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Scream | January 14, 2022 | Profit of $56.7M

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On 9/14/2020 at 1:44 PM, John Marston said:

is this the third time they are making a direct sequel to a money loser? The first two times were Fast and Furious after Tokyo Drift and Blade Runner 2049 after Blade Runner but I am probably missing some


Someone, somewhere, has made/is still making money from these, otherwise they wouldn't be made...simple as that.  

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1 hour ago, Boxofficerules said:

When should we see a trailer? Has @ViewerAnon heard anything about this?

Any test screenings won’t be the final version, I’d guess they’ve filmed multiple endings. 

I seen there is a 25th anniversary re-release of the first film in October, which will feature a special look at the new film. Fathom events. 

I’d imagine they’ll have a teaser ready to show with Halloween Kills. 


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1 minute ago, ViewerAnon said:


Pretty certain the trailer is hitting with HALLOWEEN KILLS and will be attached to JACKASS FOREVER.

I expected it with Halloween Kills, but even better if it’s coming earlier with Jackass! 

So excited. I hope the trailer doesn’t show too much though. 

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On 9/16/2021 at 12:45 AM, Boxofficerules said:

I got in trouble at work today because I burst into a song and dance about how much I wanted to see the Scream 5 trailer.

Love to hear this level of excitement, haha


I haven’t been this excited for a film since…. Scream 4. 

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^ It's pretty cool, you can rent the Scream house (for a night with three date options). Obviously, Ghostface will make appearances.




Step back in time circa 1996, where you’ll be instantly transported to the town of Woodsboro and all the mischance that surrounds it. You and up to three guests can stay the night (if you think you can handle it)... Ghostface has returned to terrorize our town, so we’ll need to be careful to avoid any encounters (we all know he loves to make an entrance).

As the next brave souls to spend a night at the SCREAM house, you'll get to experience all the scariest elements of SCREAM in the home where the first film’s most thrilling and suspenseful moments took place, including:
-A virtual greeting at check-in from me (as long as Ghostface doesn’t catch me first).
-The chance to explore the SCREAM house in all its original glory, from knife marks on the doors to the garage where my sister Tatum met her unfortunate demise.
-A movie marathon featuring all four SCREAM films (on VHS, of course) to get caught up ahead of the next SCREAM release.
-A dedicated phone line for if you dare to reach Ghostface directly— but watch out, he might just call the house, too.
-Classic 90s snack favorites, like Jiffy Pop, ice cream with all the Reddi-whip you could ever want and pizza, if you’re able to stomach it.
-The chance to take home unique SCREAM memorabilia, including a DVD bundle of the first four SCREAM films, Woodsboro High gear, SCREAM (2022) posters and more.

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