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Eric 2099

Downton Abbey: A New Era | May 20, 2022

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But let’s start with the Crawley family of Downton 2. The Simon Curtis-directed return to the Grantham estate — and far flung locales this time around — sailed off with $9.3M from 33 markets, logging No. 1s in the UK and Australia. In the former, the ensemble pic set the table with $3.8M from 746 locations — the second-widest release ever there, behind only No Time To Die. The location average was three-times that of second-placed title Sonic. Australia opened to $1.3M, 15% above the recent Death On The Nile. Older auds in the market are still showing some reticence to return to cinemas, while reviews and reactions have been positive.


The UK take is in line with The Theory Of Everything and above 2019’s Little Women. It was lower than the original 2019 Downton feature, partly owing to the April vs September date of the previous movie and sunny weather on Saturday. There is a lucrative bank holiday tomorrow and word of mouth is positive. Some reviews are a bit snarky, but that won’t necessarily impact want-to-see for fans while the movie should work as counter-programming to what’s on deck.


France has good notices and gave the sequel a $1.1M start. Germany‘s $765K drew from strong daily growth throughout the frame and placed the movie at No. 3. The Netherlands came in on par with the first Downton feature, with $567K at No. 2. In Italy, where the market was down overall 43% compared to last session, the debut was $415K. Spain started off with $315K and is heading into the Fiesta del Cine when ticket prices are reduced. New Zealand grossed $294K with good uplift across Saturday and Sunday following Friday’s end to school holidays. Upscale locations are showing strong results, claiming six of the top 10 sites.


Overall, playout is expected to be strong and the movie, which establishes Focus’ first franchise, should act as counter-programming to the superheroes and flying aces on the horizon. One of the big takeaways from CinemaCon this past week is that we need movies that cater to all and different audiences. The movie opens domestically on May 20 and will also hit China that weekend. Japan goes in September.


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