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Star Wars: Visions - 9 animated short films from "leading Japanese anime studios", coming Sep 22, 2021 on Disney+

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-sigh, sniped for once-


Gonna edit in the YT version at least:





Checks timestamp of tweet.


SW twitter account was on AutoPilot, I see. :sadno:






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4 minutes ago, Darth Lehnsherr said:

Damn I hope this isn't just a one off season. Would love it to be a reoccurring show with different animation studios and styles. Heck have it expand outside of the anime world for future seasons if you want too.


But looks awesome so far.


I'd like some of these stories to have their own anime if possible with 1 season or more...I mean, it's cool and easy Star Wars content while Disney works on their live action show + Bad Batch.

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If people are wondering why it's now 9 shorts instead of 10, this is why:



18. The Ninth Jedi “is an absolutely epic story,” according to Rimes. But it actually began as two separate shorts. One was to be set in a time when Jedi have fallen into legend and need to come back as darkness threatens the galaxy, with the daughter of a lightsabersmith seeking out the Jedi and delivering their weapons. The other story was to be told from the point of view of eight warriors coming together, learning if they are indeed Force sensitive and can trust each other. Ultimately, the decision was made to combine the stories in order to achieve something on a grander scale. “We brought those two tales together to create something really epic and special,” Rimes said. “They had us at ‘lightsabersmith,’” added Lopez.


Works for me.


Taken from:



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Disney going hard with the merch, looks of shirts and socks. I think they know both anime fans and Star Wars fans will eat this up. The hoodie below looks dope!




Source: https://whatsondisneyplus.com/first-look-at-star-wars-visions-merchandise/ 


Rest of the pictures in spoiler tag below











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Per this month's Star Wars Insider, the longest short (The Ninth Jedi) is 22 minutes, so reminding 8 shorts are shorter than 22 minutes (Source).


from r/StarWarsLeaks.


Since that's the "double episode" that would imply the others are probably half as long or so.  Say a range of 8 to 12 minutes.  Maaaaybe 14, but I tend to doubt it.


Considering these are shorts, that does sound about right.  Also not exactly a surprise as if they were all in the 20 min range, then I'm fairly certain Disney would have been tempted to release these in weekly format.

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very detailed look at some of the character and background information concerning a few of the shorts. The Ninth JediThe Twins, The Village BrideThe Elder, and The Duel are the ones covered in this article.


Very very detailed in the case of some of them.  If folks want to go in blind, ignore them.  But considering these are shorts, having some background information that may or may not be provided (outside of perhaps some establishing dialogue) might not be a bad thing.

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Semi random sampling of reactions.  Mostly geek/SW press, so take that into account in more ways than one (i.e. discount a tad because it's geek press but also remember this is highly targeted at that demo so it might carry a bit more weight).






(included not for name but less-than-exubrant reaction/balance)






But just to show it's not everyone's cup of tea:





We'll see just how representative these reactions are when it drops next week.

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