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Minari | 11 DEC 2020 qualifying run, 12 FEB 2021 regular run | A24

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Glad I had a chance to watch this in cinemas


The scenes with the Grandma hit so close to me though mine wasn't necessarily like the one in the movie. Nearly teared up when David was running to her at the end. Glad also the Minari crop wasn't the solution to the problems in the farm. I actually like the ending though a bit abrupt. The film said all it did about the family and the struggles they experience and will continue to experience.



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From the way I see, Minari stand a far better chance than The farewell last year, benefit from the buzz from Parasite and the positive perception around Korean-theme film. 


Minari didn't have to deal with a Parasite-like competitor like how Parasite overshadowed Farewell.


Also, Minari is far more US-centric than the farewell. The farewell largely took place in China while Minari is American dream experience, which should play closer to American heart in general. 


The only disadvantage Minari have is the lack of star power, while Awakfina last year was the center of the farewell's buzz. 


The release strategy or box office numbers shouldn't have impact this year since all films suffered the same.  

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