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BOT's Top 100 Movies of All Time - Hindsight is 2020 Edition

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4 minutes ago, lorddemaxus said:

Seems like it made it into the top 25 every time the BOT Top 100 of all time list was done. Would be really surprised if it missed the top 100 this time.

Ohh. That will be nice. Considering Fight Club was so low, I thought that may be it might miss.

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11 hours ago, The Panda said:

Last one for tonight!







It appears I was being a bit of a Joker.  The clown did not in fact bring down our BOT society, this funnybook movie did.  (Yes, the last entry was the troll entry that is a requirement for any list)






"I am inevitable."



About the Movie




"After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War (2018), the universe is in ruins due to the efforts of the Mad Titan, Thanos. With the help of remaining allies, the Avengers must assemble once more in order to undo Thanos's actions and undo the chaos to the universe, no matter what consequences may be in store, and no matter who they face..."


Its Legacy


"It’s been 11 years since the groundbreaking movie Iron Man graced theaters; since then, Marvel Studios has consistently churned out films in their own cinematic universe, some more well-received than others. The immense level of hype surrounding 2012’s The Avengers is difficult to explain in hindsight, you simply had to be there to understand it. Now, in 2019, we are slowly creeping towards the conclusion of some of our favorite big-screen Marvel heroes’ stories, and it has led some fans to reflect on their experience with the franchise. One of these fans in particular is Wiregrass high-school senior, Casey Moran.


“Endgame feels like a culmination of many things, both of the franchise itself and, in a way, my childhood,” Moran explained. “Marvel movies have been a pretty big part of my life since I was in the third grade.”  Marvel has been very tight-lipped with their promotion of Endgame and Moran has taken note of this.  “I think that there’s a lot that could have gone wrong with the promotion of Endgame,” Moran said. “Marvel and Disney have managed to keep the most anticipated movie of all time a relative secret, and I have to commend them for that.”  Despite this, fans have noticed death flags around certain characters in promotional material, and are worried for their favorite heroes.


“These marathons were some of my favorite experiences; the atmosphere was incredible and it really captured the experience I had with these amazing movies,” Moran explained.  Since the first trailer for Endgame was released, fan theories on the events of the film have run rampant on the internet. Moran appears aware of, and enjoys, these theories: “There are obvious ones devouring the internet lately, but I’m a big fan of the time travel theory and the fact that we’ll re-experience characters and storylines that have been in the making for years.”  While it’s difficult to guess what Endgame will bring, it may be easier to guess the trajectory of the Marvel cinematic universe moving forward.  “I think we’re going to switch focus onto the more recently introduced heroes moving forward,” Moran said. “I really hope that they keep the heart that has been driving these movies and fans for the past decade.”"

- Avengers Endgame: the impact the MCU has had on fans


From the Filmmaker


"Sims: When you were on set for Infinity War and Endgame, you had all these arcs to manage at once. How do you separate the signal from the noise for the actors?


Joe: You have to have a very cohesive plan. You’re making thousands of decisions a day. There are multiple filming units, there’s a whole visual-effects team, we have actors coming to us, saying, “I wouldn’t say it this way, I’d say it that way.” Our job is to collect all this information and be the arbiters of taste and provide focus for the entire process. You have to leave room for everyone else to be empowered and assist in making creative decisions.


Sims: Infinity War has so much action and wrenching chaos. Endgame is a lot slower, more deliberate on the character stuff, and I appreciate that viewers got the chance to slow things down and sit with the team for a while. Is there a scene that exemplifies that new approach that you particularly enjoyed doing?


Anthony: The scene that Joe was in, Cap’s counseling session [with other survivors of Thanos’s decimation].


Sims: A scene about which a studio would immediately ask, “Do we need this? Can this go?”


Anthony: You are very right [Laughs]. But it was very important to us! If you have a story point where you kill half of all living things, you have to move beyond the experience of the Avengers. To have an everyman in the story at that moment, and see Cap in a sensitive moment that spoke to his history as a character and the reality he’s living in now—that was an important thing for us.


Sims: For 11 years, these movies have been stand-alones that tell their own stories, but they’ve all been aimed toward Endgame. Do you think Marvel will continue that storytelling style, or will things get more diffuse now that you’ve done the big conclusion where everyone’s together?


Joe: You have to find a new path forward. That was always our [pitch], which is why I think they allowed us to make these really disruptive choices. You can’t keep giving people chocolate ice cream.


Sims: You have to blow up S.H.I.E.L.D. immediately after giving people S.H.I.E.L.D, in The Winter Soldier.


Joe: Exactly. So I think [Marvel has] to find a new path forward in this next mega-story they’re going to tell, and I think they’re going to make some very different and surprising choices. The thing we’re most proud of is how diverse the Marvel universe will be, moving forward. The first gay hero is coming, characters of different nationalities are going to be introduced—it’s going to pull the entire world into the story.


Sims: Do you have to get to the level of success that Marvel is at now to make those riskier choices that a studio might balk at earlier on in the process? In 2008, if Feige had [proposed] an African hero, a gay superhero, maybe a studio would have wavered. Is that how Hollywood always has to work—that you build up capital to spend it on “riskier” stuff?


Anthony: When we were in the edit room on The Winter Soldier, I remember Kevin walking in one day and putting a hand on us and saying, “Can you believe that we’re getting away with making a political thriller as a superhero movie?” Because of the success of the series, we’re all empowered to make decisions that you may not have been able to before. There’s a cycle happening there, because when you make those choices, it surprises audiences worldwide, if you tell the stories well. You’re being very noisy as a storyteller, and that feeds the beast even more.


Joe: Black Panther was perhaps one of the more significant cultural events in movie history. That only emboldens the studio to keep moving forward. You’d hope that decisions would be made irrespective of the financials, but ultimately it is called show business, and things are driven by dollars and cents. What’s great about audiences today is that voices can be heard, and people can collectively ask for things from their storytellers and receive them."

- Sims interviews The Russo Brothers




Why It's the Greatest


Critic Opinion


"The previous Avengers movie, Infinity War, stunned believers and unbelievers alike with its sheer stupendous scale, and that devastating ending in which the evil Thanos appeared to have gained victory by getting hold of all six of the Infinity Stones, causing a crumbling-to-dust of many key players: a terrible cosmic loss, irreparable, irreversible, surely?    We were of course promised wild new surprises with this colossal climactic movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely and directed by the Russo brothers, Joe and Anthony. But would these surprises be .... new ways of coming to terms with the unchangeable disaster? Unexpected coping strategies? Novel means of simply accepting the Avengers’ stunningly permanent defeat?  Or could it be … something else? Paul Rudd, who plays Ant-Man, was challenged on TV about the possibility of his character shrinking to a tiny size, flying into some convenient orifice of the evil Thanos, and then grossly enlarging himself to make the great villain go splat like Mr Creosote. Rudd declined to be drawn.  Well, I won’t disclose how things progress here, other than to say it allows the main players to revisit some of the scenes of their most spectacular franchise triumphs. And I have to admit, in all its surreal grandiosity, in all its delirious absurdity, there is a huge sugar rush of excitement to this mighty finale, finally interchanging with euphoric emotion and allowing us to say poignant farewells.


But part of this movie is about how Thor comes to terms with the memory of his mother, Frigga (Rene Russo), and also in fact how Tony Stark achieves closure on the subject of his dad, Howard (John Slattery). And there are many more characters and subordinate narrative arcs to absorb. The poster is not an infallible guide. It is, as ever, a huge intricately detailed and interlocking mosaic of figures within that strange Avengers universe, which uniquely (and bizarrely) combines both the mythic and the contemporary – and which is here the stage for a Tolkienian quest.  Avengers: Endgame is entirely preposterous and, yes, the central plot device here does not, in itself, deliver the shock of the new. But the sheer enjoyment and fun that it delivers, the pure exotic spectacle, are irresistible, as is its insouciant way of combining the serious and the comic. Without the comedy, the drama would not be palatable. Yet without the earnest, almost childlike belief in the seriousness of what is at stake, the funny stuff would not work either. As an artificial creation, the Avengers have been triumphant, and as entertainment, they have been unconquerable."

- Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian


User Opinion


"My audience screamed so loud I thought the roof would blow.  It was magic.  It was such a strange, euphoric experience that I doubt I will ever recreate in a movie theater.  What is the greatest cinematic experience of my life? Getting to see, and feel, and hear pure joy.  I love this movie. I could easily write another 5k squee fest scene-by-scene breakdown on how much I love this movie.  I even wonder if my years of being Officially Over It regarding the MCU made me love it more.    


I love that the Wakanda Battle Sequence and Avengers Assemble Battle Sequence have the exact same beats; there's such satisfaction in knowing "I have watched this before and watched them loose, but now because they're working together, they're going to win."  I love how everything feels like such a natural progression, so that when Tony Stark "is the one to lie down on the wire" and Steve Rogers is the one to "cut the wire" it makes complete sense.


I love that use the Time Heist sequence to playfully balance shameless fan service and showing off how these characters have changed/evolved over the twenty-two movie arc.  It was absolutely my favorite movie of the year. It might even be my favorite movie of the decade… LOL JK Winter Soldier #1 4EVA. It is the capstone to a truly monumental piece of work. Whether you just want to call it a production factory, or the greatest television series of all time, or natural step in comic book episodic storytelling, the staggering work, dedication, and faith in their proof of concept that Kevin Feige, Louis D'Esposito, Victoria Alonso, and everyone at Marvel Studios displayed over the past 10 years is remarkable. 


The truly mind-blogging 357M domestic opening weekend, and 1.2 Billion Global Total Opening Weekend is something we'll likely never see again.  Not for a very, very long time unless a Chinese film blows up.  Avengers: Endgame could be the crescendo of Kevin Feige's cinematic symphony or only the end of its first movement.  Who knows what will happen in the next decade?  Hell, who knows if we'll even be here in the next decade? (LMFAO, Note: I wrote this before COVID, so that's extra funny to me.)  All I know is that for one crazy weekend in April, everyone in the world went to the cinema." - @Cap


The Panda's Haiku


The joke's on you BOT


Endgame made it not Joker








Placement on Prior Lists


2012 - n/a, 2013 - n/a, 2014 - n/a, 2016 - n/a, 2018 - n/a


Director Count


The Russo Brothers - 3, Alfonso Cuaron - 2, Richard Linklater - 2, John McTiernan - 2, Lee Unkrich - 2, Mel Brooks - 1, James Cameron - 1, Damien Chazelle - 1, Ron Clements - 1, Clint Eastwood - 1, David Fincher - 1, Michel Gondry - 1, Rian Johnson - 1, David Lean - 1, Akira Kurosawa - 1, Hayao Miyazaki - 1, Adrian Molina - 1, John Musker - 1, Bob Persichetti - 1, Peter Ramsey - 1, Rodney Rotham - 1,   Martin Scorsese - 1, Billy Wilder - 1, Kar-Wai Wong - 1


Franchise Count


Before Trilogy - 1, Cameron - 1, Die Hard - 1, Marvel Cinematic Universe - 3, Pixar - 2, Predator - 1, Scorsese -1, Spider-Man - 1, Star Wars - 1, Studio Ghibli - 1, Terminator - 1, Toy Story - 1, WDAS - 1


Decade Count


1950s - 1, 1960s - 1, 1970s - 1, 1980s - 5, 1990s - 2, 2000s - 4, 2010s - 11



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2 minutes ago, lorddemaxus said:

I agree, but it seems like it won't make this year's list considering that it was only 105 in the 2018 list (and it still hasn't turned up yet). The only pre-2010s CBM that will make it here seems to be TDK.

eh. I'm not counting it out yet. 

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12 hours ago, The Panda said:









This movie melts my heart. 1st time placement and much deserved



- Your mirror, it's broken.
- I know. I like it that way. Makes me look the way I feel.


what a movie


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