ve done. Why?

Yuri: When I step into the ring with Joe, it’s going to be a fair fight.

Yukiko: …Who removed it?


We cut to Mikio opening the front door of the log cabin. Yukiko stares at him in red-faced anger.

Mikio: Yukiko… You’ve caught me by surprise—

Yukiko slaps Mikio across the face. She storms away without a word.


Yuri practices his throws on a punching bag without a shirt, showing off his Gearless stature for the first time. Yukiko steps into the training room and crosses her arms.

Yukiko: Keep practicing. Just listen.

Yuri keeps punching the bag.

Yukiko: I’m letting you have this. Because when I said that the word ‘defeat’ didn’t apply to you… I’m inclined to believe I’m right.

Yuri takes in the words, then continues practicing.


In another executive meeting, Yukiko is in the proverbial hot seat for Yuri’s decision to remove his Gear. The executives tell her that she needs to be in better control of her boxer.

Yukiko: I support his decision.

Executive: Yeah? And if we lose money because Yuri’s not showing off his Gear in the ring, will you still be saying that?

Yukiko exchanges glances with her father, Eiichi Shirato. She composes herself.

Yukiko: It is undeniably true that Shirato Group has initiated Megalonia for the purpose of showing Yuri’s integrated Gear to the world. But I’m willing to suggest that we’ve already showed enough of his Gear to the world. The world gets the point.

Executive: They get the point? Ms. Shirato! Yuri’s fight with Gearless Joe is going to be the televised event of the century! We could be showing this to even more people than we already have!

Yukiko: Need I remind you that we’ve already signed contracts with the military. Not to mention that corporations in construction, engineering, and many other trades have already expressed their interest in making our integrated technology a part of their operations!

Executive: But Ms. Shirato!


The executives become silent.

Yukiko: I want us to be a corporation that sides with everyday people rather than with ourselves, and if that means letting Yuri fight without his Gear to remind our nation that he’s not a cyborg, then so be it! Our product enhances the human muscle without overriding it, and in the same way, we will enhance humanity!


The executives are speechless. Eiichi Shirato stands up to his feet.


Executive: Eiichi!


He hobbles over to Yukiko and places a hand on her shoulder.


Eiichi Shirato: I’ve never been more proud of you.


Yukiko struggles to keep from crying.


We cut to Team Nowhere’s first location under the overpass. Manu wheels Coach Ned in with a wheelchair. Coach Ned, who is now wearing pitch-black sunglasses, apologizes to all of them for how he’s behaved. He tells Leonard that he entrusts him with helping Joe train. He tells Joe that he’s the “best damn boxer he’s ever known,” and that he knows he can win against Yuri. Joe looks at everyone and winds his arms back.


Joe: We’re still not done yet, are we?


A montage ensues; everything a boxer can possibly do to train for a match, he does in this lengthy montage. Push-ups, practice with punches, running miles at a time, you name it.


We cut to the match. Joe and Yuri walk to the middle of the ring.


Joe: I see you’ve gotten rid of your collar.

Yuri: So tell me, Joe. You still think you’re a stray?

Joe: It’s funny, Yuri. I don’t think I’m lost.


Round one begins. The two boxers are solely focused on the fight; every single one of their punches are hard, and neither of them falter. Leonard and Manu cheer on Joe from the corner of the ring. Yukiko watches intently as the boxers fight each other.


We move gracefully through the match as it goes from round to round and both fighters land nasty hooks and uppercuts. We go to Round 12, and neither of them have fallen even once. Yuri sits back down in his corner, and a team member tries to help him drink water, but at this point in the match, Yuri, who once seemed unbeatable, is struggling to drink water. Joe is delirious yet concentrated, looking like a man on death’s door. Leonard and Manu encourage him to stay in the game. Tears fall down from beneath both of Coach Ned’s eyepatches.


In the thirteenth round, the final round, Joe and Yuri step into the ring and instinctively decide to risk the entire match to the next punch. In a heart-stopping moment, Joe and Yuri rush towards each other, ready to throw the hardest knockout punch they can possibly muster.


Freeze frame.


Fade to black.


Roll credits.


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Some secrets are best kept hidden.




Based on: Na Corda Bamba, by Rui Vilhena

Director: David Fincher

Studios: Phoenix Fire Entertainment and Propaganda Films

Co-Writers: Andrew Kevin Walker and Rui Vilhena

Cinematography: Jeff Cronenweth

Original Music: Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor


Genre: Thriller

Release Date: March 3rd Y7, with IMAX and Dolby

Theater Count: 3401 theaters

Runtime: 2:03 hours

MPAA Rating; R, for language, graphic violence and sex

Production Budget: $50 million


Major Cast:

- David Harbour as Phillip Wolfhard

- Daniela Ruah as Lucy Wolfhard

- Florence Pugh as Alice Wolfhard

- Dylan Minnette as Gabriel Wolfhard

- McKenna Grace as Emily Wolfhard

- Joe Keery as Edward Waters

- with Pedro Lacerda as Phillip Waters

- with Daniel Kaluuya as Leonard Dexter

- and Viola Davis as Olivia Dexter


Plot Summary: The three children of Phillip and Lucy Wolfhard start uncovering the dark past of their parents, while Phillip and Lucy desperately begin to plot how to get away from the imminent danger as they find themselves in the doghouse.


Plot: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fL13D_nh7au4Pi3HsSxVMb7dS5C1-UBevENR-iBe0ck/edit?usp=sharing


Special thanks to @SLAM! and @Spaghetti

Edited by MCKillswitch123
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The journey of a lifetime.




Based on: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, by Neversoft Entertainment

Director: Ryan Coogler

Studio: Phoenix Fire Entertainment

Co-Writers: Ryan Coogler and Aaron Covington

Cinematography: Maryse Alberti

Original Music: Ludwig Göransson


Genre: Sports

Release Date: September 30th Y7, for Amazon Prime members only / October 6th Y7, with IMAX and Dolby

Theater Count: 800 theaters (Amazon Prime) / 3427 theaters (wide)

Runtime: 1:38 hours

MPAA Rating; PG, for mild language

Production Budget: $25 million


Major Cast:

- Gaten Matarazzo as Chris Towers

- Mackenzie Foy as Simone Johnson

- Asher Angel as David Loan

- with Joaquim D'Almeida as Gerald Towers

- with Keri Russell as Keri Towers

- and Tony Hawk as himself


Other Cast Members:

- Erin Cardillo as Elizabeth

- Brandon Graham as himself

- Craig McMorris as himself

- Tom Holland as audience member that berates Chris

- Billy Unger as Chris and SImone's friend

- Spencer Boldman as Chris and Simone's friend

- Kelli Berglund as Chris and Simone's friend

- Tyrel Jackson Williams as Chris and Simone's friend


Plot Summary: Chris Towers, an Aspie teenager that struggles with low confidence and a family with financial issues, takes a gamble and enters the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Tournament, a skateboarding tournament for teens where the prize includes formation with Tony Hawk himself, as well as $1 million.


Plot: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WpS4UdTNcvz-kUJ_t5Br3U9OawwyxBr8bNongco85sU/edit?usp=sharing


Special thanks to @SLAM!

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What's up, doc?




Based on: Looney Tunes, by Warner Bros.

Director: Darrell Van Citters

Studio: Phoenix Fire Entertainment


Genre: Animated/Comedy

Release Date: July 6th Y7, with 3D (Amazon Prime One Day Sneak Peek) / July 14th Y7, with 3D (wide release)

Theater Count: 934 (Amazon Prime Sneak Peek) / 2356 theaters (wide release)

Runtime: 1:30 hours

MPAA Rating; PG, for cartoon violence and sexual innuendos

Production Budget: $20 million


Major Cast:

- JK Simmons as himself

- Mel Blanc as the majority of Looney Tunes



We see JK Simmons lying next to a pool, relaxing in a nice Summer day next to two women of roughly the same age. Simmons declares that he knows how to appreciate mature women, and welcomes the audience to Looney Tunes: The Classics Remastered. Simmons then goes on a very J. Jonah Jamesony rant about how moviegoers these days only bother to see things they know and are too afraid to dive deep into the unknown, but nevertheless, he's excited too about the prospect of being the host of a festival of some of the greatest cartoons this Earth has ever seen. He then kisses the two ladies goodbye, hops onto his car, and drives to a temple.


The temple has huge statues of Looney Tunes characters, such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, among others. Simmons gives a brief introduction of the history of Looney Tunes, mentioning some of its iconic artists such as Mel Blanc and Chuck Jones, as he heads towards the temple's theater.


He sits in the theater, puts on 3D glasses and tells everyone to prepare, as they are about to embark on a wonderous journey... that they've technically already embarked on before, but they're gonna embark on it again and it's gonna be even better!


Then, the camera zooms onto the screen, and we start seeing the cartoons. This compilation of cartoons is completely remastered (aka, reanimated) from the ground up with updated technology, and in 3D, but in essence, they are the same cartoons with the same voice acting.


The collection is as follows:

Duck Amuck;

Long-Haired Hare;

One Froggy Evening;

Rabbit Fire;

The Fast And The Furry-ous;

Robin Hood Daffy;

Tweetie Pie;

Rabbit Of Seville;
Feed The Kitty;

Duck Dodgers In The 24½th Century;

Operation: Rabbit;

Bugs And Thugs;

For Scent-imental Reasons;

What's Opera, Doc.

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Merry Christmas.




Director: Tim Wardle

Studio: Phoenix Fire Entertainment


Genre: Documentary

Release Date: December 15 Y7

Theater Count: 2112 theaters

Runtime: 1:47 hours

MPAA Rating; G

Production Budget: $4.5 million


Major Cast:

- Unknowns



We follow three different families, one of Indonesian descent, one of South African descent and one of American descent, as they celebrate Christmas in their own different ways.


It is not immediately revealed, but we find out that these are families of survivors from the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami in the Indian Ocean. We get survivor's memoirs about how they lived the tragedy, as well as how they are overcoming their trauma.


The film is mostly about these Christmas celebrations and how these people of completely different cultures have in common their love of Christmas and are moving forward with their lives happily, but also their trauma of the event. It explores how this time of the year still brings about their memories of the tragedy and how they still struggle with it. But ultimately, they live on happily and healthy and the film mostly reflects that. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, after all.

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It is the film we’ve been waiting for, Jonathan Testicles II... 



Endless Animation’s 

Should You Imagine? 

Studio: Endless Entertainment (through the Endless Animation division)

Walden Media

Genre: CG Animation/Dramedy/Adventure/Fantasy

Director: Genndy Tartakovsky 

Producers: Genndy Tarkovsky and Rebecca Sugar

Executive Producers: Chris McKay and Meg LeFauve

Writers: Genndy Tarkovsky and Meg LeFauve

Composer: Mycheal and Jeff Danna



Jack Dylan Grazer as Ethan Anderson

Marsai Martin as Tiana Anderson

Kate McKinnon as Turquoise 

Alison Brie as Jennifer Anderson

Ryan Reynolds as Kyle Anderson 

Dave Bautista as Earl


Jason Mantzoukas as Smarmy

Christine Ebersole as Mother Nature


Mads Mikkelsen as Father Time


Charlyne Yi as A.I.I.

Winston Duke as Tyler Anderson

Eddie Deezen as Funhouse

Jim Cummings as Bookworm

Billy West as Dr. Screwluz

Emily Carey as Sasha

Iain Armitage as Child Ethan

Faithe Herman as Child Tiana


Release Date: June 30th, Y7

Theater Count: 4,508

Format: 2D (2.39:1), 3D (2.39:1), Dolby Cinema (2.39:1) and IMAX 2D/3D (1.44:1)

Budget: $165 million

MPAA Rating: PG for thematic material, peril/action and crude humor

Running Time: 121 minutes 

Previous Film: Can You Imagine - March 27th, Y4 - Budget: $130M - Opening Weekend/Domestic/Worldwide: $86,607,529/$386,971,572/$1,051,506,145  
Original Song: Growing Pains by SZA


Animation: Done in house by Endless Animation. Scenes in Ethan’s imagination is a very cartoony CGI, think Hotel Transylvania lots of squash and squish technique is used, where it feels like a Looney Tunes cartoon in CGI, where as the real world is a slightly bright yet dim traditionally animated world similar to Paperman. Turquoise is animated using Stretch allowing her to move more akin to a traditionally animated character.




Special thanks to 

@Spaghetti and @Rorschach

Edited by YourMother the Edgelord
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Flying High

Studio: Infinite Studios 

Release Date: 5/26/Y7

Genre: Concert 

Director: Morgan Spurlock 

Original Song: “Let’s Repeat” by Owl City

Rating: PG-13

Budget: $7M

Theater Count: 2,450

Format: 2D and 3D

Runtime: 98 minutes


Plot: Adam Young does a concert with 3D and stuff. We also learn more about him as well as the group Owl City which he’s in as the debut of new song “Let’s Repeat”. Nuff said.

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The Scavenger Wars

Part II

- Director's Cut -


Studio: Cookie Pictures

Genre: Sci-Fi/Thriller/Drama/Re-release

Directors: Matt & Ross Duffer

Producers: Sebastian Peters, Matt Reeves, Matt Shakman (re-release collaborator)

Music: James Newton Howard

Cinematographer: Dan Laustsen

Release Date: February 24th

Theater Count: 2,400

Formats: 2D, Dolby Cinema, Cinerama

Budget (re-release): $5m (original budget $240m)

Running Time: 148 minutes (2 hours, 28 minutes)

Rating: R for sequences of bloody violence, sexual content, thematic elements and strong language throughout

Original release: December 17th, Y5


Plot synopsis: Five years following the events of the previous film, the resigned Captain Lucina battles personal demons and a growing conspiracy that could undo a fragile peace and put both Khouga and the H.F.F in grave danger.


Previous film (The Scavenger Wars, released Y3)https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SsaPQQBs_mHWwAjSrM4fyrbiJ5JLdthnAX9rgHbLGfQ/edit (28,000 words)


Genre: Sci-Fi/Epic

Directors: Matt & Ross Duffer

Music: James Newton Howard

Cinematographer: Steve Yedlin

Budget (original): $225m

Running Time: 162 minutes (2 hours, 42 minutes)

Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of action and violence, language, thematic elements and drug use


Main Cast (* denotes voice and/or performance capture)

  • Daniel Henney as Joel
  • Naomi Scott as Kira
  • * Letitia Wright as Tamara
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Lucina
  • Harry Lennix as Commander Barks
  • * Keegan Michael-Key as T-Bot
  • David Mazouz as Henry
  • * Ricky Whittle as Rez
  • Happy Anderson as Dr. Valden De Kloet
  • * Terry Notary as Reese


  • * Forest Whitaker as King Techek
  • Laurence Fishburne as Captain Radian Helms


  • Jason Isaacs as Grand Admiral James T. Packer


Synopsis: At the tail end of a twenty year long war between the last of the human race and an extraterrestrial spieces called Scavengers, the Scavenger princess Tamara enlists the help of human veteran Joel, his sister Kira. their adoptive father Commander Barks and the dashing Captain Lucina to stop a plot by the fascist Grand Admiral Packer that would lead to the assured annihalation of both spieces.


Plot: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BfhZ5JFgqO_5A_paNSddXuQugEGPF3NA_OfitNw-O1Y/edit?usp=sharing (25,000 words)


Scenes filmed with Cinerama lenses are written in green.


Main Cast (* denotes voice and/or performance capture):

  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Lucina
  • * Letitia Wright as Tamara
  • * Bex Taylor-Klaus as Sunn
  • * Sasha Lane as Sal
  • * Taissa Farmiga as Luna
  • * Sean Bean as Torann
  • Kenneth Branagh as Arthur Hampstead
  • Laurence Fishburne as Grand Admiral Radian Helms


  • * Ben Foster as Jarek


  • * Andy Serkis as Emperor Ares


Minor/Spoiler Cast:

  • Harry Lennix as Commander Jonathan Barks
  • * Nadiyah Be as Nadia
  • Lauren Veléz as Cecilia
  • Olivia as Anna
  • Sarah Paulson as Dr. Arya Reinhardt
  • * Forest Whitaker as Techek
  • * Janelle Monae as Zera
  • Holly Hunter as Captain Julia Hemphill
  • Michelle Yeoh as Captain Tori Juan
  • Cliff Curtis as Captain Benjamin Hebert
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor as Captain Aaron Sebastian
  • * Elizabeth Debicki as Zedium


Edited by cookie
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Hoops 3

Studio: Infinite Studios 

Release Date: 8/11/Y7

Genre: Sports/Dramedy

Director: Charles Stone III

Rating: PG-13 

Budget: $18M

Theater Count: 2,879

Format: 2D

Runtime: 100 minutes


Giannis Antetokounmpo as Troy Johnson

LeBron James as Jayson Jameson


Troy, both famous player on the NBA team of the Milwaukee Bucks and beloved community member and head of a recreational center, must face his biggest challenge yet, as not only must he face the biggest game of his life but deal with his cousin, Jayson who’s trying to go straight after being imprisoned.

Edited by YourMother the Edgelord
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Endless Animation’s  

               Toons V Reality 

Studio: Endless Entertainment (through the Endless Animation division)

Lord/Miller Productions


Genre: CG-2D Animation/Comedy

Director: Phil Lord and Christopher Miller 

Producers: Chris McKay, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller

Executive Producer: Meg LeFauve, Dan Lin and Jonathan Elrich

Writers: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller and Chris McKay

Composer: Mark Mothersbaugh



Main Voice Cast:

Olivia Cooke as Ashley

John Mulaney as Randy Raccoon

Seth MacFarlane as William H. Grubb

Shamiek Moore as Pete

Olivia Olson as Laura

Aimee Carrero as Princess Amira

Eric Vale as Lawson Ordeor

Danny Pudi as W0-RY

Niki Yang as Chai Chu

Sean Schemmel as Kai

John DiMaggio as Stan Swanson


Release Date: October 28th, Y7 (Amazon Prime Screening at 3:00 pm), November 3rd, Y7

Theater Count: 4,230 (1000 - 10/28)

Format: 2D (2.39:1), 3D (2.39:1), Dolby Cinema (2.39:1) and IMAX 2D (1.44:1)

Budget: $105 million

MPAA Rating: PG for thematic elements and rude humor

Running Time: 104 minutes 

Animation: Done in house by Endless Animation. Worldmeander is used like in Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive, Medusa and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (which combines computer animation with hand drawn animation ala (Paperman/Feast/Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse/the upcoming Connected) but is modeled where the human characters and human world are animated in traditional, smooth computer animation but the cartoon characters and cartoon world are purely hand drawn animation, each character using a different type

  • Randy Raccoon moves and is drawn like a Looney Tunes character

  • W0-RY and Chai Chu are animated like old Hanna Barbera characters

  • Kai is hyper stylized like an anime character from Dragon Ball Z or My Hero Academia

  • Princess Amira looks almost as if she came from a Disney movie





Special Thanks:

@Spaghetti and @cookie

Edited by YourMother the Edgelord
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