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James Bond incredible box office performence in last century

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James Bond have been popular in whole world for nearly 60 years

Many people think James Bond movie is only popular in Europea,Asia people don't like Bond movie,but the truth is ,007 is extremly popular in every coner of the earth in last century.

I collected some box office achievement of James bond series,to show that how James bond popular in the whole world in last century


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Dr.No 1962

box office achievements:

First James Bond movie,break$10m at first run,after re-release the movie eventually gross $59.6m

In oversea market,Is third movie cross 4m admission in Spain,Variety reported taht Dr.No break Spain all-time box office record(but I'm not sure about this data)

Dr.No is 2th highest grossing film of the year in UK

Dr.No release in South Korea in 1965,it attracted over 300,000 admission in Seoul city,at that time,is second highst grossing film of all time in South Korea market ,after another Bond film "From Russia with love".

From Russia with love  1963

box office achievements:

After this movie ,007 started to popular in the entire world,gross over $79m WW after re-release.

From Russia with love is just insanely successful in Asia market,in Hong Kong,From Russia with love break all-time box office record with HK$2m,break box office record set by Ben Hur(HK $1.3m),First movie cross HK$2m in Hong Kong market.

From Russia with love is extremely popular in South Korea,too.It attracted over 530,000 admission in Seoul City,break all-time record in South Korea,and hold the record for 12 years,beaten by 1977 South Korea Local film "Winter lady"

From Russia with Love also break all-time box office record in Singapore and Philippines,and is the Highest grossing Hollywood film in Taipei of the year.

James Bond is not popular in Asia nowadays,but in last century,Bond was extremely popular in Asia market, just like Avengers, Transformer or Fast and Furious.

And of course,From Russia with love is also extremely popular in Europea,break opening box office record in UK,is the highest grossing film in UK of the year,and attracted over 2m people in Netherlands.


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