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Eric Atreides

Disney+ MCU: ROGERS THE MUSICAL (Featuring HAWKEYE) | November 24, 2021

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8 minutes ago, charlie Jatinder said:

We have a date.



That's my birthday!


I don't really care about this show all that much, but it's still my birthday! :D

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I'm actually quite fond of Hawkeye. AOU really did a lot for me when it came to his character. It re-established him as the sardonic dad of the group and made him the most down to earth character out of the Avengers. Which surprised me since Renner is at his best when playing emotionally distant men. 

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11 hours ago, Lokis Legion said:

EW believes this is the next live action show, which would push Ms Marvel to 2022.








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2 hours ago, Cap said:

So Ms Marvel is December 31, 2021 then 😂



Or maybe Ms Marvel will have a 2-episode first week and 2-episode last week so 1 month would be enough.


I know, it looks preposterous but anything can happen.


You also can take into account that Marvel might not see WHAT IF the same way as live-action series and might be okay with starting Ms Marvel before the end of WHAT IF....


So yes, maybe it'll start at the very end of 2021 but it's too early to laugh.

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I wonder if there will be tie in with the post credit sequence in BW...

Just saw in this thread that Florence Pugh is on the cast list so, yeah, there will be a tie in.

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