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Name & Rate the Movies/TV You've Watched.

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  1. The Eight Hundred - I think I would have liked the film more if known the full context and Mandarin. There are four really good scenes which work universally. Well, 5 for those. 5/10
  2. Freaky - Really liked the romantic leads. Misha was fun. 6/10.
  3. Mad Max: Fury Road - I am not really big on action, this one was quite good, again not for the action or chase per se, just the flow. 7/10.
  4. Promising Young Woman - 7/10
  5. Judas and the Black Messiah - The film is not bad by any way but follows the same structure of "rat" in a revolutionary group which is done way way too often. 6/10.
  6. Drishyam 2 - It wasn't awful and that is a big win in itself, though should have been avoided with third act of film being perhaps too "filmy". 5/10.
  7. Indian - I was expecting something visionary considering all the high praises, but it is extremely dated and routine stuff. 2/10.
  8. A Hard Day - Thought it will end after the certain car explosion but it continues for a routine hand to hand combat which though not bad but lacked any real tension, could have been avoided. 7/10.
  9. Social Network (Rewatch) - I have watched and liked this earlier but this time it made me feel... so small. 8/10.
  10. Fight Club (Rewatch) - I get the funny part of it and third act really lifts it, but don't get the part where getting beaten up gives kick to somebody, and there it kinda lost me. 6/10.

Movie of the Month - Social Network and A Hard Day.



  1. Wanda Vision - This is going well, and weekly thoughts I give in the main thread. Let's see how they end it.
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To all talking about Crazy Rich Asians in last page ( @TwoMisfits @Jamiem @Darth Lehnsherr) , if you like the genre, watch this one. I loved it.


Trailer don't have subs 😕


It's available on Netflix and Prime Video in India, I think will be in America and ANZ as well.


One with subs.


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I Care A lot - really enjoyed this movie from beginning to end. I think everything about it was really well done. Pike knocked it out of the park.  

Resident Alien - think this is really good as well. It’s not as goofy as I thought it would be; instead it has a nice mix of smart humor with solid dramatic story lines. 

Superman and Lois - 3 for 3 lol. I quite enjoyed the first episode. Loved that part in the beginning with the car and his homemade outfit. My wife, who has never watched a single episode of any previous CW show, watched with me and liked it as well. So much so that she watched episode 2 last night without me! Lol

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I'm enjoying Superman & Lois so far as well. It's a welcome fresh spin on the character that stands out from other versions we've seen.

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Gran Torino: Eastwood's post-apocalyptic America. I feel like not enough people talk about Eastwood's use of shadows and darky lit interiors that stand apart from a lot of other films today. And man, this film feels so relaxed but also so powerful. I mean, just this shot explicitly states out everything the film wants to say and its pretty heartbreaking.




Also, Clint Eastwood saying "shut up pussy" to his irl son is the funniest thing I've seen in a Clint Eastwood movie in a long time.

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Pretty late with this but here's Feb:


Ema (2020) - 8/10

The Mule (2018) - 9/10

To the Ends of the Earth (2020) - 7/10

Judas and the Black Messiah (2021) - 6/10

Thief (1981) - 9/10

To Have and Have Not (1944) - 7/10

Barb and Star (2021) -6/10

The Nest (2020) - 8/10

The Little Things (2021) - 5/10

Tom and Jerry (2021) 4/10

Space Cowboys (2000) - 7/10




The Office

Everwood Season 1


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  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2: I think people don't appreciate it enough considering the original one, but this is genuinely funny and complete film. 8/10.
  2. Another Round: Being someone who never took a sip in life, the first hour of it was like "this can't be real" but the reality do come around. Ending was joyous. 6/10.
  3. Raya and the Last Dragon: The film is good, it could have been better if it wasn't so formulaic. 

    One thing though, and that is case of most "representation" movies, just like most of them this was just "American" characters in foreign faces and clothes. For starters I would have loved to watch it local language with subs, hopefully one day we reach there. 6/10.

  4. Doctor Strange: After Wandavision finale, I re-watched it. Just like GoTG 2, I like it more than others do. Strange is my fav non-OG 6 Avenger. 8/10.

  5. Minari: minari... minari... wonderful... wonderful... 8/10.

  6. Zack Snyder's Justice League: The ending is better for this one but come at a hard price of three long awful hours. Good thing being I almost forgot plenty of that. 4/10.

  7. Cherry: Say it the low expectations perhaps but I really liked this. It gets uncomfortable in the mid part but Holland is a great lead. 7/10.

  8. Deadpool: 8/10

  9. Deadpool 2: 7/10

  10. Days of Future Past: 8/10.

  11. Dark Phoenix: Watched it just for sake of watching it. Why does this film exist? 0/10

  12. X-men: Apocalypse: The first two acts are actually quite okay, third act is just awful. 4/10.

  13. Pagglait: The film had interesting concept, but throws in many sub plots. It tries to be realistic but then also want to have those fun moments, which is kinda odd in the film dealing with d̶e̶a̶t̶h̶ demise of a young one. Sanya is a win. 5/10.

  14. Godzilla vs Kong: The human non-sense is strained to a minimum, good connection with Kong and I love 11 no matter how bad character she in. What left of the film is PURE MASS. Damn those final 10 mins minus humans. Damn. Not this overwhelmed since Endgame. 7/10.

Movie of the Month - Minari



  1. Wanda Vision - discussed in thread. 7/10.
  2. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier - discussed weekly in thread. 
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Kind of insane amount because I tried to make the most of a free week of NOWTV



  1. The League of Extraordinary Gentleman: 3/10 - I kind of like Sean Connery in this, he's always charming and some of the practical effects are nice too look at. Captain Nemo has the odd moment of decently shot action. Outside of that the film is a mess in every way. 
  2. Coming 2 America: 4/10
  3. Crimson Tide: 8/10 - This movie is a lot of fun. Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington going toe to toe on a submarine. It's such a great premise and Tony Scott's direction gives it a dynamic energy. 
  4. The Mule: 7/10 - A fairly solid outing for Eastwood, just not exceptional.
  5. Sorry to Bother You: 8/10 - This film is insane, I love the rollercoaster it takes you on and is one of the most original/fresh films I've seen. It's also exemplary of a really well laid out character arc. 
  6. Timecop: 6/10 - The time travel makes no sense, but do I care. No. Entertaining 90's flick, surprisingly good looking film, quite fond of the lighting. Action is sometimes good, sometimes cut to shit. 
  7. O Brother, Where Art Thou?: 8/10 - George Clooney is one charming man. 
  8. Under the Shadow: 9/10 - Similar to the Babadook, much more of a drama, the horror elements are very understated. Excellent themes. 
  9. Highlander: 6/10 - I love the premise, the Queen soundtrack, the beheadings and watching Sean Connery pretend to be a Spaniard is hilarious. Execution and action is all over the place. Christopher Lambert is Tommy Wiseau levels of performance in this film.
  10. Goodfellas: 10/10 - This film has such an infectious energy to it, everyone kills it. Scorsese, the cast, Thelma. A stone cold classic. 
  11. Zack Snyder's Justice League: 7/10 - Surprised how much I enjoyed this
  12. Manhunter: 8/10 - The first adaption of Red Dragon but the last one for me to see. Michael Mann's direction elevates this film. A much better Will Graham than the Ratner version but I preferred Ralph Fiennes in that one. Overall as a film it's much stronger though. 
  13. The Untouchables: 9/10 - More Connery, this was fantastic.
  14. The Crow: 7/10 - I'm quite fond of this film, Brandon Lee is genuinely charming in it, I felt like he had move star potential. 
  15. Reservoir Dogs: 9/10 - Lean/mean and everything you love about Tarantino
  16. The Way Back: 7/10
  17. The Hunt for Red October: 8/10 - Yes that's right another Connery film and the best Jack Ryan film.
  18. Batman Forever: 3/10 - This was somehow worse than I remember but I also learned to appreciate Jim Carrey in it. He's really hamming it up. 
  19. Jackie Brown: 8/10
  20. Never Rarely Sometimes Always: 8/10 - This film is such an uncomfortable watch. The little encounters the characters have with male figures had me squirming, I can't imagine what it's like in reality. The film feels like such a honest, understated portrayal of what it's like to get an abortion in America whilst finding some sweetness along the way. 
  21. V for Vendetta: 9/10 - I forgot how little action is in this but the film still keeps you gripped. 
  22. The Color Purple: 7/10 - The scene where Celie stands up for herself had me cheering.
  23. Crank: 7/10 - This film is pure insanity, it's like an direct injection of madness into your veins. Best watched drunk and with friends. 
  24. Dirty Harry: 8/10
  25. Underwater: 5/10
  26. Richard Jewell: 9/10 - One of Eastwood's best in a long time. It really hit me emotionally and the film highlights injustice in a way that's heartbreaking. 
  27. Urban Legend: 5/10 - Not as fun of a whodunnit and you want it to be. Uninventive kills and feels a bit like Scream lite. Nice to see Jared Leto kind of normal though. 
  28. Chinatown: 10/10 
  29. Gemini Man: 4/10
  30. The Last Black Man in San Francisco: 9/10 - When that play hits it's a whirlwind of emotions. Beautiful cinematography and incredible performances. 
  31. I am Legend w/Alternate Ending: 8/10 - I would say the normal version is like a 7/10, this ending bumped it up a notch. The film is stronger when Will Smith is on his own.
  32. Bloodshot: 2/10 
  33. Crank 2: 6/10 
  34. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance: 3/10 
  35. Red Sparrow: 8/10 
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Coming to America: 9/10

Coming 2 America: 3/10

Miracle: 7/10

Richard Jewell: 7/10

The Witches of Eastwick: 8/10

Doc Hollywood: 7/10

Die Hard: 10/10

Die Hard 2: 7/10

Nomadland: 9/10

The Mighty Ducks: 4/10

Die Hard with a Vengeance: 8/10

King Kong (1933): 8/10

Raya and the Last Dragon: 9/10

Son of Kong: 4/10

King Kong (1976): 5/10

King Kong (2005): 8/10

The Dressmaker: 6/10

Kong: Skull Island: 6/10

The Prince of Egypt: 10/10

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30 minutes ago, FilmFincher said:

Kind of insane amount because I tried to make the most of a free week of NOWTV


  1. The Last Black Man in San Francisco: 9/10 - When that play hits it's a whirlwind of emotions. Beautiful cinematography and incredible performances.

I love this movie so much. 

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We just watched My Fair Lady with my kids.  I had watched this as a kid, but forgot a lot.


It's funny to see it with kids, even after they had read the Pygmalion play it's based on.  They were insulted by the ending, and really preferred the book ending.


I guess kids don't need a Hollywood ending when they feel like the main protagonist doesn't deserve it:).


I do give it a B+, even now.  A little long, a little agreement on the less-satisfying ending (but not like my kids), but some of those songs are just so good!

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*Chungking Express (1994) - 9/10 [up from 8]. "It's not every day / We're gonna be the same way / There must be a change, somehow." No longer bothered by Faye Wong's stalkerish ways, as I finally recognize the whole film is shot through with an almost childish innocence that makes such objections irrelevant; even when people kill other people here, it's just a heightened gesture rather than an action with real weight (it's not cynical or juvenile, just... guileless, somehow), the weight being reserved for the romanticism. The only Wong I really love, shape-shifting and exhilarating rather than moodily protracted or wallowing in repetitive style.

Ashes of Time (1994) [Redux] - 7/10

Fallen Angels (1995) - 6/10

Blazing Saddles (1974) - 7/10. Full climactic descent into meta-ness doesn't quite work for me, since most if not all of the humor before that, for all its absurdity, is rooted in something real and uncomfortable, so the ending just comes across as a stunt in comparison (Monty Python were incorporating that stuff into their comedy a lot better around the same time). Pretty terrific until then. Didn't expect to recognize *that* many quotes I'd known for years.

*In the Mood for Love (2000) - 7/10. It's like it gets off on being withholding.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America etc etc (2006) - 6/10. Two or three great scenes (the wrestling, obviously, plus the rodeo and the frat bros), but mostly just a spectacle of Borat saying or doing something absurdly, beyond-the-pale outrageous and other people in the scene being baffled and/or heroically patient in response (I guess the fans might argue their *not* being outraged is commentary in itself, but I'd probably be quietly struggling to get my bearings too in an interaction like that, especially if I were being filmed); I'm more with Hitchens here than with those who see something revelatory in this. May have actually liked the sequel a little better, because Borat's absurdity seems a better fit for the absurdity of 2020 and adding Bakalova was inspired.

Bacurau (2019) - 6/10. Too long a build-up for the payoff we get (wish it would have at least used the time to flesh out the villagers more; the opening creates false expectations), but still some very satisfying anti-colonial ownage.

Bad Education (2019) - 6/10. Might be underrating, since the structure is canny and Jackman is excellent, but there's still a sort of synthetic slickness to it (montages, people telling each other things they already know for our benefit, all that stuff) and Finley's direction doesn't have the personality he showed in Thoroughbreds. Ironically feels like a movie made for TV even though it originally wasn't.

Birds of Prey (2020) - 5/10. Have yet to become tired of Robbie's Harley; pretty tired of the everything-and-the-kitchen-sink approach applied to all that surrounds her.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm etc etc (2020) - 6/10

*Some Like It Hot (1959) - 9/10

Juliet of the Spirits (1965) - 5/10. Fellini is my least favorite of the canonized mid-20th century auteurs, and although I don't find this as crude and shallow as e.g. Amarcord, it still eventually becomes pretty rough going in its structureless lost-in-itself grotesquerie. Almost rescued by Giulietta Masina, who had one of the greatest faces in cinema, even if for much of this she does look like (to quote Ebert) "nothing more than an unwilling housewife dragged by her husband to a strip show he is sure they will both enjoy."

Time (2020) - 6/10. Not so much a movie about time and its devastating passage, or even about America's fucked-up justice system, as about one woman's strength and resilience (complete with multiple scenes of her proselytizing to a rapt audience), which is deeply admirable and not all that complex or interesting, at least as presented.

*The Great Beauty (2013) - 6/10. Loved this back when it came out, but a lot of it seemed maudlin and patronizing this time (it repeatedly pulls a trick where it introduces a character as someone to be laughed at/looked down on, then unexpectedly does something to make you feel for them; I understand why some consider that a sign of depth, but the manipulation rubs me the wrong way.) Still some transporting passages, and Tony Servillo's a fine host.

*Hellzapoppin' (1941) - 8/10

*Europa (1991) - 8/10

*Blue Collar (1978) - 9/10. The most incisive film about capitalism and the ways it works to reinforce inequality that I know of. RIP Yaphet Kotto.

*The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice (1952) - 6/10

*5 Fingers (1952) - 9/10. WWII espionage as an expertly controlled series of negotiations, manipulations, double-crosses and role reversals, the movie playing its characters just like they play one another. On-location detail side-by-side with awesomely witty dialogue, and James Mason taking his urbane charisma someplace dark and dangerous; both a very tense thriller and a very dark, very dry comedy.

*The Marrying Kind (1952) - 8/10

*Rushmore (1998) - 9/10. Absolutely peak Anderson, funnier and more perceptive and affecting every time I see it. Olivia Williams' remains my favorite character and performance in a Wes Anderson movie, precisely because she may be the only character from a Wes Anderson movie who doesn't feel like she spent her entire life in one. 

July Rain (1967) - 7/10. Snapshot of young '60s Soviet intelligentsia in between the Khrutschev Thaw and the invasion of Czechoslovakia & the Brezhnev stagnation, as stylish, insightful and occasionally maddening as its characters. This and the same director's three-hour I Am Twenty (1965) are recommended to anyone interested in everyday Soviet life and culture as captured in contemporary dramas. 

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March - 



Godzilla Raids Again - 5/10

Mothra vs Godzilla - 8/10

Ghidorah, The Three Headed Monster - 8/10

Zack Snyder's Justice League - 9/10

Zack Snyder's Justice League (rewatch) - 8/10

Gran Torino - 9/10

Hellzapoppin - 7/10. Was in awe that a film with such madcap energy existed in the 40s.

King Kong vs Godzilla - 5/10.

Beverly Hill Cops - 7/10

Assault on Precinct 13 (1976) - 8/10

A New Leaf - 9/10. One of the funniest debut films I've ever seen.

Nobody - 8/10

Bad Trip - 8/10. As a huge fan of Eric Andre, this was everything I wanted from an Eric Andre movie. Just repulsively funny. Would recommend that people watch this instead of Borat 2.

Cactus Flower - 7/10.

Godzilla (2014) - 10/10

Ali - 8/10. A lot more politically involved than I expected. Was surprised to Chivo's name on this when his name popped up in the credits, but it's pretty cool that one of best cinematographers working today was involved in this very early experiment with digital cameras. Movie looks as beautiful as anything else Mann has shot and there are some incredible sequences that rely purely on visuals (the opening and that scene in Africa).

Godzilla vs Kong - 5/10




Lots of Everwood. Never thought I'd get into a CW soap-opera, but this show is just really good to watch whenever I'm feeling like shit. Just uplifting, comforting stuff. Season 2 took a dip with the teenage characters becoming too unlikable but Season 3 works thankfully becomes better.


Wandavision - Worst thing this franchise has ever created. 


Falcon and the Winter Soldier - mediocre

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Since I can't find its own thread, let me say that after the disastrous plotting and pacing of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, I decided I should try what many considered one of the best streaming shows of the last year-ish - The Queen's Gambit.  Wow, what a palette cleanser from the last show.  This show is amazing.  I'm not sure why I didn't watch it before, but Netflix didn't get high ratings for this show just b/c a lot of folks have Netflix - they genuinely made a masterpiece (at least through episode 5 - here's the sticking the landing - and yes, somehow, I've watched 5 episodes in 5 days - again, a mark of a wonderful show)...


More thoughts when I finish, but WOW so far!

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Just plowed through Shadow and Bone. It was like some Reylo AU fan fic brought to life.  Really terrible, but half way through I was like "I must hate watch the rest of this."  None of the storylines connect at all -- and the ending was just like, whatever.  Ooof.  Except for:




I'll take six season and a movie for $800, Alex.

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So, I couldn't help myself - I went ahead and binged the ending to the Queen's Gambit last night.  The last 2 episodes were a little "Disney fairy tale ending" for my liking and weren't QUITE as good as the 1st 5, but I have to give the series an overall A-, and it was better than anything I've streamed in 2021:)...so good and everyone should watch it.



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11 hours ago, Cap said:

Just plowed through Shadow and Bone. It was like some Reylo AU fan fic brought to life.  Really terrible, but half way through I was like "I must hate watch the rest of this."  None of the storylines connect at all -- and the ending was just like, whatever.  Ooof.  Except for:




I'll take six season and a movie for $800, Alex.

I tried the first two episodes of that last night and honestly I have no desire to continue, it feels like someone took a YA novel and tried to make it adult. I really wish Netflix would stop trying to chase “the next Game of Thrones” by trying to make something that is GoT-lite, do something fresh, not just another show that’s horribly derivative of the thing they’re trying to replicate. First The Witcher and now this.


I see it’s been number 1 on Netflix since it launched though so you’ll probably get your six seasons and a movie.

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