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Eric Riley

The Book of Boba Fett | December 29, 2021 | Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen star

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 I mean the episode quality was very good, easily the best so far, but...


It was basically Mando S3 E1, so...it just reminds me how much more I like that show? I don't understand why this episode was placed in Book of Boba instead of in the Mandalorian itself. 


But, seeing as it was:


Great first half. Some of the best stuff Mando has done. Awesome watching him train with the Darksaber, and then it was crushing to see him get exiled over the helmet and watching him miss Grogu. 


Second half was solid, I think it dragged a little in repairing the ship, but watching the N-1 fly through Beggar's Canyon and around the ship was glorious. As a huge fan of TPM this episode was heaven. 


The N-1 is too small for Din though, it's a stopgap I suppose. He needs a new bigger ship.


Other stuff:


I detect a lot of Telos influence from KOTOR2 in the first planet. I really liked seeing that location, these sort of space station planets are always cool and a nice break from the single environment/city duopoly. 


Is Din gonna be in the next episode? Because the end implied he was going to visit Grogu first, which makes the placement of this episode in the series even more odd.


WIZARD! Whoever put that line in there deserves a raise. 


Overall, a strong start to Mandalorian Season 3??


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The point where Disney execs jump in and realize The Mandalorian is the superior show.


Anyway, I think Boba Fett would have been better if the Tusken stuff was the first episode, instead of the flashbacks.  This episode should help ratings though

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Very good episode, but its obviously a big problem when the best episode by far doesn't have you titular character in it. 


I think the problem is they made Boba Fett a boring and old fat idiot.  Maybe they should just end Book of Boba Fett after this season and have Fennec Shand go back over to Mandalorian in season 3 because shes a good character being wasted in this.

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