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Scream | January 14, 2022 | Profit of $56.7M

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23 minutes ago, Taylor said:

More casting announcements:

  • Dylan Minette
  • Mason Gooding
  • Mikey Madison
  • Kyle Gallner
  • Jasmin Savoy Brown

And Marley Shelton is returning as Deputy Judy Hicks... but still no Hayden casting :(




If Hayden is in it I don’t think it will be announced, I feel it will be a surprise.

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1 hour ago, John Marston said:

is this the third time they are making a direct sequel to a money loser? The first two times were Fast and Furious after Tokyo Drift and Blade Runner 2049 after Blade Runner but I am probably missing some

It depend how one define money looser and direct sequel but Inferno is one, Sony did loose 26M on Angels & Demon, but that was less than the 62.25M Hanks, Howard and co. got in first dollar gross bonus.


On this one I am not sure Scream 4 was a money loser, almost $100M for a Weinstein release in 2011, if it loose money it must have been marginal, it could even have made some money.


A bit the same for Tokyo drift, that was a 2006 release an absolute peak in Hollywood history in revenues, in those days it was possible to break even at 1.4x your budget at the box office under some circumstance, I am not sure that lost money, a movie like Nicolas Cage Ghost Rider for example made a little 32 M in profit despite a 140M production budget + participation, with a $230M box office, it was a different time in a DVD bubbles.


Some could for example give Hellboy 2 has an example, but Sony turned a small profit on the first one.

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12 minutes ago, Ryan Reynolds said:

Should they move this sooner ?

I’d say no just because 2021 is quite crowded. We already have a high profile horror every month apart from November. 

This is my most anticipated film (obviously lol) but I’m happy to wait. 

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