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Weekday Numbers (3/2/2020 - 3/5/2020)

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A lot of very gentle week-to-week drops from last Tuesday.


Safe to say that covid-19 is having zero effect on the current domestic box office. (Unless that effect is a bunch of people deciding they need to go see a movie right now if they're afraid that a trip to the theater won't be an option in a few weeks.)

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2 hours ago, EarlyDeadlinePredictions said:

I think spring break has started in a few places now.

Yes, Deadline remarked in their weekend preview the % its not much this week, but increases some next. Generally 2 weeks from now is the biggest general area of spring break until Easter since its in April this year. 


Going to make the next 5 weeks or so interesting on a week to week basis for tracking drops and such. 

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18 hours ago, Krissykins said:

Just looked at Armond White’s RT page (noticed he hated Parasite).


He usually hates films that critics and audiences love. Yikes at the level of sheer bad taste. Surprised he’s employed as a critic, if he is. 

He isn't.


Hes an extreme right wing fundamentalist polemicist who writes a series of extreme right wing fundamentalist polemics that are kind of vaguely tangentially related to movies that comes out. 


There's no taste involved, just a rigid political pseudo-intellectualism that only really exists in a certain corner of American society. All right leaning films get praise, regardless of quality,  anything else (and I dont mean left leaning films, just pretty much anything) is painted as Marxist, various shades of immoral, "woke" (without any sense in the qualification) or eeeeeeevil.


Read his Little Women "review" if you want to set a personal reading record for non-sequiteurs, race-baiting (he literally uses the heading to accuse it of racism, but doesn't say why or how anywhere in the review) and utter strawman WTFery. Guy's basically a lunatic youtuber who learned to write essays. 

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4 hours ago, cdsacken said:

Nice gonna hit what 204-205.5m domestic? 

I think it will be closer to 206-208 based off how it's playing when compared to it competitions like John Wick 3, Hobbs & Shaw, and Ghost Protocol!

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Rank Film (Distributor) Weekend
1 Onward
$52.0 M $52.0 M NEW 1
2 The Invisible Man
$17.0 M $54.5 M -40% 2
3 Sonic The Hedgehog
$8.8 M $141.7 M -46% 4
4 The Way Back
(Warner Bros.)
$8.2 M $8.2 M NEW 1
5 The Call of the Wild
(Disney / 20th Century)
$7.2 M $57.5 M -46% 3
$5.3 M $7.2 M +357% 3
7 Bad Boys for Life
(Sony / Columbia)
$3.1 M $202.0 M -29% 8
8 Birds of Prey
(Warner Bros.)
$2.3 M $82.7 M -44% 5
9 My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising
(Funimation Films)
$1.8 M $12.9 M -69% 2
10 Impractical Jokers: The Movie
(WarnerMedia / truTV)
$1.6 M $9.4 M -56% 3
11 1917
(Universal / DreamWorks)
$1.5 M $158.3 M -45% 11
12 Jumanji: The Next Level
(Sony / Columbia)
$1.4 M $315.9 M -36% 13
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