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Here we go


Friday, January 5th


Friday, January 12th (4-Day MLK Weekend)

World War Z - Horror/Drama - in IMAX - Directed by multiple (2 weeks)


Friday, January 19th



Friday, January 26th


Friday, February 2nd


Friday, February 9th

Static Shock: The Metahuman Agenda - Superhero/Coming of Age - Directed by F. Gary Gray - in IMAX (2 weeks, split with Pokemon) 


Friday, February 16th (4-Day President’s Day Weekend)

Pokémon: The Case of The Orange Outrage - Adventure - Directed by Uta Briesewietz - in IMAX (2 weeks, split with Static2)


Friday, February 23rd


Friday, March 1st


Friday, March 8th


Friday, March 15th

The Legend of Zelda: Secret of the Guardians (Animation/Fantasy/Adventure) (Dir. Travis Knight) - in IMAX - (2 weeks)


Friday, March 22nd


Friday, March 29th (Easter Weekend)



Friday, April 5th 


Friday, April 12th

Totem of The Elders - Adventure/Fantasy - Directed by George Miller - in IMAX (2 weeks)


Friday, April 19th



Friday, April 26th



Friday, May 3rd

Mass Effect: Revelation - Sci-fi/Action - Directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi - in IMAX (2 weeks)


Friday, May 10th (Mother’s Day Weekend) 

Sisters of Jump Street - Comedy/Action - Directed by Kay Cannon 


Friday, May 17th

Friday, May 24th (4-Day Memorial Day Weekend)

One Punch Man: A Monster Rises - Superhero Action/Comedy - directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein) - in IMAX (2 weeks)


Friday, May 31st

The Neighborhood - CG Animation/Fantasy - Directed by Matthew A. Cherry


Friday, June 7th


Friday, June 14th (Father’s Day Weekend)

Untitled Rian Johnson Project - Sci-Fi/Epic - Directed by Rian Johnson - in IMAX - (2 weeks)


Friday, June 21st



Friday, June 28th

Beastars (Drama/Action/Comedy/Romance/Mystery) - Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada - In IMAX (2 weeks)


Wednesday, July 3rd 

The Catcher in the Rye - Drama - dir. Alexander Payne


Friday, July 5th (5-Day Independence Day Weekend)


Friday, July 12th

Ms. Marvel - Superhero - Directed by Minhal Baig - in IMAX (2 weeks) 


Friday, July 19th

Animal Crossing - Animation/Family - dir. Steve Martino

Friday, July 26th

Attack on Titan: The Wings of Freedom - Fantasy/Action/Horror - Directed by Matt Reeves - in IMAX (2 weeks)


Friday, August 2nd



Friday, August 9th

Folklore: A Swift Experience - Concert Anthology Drama - Directed by Taylor Swift

Untitled Speed revamp (Action) (dir. David F. Sandberg)


Friday, August 16th

Red Dead Redemption: Volume 1  - Western - Directed by Taylor Sheridan - in IMAX (2 weeks)


Friday, August 23rd

Greg on All Fours - Coming of Age/Dramedy - Directed by Stephen Chbosky


Friday, August 30th (4-Day Labor Day Weekend)

Penpal - Coming-of-Age/Thriller - Directed by Alma Har’el 

Friday, September 6th

Fullmetal Alchemist: A Tale of Two Brothers - Action/Adventure - Directed by Scott Derrickson - in IMAX - (2 weeks)

Larrikins - CG Animation/Musical/Comedy - Directed by Tim Minchin and David Soren


Friday, September 13th


Friday, September 20th

Untitled Nintendo Project - Directed by Cate Shortland - IMAX


Friday, September 27th 


Friday, October 4th
Untitled Olive the Other Reindeer Halloween Sequel - Family/Musical - Directed by Jemaine Clement)   - in IMAX (2 weeks)

Abomination - Horror/Drama - Directed by Ali Abbasi 


Friday, October 11th

World of Trouble (Dystopian Drama) (dir. Jason Bateman) 


Friday, October 18th

Four Songs of the Wise - Period Drama - Directed by Peter Bogdanovich

Panzer Dragoon - Fantasy - Directed by Roar Utahag - In IMAX (2 weeks)


Friday, October 25th



Friday, November 1st

The Wild Thornberrys - Adventure/Family/Comedy - Directed by Beth McCarthy-Miller - in IMAX 

Everything We Miss (Animation/Drama) (Dir. Michaël Dudok de Wit)

Friday, November 8th (Veteran’s Day Weekend)

The Bronx is Burning (Historical Sports Drama) (dir. Martin Scorsese)


Friday, November 15th

The World That We Knew - Historical Fiction - Directed by Luca Guadagnino

The Last Airbender: The Boy in the Iceberg (Fantasy/Adventure) (dir. Jon M. Chu) - November 15 - in IMAX


Friday, November 22nd 

The Wicker Man (Psychological thriller) (Dir. Lynne Ramsay)


Wednesday, November 27th (5-Day Thanksgiving Weekend)

The Castaways - Superhero/Sci-fi - Directed by The Duffer Brothers - in IMAX (2 weeks) 

Everything We Miss (Animation/Drama) (Dir. Michaël Dudok de Wit) - (wide)


Friday, December 6th


Friday, December 13th

The Untitled Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Sequel - CG-2D Animation/Superhero/Comedy - Directed by Lauren MacMullan - in IMAX

Plus Two (Romantic Comedy) (dir. Nicholas Stoller) 


Friday, December 20th (6 Day Christmas Weekend)

Wednesday, December 18th - The Scavenger Wars Part IV - Sci-Fi/Action/Drama - Directed by Patty Jenkins - in IMAX (2 weeks)



Wednesday, December 25th

The Orphan Master's Son - Historical Epic - Directed by Park Chan Wook

The Queen Who Never Was (Fantasy Drama/Epic) (dir. Michelle MacLaren)



Edited by YourMother the Edgelord
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@Reddroast and I have worked out this deal:


Christmas Epic will do a weekend of previews exclusively in IMAX and 70mm on November 22

The Castaways gets the full weekend of Thanksgiving in IMAX, while Christmas Epic continues to play in 70mm

On December 6, Christmas Epic gets 60% of IMAXs; 40% goes to The Castaways

Should no one else take December 13, Christmas Epic gets 100% of IMAX

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Before I update, I’ll give my three.


You Only Live Nine Lives - CG Animation/Crime/Comedy - Directed by Stephen J Anderson and Don Hall - June 21st


Zatanna and Constantine: Hell Hath No Fury - Horror/Romantic Comedy/Superhero - Directed by Elizabeth Banks - September 27th


The Wild Thornberrys - Adventure/Family/Comedy - Directed by Beth McCarthy-Miller - December 20th

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You Only Live Nine Lives will move to March 15th, as My Hero Academia opens in IMAX on September 20th.


Zatanna will move off the calendar for now until I think of a new spot but a new film will be put on the calendar. 

Sisters of Jump Street - Comedy/Action - Directed by Kay Cannon - May 10th

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The Orphan Master’s Son  (Historical Epic) - December 25th

Directed by Park Chan Wook

Four Songs of the Wise (Period Drama) - October 18th

Directed by Peter Bogdanovich


folklore: a swift experience (Concert Anthology Drama) - Aug 9 (IMAX 1 Week)

Directed by Taylor Swift

Edited by The Panda
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Please remove The Catcher in the Rye from the schedule.


In addition, please place the following film on November 15th:


The World That We Knew

Director: Luca Guadagnino

Genre: Historical Fiction

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change of plans


remove IMAX for Olive


add Untitled Blockbuster (dir. Jon M. Chu) for November 15 in IMAX (I'm okay with losing IMAX after 10 days)


EDIT: this is


The Last Airbender: The Boy in the Iceberg (Fantasy/Adventure) (dir. Jon M. Chu) - November 15

Edited by Blankments
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