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Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

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I liked this film overall, but I couldn't get over some of the big issues, which keep it far from the level of the first film, I will not even mention that body swap issue that have so many fans scratching their heads, I liked the integral way Steve comes back to the film. Now leaving aside the fact that she knew him for the first month of her seventy years of her life away from home, I will accept that she is That in love with him, thinking about him often, and such,. How they played Cheetah was fine, but how Wonder woman was getting weaker was not paced well. And I especially hated how using the lasso over a broadcast could overwhelm everyone to give up their wish, That whole thing just passed pleasure and went into disaster film making. And how did a plane parked at a museum have the gas to travel all the way to wherever. It is great that they have a storyline that one can say Stays cannon with the other films, but this is so bad, it should be forgotten, 

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I almost turned this off after 45 minutes.  The opening 15 minutes really took me out of the film.  It was unnecessary and not needed.  We've already been told all we know about Diana as a youngster.  And from there, it got worse.  I didn't like many of the VFX, I hated the story line for the villain and it just seemed like one big mess.  There was very little chemistry between Gadot and Pine his time around and I think if everyone in the world was granted one wish the entire world would implode.  Gadot is still terrific as WW and Pine had some humourous moments and Wiig did a decent job with her character but overall, this was a massive disappointment.  


And did Lynda Carter go to the same "forever youthful" program as Dr. Fauci, Paul Rudd and Jennifer Lopez went to?



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this was weird. How to do you from greatness to mediocre? WB, that's how. My word this was just boring. The action was so lazy and shite. Nothing stood out except maybe Gal Gadot improving as an actress. Very disappointed. Its not a wholly bad movie but it is just ...meh. 




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Flawed? Yes but I had a lot of fun with this one! I liked the Maxwell Lourd villain and even Cheetah was cool! I enjoyed some of the action and fight scenes! Honestly I liked this more than the first one and thought it was surprisingly decent for what it was! 

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I’ve just watched Wonder Woman 1984. I’m disappointed, the first part (2017) was much cooler, more emotional and touching. The beginning of the film is incredibly prolonged, the plot, more or less, begins to spin only after 40 minutes. As for epic scenes, fights, etc., there will be ONLY THREE of them in all 2.5 hours! This is probably why I was very bored watching this film, so I wanted to press rewind in order to quickly start looking at something dynamic. The first significant and exciting event comes only after 80 minutes of the film !!! Therefore, I did not like it.

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