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Eric Belcher

The Batman | March 4, 2022 | Warner Bros. | Certified Fresh on RT | Comes to HBO Max April 18!

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45 minutes ago, SnokesLegs said:

I don’t really get this “OMG The Batman is dark!” angle, what were people expecting? Shark repellent and an Adam West impression?

No one is surprised The Batman is dark. That's the point. There's nothing unexpected about the tone here. And that's tiresome.

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15 minutes ago, WittyUsername said:

Would a lighthearted Batman movie really be unexpected? 

It’d be unwanted. Honestly I feel like Batman is the one character that should remain dark, he’s literally called the Dark Knight, I really can’t see a bright and optimistic Batman film working. 

I’m not saying I want all my DC superheroes to be dark and brooding there either, Shazam is one of my favourite DC movies of the last few years and it works because it’s light hearted and fun. There’s room for both dark and fun takes on characters, but only when applied to the right character.

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