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Comic-Con @ Home 2020 Thread | Star Trek's coming back baby!

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The world is still bricks. And because the world is still bricks, conventions have been canceled left and right. However, the beautiful people over at Comic-Con have found a loophole thanks to the beauty that is the Internet. Comic-Con @ Home will allow people to enjoy the con and learn about the exciting upcoming releases in the geek culture world. You don’t even need to wear pants while doing it! From TV to movies to even comic books, there’s still plenty here to get excited about.


For Thursday, July 23, it’s all about Star Trek and X-Men. Discovery, Picard, and the upcoming Strange New Worlds are all getting the spotlight at 1 PM EST/10 AM PST. And at 5 PM/2 PM PST, there’s a panel dedicated to The New Mutants, a movie that is presumably a thing that exists. Amazon will also appear, with panels dedicated to The Boys, Upload, the upcoming Gillian Flynn series Utopia and the upcoming Simon Pegg/Nick Frost series Truth Seekers. Also included are animated series Solar Opposites and Close Enough, and HBO's His Dark Materials.


Friday, July 24 has plenty from Cartoon Network and Adult Swim with Infinity Train, Adventure Time: Distant Lands, Robot Chicken, Final Space, and Primal. But the real selling point is The Walking Dead, with Fear the Walking Dead at 3 PM/noon, The Walking Dead proper at 4 PM/1 PM, and the upcoming series The Walking Dead: World Beyond at 5 PM/2 PM. Hulu will also appear with Marvel’s Helstrom and Crossing Swords, as well as animated shows Bob’s Burgers and Archer.


Saturday is the domain for Fox animation, including The Simpsons, American Dad!, and Family Guy, as well as Nat Geo with Cosmos: Possible Worlds and the upcoming adaptation of The Right Stuff. Lovecraft Country and Agents of SHIELD will also appear. But this is where the films take over. The upcoming Phineas and Ferb movie, Searchlight’s Antlers, and Bill & Ted Face the Music are all set to appear.


Sunday’s the low-key day. The 100 and Looney Tunes Cartoons are set to have panels, and fanboy favorite Nathan Fillion will have his own panel just to talk about his television career. A celebration of the 30th anniversary of the first TMNT movie will also be available.


Definitely a mild year, though obviously understandable. But there’s still some fun to be had, and it’s nice we’re actually getting all of this in the first place. So let’s be happy and discuss what we want to discuss.


Y’all know the rules here at this point. Fanboy wars are a huge no-no, no spoilers be nice, be respectful, don’t be a dick. We’re lucky to have Comic-Con this year in any form. Don’t be that guy and ruin it for everybody else. And that’s about it really.


Have fun!


Schedule Highlights (full list available here) (all times PST)


Thursday July 23

Star Trek Universe - 10 AM PST

Solar Opposites - 11 AM

Amazon's Truth Seekers - 12 PM

Cartoon Network Studios - 12 PM

Marvel's 616 - 1 PM

Amazon's Utopia - 1 PM

His Dark Materials - 1 PM

Upload - 2 PM

The New Mutants - 2 PM

Close Enough - 3 PM

The Boys - 3 PM


Friday July 24

HBO Max: Cartoon Network - 10 AM PST

Adventure Time: Distant Lands - 11 AM

Vikings - 11 AM

Fear the Walking Dead - 12 PM

Infinity Train - 12 PM

The Walking Dead - 1 PM

The Walking Dead: World Beyond - 2 PM

Helstrom - 3 PM

HBO Max: Adult Animation - 3 PM

The Capture - 3 PM

The Dragon Prince - 3 PM

Bob's Burgers - 4 PM

Crossing Swords - 4 PM

Archer - 5 PM


Saturday July 25

Cosmos: Possible Words - 10 AM PST

The Simpsons - 11 AM

Constantine 15th Anniversary - 12 PM

Phineas and Ferb: Candace Against the Universe - 12 PM

American Dad! - 1 PM

Nat Geo's The Right Stuff - 1 PM

Antlers - 1 PM

Rooster Teeth - 1 PM

Family Guy - 2 PM

For All Mankind - 2 PM

Bill & Ted - 3 PM

Agents of SHIELD - 3 PM

Brave New World - 3 PM

The Order - 3 PM

Lovecraft Country - 4 PM

What We Do in the Shadows - 5 PM


Sunday July 26

TMNT 30th Anniversary - 10 AM PST

The 100 - 12 PM

Looney Tunes Cartoons - 1 PM

A Conversation with Nathan Fillion - 2 PM


Use this to convert things to your timezone

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During Comic-Con, FX usually has a number of immersive experiences and this year is no exception. The only difference is that everything will be appropriately virtual. FX Unlocked will include digital activations and experiences the virtual confab dubbed Comic-Con@Home which takes place July 23-26.



With FX Unlocked, fans will enter the world of FX’s top programs including American Horror Story, What We Do in the Shadows, Dave and Cake. The experience can be unlocked at FXSDCC.com starting July 23 and will include exclusive content, games, activations inspired by the show and fans will get the chance to win prizes.


“We will miss attending the traditional event this year, but the silver lining is that with FX Unlocked we can engage with fans from across the country,” said Kenya Hardaway, Senior Vice President, Integrated Promotions-Multi-Platform Marketing at FX Networks. “We see this as an opportunity to forge an even stronger connection with our audience and make our shows part of this virtual celebration.”


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On 7/20/2020 at 10:00 PM, Porthos said:

I know there are a few people interested in Lucasfilm's books/comics projects, so I'll post the link to the...


Lucasfilm Publishing Panel (Friday - 12PM PDT)

Excited to hear Zahn talk about Thrawn Ascendency. And Ireland on the High Republic, though it probably won’t be much. It’d be cool if they talk a bit about the High Republic references in Doctor Aphra, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

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