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Endless New Year Event

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We start the presentations off with the updated Endless Entertainment logo. We start with the camera film coming out of a projector, each piece of film is a scene from a popular movie they made (Gateways, Green Lantern Corps: Home, Static Shock, Off-Road, Thirsty, Can You Imagine?, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Kingdom of The Sun and Lilo and Stitch) at fast speed. We see the camera film form an infinity symbol and bronze letters spelling Endless Entertainment below. The film turns to a pure black and we go inside the film.
The crowd goes nuts for the logo. Cheers are heard in every corner of the room. CEO of Endless Entertainment, Xavier B. Irving, walks on stage shaking hands with some of the people up front. Xavier thanks everyone for coming and is visibly excited to show everyone the Y8 and beyond slate. Irving notes Y7 bought a lot of success with hits like Should You Imagine?, Green Lantern Corps: Home, Toons v Reality and Plastic-Man. Irving notes though that as a whole, reception was mixed but aims to alleviate that in coming years by keeping the traditions audiences love while breathing new exciting life into their projects. Irving will start their presentation with the crown jewel of the studios; their animation arm as Irving introduces the new members of Endless Animation’s Brain Trust.

Matthew A. Cherry (Academy Award winning Hair Love, the upcoming Meeka)
Jennifer Yuh Nelson (Kung Fu Panda 2, Spark: A Hero’s Promise, the upcoming Green Lantern Corps: Evolution and the upcoming The Valkyries vs The Galaxy)
Jorge R. Gutierrez (Emmy Award winner El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, The Book of Life)
Genndy Tartakovsky (the Can You Imagine trilogy)
Josie Trinidad (Academy Award winning Zootopia, Wreck it Ralph)
Meg LeFauve (Academy Award winning Inside Out, Medusa)
Chris McKay (Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive, The Lego Batman Movie)


McKay takes the lead and thanks the audience, as they’ll now be giving an in-depth look at the slates of Endless Animation and the upcoming adult branch in Y9, Endless Animation Alternative. Combined, the studios hope to make 3 films a year.

Year 8 sneak peaks will arrive in a few minutes.


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Matthew A. Cherry steps onto the stage as he talks about the lack of diversity in Hollywood, and was glad that Endless Animation decided to take a chance on Meeka. Meeka is the first CAYOM animation with an all black cast and all black crew. Cherry notes that Meeka has an impressive crew of black filmmakers, including Everett Downing (Hotel Transylvania 2) as the co-director, and writing the script alongside Cherry is animated television guru Ian Jones-Quartey (Steven Universe, O.K. KO: Let’s Be Heroes) and Black Women Animate head, Taylor K. Shaw. Cherry notes all three have directing projects with either Endless Animation or Endless Animation Alternative which will be revealed later today. Ryan Coogler (Black Panther, Creed, Space Jam: A New Legacy) and Cherry’s partner on Hair Love, Monica A. Young (Hair Love) will produce, as Disney veteran Bruce W Smith (The Proud Family, The Princess and The Frog), who Cherry argues is the best animated Disney Channel show designing the characters.


Cherry notes that Meeka developed from The Neighborhood as his own terms, as Cherry notes it was sweet but generic, and didn’t really show as much black culture as they wanted so Cherry was inspired by works of unused Endless Animation scripts and made Meeka. Cherry notes the plot is still largely the same:


In an alternate Earth, the Kisilan Peninsula was a lush set of four islands filled with lush jungles, breathtaking seas and like any good fantasy, brimming with magical energy and creatures. The people struggled to survive but the African Goddess Isis (Lupita Nyong’o) herself gifted the people with the gift to harness magic for societal good. Unfortunately, overtime, man got greedy for more power of magic, which attracted the worst in people, creating the four tribes (the warrior tribe Zuloji, the diplomatic and inventive Ufanolo, the spiritual Rohad, and the farming tribe Mu’ku) which lead to a tribal war that spawned decades. After the war, the tribes divided as the nefarious and powerful Hofu (Khary Payton), whose origins are said to be unknown, using the division and turmoil to his advantage, creating a powerful spell that stole the magic of others and to control the beasts. During Hofu’s reign, he slaughtered the Rohad tribe and ruled through fear. Isis returned, sacrificed herself to seal Hofu and herself away in the ethereal plane, causing a magical shockwave, causing the people’s ability to use magic to go dormant. 


2,000 years later, the tribes are mostly coexisting but tension still is alive. Our story focuses on the headstrong and kind-hearted Meeka (Skai Jackson) is a 16 year old member of the Mu’ku, daughter to Prince Jomo (Mahershala Ali), the Mu’ku’s lead farmer. Meeka is the only person on the island who can harness magic, making her beloved by the people on her island. Meeka enjoys living the simple life with her pet of unknown origins: Kivu (who is the size of black housecat with eagle like wings) and her best friend, the boisterous heir prince and her cousin, the witty Jabari (Caleb McLaughlin), having fun and helping her island. However, during an accident, Meeka accidentally releases Hofu from his prison, as well as learn Isis is her ancestor. Meeka must assemble a team of different tribespeople to reach the burial grounds of Isis, said to have Isis in ancient slumber before Hofu can kill Isis. But Meeka must travel through a land of beasts and dangerous creatures, learn more about the past of the island, as well as struggling to keep tensions between her crew at a standstill and her newly changing ideals about her world and people.


Meeka is said to portray themes such as religion, faith and class throughout the story, says Cherry, as well as pushing the boundaries of a PG rating, noting the Amulet series as an example. Cherry also notes the most interesting thing is that Meeka is different from other Endless Animation heroes and heroines as she is a very headstrong and beloved figure, as well as her impulsiveness is the key to her problems. 


Cherry shows a clip.


We open with large African Shadow Puppets and fire to display the opening Endless Animation logo and then used to open the story as a narrator tells of the history of the three tribes, the warrior tribe Zuloji, the diplomatic and inventive Ufanolo, and the farming tribe Mu’ku. The island Kisilan, was home to the tribes but lacked fertility and home to dangerous creatures. Isis (Lupita Nyong’o), a powerful goddess used her magic to revitalize the Kisilan, filled with lush jungles, breathtaking seas, knowledge to tame beasts, and most importantly, gifted the people with the gift to harness magic for societal good to use to defend themselves, and tap into nature to increase livestock.


Unfortunately, overtime, man got greedy for more power of magic, which attracted the worst in people, creating the four tribes (the warrior tribe Zuloji, the diplomatic and inventive Ufanolo, the spiritual Rohad, and the farming tribe Mu’ku) which lead to a tribal war that spawned decades. After the war, the tribes divided as the nefarious and powerful Hofu (Khary Payton), whose origins are said to be unknown, using the division and turmoil to his advantage, creating a powerful spell that stole the magic of others and to control the beasts. During cr Hofu’s reign, he slaughtered the Rohad tribe and ruled through fear. Isis returned, sacrificed herself to seal Hofu and herself away in the ethereal plane, causing a magical shockwave, causing the people’s ability to use magic to go dormant. Though, 1000 years later, the three tribes made peace as they celebrate the day of Hofu’s defeat and give praise to Isis in hopes she’ll grant the tribes prosperity, as the children watch in awe as we center on two six year olds, the brave and impulsive Meeka and her cousin, the witty Jabari. 



We then reveal that the Mu’ku are having a huge harvest festival for the tribes, as the Mu’ku are known for their farming skills. Everyone is getting along well, as the kids meet up with the adults, Meeka’s parents Jomo and Yetunde, and Jabari’s parents, who are the rulers of the Mu’ku tribe, King Nyas and Queen Lesedi. Yetunde is a bit overbearing but greets the children with warmth. Nyas gives a speech but the kids don’t want to attend as Jomo allows them to tour the festival but not to go too far.



After having some festival fun, Meeka and Jabari go off course and into the woods, heading towards a bridge with a cave on the other side. The two cross the bridge but Meeka wants to explore but Jabari notes they must be careful, as Meeka calls him a chicken, going closer to the cave, as suddenly Yetunde arrives telling the two to come back. Meeka apologizes but notes they are perfectly safe as unbeknownst to her, a hungry Grootslang, a sixty foot long python slithers out of the cave, letting out a deafening screech. Yetunde pushes the kids to the other side, using a flare to distract the beast, as they run from the mighty serpent but as Jabari and Meeka make it to the other side, Yetunde gets her foot caught as the Grootslang destroys the bridge with its tail causing Yetunde to fall. Meeka attempts to go after her mom, screaming in fear, as Yetunde begins to levitate.



Meeka is confused as Jabari is in awe as Yetunde is afraid that Meeka can use magic. Meeka quickly levitates Yetunde to the other side, as the Grootslang jumps to the other side, causing them to continue their run. Jabari asks if Meeka can use any more magic as Meeka says she doesn’t know, as Yetunde tells the kids to focus, as they escape the Grootslang’s many attempted swipes, managing to send it into a steep ravine. Yetunde rendezvous with Jomo as well as Nyas, Lesedi, Amare and the unnamed Ufanolo lead, warning them about the Grootslang. 




The Grootslang arrives at the festival as Amare gets her Zuloji warriors, dressed in animal themed armor and armed with unique weapons to defend the people. (These weapons have a design similar to steampunk and afro-futuristic, having magnetic rope, spears that can ignite and spray fire, and gauntlets that release small shock waves in addition to swords, bows and arrows). Yetunde attempts to get Meeka and Jabari to safety and tells them to hide as she decides to help. Meeka, though sneaks out and decides to help when The Grootslang begins swallowing civilians and nearly does Yetunde, but Meeka uses her magic powers to keep the beast’s jaw open.

Meeka apologizes to Jomo as he tucks her in bed. Jomo warns her to be more careful but is proud of her helping her cousin. Meeka asks if he knows anyone who can do magic like her, as Jomo notes that he hasn’t, at least not on the island but notes Meeka could be someone really extraordinary as he notes the magic almost seemed divine. Meeka is nervous yet excited at this new possibility, as Meeka ponders this but notes she isn’t sure what she wants. Jomo notes whatever she does, he’ll be proud. We then see the woman from before watch this from above as she smiles before turning into mist.


The Grootslang then attempts to strike at Meeka with it’s tail but Meeka barely dodges through the gap, as she makes it to the other side. The Grootslang grabs Meeka with its tail as it swallows her, but Meeka hangs on, by holding onto it’s uvula. Meeka fires a pulse of powerful energy causing the Grootslang to scream and vomit up those it swallowed. The Grootslang collapses as the citizens watch in both awe and curiosity.



We then cut to later as Yetunde and Jomo discuss Meeka’s powers as Yetunde argues it’s too dangerous for her as Jomo notes Meeka needs them. Little Meeka overhears the conversation as Yetunde notes she needs to take a walk but will be back. 

Jomo goes to Meeka as Meeka apologizes to Jomo as he tucks her in bed. Jomo warns her to be more careful but is proud of her helping her cousin. Meeka asks if he knows anyone who can do magic like her, as Jomo notes that he hasn’t, at least not on the island but notes Meeka could be someone really extraordinary as he notes the magic almost seemed divine. Meeka is nervous yet excited at this new possibility, as Meeka asks is Jomo going to leave her too, as Jomo asks why she’d think that. Meeka notes she overheard her mom talking as Jomo notes whatever she does, he’ll be proud, always love his daughter and will be by her side. Boosting Meeka’s spirits, Jomo talks about all the good she can do and that she has the potential to do extraordinary things. Meeka smiles filled with some confidence.


Meeka arrives 5/31/Y8 in 3D and Dolby Cinema.

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Thurop Van Orman steps on the stage, humorously wearing a school uniform that doesn’t fit him, as he announces the next project for Y8, Naughty Little Monsters which was formerly known as Naughty!, it’s the second film in Endless Animation’s partnership with Laika as well as stop motion animated. Tim Burton (The Nightmare Before Christmas) will executive produce as Dan Harmon (Community, Monster House) and Alex Hirsch (Starlight, Gravity Falls) will help write the script with Orman. Orman notes that production is going well, and said rewrites were done to make it even scarier, more so than his outfit.


11 year old Xavier Bitton (Keith L. Williams (Good Boys)) is pretty well mannered yet socially unremarkable. However, Xavier always had a plan for everything, whether it was his homework or his plan to go to Ivy League schools or his plan to wear down a date in five years in time for prom. Xavier has his eyes set on going to summer camp in order to make more friends.


However, Xavier takes the wrong bus and winds up at Waylon’s Reform Camp for Wayward and Naughty Children, described as “Guantanamo Bay” mixed with the most evil element of all; a prep school, where “the worst of the worst” are sent to be reformed and punished until they’re cured, led by a fairly psychotic headmaster, Headmaster Waylon (Kelsey Grammar). Wanting to flee, Xavier forms an unlikely partnership with tweenage pickpocket and scam artist Roxxi (Ella Jay Basco), who has tried escaping the island multiple summers, as the two form a crew to do the ultimate prison break, while Xavier accidentally stumbles upon a deadly conspiracy that may endanger childhood all together. Xavier must learn to adapt as we all learn whether naughty or nice, kids will be kids.

Orman shows a new clip.


After finishing up, we see a worn out yellow school bus pulls up as Xavier hops inside, apologizing for the wait, but the bus driver simply grunts at him. The bus is oddly empty, barring the two but Xavier accepts this, thinking he got the early route as the bus speeds off. Suddenly, the bus for Social Summer Camp pulls up a few moments later. 


The bus then starts to speed off as Xavier is flung to the back as Xavier complains that the bus driver is speeding. The bus driver grunts as the bus swerves deeper into the woods, as they head towards a cliff, as Xavier immediately panics, as he tries to open the emergency hatch but is unable to. Xavier curses his feeble body, and prays that it’s a dream.


The bus falls off the cliff, as suddenly it sprouts wings, and flies in the air, much to Xavier’s confusion. The clouds darken as Xavier asks where he is being taken, as the bus driver once again grunts, as Xavier asks if all he does is grunt. The bus driver responds in a deeply grizzly voice “Actually, I do but most are intimidated by my bold, thundering VOICE!” as the bus starts to shake from the voice as Xavier freezes up, as he says he understands.


The bus immediately descends into an island shrouded in pine trees and fog, where we see a summer camp, but instead of a fun camp with marshmallows and friendly children, most of his tween peers are grizzled and mean and exceptionally cool, as the bus lands. Xavier is confused as he grabs his things, and leaves the bus, as suddenly two figure draped in white wearing beak like masks escort Xavier to the main entrance of the camp, which looks thankfully much more similar to a regular summer camp, as Xavier notices more of the beaked figures escorting more children as we see a 13 year old Korean girl named Roxy with black hair with a teal stripe, casually greet the guards, referring to them by their name.


Roxy: “Paulie, Georgy, my two favorite guards. How’s it going? Husband treating you well. Still got loans to pay off.” 


Roxy attempts to reach into their pockets as Paul swats her hand away.

Paul: “Pickpocketing is extremely naughty. Yet no matter how many times we remind you that, you fail to learn it.”. 

Roxy (chuckling): “A girl’s gotta make a living.” 


The camera pans to Roxy holding a card discretely in her fingers. The children are then escorted to a giant stadium, as we see a large slender man with a strong jawline and Victorian themed attire as he introduces himself as Headmaster Waylon, as his assistant Miss Cipline, a stern looking woman with a powdered face and a comically large ruler. Waylon introduces himself as the Headmaster of Waylon’s Reform Camp for Wayward and Naughty Children, a summer camp made for the naugthy children to reform them.


Waylon: “Some of you were sent by parents, guardians or any authority figure who finds your recent behavior deplorable. I personally don’t have time for spoiled, brutish or snobby children, but out of the kindness of my heart and the generous sums of money, I will reform you.” 


A snickering child in the audience fires a spitball at Waylon which lands on his chin, much to the shock of Cipline and the guards, as the kids laugh except for Xavier. Waylon has a pissed yet calm look. 


Waylon: “You, boy. Row 12, seat 15. What’s your name?”.

The Boy (chuckling): “Jeffrey” 


Jeffrey spits another with Waylon grabs the spitball with his fingertips with ease, as menacingly walks his way into the crowd of children as he makes his way to Jeffrey.


Waylon: “Jeffrey, unfortunately, you’ve caught me in a horrid mood. Personally, I find you detestable but you have potential to grow into a valuable society member, maybe as a janitor or fast food employee. Even if I have to beat it into your tiny little noggin” 


Waylon wipes the spitball from his chin onto Jeffrey’s head. 


Waylon: “Take Jeffrey to the punishment chamber.” 


The guards grab Jeffrey at a fast speed and take him away. Waylon continues the speech and says this summer is a learning experience, and that he recognizes many new and old faces from the crowd. Waylon then lists the rules of camp as a timid Xavier raises his hand to interrupt, as Waylon rushes to the child with a cold look. 


Xavier: “Mr. Waylon.” 

Waylon: “Headmaster Waylon.” 

Xavier: “My name is Xavier Bitton”

Waylon: “I don’t care what your name is. Hurry up.” 

Xavier: “Headmaster Waylon, I believe there was a mistake, sir. I signed up for Social Summer Camp, and believe I took the wrong bus by accident. Could you check to see if I’m on the list, please?” 

Waylon (sneering): “I don’t care but you do seem softer than most children, and arguably a stool pigeon. There’s something innocent, almost non-threatening or socially unique about you.” 


Waylon has the guards to scan Xavier as they use handheld scanners that read “99.99% nice, 0.01% naughty”  


Waylon: “It’s plausible, we made a mistake but unfortunately, the bus came only to pick up campers and drop them off at the end. You are stuck here but so long as you behave yourself, that shouldn’t be a problem.” 


Xavier nods, glumly as Waylon lists the typical rules, don’t leave without permission, don’t disrespect your peers or superiors and the mess hall only serves the right foods for growth, so no of that sugary dreck the kids like. 


Xavier and the kids are hauled inside various classrooms as Xavier attempts to find a place to sit as we see Roxy from earlier asleep, a group of bullies lead by Snake, a chubby yet strong 14 year old boy, playing keep away with a notebook, a bunch of spoiled valley girls as Jessi, a 12 year old brunette and leader of the gang chastises her minions for lack of fashion, kids with attitude problems and liars, and pranksters, as Xavier struggles to find a seat.


Xavier eventually finds a seat as the chaos erupts in class even as Miss Cipiline is revealed to be the homeroom teacher. Cipiline, then using her sharp elongated red nails, to scrap the board causing the kids to be silent due to the pain.


Cipiline then attempts to tutor kids on grammar and etiquette which Xavier passes with flying colors, much to the chagrin of other kids there. The day goes by as normal which feels a lot like school as Xavier is able to use his quick thinking nature to overcome academic problems, until we get to dinner. 


Xavier attempts to meet new people at dinner without his plans but Snake decides to pick on him for being too smart and a weak target. Xavier attempts to de-escalate the tension but accidentally slips, causing his tray to fling food everywhere as a food fight starts. Snake chases after Xavier but Roxy defends him, by throwing the goopy food at Snake, as the adults break up the fight. Xavier attempts to thank Roxy but Roxy wants nothing to do with him, and advises him to toughen up if he wants to survive here. Xavier then realized she stole his wallet, during the conversation.


Naughty comes to theaters September 6th Y8.

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Lauren MacMullan (The Simpsons Movie, Academy Award winning Get A Horse!) makes her directorial debut with The Untitle-able Squirrel Girl Sequel. MacMullan thanks the crowd for the applause as she notes the trouble production behind Squirrel Girl, noting the sequel was originally a musical focused on Dana but the plot was messy and too complicated. MacMullan noted the mixed reception of Should You Imagine? sent the crew scrambling to rewrite, and she was bought in to direct, and bought on the writer of the Squirrel Girl comics, Ryan North to help with the script. North noted the best idea was to angle it Squirrel Girl as MacMullan realized bigger and better would not work for the sequel, as they would risk telling a similar story and Squirrel Girl already accomplished her goals in the first film. 


Inspired by underrated superhero movies, the emotional Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and the surprisingly subversive spoof Megamind, MacMullan decided to have the sequel focus on Squirrel Girl’s slowly growing fatigue with the superhero work as well as the aspect of her human alter ego, Doreen Green as the film acts as a character analysis for the titular hero, and debates the values of a hero. MacMullan notes the film still has the same heart, humor and action of the first but is more reserved at times leading to a different beast of a film. MacMullan notes the new summary below:


“After being a superhero for half her life, the now 30 year old Squirrel Girl (Academy Award winner Anna Kendrick) has it all. She’s gotten the respect she deserved, a plethora of friends such as Dana (Taissa Farmiga) and won the heart of her longtime crush Speedball (Daniel Henney) and most importantly, learned to love herself, warts and all, and the world is at 75% world peace. But like any sequel, Squirrel Girl has new trials to face, as she suddenly starts to grow weary of the superhero gig as she suffers an unexpected accident during a simple fire rescue. Squirrel Girl soon discovers a conspiracy behind Melissa Morbeck (Kelly Hu), beloved trillionaire and business empire owner, and the new energy source MoEnergy being used for weaponry to take over the world. In order to stop Melissa’s plot, Squirrel Girl must face her old desires and past, as she returns to her old campus, Empire State University, in disguise as her abandoned alter ego, Doreen Green, as she meets new allies such as the new heroine Alchemist (Golshifteh Farahani (Notorious, gen: LOCK)) who can take on attributes of any compound or element she touches and Nancy Whitehead (Vanessa Morgan) who shares Doreen’s passion for heroics and optimism, as she forms a team with them including Dana, Speedball and trusted squirrel friends Monkey Joe (Lil’ Rel Howery) and Tippy Toe (Samantha Ireland) to take down Melissa as Squirrel Girl attempts to figure out who she is.”


MacMullan shows a new clip:


Squirrel Girl and Dana take a break from their exploits as Squirrel Girl vents her frustration of nothing working. Dana notes maybe they haven’t found the right thing as Squirrel Girl becomes even more convinced she’ll be a hero until the day she dies unless she’s resurrected for monetary purposes. The two alongside Tippy Toe and Monkey Joe head to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to pick up Robbie, as they plan on getting lunch, as Tippy Toe and Monkey Joe debate on wanting Indian food or Chinese food. 


Robbie greets them as he shows them the exhibition going live in a week, as he gives them a sneak peek of his masterpiece as Robbie used a combination of paint and exploded kinetic energy sphere making a psychedelic collage. Tippy Toe is confused as Monkey Joe notes it’s art, it’s supposed to be confusing. The squirrels venture off as Tippy Toe smells something strange, as Dana chases after them. Robbie speaks to Squirrel Girl alone, revealing he moved out of the apartment and now has his own home, inviting Squirrel Girl to move in with him, as Robbie notes it’s a bit more in-state. Squirrel Girl is excited but notes she needs to think about it which Robbie understands. Squirrel Girl runs into her old science professor Dr. Blank (Troy Baker), who was an ally to her in her earlier years as well as being one of the few people to know her identity outside her circle of friends. 


As Tippy Toe figures out the smell, she finds Hit-Monkey and the Zoo Crew, armed to the teeth and wearing ski masks, as she alerts the others. The Zoo Crew causes a ruckus as Hit-Monkey attempts to kidnap Dr. Blank. Squirrel Girl attempts to stop Hit-Monkey as she doesn’t want to fight an animal, especially a cute one in a suit but Hit-Monkey is a surprisingly skilled fighter, easily dispatching Squirrel Girl, Robbie and Dana as the Zoo Crew steals a van, escaping with Dr. Blank. 


The heroes chase the animals in a high speed chase across the city. Dana drives as Speedball uses his energy spheres to get people to safety and block the gunfire, banana peels and what happens to be extra-hardening chocolate pudding (It was implied to be feces at first until the camera shows monkeys with pudding cups). Squirrel Girl gets an idea and tells her squirrels to get various food of choices to distract the animals, Hit-Monkey almost falls for the temptation but ignores it.


Squirrel Girl leaps onto the van, but the bear comes out to fight her on the roof, who she disarms with a belly rub, causing the bear to laugh as a weird microchip falls from his fur as Squirrel Girl realizes it’s some sort of weird brainwashing chip. Dana manages to stop the vehicle suspending it in magic, only to reveal Hit-Monkey escaped with Dr. Blank. 


Deciding to investigate this, Squirrel Girl alongside Dana, Speedball, Monkey Joe and Tippy Toe goes to Riri and Amadeus’ office in Chicago via Dana’s teleportation, as it is revealed the two scientists are on a romantic date, despite the fact that both are trying to deny and hide it which causes Dana to snicker. The scientist young adults manage to find out that the chips are brainwashing chips but they can’t trace it back to the maker only to the source: Empire State University. The two also theorize that there’s recently been a disappearance of major scientists in New York as Squirrel Girl assumes the two are linked. Riri and Amadeus wish them luck as they rush them out claiming they must work, as Dana snarks “work must mean sucking tongue”


Squirrel Girl leaps at the chance of doing hero work once more, as she notes one more big hero job is just what she needs to get the momentum going and can save Dr. Blank. Dana, Speedball, Monkey Joe and Tippy Toe support Squirrel Girl in her efforts. Squirrel Girl decides to go undercover as a student as she suspects naturally a bunch of superheroes showing up on campus would alert the villain. Speedball is a bit more hesitant due to his busy job as Squirrel Girl understands but Speedball promises to help during the night as he plans on surveying the city. Dana says she’s free for the next few days.


Dana decides to have the two enroll as graduate students in Empire State University for the fall semester just starting, as she uses money from Squirrel Girl’s residuals to enroll, enrolling Squirrel Girl as Doreen Green. Squirrel Girl is a bit unsure as she’s been Squirrel Girl for so long as Dana notes if they want to stop the villain, she needs to do it. Dana also notes it’d be good for Squirrel Girl to be Doreen for a change. Squirrel Girl is offended at first as Dana backtracks saying that Squirrel Girl has been feeling something missing, maybe having a chance to unwind while she solves a conspiracy can help give her some closure. Squirrel Girl agrees as Dana sends their application. Squirrel Girl asks how long will it take, as Dana notes that applications like these take weeks, maybe months, only to see that the two have been selected within seconds to their surprise.


The Untitle-able Squirrel Girl Sequel comes to theaters in 3D, Dolby Cinema and IMAX, December 20th, Y8

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As Y9 slate begins, Daniel Chong (We Bare Bears) and Kevin Lima (Tarzan, Enchanted) step on stage as they talk about their next film. Lima notes that Endless Animation has dying for a crack at another musical and they took inspiration from one of the most magical and chaotic places on Earth: New York City. Chong notes like Super Mario Bros, it also is a story about immigration. Chong reveals the title as Downtown.


Lima says that New York City is not just home to humans but also is the dimensional platform between Earth and the magical realm home to all man made myths from pixies, mermaids, griffins, vampires, you name it. 


Rose (Eva Noblezada) is our main protagonist who family owns a restaurant for generations. Rose is an extremely talented chef but longs for a career on Broadway, singing and dancing. On a food delivery night, Rose finds herself in a part of downtown she never knew existed, a magical hotspot that has all sort of unimaginable creatures, as she finds herself singing in a magical nightclub. Rose soon bounds with the various creatures in the city as Rose helps them learn to enjoy New York.


The cast has a wide range of actors and actresses 

- Tituss Burgress (Central Park, Ms. Blakk 4 President) plays a satyr who acts as sort of the tollbooth worker between the magical realm and New York City.

- Madalen Mills (Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey), who plays a youthful spirit who longs to be alive.

- Melissa Barrera (In The Heights, Vida) plays the librarian of the secret town who is a green skinned witch

- Patti Lupone (Steven Universe, American Horror Story) plays an undisclosed role 

- Gael Garcia Barnel (Bad Education, Coco) plays an undisclosed role

- Keegan Michael Key (Key and Peele, Storks) as Screwslash, a sentient almost LEGO like action figure who longs for glorious battle

- Lea Salonga (Miss Saigon, Once on This Island) plays Aiko, Rose’s mother and matriarch of the family

- Andrew Rannelis (Big Mouth, Girls, The Book of Mormon) plays the main villain, a greedy landlord who aims to seize control of Rose’s family restaurant who holds a shocking secret.


Chong says this is Endless Animation’s second musical after Medusa as John Legend and Phillip Lawrence will write the songs. Downtown heads into theaters, April 4th, Y9

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The next project for Y9 is more interesting as Everett Downing and Brian Larsen walk on stage, as they note how unpredictable the future is, no CAYOM animated film has dealt with what they think the near future will be. Larsen notes Framework had some story problems but Downing and him have been working on a new version: They Call Me B.O.Y.


Inspired by Pinocchio, Wall-E and Astro Boy, as well as drafts from the story Framework, the story takes place about 500 years into the future, two centuries after the end of the world in a now utopian society of Paradise Plaza. Our story takes place with our heroine, Ko (Ayo Edebiri), a struggling inventor and current technology thief trying to make her way in life, stumbles upon a state of the art robot that looks almost human and is capable of human emotions and thoughts dubbed Bio-Mechanical Operational Youth or B.O.Y. for short, who is lost both literally and an amnesiac. 

Seeing it as a way to make some cash, Ko decides to help B.O.Y. get home as they navigate the different districts of Paradise Plaza as well as help the young robot find his place in the world along the way. However, things aren’t always what they appear as B.O.Y. holds a dark secret that can change the face of society.


While an actor is still being surveyed for B.O.Y., the cast of the film includes John Oliver, Nathan Fillion, Jeff Goldblum, Angela Bassett, Kelly Marie Tran, and Danny Pudi. They Call Me B.O.Y. comes to theaters July 11th, Y9.

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Now the spotlight take places for Endless Animation’s more mature sister division, Endless Animation Alternative who has two projects for Y9, as COO Genndy Tartakovsky, who is also a member of the Endless Animation Brain Trust stands on the stage.


Tartakovsky notes the EAA will do a mix of high budgeted films to more lower budgeted indies as Tartakovsky expresses excitement over the company as adult animation is plentiful in CAYOM noting hits like The End of The Universe or To The Moon or Laika. EAA hopes to rest the boundaries of animation with multiple genres and different stories to tell.


The first film for Y9 is My Hero Academia: One For All, with Peter Ramsey directing. Ramsey notes the film has a $200M budget, and uses the Award winning Worldmeander animation to replicate the art style of the anime. Ramsey noted this was the first film to be chosen under the branch due to the scope and action, as Ramsey notes while yes it’s a superhero film, he likens it more to a coming of age story or a sports story due to the subject. The plot and cast remain the same as Ramsey drops a clip:



We then cut to the next day, as Izuku (David Manzouz) prepares to head to school. Inko (Amy Adams) asks Izuku if he’s all set as Inko expresses pride for her son and wishes him good luck in high school. Izuku narrates once more as he reaches school “Only 40 out of the 400 students applied were accepted with 4 getting in on recommendations.” Izuku prepares to open the door to his class 1-A as he notices the giant size of the door. Izuku then steps in as chaos has just begun.


“Take your feet off the disk right now!” says Iida (Daniel Henney) as Bakugo (Dean Charles-Chapman) with a shit-eating grin tells “You’re kidding never right. What, your old school put a stick up your ass or we you born with it?” as he laughs at Iida. Izuku is dismayed to see himself in the same class as Bakugo. 

We then get to see more interactions between the other classmates:

We see Yuga Aoyama (Adam Lambert), the navel laser hero we saw from earlier, admiring himself in a mirror as Rikido Sato (James Rolleston), a bulky teen with dark skin as he munches on a donut, ask doesn’t he get tired of looking at him, as Aoyama says you can’t tamper with perfection.

Best friends, Mina Ashido (Haley Lu Richardson), a teen with pink skin and hair, black sclera and horns and Tooru Hagakure (Kathryn Newton), a teen who’s invisible but her school uniform still appears as the two gossip about heroes. Minoru Mineta (Tara Strong), a short teen with almost grape like purple hair, attempts to flirt with them. “You know Grape Juice does the body good?” says Mineta “Not interested, shorty.” says Tooru “Size doesn’t matter, babes, I can go Plus Ultra all night long.” Mina nods at Tooru as she flings a weak acid into Mineta’s face that stings like lemon juice as Mineta runs off in pain.

Denki Kaminari (Jeremy Shada), a blonde haired teen with a black stripe, notes to Kyoka Jirou (Briana Hildebrand), a teen with a goth get up and earphone jacks as earlobes that there’s a lot of people with strong quirks, but notes he’ll just need to get stronger. Jirou snarks he should work on not spazzing out every time he uses his power. Chuckling, Kaminari notes his quirk as actually useful. Jirou stabs Kaminari with her earlobes causing him to release bolts of electricity. As a result, Kaminari spazzes out with a goofy face when he’s done as Jirou laughs.

Tsuyu Asui (Mindy Kaling), a teen with a frog like tongue, Momo Yaoyorozu (Sophie Turner), a tall teen with dark hair, and Koji Koda (Alex Hirsch), a tall, wide teen with a head shaped like a rock, discuss their performances on the exam with one another.

Mezo Shoji (Robert Pattinson), a teen with gray swept over hair and six arms getting along well with Fumikage Tokoyami (LaKeith Stanfield), a teen with the head and face of a raven.

Eljiro Kirishima (Jake T Austin), a teen with red spiky hair, Hanta Sero (KJ Apa), a lean teen with jagged black hair and almond shaped eyes and Mashiro Ojiro (Nick Robinson) are all amazed by Shoto Todoroki (Yoo Sueng-Ho), a teen with banged red and white hair, with each color on one side, and a burn scar over his left side, who is said to have gotten in due to recommendations as Shoto ignores them.


Iida attempts to start over with Bakugo.

Ida: “I’m for Somei.”

Bakugo: “Somei huh? You must think you’re better than me. I’m going to have some good fun beating your ass”

Iida: “You would threaten me? I’m not sure you’re fit to even be a hero with that attitude.”

Bakugo attempts to retort but is furious to see Izuku standing in the doorway as Iida turns arounds as the rest of Izuku’s classmates look at him. Izuku then sheepishly mutters “What’s up.” Iida then marches to Izuku “Good Morning, I’m Tenya Iida.” as Izuku says “I know” 

“Midoriya, you must have realized there was more on the exam didn’t you? You must be very perceptive and I completely misjudged you, you’re far superior to me.” as Iida bows “I find that very hard to believe” says a shy Izuku. “I recognize that hair” says Uraraka (Isabella Moner) elated to see Izuku as she talks to Izuku amazed at his Quirk and heroism, we hear his thoughts monologue over her voice “It’s the nice girl who saved me. She looks good in that uniform.” Izuku then blushes and thanks her for talking to Present Mic much to her confusion on how he would know that. We see Bakugo goes to watching on in contempt.

Uraraka continues her conversation with Izuku as she wonders what the teachers will be like. “If you’re just here to make friends, pack up and leave now.” as we see Aizawa in a yellow sleeping bag laying on the floor, shocking the whole class. “It took 8 seconds for you all to shut up. Time is precious. Rational students understand that. I’m Shotoa Iazawa, your teacher for the year”. Iazawa hands then something and tells the class to put them on and head outside. 

Aizawa decides to do a Quirk Assessment test as Aizawa says due to UA’s rules different to normal school, he is solely in charge of his class. Anyone who scores the lowest will be kicked out of his class and the school for the year, shocking everyone. 

Aizawa hands Bakugo a softball first, as he scored the most out of everyone, and to use his quirk to throw it so long as he says in the circle. Bakugo smiles as he throws the ball in a fiery explosion, sending it flying. The ball lands and records the score as Aizawa shows the class the score Bakugo made of 705.2 meters. We then go through a montage as the classmate throws the ball using their quirks as well as other exercises as Izuku falls behind due to no control of his Quirk as Aizawa watches intently.

Izuku does the softball test and attempts to use One For All but overcharges. Aizawa stares at his as suddenly when Izuku throws the ball, it’s a normal throw much to his confusion as Aizawa explains he erased it. “Someone like you shouldn’t be able to apply to UA if they can’t control their quirk.” Izuku then recognizes Iazawa as the hero Eraserhead who can erase Quirks. Aizawa allows Izuku one last attempt out of pity but tells him he better control his quirk. All Might also watches behind the wall nervous. 

The class watches in anticipation as Izuku prepares the next throw as Aizawa apples eye drops as he thinks “Either he accepts his defeat or his quirk overcharges and shuts down his body. Either way, he doesn’t belong here.” Izuku attempts to try it one more time as he throws the ball, as he throws the ball but the time charging his throwing finger as he hurls the ball hundreds of feet in the air as Iazawa, All Might and the classmates watches, impressed. Izuku thinks to himself it hurts less this time but breaks his finger as Izuku scores a 705.3 meters beating Bakugo by .1 meter. “Mr. Aizawa, I’m Still Standing.” says Izuku. 

The class cheers as Bakugo is furious Izuku beat his score as he charges at him. “Damn nerd, how the hell did you get that quirk.” but Bakugo is suddenly restrained by Aizawa’s scarf as he chastises Bakugo for having such talent but not able to control his emotions, as he lets him go and dismisses class.

Aizawa then announces the results and while Izuku places last, he said he was bluffing and wanting to see what everyone was working with. Aizawa then pulls Izuku aside “Your quirk is impressive but without control you won’t make it as a hero.” Izuku thanks Aizawa as All Might approaches him.

All Might asks why didn’t Aizawa fail Izuku as he’s done it in the past to a whole class. Aizawa warns All Might not to pick favorites when the year has barely begun. “He doesn’t have zero potential, I’ll admit that. If that were the case I’d send him home no questions asked. It’s cruel to let a kid dream of something that will never come true.”

My Hero Academia comes to theaters August Y9.

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The next EAA film is also for Y9, but is said to be much smaller scaled and more psychological engaging as Henry Selick steps on the stage. Selick notes it’s the third film of Endless Animation’s partnership with Laika and be the first film he has directed since 2009’s Coraline but he’s not doing the project alone. Jordan Peele steps on the stage as it’s revealed he’s producing the project through Monkeypaw Productions. Peele reveals that the film is an adaptation and reimagining of the classic story Sleepy Hollow. Selick reveals that the film is aiming for an R rating and takes place oddly enough during the modern day.


Selick says that the lead is played by Michael B Jordan, as his character, an acclaimed book-writer, finds himself after a car accident, in the town of Sleepy Hollow, which is seemingly a slice of old school Americana but peaceful and almost utopia. seemingly out of place. Jordan’s character finds himself stuck there through some sort of curse as he finds himself both intrigued and terrified with the town as he struggles with his sanity.


Sleepy Hollow aims for October Y9.

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EAA also has a major surprise for Y10, as we see plethora of directors step on stage from Taylor K Shaw, Genndy Tartakovsky, Dana Terrace, Michaël Dudok de Wit, Christian Desmares, Pixote Hunt, Kemp Powers and Nora Twomey step on stage, 


Shaw reveals the next project is an interesting one, revealing it to be an anthology film with 8 segments titled Mind, Body and Soul. Inspired by the likes of Fantasia, especially Y5’s Fantasia: The Third Dimension, these shorts will all tell stories based on the human experience, some more realistic detailing a simple meet cute that lead to a new relationship to the more bizzare like having a clone of yourself. A key thing to note is that each one of the eight segments has a different set of music, a different genre for each short ranging from classical to rock to hip hop. 

Mind, Body and Soul will come to theaters early Y10.

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Back to the Endless Animation side, we now are getting a look at their Y10 slate as Jeniffer Yuh Nelson steps on the stage. Nelson notes while this film is third of the Endless Animation films set for Y10, this is the one we’re most excited about.



A title card lights up as it reveals: The Valkyries vs The Galaxy


Nelson notes this is a film that has been struggling to get made since Y4, but Y10 is as good as a time as any as she reveals the title card: The Valkyries vs The Galaxy.


Nelson notes that the title stays, details have changed, as she introduces the crew first.

Molly Ostertag (The Owl House, Tales of The Night Watchman) is co-directing the project, as Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The Lego Movie, Toons v Reality) produce. Akira Schaffer (Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers) will write the script as The Lonely Island will write the songs for the movie.


Nelson says the film is still about a group of three teenage best friends who form a struggling band: The Valkyries, who after a performance mishap get their performance transmitted to the farest depths of the galaxy, as they get abducted by aliens, who are seeking the galaxy’s most brightest stars. Nelson notes that film is also a rise and fall mockumentary which is rarely told in stories, as well as confirmed that it will use Worldmeander animation techniques once more. Nelson says the studio loved Schaffer’s take which the studio is describing as an animated Popstar in terms of set up and feel.

The Valkyries vs The Galaxy stars Isabella Gomez, Chloe Grace Moretz, Yara Shahidi, Tina Fey, Andy Samberg, Hannibal Buress and Lin Manuel-Miranda as Luis Xhrob, the narrator of the film, as well as singers like Brandon Urie, The Weeknd and Taylor Swift. The Valkyries will come to theaters Thanksgiving weekend Y10


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On March 27th, Y10, Endless Animation will end the Imagine? trilogy with the last film in the saga, Will You Imagine?. Genndy Tartakovsky returns to write and direct the film. While plot details are scarce, the film takes place in the traditionally animated “real” world mostly as the computer animated characters from Imagiland come to the real world. The film deals with an young adult Ethan (Timothee Chalamet) as he faces the cusp of adulthood as he is now in college attempting to find a new path for himself as suddenly the creatures from Imagiland start to leak into real life. The majority of the old cast will return for the film. Unfortunately there’s not much else to say about the project.

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Summer Y10 brings us a new original from Josie Trinidad. Trinidad notes that this film is basically Endless Animation’s attempt at a Pixar like film, as she shows the title of the film: Dreamcatcher.


Using a lavish, water colored themed traditional animation, Dreamcatcher invites us to a world where our dreams and nightmares exist in a separate plain of reality as Dreamcatchers act as vanguards of the dream dimensions, protecting us from dreams both good or bad that could seep into our reality. The twist is a sudden surge of people left without dreams or nightmare, as a Dreamcatcher must investigate the cause of this.

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For Spring Y11, Jorge R. Gutierrez (The Book of Life, Emmy Award winning El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera) is also returning with a new film. Gutierrez says he doesn’t have much new news but can give a little plot, explain that it takes place in Latin America where a fractured family of treasure hunters (Pedro Pascal (Wonder Woman 1984, The Mandalorian), Maria Canals-Barrera (Wizards of Waverly Place, Justice League), Melissa Fumero (Brooklyn Nine Nine), Anthony Gonzalez (Coco)) are given a chance to find their lost heirloom of their family. The film is said to be a take on adventure movies such as Shrek was to fairy tales or Kung Fu Panda was to wuxia films.


Holiday Y11, Ian-Jones Quartery has a special films that may delight fans of a certain franchise.


Yep, Darkwing Duck is flying back into theaters year 11. Quartery notes it’s not just a Darkwing film as he reveals the title: Darkwing and Gosalyn


Quartery says Darkwing and Gosalyn is more comical in tone than other EA films

and is inspired by the 1991 series and the 2017 Ducktales variant, The Goofy Movie and our friends at Cookie Pictures Animation work with Scrooge McDuck. Quartery says while a villain is present, the focus is mainly on the daughter/father relationship between Gosalyn and Darkwing. Darkwing has been Gosalyn’s adoptive father for 7 years, but each face a new crisis: adolescence as Gosalyn going to the Lord of the Flies esque social nightmare known as middle school as well as her desire to find herself and be an actual heroine and Darkwing faces midlife as he does taxes, finding new jobs.


Chris Diamantopoulos, Beck Bennett and Stephanie Beatriz return as Darkwing, Launchpad and Gosalyn from the show. Lin Manuel-Miranda is also confirmed to return from the 2017 show as Darkwing’s unknown rival hero, Gizmoduck, whose alter ego is Darkwing’s close friend and gadget maker, Fenton Crackshell-Cabera. Peter Dinkalage is said to voice the main antagonist.


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EAA also has two films for Y11.

- Genndy Tartakovsky (the Imagine? trilogy) will be helming a sci-fi steampunk western titled Rust, which is about a cyborg cowboy who has a large bounty on his head winding up in the town of Rust.

- Aaron McGruder (The Boondocks, Black Jesus) will make a social satire titled Coding. The project is unrelated to Agents of CHANGE, and is not an action film but more of a dramedy.


That is it for EA and EAA’s slate, tomorrow we take a look at what Endless Entertainment is brewing.

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We head back to the Endless Entertainment festival as CEO and founder Xavier B. Irving steps on the stage. Irving notes that Endless Entertainment has a lot of titles scheduled for Y8 and beyond, and as we know Endless makes a lot of films. 

For the Endless Entertainment Y8 slate, the studio has 5 hits the audience will see tonight being: Static Shock: The Metahuman Agenda, The Wild Thornberrys, Sisters of Jump Street, Total Drama and Green Arrow: The Ninth Circle. Irving says Y9/Y10 news will be pushed to tomorrow as New Years Day has been strenuous and people are celebrating today.

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Kay Cannon steps on the stage as the audience cheers. Cannon notes that Endless had been trying to get a Jump Street film of the ground joking that as a monopoly, they can only grow bigger. Cannon then notes that Irving is a huge fan of the series as they’re some of his favorite comedies and that they want to do it right, as she will now formally unveil Sisters of Jump Street.


The cast is shown of one more time:

Mandip Gill

Kristen Stewart

Jason Mantazoukas 

Donald Glover

Tiffany Haddish 

Karl Urban

Jillian Bell

Nick Offerman 

Leslie Jones

Anna Akana 


Gill and Stewart then head off on stage in police garb as they exchange witty banter, the audience loves and laughs. Gill notes that the film in a lot of ways follows the traditional Jump Street formula, as the now cancelled Ice Cube said “Infiltrate the dealer, find the damn supplier” but with a few new tricks. Stewart notes other than that the women are taking the lead now, the film is more satirical than the other films, as the new summary is shown.


”Detective Aalia Baig (Mandip Gill), is a reserved, highly successful but often under-appreciated forensics analyst as well as detective from the FBI. Aalia’s world is turned around as she finds herself downsized. Looking for work, Aalia is picked up by Jump Street who need her skills for a new case involving a potentially corrupt yet American-renowned police academy, where this time the police are actually the dealers, giving a new strain of drugs to minority dominated neighborhoods. Aalia soon partners up with lead undercover cop as well as uncontrollable hotshot Seraphine Jones (Kristen Stewart) as the two must learn to get along as they attempt to take down some corrupt pigs, and an even more corrupt plot.”


Cannon goes into some more details about the casts as Nick Offerman and Jillian Bell will reprise their roles from the previous installments. 

Tiffany Haddish plays Captain Briggs, the new head of Jump Street who is known for her love of partying and being the most driven Captain in Jump Street history. Though she has come into work drunk a few times...


Donald Glover plays an undisclosed role but is said to be a character that Aalia befriends who is a known activist as well as valuable source of help on the mission.


Karl Urban plays Captain Steele, the head of the most prestigious police academy in the USA, the Shining Elite.


Unfortunately, a clip isn’t ready but Sisters of Jump Street come to theaters May 10th, Y8.

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