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Eric the Extra-Terrestrial

The Batman | March 4, 2022 | Warner Bros. | Certified Fresh on RT | Comes to HBO Max April 18!

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I thought this was a pretty well made trailer (but so is the trailer for every modern-day Batman film as said above tho) and I certainly think if the marketing is on this level, this movie will see huge numbers, but my expectations for the movie itself are still low. Still seems like a pretty boring to me.

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5 minutes ago, cax16 said:

There is major hype for this Batman Movie, if Reeves delivers and the world is in a better spot when this releases, it should do very very well. 

Earlier in the year, I was thinking about doing a TB over TDKR club, and having over TDK as a stretch goal. But then...you know.

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10 minutes ago, Jake Gittes said:

Finally a dark and gritty Batman movie. 

I'd totally love a Batman film that's closer to the Burton films and it sucks that all that audiences seem to want is a dark and gritty version. Even saying that the production design in the Burton films is great gets you "but it looks so fake" comments lol. 

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That was fucking awesome. Reeves will make a great movie. Battinson looks good and action scenes were intense. Please dont be in a hurry to release. Let us wait for post vaccinated world before releasing this movie. Anyway with production being delayed they should move this to Sprint 2022 at the earliest. 

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