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Freaky (2020)


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Solid entry in the BlumHouse series of comedy/horror versions of classic film tropes. In this case body swap films like Freaky Friday. 

Very much in the style of Happy Death Day. On the whole a lot of fun. 

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I enjoyed this, and the film had some guilty pleasures. I think the film would make oodles more if it went pg-13, but I also enjoy and good head-gets-sliced moment. I hope this one gets exposure for halloween. 

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A funny, bloody genre hybrid that adds a fresh spin to the tired body swap genre. Easily Vince Vaughn's best role in ages. Kathryn Newton also shines in her most high-profile role to date, looking forward to what she brings to the expanded part of the daughter in the next Ant-Man movie. B

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Lol I was definitely taken off-guard by the first couple kills in this (I knew it was R rated but for some reason I was expecting something similar to Happy Death Day, not 2009's Friday the 13th). But yea, this was a blast. Loved Vince Vaughn, the rest of the cast was pretty great too.


The scene with Vaugn and her crush in the backseat had me genuinely laughing out loud. 

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