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Amsterdam | David O. Russell | October 7, 2022 | Christian Bale to star | 20th Century Studios

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Pink called it before me but the Swift credit is amazing, just dropped her behind Timothy Olyphant like she was a mid-level character actor. Either that or the Justified fanbase more powerful than Swift fanbase (possible)

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On 7/6/2022 at 10:32 AM, MrPink said:

Love how they buried Taylor Swift to a quick credit in the middle of everything. Real blink and you miss it energy

This is why the trailer is flopping. Disney was very dumb to not go all in on the swifties.

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2 hours ago, TheDude391 said:

Kinda crazy O Russel hasnt gotten ANY comeuppance for his actions. Dude got away with abusing cast, crew AND his niece without even a slap on the wrist.

He has directed an insane number of Oscar nominated performances in the span of a few movies (3 for The Fighting with 2 wins, 4 for SLP with 1 win, 4 for AH and even JLaw for Joy) so there will always be people thirsty enough. Ricky Gervais was right when he said if ISIS had a streaming platform everyone would be calling their agent! 

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7 hours ago, tonytr87 said:

Screw the haters, the case and premise rule, and this trailer is pretty good too. 



I don't think it's cool to call people against a man groping his transgender niece "haters"... the same guy who was persona non grata in Hollywood for being a public bully


And I say that as someone who genuinely likes his filmmaking and hoped this could help the theatrical prestige drama

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Odd move. This had the Nov 4 weekend all to itself and it was closer to Oscar season and the Thanksgiving holiday. Can't see much reasoning behind this unless Disney plans to move Black Panther up a week or date another movie there.

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2 minutes ago, DAJK said:

Interesting. Sept/Oct is pretty dead all things considered, maybe Disney thinks this’ll be more of a commercial play than an awards one.

It isn't going to be a commercial play since it's not an awards play. The reviews won't be great. It'll have no awards/fest buzz. I can't even think of how many adult pictures released in fall without any awards hype and did well? Everything I'm thinking of (Bad Times At El Royale, etc) flopped

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