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1 minute ago, Arendelle Legion said:

Step 1: March Madness will proceed as normal

Step 2: Okay, we’ll still play the games, but you can’t watch in-person

Step 3(?): 


I think they relised that a March Madness game ,even on TV, without the crowd reaction would be a interesting as a game of tiddly winks, and the ratings would plummet . The audience rooting for their team is a big part of the fun of March Madness.


1 minute ago, cannastop said:


Hey time to cull the herd and improve the Human race.....

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3 hours ago, Lordmandeep said:

I would say its a bit morbid to say "its just boomers getting killed"


Just because a person is 60 does not mean they can be discarded. 

THANK YOU! The fact that I actually had to say this to someone irl who suggested it's a good thing the "old people are dying because now there will be less pipeline supporters" speaks volumes. 


Also, I'm totally against outright panic (even though it's better than outright complacency). But oh damn if I had Trump as a fucking President I would be scared as hell. What an idiot. 

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2 hours ago, cookie said:

Denmark is going to close all schools from Monday. Number of cases went up 400%+ in just the last two days.

Yep. Its fuck. People are cleaning out stores and there is panic


I have to close my buisness for a while and im fucked if it takes to long. Its high season for me now


life is great

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1 minute ago, Brainbug said:

Yesterday Denmark had 206 cases.


Today 706.

Tomorrow could be worse. Luckly only 2 are in critical condition atm

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2 minutes ago, john2000 said:

weird it says 550 , maybe it wrong though

3 hours ago it was 514 when it was annouced that Denmark is shutting down for 2 weeks

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1 minute ago, john2000 said:

i guess, we will know soon enough

Its 514 atm


Who knows how many more tomorrow

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