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Scoob (2020)  

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More of an attempt at jumpstarting a Hanna Barbera Cinematic Universe than a Scooby-Doo movie and most of the jokes fall flat (there hasn't been a movie this overstuffed with forced pop culture references since the heyday of the Shrek franchise), but you could do worse. The animation is as polished as one expects from a movie that was once intended to be a major theatrical release. C+

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This reminded me why I hate so much of WAG's stuff - Just because you own it doesn't mean you need to reference it. It doesn't mean you need to make it a Cinematic Universe.


It was mildly annoying in TTG!TTM, and absolutely obnoxious here. The sole saving grace for me was the animation and Dick Dastardly + Muttley.



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