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56 minutes ago, The GOAT said:

I don't think people realizes that Italy has NINE PERCENT death rate. 

Italy is a bad example ... and nobody knows about the real death rate because no one knows how many are infected.

The current best estimate for mortality is around 0,5% (given proper treatment, mind! - which means in many cases ICU which becomes the bottleneck everywhere)

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Please try and have the self awareness to know whether or not you know what you are talking about. If you can’t grasp basic epidemiology or statistics please don’t post. 

Understanding the death rate requires understanding the number of people infected. Understanding the number people infected requires testing. If you don’t test you can’t properly understand the death rate. 

[Edit:The death rate is NOT the number of deaths as a percentage of the number of tested and confirmed cases.]


BOT Staff

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6 hours ago, dudalb said:

BTW I think it's a good bet that three weeks from  now, Trump will deny he ever said the country will be open by Easter.

To be fair to Trump, he didn't say which Easter.

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23 hours ago, peludo said:

Spain - Thursday

56,188 positive cases (+8,578 relative to Wednesday) +18.02%

4,089 deaths (+655) +19.07%

7,015 healed (+1,648) +30.71%


The spread keeps the same path, around 15-20% daily increase.


First day that death increase is lower than 20% since March 16th (that day we were at 309 total deaths), and the first day in last 7 days we have less deaths than previous day.


Healed people is again the best data, with a way better daily increase percentage than both new positive cases and deaths.

Spain - Friday

64,059 positive cases (+7,871 relative to Thursday) +14.01%

4,858 deaths (+769) +18.81%

9,357 healed (+2,342) +33.39%


The positive cases data is the least accurate since there are estimations that we could have 500,000 cases in the whole country. The lack of tests is the reason of this gap. Anyway, it is the first day that the number of new cases is lower than the 2 previous days.


The number of deaths is bigger than yesterday, but the percentage increase is a bit lower.


And healed people rate keep being over 30%. Again, the best data.

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covid19 solutions should not encourage anti-globalization that the quarantine mind-set may point to. 


viruses, climate change, and other common challenges that disrespect nation state boundaries, demand a bottom-up egalitarian version of globalization.


this may require receding inwards temporarily, but for people of different nations to isolate themselves from one another will hit innovation, creativity and we will stagnate - ending up feeling different parts of the elephant never figuring out what the answer is. 


no nation how big, diverse and strong knows all the answers. recede and take a few steps back with the intention to catapult forward. 🙏

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Italian newspapers report that the number of deaths in the country might actually be underreported.

E.g. the mayor of Nembro, a town near Bergamo, says that officially there have been 31 deaths due to the virus. Yet when they looked at the number of total deaths of past years, the average over the period from January to March has been 35, while the number for this year is already at 158. So unless there is something else out there that is suddenly killing far more people than usual, the number of deaths caused by this virus must be quite a bit higher.


They went through the numbers for other towns in the region as well, and found the very same situation.

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58 minutes ago, theultimatebiu said:

Also, Boris testing positive is crazy. Maybe a lot more people will take this far more serious.


Now it's to see who else he might have spread this to.

So Prince Charles and Boris Johnson...Geez...the entire British governmental structure has probably been exposed:(...

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57 minutes ago, MadJosh said:

I dont get how some people find this funny. Im not saying i wish people who laugh at this get Coronavirus, but if they did (Madhuvan) I'd have zero sympathies 

Umm.. When did I laugh? Keep your pseudo morality to yourself. 

You have been trolling in this thread for far too long. 



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59 minutes ago, MadJosh said:

I dont get how some people find this funny. Im not saying i wish people who laugh at this get Coronavirus, but if they did (Madhuvan) I'd have zero sympathies 

PS: Read my comment. Boris Johnson started this Herd Immunity thing. 

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