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Weekend Thread: Call of the Wild 8M Friday

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58 minutes ago, The Horror of Lucas Films said:


1. No, they didn't make him an open gay character because it was still designed to be a blockbuster, and they would never give such an important role to a gay character on a blockbuster (prove I'm wrong, Eternals!), even Deadpool, one of the most 'edgy' franchises out there, has a gay character that doesn't even have 5 minutes on screen. 


2. Most of the stuff BM does we can't even see anyway because they're too hard even for a Rated R rating, so what's the point? The narrative wouldn't have suffered if it were PG13, and the B.O would've been bigger.

1. Maybe they didn't make him an openly gay character because it was designed to be a blockbuster but it's incredibly hard to dispute that he is an homage to queer-coded villains of the 80s and 90s.


2. We see more of the violence onscreen than we did with something like Joker. The narrative wouldn't have suffered but there's a lot of the humor (excluding one extremely disturbing scene in Black Mask's club that wouldn't have made it in a PG-13 version of the movie) that's dependant on the violence and vulgarity.

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@Valonqar acts like you need a star cast to sell these SH properties when it couldn't be more wrong.

Who the hell was Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana and Karen Gillian before the first GOTG? And don't bring me Vin Diesel/Bradley because most of audiences doesn't even know they're on these movies.

Even in Suicide Squad, you have Will Smith and... Viola (?) I guess? Apart of these two, you have Jai Who? Cara Who? Those other guys I don't even know the name? Margot only became popular AFTER this movie, not BEFORE it.

Even Aquaman (the most successful DCU movie so far) is full of nobodies (for GA). Apart of Nicole (that is barely in the movie), what else do you have? This guys known from GOT I guess? It didn't stop the movie from making $1b.

BOP isn't failing because of its cast, it's failing because they made a movie based on a character who is extremely popular with a demo (teen girls) and those persons couldn't even watch the movie. It was their biggest mistake.

Oh, and the marketing setting the tone to close to SS surely didn't help it all.


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17 minutes ago, Boxofficerules said:

I’m guessing we won’t see The Boy return a third time.


Not sure. I think they said the budget is 3 million or something like that.


Perhaps the boy could return. He just should grow up and become a man.XD

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