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The Brand Spanking New Weekend Thread | Unhinged - 4M | SALE NOW LIVE: $10 GOLD ONE MONTH, $7 PREMIUM ONE MONTH!

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Man oh man, is it good to be back. After being shut down for months, America is finally re-opening movie theaters, because Papa Nolan has a big ego and probably wants us all dead. Guess it’s better than Trump killing us in the next four years. A Brit would do it honourably.


So after a couple months of Europe and Asia doing okay, American box office will finally return in a relatively muted way. This weekend, possibly at your local Regal or AMC, you'll find a whole bunch of movies that came out earlier in the year, a whole bunch of movies that came out in the 80s, an Inception re-release in preparation for the day Papa Nolan kills us all, and a variety of new releases, including a feature from RZA, a Train to Busan sequel, and Russell Crowe as a crazy dude in a car in Unhinged. Truly there’s something for everyone this weekend.


However, will people show up? Even now, things are up in the air, especially since some states are still closed outright and there’s still concern about the safety of movie theaters themselves. Are old movies you can watch at home and new movies with mild hype enough to get the box office on track? Or will we see the true end times for the theatrical business? We won’t really know, even after this weekend ends, but at least we’ll have each other’s company.


But of course, we still have rules to follow in these weekend threads. So...


1. ABSOLUTELY NO SPOILERS FOR NEWLY RELEASED MOVIES. NOT EVEN SPOILERS POSTED UNDER SPOILER TAGS. This rule is applied to all weekend threads, but it's especially true for this weekend. While none of the movies listed are super huge, it’s not cool to reveal something not shown in marketing, especially when most people are gonna wait for stuff like Unhinged or Peninsula when it arrives on digital or streaming. You are free to give general opinions, but try to avoid going into any further detail. If you do spoil something here, you will be banned. No exceptions. Don't be a dick.


2. KEEP YOUR AGENDA OUT OF HERE. We get it. Movie theaters are dead forever. Everybody predicting the end of theatrical business is an idiot. Marvel is the greatest film series ever created and all other franchises are below it. Disney/Marvel is destroying cinema and Kevin Feige/Bob Chapek/Kathleen Kennedy is the spawn of Satan. James Cameron is the true king of the box office. Yadda yadda yadda.


There's a time and place for these kinds of statements...actually, there isn't. But at the very least, it doesn't belong here. If you want to start these beefs related to all of these dumb children's movies, go somewhere else. This website would be so much better off with that bullshit gone. If you do this kind of stuff here, you will be banned. No exceptions. So don’t even fucking try. Not gonna name names, but you know who you are. Don't be a dick.


3. CURB YOUR POLITICS. In threads like these, politics often spring up for literally no reason. And straight up, politics just aren’t fun to talk about. So unless it’s truly relevant to the conversation...no. Don't be a dick.


4. THE REPORT AND IGNORE BUTTONS ARE YOUR FRIENDS. See a post that’s breaking the rules? DO NOT RESPOND TO IT. Just hit the Report button, give an explanation to the problem, including the context, then hit "Submit". We the mods will determine the post and see if it's breaking the rules and give out repercussions. See a poster that's consistently being annoying? Then just highlight their name and click "Ignore User" on the pop-up. It'll save lives and hopefully cause less of an uproar or infighting. While trolls are already bad, responding to them only makes it worse. So again...Don't be a dick.


6. IS OFF-TOPIC DISCUSSION OKAY? Well...yes and no. We want people to stick to box office numbers as best as they can. However, there are plenty of dead periods of time with no new numbers, and other discussions will surge. And honestly, things will probably be real boring this weekend from a numbers perspective. So off-topic discussions are okay to have, so long as they don't impede numbers discussion. So if there's no action, and you want to share your quarantine escapades, or discuss Tiger King because that’s still a thing I guess, or praise Beyonce for the greatness that is Black is King, that's totally fine. Just remember to not talk about anything controversial and remember that when the numbers come to keep those discussions down to a minimum. Keep on doing that, and it becomes a chore for many who just want to know the numbers. We will have a post immediately after this one that will focus on just the numbers always updated to the most recent estimates, but the phrase still applies. Don't. Be. A. Dick.


And lastly... 


7. DON'T BE A DICK. Threads lately have started to become a little too toxic. Whatever the reason may be, if you're not following any of these rules or are straight up not being nice, you're going to get the banhammer smashed onto you. Concern trolling? Banned. Revealing that Russell Crowe kills Dumbledore? Banned. Trying to start arguments on controversial topics? Banned. Just posting something unpleasant or mean? Banned. And if you're unsure if you can handle being nice for one weekend, then, simply put, get out of here. You probably know what I'm gonna say next.


TL;DR. No spoilers, no fanboy wars. Keep it nice, keep it neutral, don't attack others, and you'll be fine. If you don't do this stuff, you'll risk a threadban, a suspension, or even a permanent ban, so tread lightly. Outside of that, just have fun!


And two last things... 









Second, instead of contracting COVID when going to your local theater, why not enjoy a movie at home? The amazing @Water Bottle produced the independent romantic comedy Northwood Pie, directed by the equally amazing Jay Salahi. It’s got millennial angst, a coming of age tale, and pizza. Everybody loves pizza!


Only two bucks to rent or $10 to own, you can’t go wrong. So instead of wasting your money and your life at your local multiplex, just stay at home and support your fellow BOT members. Maybe order some pizza too! Please stay home! Please!



The also just as amazing @Plain Old Tele also worked on the recently released As Long as I'm Famous, free to stream on Amazon Prime. Since we all have Amazon Prime because we're slaves to Jeff Bezos, you got no excuse!



And now...













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4 minutes ago, RealLyre said:

Haven’t seen one of these since BoP weekend thread.


does Unhinged have THU previews? Or just straight up opening on Friday 

Looking around at theaters that are already open, it appears the first shows start tomorrow.

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24 minutes ago, elcaballero said:

Awesome. Anyone planning on risking it for Unhinged?

Already did lol. Decent movie, if a little frustrating. Not the worst way to bring back the domestic box office, but I doubt even in a normal market it would do anything more than o/u 10M

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Here's how my AMC looks tomorrow (socially distanced capacity in parentheses):




4:00 Dolby: 30/236 (43% full, 30/72)

5:00: 6/107 (19% full/ 6/32)

6:00: 4/107 (13% full, 4/32)

6:30: 0/104

7:00 Dolby: 27/236 (39% full, 27/72)

7:30: 13/107 (41% full, 13/32)

8:45: 10/107 (31% full, 10/32)

Total: 80/1,004 (26% full, 80/303)




4:00 IMAX: 7/372 (7% full, 7/100)

6:30: 9/51 (60% full, 9/15)

8:00 IMAX: 41/372 (41% full, 41/100)

Total: 57/795 (27% full, 57/215)


The Empire Strikes Back:


4:30: 12/70 (57% full, 12/21)

8:10: 21/70 (100% full, 21/21)

Total: 33/140 (79% full, 33/42)




4:10: 9/54 (56% full, 9/16)

7:10: 16/54 (100% full, 16/16)

Total: 25/108 (78% full, 25/32)


Grease: 20/67 (100% full, 20/20)


Words on Bathroom Walls:


4:00: 1/77 (4% full, 1/23)

5:15: 2/104 (6% full, 2/31)

7:15: 3/77 (12% full, 3/23)

8:30: 12/104 (36% full, 12/31)

Total: 18/362 (17% full, 18/108)


Cut Throat City:


4:15: 5/70 (24% full, 5/21)

6:15: 0/77

8:15: 13/70 (62% full, 13/21)

Total: 18/217 (28% full, 18/65)


I Still Believe:


5:05: 3/40 (25% full, 3/12)

8:20: 12/40 (100% full, 12/12)

Total: 15/80 (63% full, 15/24)


Bloodshot: 12/40 (100% full, 12/12)

Jumanji: The Next Level: 12/67 (60% full, 12/20)


The Burnt Orange Hersey has sold nothing, and Black Panther's second show has sold 6 seats.


Overall, these are encouraging numbers. Unhinged is relying heavily on Dolby though

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46 minutes ago, DAJK said:

Already did lol. Decent movie, if a little frustrating. Not the worst way to bring back the domestic box office, but I doubt even in a normal market it would do anything more than o/u 10M

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty jealous of you being able to see any movie right now.

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Get those theatres reopen so I can get my full access back. Till then I will try to get the numbers but unlikely during the day, more likely the final updates.


That too I think from next weekend, with TENET & New Mutants. 


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Okay, Sonic actually did NOT suck tonight!  My family was SO HAPPY to be back at movies, and I'm so happy for the thread:)...


2 middles loved it (A grades), youngest gave it an A-, oldest gave it a B...


I gave it a B-, but I actually did really enjoy a throwback Jim Carrey performance...in fact, even though this was a video game movie, I thought the leads all really went for it (and the stellar steal-the-show turn from the sister was excellent:)...


Even the spouse, now the world's toughest grader for kid and family movies gave it a D+, saying it was way better than Pikachu:)...


But, it was really, really, really great to be at the movies...


And for those wondering how it went...it turned out AMC put 2 seats between parties and skips a row in their non-recliner theaters (what we were in).  They do not solely rely on the teen staff cleaning, but have disinfecting wipes outside of each theater to use to clean your seat.  Since I checked (and we had one of the last shows of the night), sanitizing stations (which are out by concessions and the entrance/exit) still had sanitizer and the bathrooms still had soap and towels.  Everyone was great at the show, and we did "fill" the screening at 30% capacity.  


And everyone, I mean everyone, had either food or drink bought for my showing.  I guess everyone wasn't certain how the mask thing would go, but my kids and the adults really didn't mind it.  In fact, one of mine managed to eat popcorn barely moving the mask before letting it pop back in place as he chewed (he was that motivated to follow the rule and get to watch a movie:)...


Now, we're talking about if we'll all go to Tenant or New Mutants next month (we have decided if Wonder Woman releases, that will be our October movie:)...any discount would definitely sway one or the other b/c I want Tenet, but the spouse wants New Mutants...and the kids just want another movie:)...although we might give Scoob or Spongebob a go, instead, if either releases as one of those discount special movies:)...

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Box Office till Yesterday


North America: $1850mn

China: $480.8mn

South Korea: $326.8mn

India: $270mn


Japan should be over $400mn as well.


China will be making long strides in weeks to come and should cross $1.2 Billion by end of September or even more. If NA don't up it's game by October, China may be in lead.

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Unhinged Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-1 and Counting


  Sellouts Showings Seats Unavailable Total Seats? % Unavailable
TOTALS 3 29 543 2637 20.59%


Total Sellouts Added Today: 3

Total Seats Sold Today: 246


Seems like an encouraging sign so far. Of course there's no real reference in sight, so let's just see what happens I guess.

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