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When do you plan on going to the movies again?

When will you step foot in a theater again?  

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  1. 1. When will you go to the movies again?

    • As soon as theaters open up again
    • July When Tenet is released
    • August with the release of Wonder Woman
    • Not until the Holiday season maybe for Dune or No Time to Die
    • Not until 2021
    • I have already gone to the movies (where and when)
    • Once Covid-19 is eradicated or there is a vaccine
    • Never

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Well it's looking like movie theaters will pretty much be all open come mid next month, some are already open and many will be the next couple weeks, but the question remains when will you return? there is talk of shortening or having no window for Theater to streaming releases. Universal already plans to release movies in theaters and on VOD simultaneously. for someone who loves going to the movies as it is a major part of my childhood and a way to escape and enjoy a story on the big screen as a result I think this is a bad idea. I know people are still pretty shaken up. and I can understand if you're wanting to wait a bit. but going to the movies is an experience and experiencing it with others in a crowded theater on the big screen opening night cannot be replaced. lets not allow this time for us to loose connection with each other and be fearful of gatherings, it is a pert of the human experience. I have been writing about all the films I've seen on my Instagram you can read them through #292daysathemovies. (alexfarr90). let me know what you think. 

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My local theater is still closed, but I plan on going once Tenet is released in July. I might go a bit sooner if they play something old I really want to see. although my state is kind of late to the outbreak, so I think it is just now starting to go down, so I will probably wait till mid July anyways, but once the virus dies down, like it already is starting to a lot of places, I plan on going as much as possible to support theater owners. remember studios are multi billion dollar company's and most of them will be fine and go to streaming or whatever, it is theater chains and especially small and independent theater owners that stand to lose the most.

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Whoops meant to put this in the speakeasy. would a mod please move it?

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