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Ryan Reynolds

Don't Worry Darling | Sep 23 2022 | We’re Just Here For The Mess

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59 minutes ago, Eric Strode said:


lmao what

When the movie was coming out, I saw a comment that it's a pattern with Wilde of just saying whatever she thinks will make herself sound good in the moment, regardless of how it might contradict whatever she said before, or reality. So, it doesn't matter that she was the one saying she wanted the trailers to have even more sex: that was last month. Now that people have seen the movie and came out of it scratching/shaking their heads at all of her "female pleasure" talk, Wilde wants to distance herself from it. And she'll still have ardent defenders, because misogyny and Booksmart, or something...


I hope Miss Flo is somewhere having a good laugh...







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1 hour ago, Eric Killmonger said:


LOL, Friday news dump. They were probably hoping Twitter had actually collapsed first.


Both earlier drafts of the script have derivative elements but the "Jack" character had a more sinister edge that Harry couldn't possibly pull off, so changes were made. I'm not saying DWD was ever going to be great, but with a costar somewhat on Pugh's level, it's probably better.

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22 hours ago, BoxOfficeFangrl said:

The source is World of Reel, so...



Hope I'm still around when they do a "making of" book or movie about this debacle.


Harry Styles picking this over The Little Mermaid is real life Sliding Doors

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