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Fish Fry

Studio: Infinite Studios

Tyler Perry Studios

Release Date: 11/17/Y7

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Director: Tyler Perry 

Rating: PG-13 for mild language 

Budget: $10M

Theater Count: 3,785

Format: 2D 

Runtime: 98 minutes



A down on his luck gangster named Bud opens a fish restaurant in his hometown of Atlanta, as he unknowingly finds joy in severing up smiles, helping his customers in little way (helping a troublesome child like him find a job, woo his love interest, help out a step dad trying to make a strong relationship) as he learns the true meaning of community.

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American Barbeque

Studio: New Journey Pictures

Director: David O. Russell

Genre: Dramedy

Release Date: November 10th

Theater Count: 3,050

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for language

Runtime: 1 hr 42 min

Budget: $20 Million


Major Cast

Shia LaBeouf as Dale

Simu Liu as Billy

Y'lan Noel as Curtis

Wyatt Russell as Freddie

Amanda Seyfried as Alice


Dale is in the military, and Alice is his wife. He comes home from serving in Afghanistan, rediscovers joy in cooking, and plans a big "American Barbeque." He invites his squadmates (Billy, Curtis, and Freddie) to join. He convinces them to join, and they hang out together at the barbeque. There's a moment near the climax where Alice makes known her desire for Dale to make more time for her (or something like that), and Dale's like, "Of course, you're my wife!" A hawk steals the hot dogs off the grill, but the squadmates cheer up Dale because friendship is more important than a perfect barbecue. They cope with their PTSD and similar issues at the barbeque, and at the end, when it's nighttime, they watch fireworks together. Dale is really thankful to have a good barbeque with his squadmates, and so are the squadmates as well. Therefore, their bond shall never die.

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The Long Way Home


Genre: Sci-Fi/Adventure

Directed By: Steven Caple Jr.

Written by: Christopher Yost

Original Music by: Michael Giacchino

Release Date: August 11, Year 7

Theater Count: 4,075

Running Time: 135 Minutes

Budget: $165 million

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for scenes of sci-fi violence, language, and some disturbing images


Starring: John David Washington (Marcus Olson), Naomi Scott (Amelia Tanner), Jack Lowden (David Evans), Sonequa Martin-Green (Dr. Taylor Harris), Daniel Wu (Victor Kwan), Jodie Comer (Jyanis), Adria Arjona (Ny’asha), Corey Hawkins (Trokkon – mo-cap), Liam Cunningham (Orzane – mo-cap), Rory Cochrane (Hylonos), Tara Strong (Bataima – voice), Janet Varney (Igden – voice), Kristofer Hivju (Gerzak – mo-cap), Sakina Jaffrey (Mytellas)


Special Appearance by Patton Oswalt (Zermano – mo-cap)


With Taraji P. Henson (Colonel Ayanna Jackson)


With Caitriona Balfe (Su’Tanya)


And Bobby Cannavale (General Grakkan – mo-cap)





The 24th Century.


Humanity has developed a means of faster-than-light travel that has allowed for the exploration of a number of star systems.


Colonies and outposts have begun sprouting on several worlds.


More than 95% of the Milky Way remains unexplored and unknown.


No signs of intelligent life have been found.







In Spoiler Tags I have included, for reference, descriptions of all of the alien species encountered in the film, even those whose species is not explicitly named in the plot.


The Endrekar – A chameleonic humanoid race with reddish-brown skin that almost has a texture of scales, and reptilian eyes but otherwise generally human in appearance. They can blend into their surroundings, and also have a limited ability to alter their bodies to resemble other humanoid races of similar size. They are played by people with makeup.


The Timistri – A bipedal feline race that looks most similar to a bobcat, about five feet tall. They will be depicted in mo-cap.


The Martolians – A primate species that looks most similar to orangutans, about 6.5-7 feet tall and broad. They will be depicted in mo-cap.


The Xevox – TThis species is depicted as sort of a cross between a crustacean and arachnid, with six legs, two arms, and a torso, and an angular head with sharp serrated teeth. These are portrayed completely with CGI.


The Nevari – A humanoid race with an array of skin tones, from green to blue, to purple, and small curved horns protruding from their head and a thin almost vestigial tail. They’re clearly influenced and inspired by the Tiefling race from Dungeons & Dragons. They are played by people in makeup.


The Streikor – A draconic-looking race of sorts, with a snarling lizard head, hands and feet with four digits and claws, and a set of dark leathery wings that allow for limited flying ability. They will be depicted in mo-cap.


The Jurappe - A quadruped species that looks like an ultra-shaggy bear with spikes and plates of bone poking out from the fur. Portrayed by a mix of CGI and animatronics.


The Boreen - An alien species that resembles a floating bulbous organic gas sack, with a handful of eye stalks, and a half dozen tentacle-like appendages. Portrayed entirely by CGI.


The Shevas - A humanoid alien species that looks similar to humans but with distinct vulpine characteristics, such as more hair, including tufts of hair on the cheeks and on arms, and generally kind of like a more feral-looking Wolverine. The species has a variety of skin colors. Portrayed by humans with makeup.



Plot Summary:


Procyon System. Approximately 11.46 light-years from Earth.


(Until a certain point in the film, all alien dialogue is in alien language, and will be shown via italics)


(see google doc link here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gk1aWrrfk4yx7V_cFGnpmHTe1GXkmEIhNfv6s3bcyZQ/edit?usp=sharing )

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Studio: Endless Entertainment

DC Entertainment

Tencent Pictures

Bad Robot Productions

Director: Christopher McQuarrie

Producers: Christopher McQuarrie and J.J. Abrams

Executive Producers: Xavier B. Irving, Matt and Ross Duffer, and Sebastian Peters

Writers: Christopher McQuarrie, Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec

Composer: Michael Giacchino 

Director of Photography: Henry Braham

VFX: Weta Digital and Moving Picture Company

VFX Supervisors: Roger Guyett and Christopher Townsend


Main Cast: (** indicates a voice performance, - all other aliens are done with a mix of practical make up, or * indicates a motion capture performance):


Joaquin Phoenix as Thaal Sinestro

Armie Hammer as Hal Jordan

Rachel Weisz as Queen Imparta

Nathalie Emmanuel as Prazha

Mark Hamill as Benoz


Tim Blake Nelson as Chief Rathauer

Kelly Marie Tran as Ni’in

**William Hunt as Vicio


*Hugh Jackman as Atrocitus


also featuring

Naomi Scott as Arisia

*Vanessa Kirby as Mabi

*H Jon Benjamin as Ch’p

*Ricky Whittle as Salaak

Lashawa Lynch as A’Stella Stromfront

**Patrick Stewart as Ganthet

**Nicole Kidman as Sayd
Claes Bang as Mayor Oza


Genre: Superhero/Sci-fi/Epic

Release Date: December 15th, Y7

Theater Count: 4,520 (including 405 IMAX theaters)

Format: 2D (2.39:1), 3D (2.39:1), Dolby Cinema (2.39:1) and IMAX 2D+3D (1.44:1)

IMAX: Select sequences shot in 70mm IMAX (1.44:1). Footage cropped to 1.9:1 on digital IMAX screens.

Budget: $235 million

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action violence, thematic material, language, and scary/disturbing images

Running Time: 157 minutes (2 hours, 37 minutes)

special thanks to @cookie @Ethan Hunt and @Spaghetti




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An import from the long lost BOM world of 1.0, with some casting changes, and some editing to trim it a little



The First Month


Genre: Drama

Cast: Ryan Gosling (Captain George Abbott), Mackenzie Davis (Captain Kyra Irving), Keon Alexander (Lt. Aaron Hawke), Pablo Schreiber (Sgt. Larry Davies), Xavier Dolan (Sgt. Jason Timmons), Sarah Gadon (Cpl. Lisa McGee), Stephan James (Cpl. Matt Owens), and Bruce Greenwood (Colonel Orson Jones)

Written and Directed By: Alex Garland

Original Music By: Jonny Greenwood

Release Date: September 8, Year 7

Theater Count: 3120 Theaters

Running Time: 141 minutes

MPAA Rating: R for strong language, sexual content, nudity, disturbing images, and violence

Budget: $30 million


Plot Summary:




Day 1


On a summer morning Captain George Abbott (Gosling), an officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force, drives up to the entry gate for Monitoring Station Delta Alpha 7 (DA7), a radar and communications listening post on the western shore of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. DA7 is part of a chain of early warning stations overseen by NORAD. On the drive, George’s radio is tuned to a news station and a report says that tensions in the Taiwan Strait between China and the U.S. have reached a boiling point with unconfirmed reports of reconnaissance aircraft being shot down. The U.S. is sending naval reinforcements to the area and is mobilizing air operations from Japan and South Korea.


George arrives at DA7, which is secured behind a tall, double chain-link electrified fence and guarded by MPs (Military Police Officers). As he enters he sees a sizable number of soldiers and officers leaving, since the station operates on a 72-hour rotation period. This requires there to be rudimentary living, recreation, and maintenance facilities on underground levels. George checks in and is greeted by Sergeant Larry Davies (Schreiber), the head MP. The two chat briefly about how their personal lives are going. As George drops off his stuff, he talks to Lieutenant Aaron Hawke (Alexander), a colleague. Hawke tells George that the Captain is having a meeting for all officers and enlisted personnel once the shifts have fully rotated.


The two go to a meeting room. The meeting is just for air force personnel, so no MPs are present. People present include Sergeant Jason Timmons (Dolan), a senior radar engineer, Corporal Lisa McGee (Beharie), a communications monitor, and Corporal Matt Owens (James), a technician for the station’s radar and listening equipment. Finally, the base commander, Colonel Orson Jones (Greenwood) arrives. Jones tells the assembled personnel that the station has been ordered by NORAD to go to DEFCON-2, the second-highest alert for NORAD. The surprise ripples through the crowd. After some more remarks, Jones dismisses the group but tells George and Hawke to stay. Once everyone else files out, Jones tells George and Hawke that they need to be extra vigilant since there is evidence from satellites that the Chinese have moved extra men and equipment to their nuclear missile silos. Jones also tells them that tomorrow, Captain Kyra Irving, a NORAD liaison, will arrive at the station as an extra observer.


We then see a handful of short scenes showing work at DA7. During a break Hawke plays cards with several enlisted personnel, including Jason and Matt. Hawke is very outgoing and emotive, Matt being the opposite, insular and quiet. Jason is a calming influence, holding the enlisted men together during disagreements. Meanwhile George talks with Jones. Jones is very much a no-nonsense kind of guy, but he admits to having concerns over the situation, especially since he and many others are stationed hundreds of miles from their families. He tells George that Captain Irving’s observance of the station crew couldn’t have come at a more stressful time.


That night, George is off-shift so before he goes to the sub-level to use one of the cots he calls his parents in Toronto. Speaking with his mother, he assures her that things will blow over, but his mother is feeling a little panicky since the news is reporting that now ground troops are mobilizing on the Russia-China border since China has intervened in Central Asia countries holding oil reserves Russia wants. George does his best to calm her down. His dad then comes on the line after his mother leaves and asks George to give him his honest opinion. George takes a deep breath and says that if things don’t cool down within a couple days he should take Mom up to the lake house many miles north of Toronto.


Day 2


George wakes up just before dawn and showers. Reporting to duty to relieve Hawke, he gets an update on the situation. Conflict has started, but instead of Taiwan or Central Asia, it is South Korea, invaded suddenly by North Korea. U.S. and Japanese aircraft are supporting South Korean troops but it appears that Chinese forces may be involved as well. Jones tells George that their guest arrives in a few hours and he’ll be back up in time for her arrival.


A couple short scenes show everyone increasingly on edge. George goes to the exterior guardhouse and meets up with Larry. The two talk some more, though now Omar is worrying about his wife and kids back in Vancouver. A car pulls up and Captain Kyra Irving (Davis) exits. Jones has arrived and he with George welcomes her to DA7. The two take her on a tour. Kyra is a very sharp and inquisitive officer, asking all of the right questions and knowing when to press on an issue. The tour of the station shows the personnel hard at work, not paying attention to Kyra’s presence. Jones says that they haven’t picked up anything out of the ordinary, which is comforting. The tour also goes to the sub-levels, since Kyra wants to know how the off-duty personnel pass their time. There the tour bumps into Hawke. Hawke introduces himself and comes off a little too unprofessional, but Kyra ignores it. Kyra says she’ll shadow Jones to see how he handles managing the whole station.


After she and Jones depart, Hawke looks at George and makes a crude gesture. George pretends he didn’t notice but Hawke sees through it and the two commiserate for a moment.


A couple more scenes of work happen, showing character development for the other characters. Lisa picks up a communication saying that Seoul has been overrun by North Korean forces with Chinese support, but the South Korean military is holding firm south of the capital. She brings this to Jones, who says he probably should know more about the people serving below him since they go on these lengthy rotations. Lisa assures him that the enlisted personnel respect him. Meanwhile, with Kyra in the radar room, Jason picks up on radar a large amount of planes flying west. They’re American long-range bombers. Kyra asks how often he’s picked up American planes on the radar. Jason says it happens occasionally, but never this many.


During the evening, George is eating dinner when Kyra joins him. He asks what she thinks about the station and she remarks that everything seems to be running quite well. She remarks that Hawke seems eager to impress and asks George to keep this conversation between them. George agrees about Hawke but says that he means well enough. Kyra asks about George and the two trade some details about their background. Kyra then says she is going to grab a bit of sleep and says it was good talking to him. George smiles and decides to find Hawke but when he finds Hawke he finds both him and Jones by a telephone, looking somber. Jones looks at George and says “A Chinese submarine sank an American aircraft carrier in the Taiwan Strait. They retaliated with a cruise missile attack that wiped out half of their naval bases, but they’ve already begun an amphibious invasion of Taiwan and they’re skirmishing with Russian troops in Central Asia. NORAD’s ordered us to DEFCON-1.” Jones says that they will need to work extra hard to keep their subordinates calm and focused, since the rules for DEFCON-1 are that whatever rotation is at the station when the call is made stays there until further notice. He then goes to give the news to Kyra. George and Hawke look at one another with a hint of fear. “Is this really going to happen?” George asks. Hawke doesn’t respond, but looks out a window facing west.


Day 3


That morning, George gets news that the South Korean defenses by Seoul had broken and Chinese tanks were aiding the North Koreans. Panicking, someone in Pacific Command went rogue and ordered the use of tactical nukes just north of the pre-war border, obliterating the reinforcements. In response North Korea launched its only nuclear missiles against the South Korean city of Busan, annihilating the metro area. Chinese forces are pushing into Taiwan, though their navy has been wrecked by the Americans. China is having much more success on land, its armies now plunging into Central Asia. Satellites have confirmed fueling trucks being present at Chinese missile silos.


George gets a call to come to the exterior of the station and arrives to find Larry and several MPs with guns drawn on a trio of people, two enlisted personnel from the station and one MP, who have tried to flee the station in a jeep. The trio says they’re scared for their families and want to go home but Larry says the rules say no one enters or leaves. George tries to convince the enlisted men that the best thing they can do is to do their jobs, which could save lives. This convinces one of them to return from the jeep as the other officers arrive. Jones orders the remaining two to come back as well. The MP shouts that they’ll have to force him and pulls out his sidearm. Larry tells the MP that he doesn’t want to shoot him but he will if the MP doesn’t put down his weapon. After a tense minute the MP goes to do that, but then the other person grabs the gun. Three of Larry’s men instinctively fire and perforate the enlisted man and the MP with bullets.


In the station, Matt is jumpy and says they killed two people upstairs when they just wanted to go home. Jason tells Matt that what happened happened because those people were stupid. Matt returns to his duties and Jason for the first time looks upset and in a locker room pounds the wall in frustration. Lisa, walking by, asks if something is wrong and Jason says that many of the men are about to crack and he can’t help but think he will too. Lisa tells him that he needs to show them that he isn’t feeling the pressure.


Work continues, with George and the other officers trying to process what has happened. Hawke talks to Jones about the incident and Jones is distraught, trying to figure out how the situation could have been prevented, Hawke shows a colder side and says that the MPs did what had to be done. Jones gets a message saying that nuclear-armed bombers are being ordered to fail-safe points in the Pacific. George meanwhile finds Kyra smoking a cigarette outside and joins her for a smoke of his own. Kyra says that she always means to quit but always finds herself smoking again. George says he’s the same and adds that given the situation, smoking is the least likely thing to kill them. Kyra laughs at the morbid humor.


A little later, there’s a sudden partial power failure. The underground portion of the station is unaffected, as is the radar and communications equipment, but most of the vehicles and equipment in the ground level and outside are dead. George realizes that it had to be an EMP, since the radar and communications equipment dates back to the Cold War and was made to be shielded, as was the underground level. Jones says the only way an EMP would happen was if the Chinese detonated a nuke in the upper atmosphere over the Pacific coast, and they detected no missile trajectories. Kyra says that NORAD has suspected the Chinese covertly placed nuclear devices in “private” satellites, planning to use them as a part of a surprise first strike. “But if that’s true” George begins, “yes” Kyra replies “it’s happening.” The station’s emergency alarm sounds, causing the three to rush to the main radar room.


Inside Jason and several personnel are shouting out names and numbers as a large computer screen shows a map of the Pacific Ocean and West Coast, with dots several thousand miles away slowly blipping closer to North America. Hawke is trying to give orders as calmly as possible. “It started with a submarine cruise missile attack at the Alaska early warning stations just after the power failure here” he says. “We now have at least fifty confirmed contacts inbound from China, and that number is growing. The first few appear to be on a track for Hawaii in fifteen minutes but the rest will be hitting the West Coast in just under half an hour.” Just after he finishes several new contacts emerge. Jones, trying to maintain composure, says to the whole room “With the Alaska warning system down we’re one of the few advance stations NORAD has” he says loudly. “Keep on forwarding the data to Cheyenne Mountain and they’ll do the best they can with it.” Strangely everyone, who was nervous before, now have an eerie calm about them now that the unthinkable is happening.


The film shows a couple short scenes of the characters as they try to do their jobs with missiles coming in closer and closer. By the time Hawaii gets hit China has launched well over three hundred nuclear missiles against the U.S., Japan, South Korea, and Russia, with the U.S. and Russia sending their own retaliatory strikes. Because ICBMs have MIRV capability, a single missile has the ability to hit multiple targets. A single missile is inbound for the Vancouver area and under normal estimates that is one warhead for Vancouver, one for the British Columbia capital of Victoria on the southern coast of Vancouver Island, and a handful more to lay waste to their combined metro areas. Though DA7 is over a hundred miles away from Victoria and won’t have any direct effects from the nuclear strike, the station will be receiving significant fallout in the hours following the Pacific Northwest getting nuked and from extended fallout drifting across the Pacific from China, Japan, and Russia. Several MPs and enlisted personnel flee, this time Larry and the other MPs not having the stomach to stop them. Jones gets on the station intercom and tells people to stay at their posts until the last missile is accounted for. After that, anyone who wants to take their chances outside is welcome to, with everyone else taking shelter in the sub-levels of the station until the fallout danger is past.


Soon enough, the last inbound missile hits its target. In all every significant metropolitan area and military installation from Denver on west has been hit along with a number more in the Midwest. Over half of the remaining personnel elect to leave, all of them having families in the small towns scattered on the northern half of the island. The rest, including the main characters, will be taking shelter in the underground levels, which are secured by a lead-lined sealed door. Larry grieves about his lost family in Vancouver. Matt, still at his post, says that he’s picked up a second wave emanating from the Pacific Ocean. A handful of submarines have launched missiles, their closer distance putting much of the central third of Canada and the US in danger. Contact with Cheyenne Mountain has been lost but Strategic Air Command in Omaha is now giving orders. Matt volunteers to stay behind to feed info to Omaha but Jason tells him he’s crazy since DA7’s exterior will soon be receiving fallout from the Vancouver missile as well as nuclear strikes in Alaska. Matt says someone needs to stay on the line as long as possible and Jones, reluctantly, gives Matt permission.


Everyone else goes to the underground levels, about three dozen people in all. Jones gives orders on how to set things up best for an extended stay underground. goes to talk with Hawke, who isn’t relishing being cooped up underground for a while but is more afraid of the fallout outside.


About two hours later, Matt calls down on a short-distance radio to say the last missile has hit, but the automated radiation detectors are picking up fallout. Matt looks out a window to see clumps of ash landing in the area. On the radio he says that he doesn’t want to expose the other people to radiation by entering. Jones is torn, but George convinces him that the base is structured such that no fallout will enter the underground portion, but Matt will need to be decontaminated immediately. Jones gives the go-ahead for Matt to come down and enlisted personnel quickly let him in and then quickly, in haz-mat suits, use whatever tools they have to decontaminate Matt and destroy his original clothes.


Later, in new clothes, Matt tells the assembled people the situation. Matt looks a little nauseous but otherwise fine. The second wave hit the largest population and military centers between Denver and Chicago. The Eastern third of North America escaped being hit. George asks about Toronto and is told that it didn’t get hit. George breathes a sigh of relief. Jones takes over and tells the men and women that with the damage sustained from the initial attacks and the ensuing fallout, they’ll be cut off from the outside world for at least a few weeks. During this time they’ll keep focused on tasks to keep the underground levels functioning and will use the secondary control room to monitor the situation outside the station. Everyone is nervous, but they all nod.


Day 4


Jason and Lisa are taking inventory of a food storeroom. As they catalog the contents Lisa says she hears that Matt is sick. Jason nods and says that though he’s decontaminated, enough radiation penetrated to get him sick. Lisa asks if Matt will make it and Jason replies that he doesn’t know, since they don’t have much medical equipment here.


Jones holds a meeting with George, Hawke, and Kyra. He says that inventory shows that they have enough food to last for roughly a month. There’s been no radio contact since Omaha got hit. He also says that Matt came down with nausea, fever, diarrhea, and other symptoms shortly after returning, so he has radiation poisoning. Computer measurements of the outside confirm that the area has received significant fallout. Kyra says that based on the onset of Matt’s symptoms, he’ll be in the immediate stage for another day or so, at which point the sickness will go latent for maybe a week, but then it’ll return. George asks what his chances are. Kyra replies “With quality medical care, maybe 50-50. But with what we have here, he won’t make it.”


A sick Matt lies in a cot in a private room. Jason, Lisa, and some others enter to check on him. Jason tells Matt what he did was pretty stupid. Matt smiles, looking pale, and says he just didn’t want to let anyone down. Jason pats him on the shoulder and says he didn’t.


Larry stays to himself, in total grief over his family. George notices him and tries to talk to him, but Larry brushes him off and goes to another place to stay in isolation. Kyra sees this and tells George that there’s nothing he can do, everyone processes things differently. She then adds that her parents and sister lived in Calgary, which was hit. George says that he’s so sorry and Kyra thanks him for that, adding that she’s glad his parents are ok.


A couple scenes show everyone trying to adjust. Since there is only so much to do once inventory is completed, most time is recreational time. George and Hawke play a game of backgammon, speculating about what things will be like once they go back topside. Hawke speculates that Canada will essentially be fending for itself in the months or even years to come. George can’t imagine the chaos there must be topside and Hawke says pensively “in times like that, it takes a strong person to keep people in line.”


Day 9


A few days have passed and life in the underground levels has developed its own kind of routine. To conserve power, hot water is rationed so the men are beginning to grow some facial hair. Matt is in the latency stage and feels well enough to assist in some duties, though the officers know in a few days he’ll take a dramatic turn for the worse. There is still no radio contact with anyone and Jones says that for all they know there have been further nuclear attacks. The radiation meters show that fallout is holding steady as dispersion from across the ocean could take weeks.


Larry seems to be slowly pulling out of his darkness and occasionally talks with other personnel, though he keeps the topics limited and shuts down anytime the talk gets close to about the war. Hawke is good at keeping the soldiers organized.


The routine gets shattered when Jason calls the officers to the secondary control room. He shows on the camera screens that a small group of civilians is clustering outside the fence, some carrying sick-looking children or adults. George says that some of them appear to be suffering from severe radiation sickness. The screen shows the civilians shouting and pleading for entrance. Jason asks Jones what he is planning on doing. Jones is indecisive for a moment so Hawke says they’re going to do nothing. George says that they’re suffering out there, but Hawke says that the worst thing to do would be to expose the station to a new horde of people. Jones sighs and says that Hawke is right, they don’t have the food or supplies to care for all of those people, some of whom are walking dead anyway. The other officers leave as George watches the civilians slowly trickle away. “He may be right, but it still feels like shit” Jason says.


Later George finds Kyra alone, smoking a cigarette. She says that since she can’t go outside to smoke, she’ll just have to be careful where and when she smokes inside. She shares the cigarette with George and the two of them agree that they feel terrible about the civilians, but there just is no choice. George says the only thing that surprised him was how quickly Hawke brought up leaving them out there. Kyra agrees and says that in unimaginable situations like this, people respond in different ways.


Day 12


George is woken by a soldier who tells him that Matt is seriously ill. George goes to see Matt, who is back to being in a private room. Matt looks deathly pale and nauseous as he throws up into a bucket. Jones is there and says that overnight all of Matt’s symptoms returned, with much more force. Jones says that based on the severity of the symptoms, Matt may last only a day or so, and now there’s no hiding that fact.


Indeed, at a meeting of the whole group, when Jones explains Matt’s prognosis, the news disheartens most of the people. Jason blames himself, saying that he should have made Matt gone down and he should have stayed up there instead.


The officers talk about Matt, who is convulsing occasionally and sometimes screaming in pain. Kyra says he has maybe 24 hours to live, but it’ll be a terrible 24 hours. Hawke jumps to the subject of what they do when Matt is dead. Jones doesn’t want to risk exposing his people to radiation. Kyra says that if two people in hazmat suits move quickly to take the body outside, they won’t accumulate significant radiation. Jones is hesitant, showing signs of becoming more indecisive as time passes, so George says that following Kyra’s plan will be good. Hawke then says that the best thing to do is to administer a lethal dose of painkillers to Matt. Hawke justifies it by saying that aside from sparing Matt a lot of pain, the longer he is alive and in pain the longer it will decrease the morale of the other personnel. Jones, after much hesitation, says that if Matt wants it, then they’ll do it.


In private George vents to Kyra about Hawke, saying that this isn’t the same person he knew even a week ago. Kyra reminds him that Hawke is simply focusing on survival. She says that she is more concerned about Jones. George asks what they should do and Kyra replies that they can only watch for now. George sighs and goes to leave but as he does, Kyra reaches out and takes hold of his hand. “Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed” she says caringly. “You’re a good person and you know the right thing to do, you just have to help them.” George nods and for a few seconds they stand there like that before George says he should go and leaves the room.


Jason finds Jones and asks him if there is anything he can do to help Matt. Jones tells him about the idea to spare Matt some pain and Jason volunteers to talk to Matt about it. Jason goes to Matt’s room, but Matt is almost incoherent at times. Finally, Jason is able to get through to Matt and says that the others would like to spare Matt the pain, if Matt wants it. Matt, in a brief moment of lucidity, weakly says yes. Jason, tearing up, takes the syringe with painkillers and injects it into Matt’s arm. Matt looks at Jason and smiles in a moment of peace before he expires. Jason goes to put on a hazmat suit and Lisa joins him, saying he shouldn’t do it alone. Jason thanks her and the two of them wrap Matt in a sheet and take him to the ground level and quickly go outside to place him there. They then quickly go back inside and seal everything up. After they’ve decontaminated everything, Jason sinks to the floor, crying. Lisa sits next to him and holds him.


Day 16


The mood in the underground level is precarious, with some people getting claustrophobic or depressed. One person broke into the medical room, stole some painkillers, and intentionally OD’d on them. With radiation levels not subsiding, Jones says they can’t risk exposure, so the body is dumped in a remote room. One person is complaining about everything so Larry, who is no longer sulking but instead a bit on edge, tells him to shut up. The complainer doesn’t so Larry yells at him to be quiet and the complainer flips out, so Larry proceeds to heavily beat up the complainer before men separate the two. Lisa brings this incident and others to George’s attention, saying that some of the people are getting more prone to outbursts. George has noticed this but he isn’t sure what they can do.


Jones is sitting in a small room, staring at pictures of his family from his wallet, his sidearm on a little table next to him. Kyra enters to speak to Jones about the situation in the station and Jones rambles a bit about life before the nuclear strike, about how he loved going home to Winnipeg on leave to be with his family. He says that his wife and kids were thinking of going on vacation around the week the war happened but he convinced them to wait until his deployment ended in three months. Jones says that they’re still waiting for him, but now for a different reason. He asks Kyra what she thinks and Kyra, feeling uneasy, says that she hopes that their families have gone on to a better place. Jones then asks if there was something she wanted and Kyra says it can wait.


Kyra pulls George aside and asks him to talk with her in private. Kyra says that she thinks Jones is on the way towards a nervous breakdown.


Hawke visits Larry, who is in quarantine for the time being. Hawke asks Larry why he beat the man so badly and Larry says that the person was a fool who isn’t appreciating that they’re alive and protected from the madness going on outside. He says that people who don’t appreciate the opportunity don’t deserve to be treated well. Hawke smiles and says “I completely agree.”


Day 19


Jason and Lisa have grown close and spend a quiet, intimate moment in a secluded corner of the station. Larry has been released from isolation and is on good behavior, he and Hawke seem to be policing the station, cracking down on unruly behavior. In one instance when there is a disagreement Hawke coldly stares down the two enlisted men and gets them to back down. When he speaks about suggestions for rules, some men start to pay attention.


Day 21


A fight breaks out in the recreation room between a handful of people and it takes many others to bring it under control. With the atmosphere as it is, a group of four enlisted men say that they’ve had enough and try to force their way outside. George rushes to get Jones and finds him praying. Jones is slow to respond but eventually George convinces him to try to stop things. At the recreation room, Jones tries to persuade the four men, who all have sidearms, that it is still too dangerous outside. He says in a week they should be able to venture outside safely, but the men say they’ll shoot their way out if they have to.


This prompts several others to get their guns ready and the situation threatens to go haywire. George and Jason plead with the men to not endanger the whole station, taking over for Jones who is timid in the face of the challenge. Things are at a tipping point when Hawke, Larry, and two other men appear with guns and fire, shooting all four deserters. George demands from Hawke an explanation. Hawke says “they were deserting and would have killed all of us to get out. Only one way to be sure that didn’t happen.” George looks to Jones for support but Jones seems to have gone catatonic. He tells Jason and another man to take Jones back to his quarters. As they do that, George looks at Hawke and is struck by the coldness in the man’s eyes.


After the bodies are very briefly disposed of outside, George meets with Kyra, who has assumed command as she’s technically senior to George in the chain of command. The two talk about the last few days and Kyra admits that she is fearful for how things will turn out. George says he will be by her side to back her up. The two then lean in for a kiss which progresses into a fairly explicit sex scene.


Day 22


As the acting commander, Kyra makes it a rule to collect everyone’s weapons and to store them in the small armory, which has only two keys. She keeps one for herself and gives the other to George. Only the officers and a couple NCOs, such as Jason, are allowed to keep their sidearms.


Sensing things aren’t quite right; George seeks out Hawke and tries to talk with him, saying he is a little nervous about Hawke. Hawke assures George that he’s fine, just a little tensed up from stress. George isn’t fully convinced, but Hawke reverts back to his old self and warmly reminisces with George. He also says that he’s noticed how George and Kyra have interacted and congratulates him on getting it in. His concerns alleviated, George lets the matter go.


Day 24


The radiation sensors monitoring the exterior of the station fail, the backup generators automatically cutting power to them as a way of conserving power. Lisa reports to Kyra that the last readings showed a steady presence of fallout in the air, enough to give someone a lethal dose if they’re outside for a sustained period of time. But the computer model’s latest projections show that it would be safe to go out in a week, though they won’t be sure of that now.


Kyra assembles the personnel to tell them this and a noticeable air of panic runs through many of them. Kyra assures them that unless something unexpected happens it will be safe to leave in a little over a week. Larry interjects and says that going outside to check would be a fool’s errand, since it could still be a death trap and they wouldn’t know it until they get sick. George points out that eventually the stored food will run out and they’d have to leave anyways.


After that meeting George is approached by Jason, who tells him that Jones is showing more erratic behavior and he may soon pose a threat to his own safety. George goes to check on Jones and finds that he has ripped pages out of the Bible and has pasted them to the walls of his room and he is rambling about the end times. George tries to calm him down. Jones says that they have been forsaken by God and buried alive. George, calmly, says that he thinks that when terrible events happen, God wants them to pull together with their fellow humans, not to fall apart. Jones says that the lucky ones were those who died in the war, since a wasteland awaits the survivors and the chaos will be a fertile ground for their demons to get the better of them all. Jones grows angry and attacks George, saying that the demons are in their very own midst. George fends off Jones and has him locked in the room. Shaken, George goes to think in private where Jason finds him. George says that Jones has gone mad, but he can’t help but think there is some truth to what he said. Jason says that they just have to keep doing the right thing. George sighs and replies that that is easier said than done.


Day 27


Hawke meets with Larry and a handful of other people. Hawke tells them that the world outside is clearly in a state of chaos. The men and women nod in agreement. Hawke says that in such a time, only the strong will survive and those who are the strongest and the best organized will be in charge. Again, the people nod. Hawke says that they must do what they can to ensure that they as military survivors are the strongest people in this area, but that means they cannot leave until they are the most ready they can be. There could still be lethal radiation out there and leaving too soon will kill them all. They can only leave when the time is right. Once they do that, then they can take this remote part of the world and rule it like kings. It’s madness clearly, but in the stress of the situation people buy into it. One of them asks about the others and Larry, after getting a nod from Hawke, says “It’s about making us the most ready. Some of them will just be burdens. And there’s only one thing to do with burdens: toss them aside.” Everyone nods in agreement.


Hawke goes to the door to Jones’ room and with a key he procured, enters. Jones is now living in misery but he perks up when Hawke enters. “So, you came” he says to Hawke, who squats by him. “I tried to warn them, but they don’t listen” Jones continues, “and now it is too late.” Hawke, amused, asks him what he tried to warn the people about. “That there are demons in our midst” Jones says “and that you are one of them.” Hawke chuckles and then says “You know Colonel, you may be right about that. But in the land of sheep, the wolf is king.” Hawke then lunges forward and grabs Jones by the neck, strangling him to death. He makes it look like Jones hung himself and leaves the room.


Day 28


Lisa is sitting in the secondary control room, doing the usual scan of radio frequencies, when for the first time, she picks up something other than static. It is a cycling transmission from Saskatchewan that indicates that it is a command-and-relief center for civilians. Lisa is overcome with joy at finding that there are people alive out there.


She brings the news to Kyra, who is happy since it means that they can begin steps to leave the station. Since it’s just a cycling loop, there’s no way to contact the people there but it’s a good sign nonetheless. The good cheer is disrupted though by an enlisted man, who says that he found Jones dead, apparently by suicide.


The news of Jones’ death is saddening for the men and women, though some are brought out of it by the news of the transmission. Larry however discounts the transmission. It’s on a loop, so whoever set it up could be dead, and even if they aren’t, chances are they’re overwhelmed by the people who came before the fallout reached them. Kyra agrees that that may be the case, but it gives them further reason to begin exploring outside in a few days. Larry and proclaims that they cannot leave until they are strong and ready, with a plan in their minds and the guns from the armory in their hands. Kyra says that no one is taking anything from the armory. George tries to reason with him but Larry suddenly lashes out and begins pummeling George. It takes Jason and three others to pull Larry off and by then George is fairly beaten up in the face and ribs, so Kyra has him taken to a private room. Larry is locked up.


George is recovering but is told by Kyra that he will have to stay in bed for at least a day since he likely has some rib fractures. George tries to smile through his bruised face and jokingly says “you should see the other guy,” to which Kyra replies “I did, he won the fight.” George laughs and winces from the pain. Kyra kisses him and tells him to rest.


Jason is doing some inventory when Hawke talks to him, saying that the place is a powder keg. Jason agrees but says once the people get outside and try to help rebuild, the bad atmosphere will disperse. Hawke points out that they shouldn’t try something like that until they have a plan and are ready to take a leading role. Jason asks what a “leading role” means and Hawke is about to tell him but then says “never mind, just some thought I had.” Hawke tells Jason to keep up the work and departs, Jason looking after him curiously.


Hawke then goes to meet with his several followers. They are down about Larry’s episode but Hawke tells them that Larry did it on his orders. They ask him why and Hawke replies “because now one of the keys to the armory is ready for the taking.”


Day 29


Jason and Lisa are sharing an intimate moment, naked but covered by a blanket. They talk about their plans once they get out of the station and how hard it may be to start a new life in such a changed world. Feeling totally bonded, they start to have sex.


George stirs as someone enters his room. It is Hawke. Hawke asks how George is doing and George says it’ll probably be a day before he can get up. Hawke says that’s good and brings in two enlisted men, who hold George down. George tries to cry out but Hawke covers his mouth. “Relax” Hawke tells him. “I’m doing you a favor. Now you won’t be in the crossfire.” He injects George with a sedative, knocking him out. Hawke grabs the armory key from around George’s neck. As he holds it, Hawke says to George “you’ll thank me when this is over.”


Hawke and the two men then go to the armory and unlock it with the key. Inside they take a number of automatic weapons. “Be careful. We go on my mark” Hawke says.


Kyra is in the secondary control room looking at some data. The weather as of late has been conducive for flushing the radiation out of the air and some of the ground, which means they may be able to leave safely earlier.


Hawke with two men, all armed, go to the room where Larry is being held. The guard says that Larry is to be locked up until further notice. Hawke says that things are different now and shoots the guard dead, the film showing quick reaction shots of people hearing the noise. Hawke gets the door open and tosses a weapon to Larry.


Kyra, hearing the noise, ventures into the main area and sees Hawke with several others enter the room with weapons. A couple MPs take out their weapons but Hawke’s men gun them down. Hawke tells his men to find everyone and bring them into the recreation room. Hawke then points his pistol at Kyra and tells her to toss him her sidearm. Kyra, with no other option, does so. Hawke smiles and tells her that now it’s his orders that get followed.


Jason and Lisa, dressed in a hurry, try to find out what the commotion is and see around a corner Larry giving orders to two men to search the station, all three with guns. Jason realizes that some sort of coup is going on. Larry and the two men see Jason and Lisa. Jason considers trying to outdraw them but Lisa urges him to not be brave, since he can’t get all three in time. Jason relents and kicks his gun to Larry, who says Jason was smart and then whacks him with the butt of his gun, knocking Jason out.


Everyone who isn’t one of Hawke’s supporters, about a dozen in all, is herded into the recreation room. Hawke has a chat with Kyra in a private room. She asks about George and Hawke says that George won’t come to any harm. Kyra on the other hand is in trouble if she isn’t careful. She asks why he is doing this and Hawke says that chances are it would take months, years likely, for the countries hit to recover. While those governments are trying to hold onto the non-devastated regions, the rest of their countries are left to fend for themselves. Hawke says that a focused and well-armed group could dominate a large area of land, but they have to wait as long as possible to organize, let the fallout subside, and let society tear itself apart even more. Plus, who knows how much radiation is really out there, so it’s better to not just commit suicide. Kyra says that Hawke has gone insane. Hawke laughs and says he simply has adjusted to the reality they now live in. He says that Kyra is intelligent, which will be an asset for a rebuilding new order, and it would be better for her if she would just help him in his new work. Kyra asks what will happen if she refuses. Hawke says then she’ll have to be killed. “I thought about some other things of course, but then I would have to kill George, which I would rather not do.” He tells her to consider what he has said, for both her and George’s sake.


George wakes up and, grimacing, hobbles to his feet and looks out of his room. He sees a man patrolling with a gun and ducks back inside. He mutters a couple curses to himself.


Hawke arrives in the recreation room with Kyra and throws her into the middle where everyone else has been dumped. Hawke says that things are being run differently now. Hawke says that Kyra’s plan to gloriously lead them outside in a couple days is foolhardy, since there could be lethal radiation out there still and it would be suicide. He says that people have two choices: to join him or to die. To make a point, he has a man grab Lisa and says she’ll die to prove how serious he is and to conserve supplies. As Lisa begs Hawke to not do this, Jason acts, suddenly jumping behind Larry and grabbing his pistol and holding Larry hostage. Hawke smiles and says Jason miscalculated how much he values any man. Hawke then shoots Larry in the chest, the bullet passing through and wounding Jason. Jason no longer has a hostage. Hawke tells Jason that now he will die, the question is only if he’ll see Lisa die first. Jason, trembling, looks at Lisa and says he loves her before turning his gun on Hawke, who shoots him. “Not what I originally planned, but the point is still made” Hawke says as Lisa is dumped back into the group. “You have 12 hours to decide” Hawke says before leaving.


Day 30


Kyra comforts a grieving Lisa. She tells Lisa that Jason did it to save her life. Lisa asks what they should do now. Kyra whispers that Lisa should join the others, otherwise Jason’s death is in vain. But Kyra will refuse to, since Hawke is now the opposite of everything she believes in. Lisa ponders this and says she doesn’t know if she could live in a world led by men like Hawke. “When men like him are in charge, it is women like us who suffer the most.”


George struggles to his feet, but is feeling well enough to move on his own. He pokes his head out of his room and a guard sees him. “Oh, so now you’re up” the guard says, walking over to him. Grabbing his arm, the guard tells him that the boss wants to see him.


George is taken to Hawke. Hawke is pleased to see George and, the madness trickling through, briefly explains his plan to George and says that with the people who have died, the rations will last them at least a few days more, which will give them more time to prepare. George asks what makes Hawke so sure that there is even a world to take advantage of, since additional nuclear strikes could have happened. Hawke replies “All the more reason to stay in here until we are absolutely ready.” George says that the food will run out at some point, so what will Hawke do, eat the bodies? Hawke, after a few seconds, says “I’ve considered all possibilities.” George sighs. “I’m with you” he tells Hawke, who is pleased.


Hawke and George enter the recreation room and George spies Kyra. Hawke asks the captives if they’ve decided. None of them make a sound, but Kyra gets to her feet and tells Hawke that she won’t join him and he should just kill her now. Hawke smiles and hands a spare pistol to George. “This one is yours” Hawke tells him. George realizes that Hawke is testing him, but to be sure he points his gun at a wall and pulls the trigger. Only a click is heard. “Can’t shoot her without real bullets” George says. Hawke chuckles and motions for a guard to give George a real gun.


As the guard walks over, Lisa screams in rage and tackles the guard, pummeling him with her fists. Hawke sighs and shoots Lisa, but in the distraction Kyra had moved and surprised another guard, wresting the gun from him and shooting him dead. In the whole fracas the guard who Lisa attacked had dropped his gun and George picks it up, pointing it at Hawke, who has his gun pointed at Kyra, with her pointing her gun at him. Everyone else is frozen in a trance almost. “I thought you might be playing along” Hawke said, “but I hoped you would see things my way.” “You’ve broken away from everything we’ve stood for” George says, “I’d never join you.” Hawke laughs. “You may get me” he says, “but I’ll get your woman first.” George looks at Kyra and she gives him a slight nod. “Say when” Hawke says. Silence goes by for several seconds as the three people stare one another down, until finally all three fire almost simultaneously. Kyra and George’s bullets tear into Hawke’s chest and he falls dead, while Hawke’s bullet is off-target, hitting Kyra only in the right shoulder. George immediately goes to check on Kyra and she says the bullet went through, she’ll make it. She kisses him and George helps her to her feet. They look at everyone else, none of them moving a muscle. “We’re going topside” Kyra says. “Any of you who want to rejoin the world, you’re welcome to come with us.” After a few seconds, someone says “but there’s nothing up there. It’s safer down here.” George looks at the carnage in the room, disbelief on his face. “If all of you want to stay down here, you’re welcome to this mausoleum.” He and Kyra then shuffle out of room, everyone else still frozen. Eventually one of them gets up and looks at the dead bodies. “Now the food will last longer” he says, and everyone else nods and mumbles in assent.


George does some first aid on Kyra, stitching up her shoulder wound and bandaging it. They walk to the entrance to the surface level and pass through, both looking over their shoulders to see if anyone is coming after them to kill them, or to leave with them. There is no one.


They get to the surface level and grab a set of car keys from George’s locker. Holding Kyra close, George guides her towards his vehicle, which is parked in the motor pool. Amazingly the car starts. Without saying a word they into the outside world and see a blue, sunny sky. The landscape is somewhat barren, with a lot of vegetation killed off. At the gatehouse George goes inside to get the gate mechanically opened. After that he returns to the car and the two drive down the driveway away from DA7. As they do, they pass by the corpses of a number of civilians, most likely the sickest of those who came earlier in the film seeking help.


George and Kyra look at one another, Kyra giving George an affirmative and hopeful nod of assurance, and they hold hands as their continues down the road, driving into whatever lies beyond.



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