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This one didn't do anything for me. The single take thing doesn't build tension, it actually takes away from it because so much of what you're watching is just filler, following two characters traversing from one place to the next, and since they're committed to that "one-take" thing you've just gotta watch that play out in its entirety, as opposed to doing what films do well and compressing time by editing. I swear the beginning of this movie just feels like 20 minutes of the characters walking through trenches and talking intermittently. Then they walk through some fields. Then walk underground. Then through another field. Occasionally some action happens to liven up the walking. I think the single take thing works well and adds to the tension during those moments of action, but the rest of the time it feels like watching your friend play through an uneventful war game that consists mainly of traversal.


Honestly this might be one of my least favorites of the year, lol. I didn't hate it and obviously on a technical level everything's very well done but I really wasn't into it at all. 

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