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Disney+ MCU: She-Hulk: Attorney at Law | August 17, 2022 | Tatiana Maslany stars

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This episode was back to solid form after the disappointment of episode 6. Enjoyed the side characters here a lot. Hopefully 


This whole thing with the blood stealing and this HulkKing character is resolved well, it's starting to feel like another rushed finale, especially since Daredevil also needs to be fit in somewhere. 


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Very rushed episode overall and the ending just felt weird to me. The plot really escalates rapidly.


Didn't like the last fourth wall break was kind of strange. It's like every fourth wall break lately in this show is either to address any potential criticism that will be leveled at the show or through pot shots at toxic side of internet.


Cameo we have been waiting for was just meh and the cgi was really bad esp the action sequences.


Man the finale for this could really be shit but let's wait and see.


Showrunners for this have just been terrible IMO ,they has been so much pointless filler and now the plot this episode was rushed as fucking hell.


Finale will determine whether this will be the worst Disney MCU series IMO.


Even removing the salty fans and review bombing. In terms of general consensus this looks to be the least liked MCU show.



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God, you expected She Hulk not to break the fourth wall?

And She Hulk yellling at the writers is taken directly from the comics..she constanly berated the writers and artist for their latest misdeeds.

I think Marvel decided to play this series largely for laughs, and a lot of the "everything had to be serioius" fanboys just did not get  it.

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Luckily the last episode came in at the right time and salvaged this, because I was starting to really tune out towards the end.


Tatiana Maslany is massively talented but this show doesn't do her any favors. And then the horrible CGI comes in. It is so close to looking good… Yet so far.


It's aggressively okay. 6/10


4th wall breaks and laughing at itself do not a great show make. 

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Inside joke: The name of the Law Firm Jennifer Walters works for ..Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzburg and Holloway is 3/4  a reference to people prominent in the history of Marvel comics:


Goodman is Martin Goodman, the founder and owner of  Marvel Publishing (although it went by different names until the early 1960's)  ; he founded the company in the early 1930 as a pulp magazxine publisher who later switched to comics, and remained owner and publisher until he retired in the 1970s;

Lieber is the real last name of Stan Lee;

Kurtzburg is the real last name of Jack Kirby.

Don't know about Holloway.


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On 10/26/2022 at 12:43 AM, dudalb said:

God, you expected She Hulk not to break the fourth wall?

And She Hulk yellling at the writers is taken directly from the comics..she constanly berated the writers and artist for their latest misdeeds.

I think Marvel decided to play this series largely for laughs, and a lot of the "everything had to be serioius" fanboys just did not get  it.

Yes she did break the fourth wall but honestly think translating something directly to live action doesn't always work.


My major issue with the fourth wall break is that after it. the episode just cuts and abruptly ends. It basically erases the whole finale and throws all the built up plots outside the fucking widow.


We don't even see her court scenes with intelligencia ,atleast end the season on a court scene "she hulk attorney at Law"


Finale was just meta because well meta. It criticisms of the MCU are just funny bse in the end it didn't even try to come up with a  meaningful conclusion for it's  character. Atleast the finales being criticized did something.


All this whole scene was just Jane creating her wishlist instead of creating something that bucks the trend of the finales she criticized.


Was the fourth wall break bold and subversive. Yes

Was it funny  . to an extent yes


But the execution to the end point was terrible and just undermines the whole story.


An idea is only good at it's execution and they fumble this one at the end.


The whole it's a comic thing is a strawman.


Lots of properties adapt from the comics,novels etc... . Just because a scene is in the comics don't make it God ,it's how well it's translated.


and will give them credit again, they started it well, but just ruined it at the end.


Episode 2 and 4 worked for me so well.

Episode 2 is when the fourth wall is at its best.And there is a section she pokes fun at the whole thing of her being a diversity hire and can relate to that.That's kind of the hypocrisy of Hollywood and cooperate world today.


Blonsky was chefs kiss.


Ep 4 explores she hulk/Jane and all the date scenes feel fun and authentic and kind of poke fun at men in a not a heavy handed way, 


The ending to that arc is a bit flimsy though.


Unfortunately rest of the episodes don't it as well imo.



Madisyn and Wong were like legitimately funny and despite the court scene being a little silly.


She hulk is good in this show and all the scenes I've mentioned heavily involve she hulk.


One of the biggest problems with the show is Jane herself.


She is quite miserable and she hulk  is fun and this whole premise is rich for a good story but the writers fumble it in the end.


Let's start with her scene with Bruce when she goes on complaining about catcalling. This scene would be fine if it was in the right context. But the whole scene just sucks for me because she just comes off an like ungrateful and kind of a bitch to Bruce. Hulk has been a major plague on Bruce's life and that power has destroyed cities and lives, so I get his perspective and then compare that to catcalling and the resulting dialogue was just stupid.


Add to that they contrived the whole catcalling scene at the beginning just for this scene. You want us to feel sympathy for the character but do bare bones to set it up.



Episode 1 as whole is plagued by contrivances and severely undermines hulk.


Another scene is in episode 4 at the end. After having sex ,the guy leaves after finding out it's Jane.


Yeah is he a Crip for leaving her and there is a whole message here men comodifying women based on looks which is actually good . But she also choose to show off herself as she hulk instead of herself,it's clear she has insecurities but the story ignores this and ripe exploration of her character and relationships in general. Men do comodify but women do too.


And to top it off ,the whole arc with him is resolved in 5 and you know who is there " she hulk " not Jane.


Jane character has reduced all her self worth to " need a boyfriend" which again is not bad but it's basically what her character is for the most time. All the cool and fun  shit is basically she hulk. Even Jane date scenes for the most are miserable in a cartoonish way . While those of she hulk are fun and well maybe  it seems both shehulk and Jane have different perspectives .


But the showrunners just live that there and don't explore that.


In episode 7 , the story tries to resolve this self worth on men with her counseling but 8 completely fumbles it by rushing sex with DD instead of trying to create a relationship with him ,

the finale he is just there. 


Overall Jane has an unhealthy work and love life and you can clearly see she hulk is confident and fun and I think both should compliment themselves but the writers completely fail to bridge the gap .


Lastly . In the finale who erases all the subplots and creates her wishlist . It's "Jane".  Jane character arc is so basically fumbled . She has basically no growth as a character ,all the work done in 7 gone reduced to atoms.


She has a happy ending with her family,DD and intelligencia is gone bse she basically wished it .


What a waste of character. They were so many ripe elements in this story for exploration . This whole series should have been Jane and she hulk exploring themselves with touch of comedy and court cases sprinkled in. The whole intelligencia subplot was basically worthless and just self insert from the writers who are obsessed with internet trolls


Yeah now finally it's time to talk about the showrunners . In a post a while back I called them hacks but think was a little harsh bse looking through the story more closely i can see they are they were clever elements put in but the showrunners don't fall through


Just don't get the whole obsession with internet trolls IMO. Sure if it a YouTube video or post on internet that's fine. But this is a multi million dollar project for probably a main female lead going forward  and you base your story on a bunch of toxic nerds on the section of the internet who are peanuts to the fan base your making your story for.



Overall as a comedy ,tastes vary . Personally found hit or miss but as a story it was pretty halfbaked and a dissapointement.


In conclusion you're right this was story made for laughs" and that's all . Happy it worked for you but with all the ingredients here there wasn't enough meat on the bone for me.








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I am sure Jen Walters ,even if she does not get another season, will show up in other Marvel shows.

I can understand people not finding it as funny as the producers intended, but my problem is some of the fanboy trolls seemed not to get this was meant as out and out comedy. Yes, some MCU movies and hows have had a high comedy content, but this is first time  it attempted a out and out comedy.


I hope, somehow they do a bit they did in the comic books: When She Hulk just broke the Fourth Wall, Deadpool comes on and attacks her for stealing his shtick.


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