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The OFFICIAL BOT Top 100 Foreign Films of all Time Ever List Begins...

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175th - 200th


Alexsandr Nevsky  Russia 54
All about my mother Spain 54
Ponyo Japan 53
The boy and the beast Japan 53
Thirst Korea 53
Eyes Without a Face France 52
Police Story 2 Hong Kong 52
House Japan 52
Late Spring Japan 52
A Taxi Driver Korea 52
black book  netherlands 52
The Devil's Backbone Spain 52
The Orphanage Spain 52
The night comes for us  Indonesia 51
The Wailing Korea 51
Loves of a Blonde czech 50
Les Visiteurs France 50
The diving bell and the butterfly France 50
The Passion of Joan of Arc France 50
Don't go breaking my heart Hong Kong 50
Abigail  Hungary 50
The lunchbox india 50
The Secret Life of Arriety Japan 50
The Cranes are flying Russia 50
Women on the verge of Nervous Breakdown Spain 50
Shadow China 49
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150th - 175th


The Triplets of Belleville France 60
run lola run Germany 60
Drug War Hong Kong 60
Audition Japan 60
A Bittersweet Life Korea 60
Autumn Sonata Swedish 60
La Vie En Rose France 58
The White Ribbon Germany 58
Perfect Blue Japan 58
The Vanishing netherlands 58
Nosferatu Germany 57
The Secret in their eyes Argentina 56
Daisies czech 56
The Earrings of Madame De France 56
What's in a name France 56
Playtime Germany 56
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara India 56
Godzilla Japan 56
Paprika Japan 56
whisper of the heart Japan 56
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Swedish 56
A town called panic France 54
I Lost my Body France 54
Drunken Master 2 Hong Kong 54
Shaolin Soccer Hong Kong 54
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Taare Zameen Par India 69
Irreversible France 68
orpheus France 68
Waltz with Bashir Iran 68
Millenial Actress Japan 68
The Fool Russia 68
Carlos Spain 67
3 Iron Korea 66
Andrei Rublev Russia 66
Ikiru Japan 65
Day of Wrath Denmark 64
Army of Shadows France 64
Cleo from 5 to 7 France 64
La Femme Nikita France 64
Raw France 64
Goodbye Lenin Germany 64
Eat,Drink, Man Woman Hong Kong 64
Police Story 3 Hong Kong 64
Dil Se India 64
Munnabhai MBBS India 64
Tumbbad India 64
Smiles of a Summer Night Swedish 64
IP Man Hong Kong 62
Corpus Christi Poland 62
martyrs France 60
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The Ring Japan 77
Wild Tales Argentina 76
Phoenix Germany 76
Aguirre: The Wrath of God Germany 75
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai India 75
Breathless France 74
The Raid 2  Indonesia 74
Close-up Iran 74
Howl's moving Castle Japan 74
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Japan 74
Tokyo Story Japan 74
Farewell My Concubine China 72
Elle France 72
Hum Aapke Hain Kaun India 72
Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham India 72
Wolf Children Japan 72
A Tale of Two Sisters Korea 72
Porco Rosso Japan 70
Throne of Blood Japan 70
When Marnie was There Japan 70
The Good, The Bad, and the Weird Korea 70
Pain and Glory Spain 70
Fanny and Alexander Swedish 70
Kung Fu Hustle China 69
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2 hours ago, chasmmi said:

Also there are a film or two that do not qualify for the list, again, I only sought to double check/remove things like that if they were threatening the main top 100. 




601st and below:


M Germany 1


M was 85th on the list... If you add this point to M's total then it jumps over The Host.

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Also it looks like the only Israeli films to get votes from anyone other than myself are Waltz With Bashir (which is definitely Israeli despite you listing as Iranian) which makes sense as it made a bit of a name for itself internationally and was nominated for a Oscar, And the surprising Tel Aviv On Fire which I haven't actually seen myself yet.

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On 7/20/2020 at 9:37 AM, chasmmi said:

83rd: Drishyam - India (2013/15)

1 top 10

88 pts 


Assumed Plot: So Drishyam means something along the lines of visual or vision. Therefore, here goes... Drishyam is the story of a guy who is luckless in love but never loses faith that the perfect girl is out there. Then one day he see her, she is everything that he could dream she would be. But then he wakes up. Did he overdrink? Was she a dream? A mirage? No, surely she was real, it was all too real. He meets her again and again but each time only as a vision, as a dream. He strives to believe that this girl must exist, that they are being connected across a higher plane. Is she real? Or merely a vision? 



Ok, this seems to involve death by car into icy water. 


So I am pretty far off again with my guess. And again this appears to be a Hindi movie that errs more on the serious side as opposed to having 17 peppy songs each with 42 sari changes per song. 


I am also aware that there appears to be two language versions of this, one in Hindi and one in Malayalam.  I have assumed Hindi as that is the most prominent cinema industry/language, but I am aware that this may be a slightly more ambiguous entry than most because of how India will sometimes essentially produce the same film in multiple regional languages. 


This tentatively bumps Bollywood up to 3 entries on the countdown, continuing its strong showing so far. 


From Amazon user,  Dr. Garabet


After the execrable flop of Action Jackson Ajay Devgn returns to the screen with a memorable well acted, well scripted thriller. It is not for the faint-hearted. The only weak link is Tabu's overacted performance as the cruel police chief cum tender mother of her only son (the killed ultra-scoundrel of a teenager). To see Tabu at her best watch the towering Haider, where she plays the mother to Shahid Kapoor's Hamlet. A powerful movie laying bare India's bleeding social wounds.


Films by Nation


5 - France

3 - Bollywood

2 - Italy

1 - Hong Kong

1 - Mexico

1 - China

1 - Denmark

1 - Soviet Union

1 - Sweden

1 - Germany

1 - South Korea

Good article about how one pivotal scene is played by the lead in all the 5 different versions:  https://www.filmcompanion.in/features/malayalam-features/the-best-scene-in-drishyam-as-performed-by-mohanlal-kamal-haasan-ajay-devgn-venkatesh-and-ravichandran-malayalam-tamil-telugu-kannada-bollywood-jeethu-joseph-baradwaj-rangan/



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