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2 hours ago, titanic2187 said:

Already 708.5m, I didn't expect NTTD to defeat F9 total this easily. Anymore major market left? This should end with 750m-775m 

it did 28.4m this weekend globally. I think it will do around 780m WW.  I think only Philippines is left and I am not sure how the market will behave now. 

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So it's at $708.4m now, my guesses for the following markets would be:

Australia: 16m

DOM: 15m

UK: 8m

Germany: 6.25m

Netherlands: 4.6m

China: 3.5m

France 3.3m

This adds up to $56.65m

The other markets should add another 10-15m and new markets maybe 4m (if its 2markets).


So yeah $765m + is locked thinking it's going close to or over $780m



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I was gonna wait for some more time, but whatever.

  Spectre No Time To Die
  Gross Admits ATP Normal ATP Ratio Gross Admits ATP Normal ATP Ratio
Germany €67,400,000 7,089,386 €9.51 €8.39 1.13 €65,500,000 6,000,000 €10.92 €8.75 1.25
Spain €7,226,000 1,099,362 €6.57 €5.98 1.10 €7,900,000 1,180,000 €6.69 €5.90 1.13
Italy €12,500,000 1,812,568 €6.90 €6.23 1.11 €8,000,000 1,098,000 €7.29 €6.30 1.16
France €36,500,000 4,980,000 €7.33 €6.48 1.13 €32,500,000 4,175,000 €7.78 €6.40 1.22
Netherlands €20,519,000 2,190,280 €9.37 €8.38 1.12 €21,000,000 1,775,000 €11.83 €9.00 1.31
Total $154,994,624 17,171,596 $9.03     $158,705,882 14,228,000 $11.15    
UK £95,201,000 11,750,000 £8.10 £7.21 1.12 £97,000,000 10,250,000 £9.46 £7.10 1.33
Total $301,457,701 28,921,596 $10.42     $291,110,882 24,478,000 $11.89    



The European markets managed to over do Spectre in USD due to better ER and increased ATP, despite 18% drop in footfalls.


UK is bit hurt by ER, so increased ATP don't have that impact. 


If the film was released in 2019 ticket prices and ER, it would have done $240M with same footfalls. CoVID may be taking some gross away but lower competition has extended the run, so bit divided on how much to account for those two.


Will make one post for Nordics later in the day.

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‘No Time To Die’ crosses $750m

The weekend saw Universal/MGM’s No Time To Die become the first US studio film of the pandemic era to reach $750m box office. Estimated global weekend takings of $9.3m take the worldwide total to $753.1m. Top international markets were Australia with $2.8m in its third session and China with $1.1m in its fifth. In UK/Ireland, No Time To Die has reached $129.9m, overtaking Spectre to become the second-biggest Bond film (after Skyfall) and the third-biggest film of all time (after Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Skyfall).

No Time To Die has now reached 85% of Spectre’s lifetime global total of $881m, and 69% of Skyfall’s $1.11bn tally.

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Ok now it's getting quite ridiculous, BoxOfficeMojo has finally updated the total in the US (first time since December 12th) and it has increased by about 320k dollars, while the WW total has instead remained at 774.1M like more than a month and a half ago...

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