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Eric Batson

Nope | Jordan Peele | Keke Palmer, Daniel Kaluuya, Steven Yeun star | July 22, 2022

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That's a good guess. The opening monologue gotta be connected to the main plot somehow. 


Any screencaps that could be analyzed? Us twist (the swap) was revealed in the previews when people figured out that the scared girl from the fun house and the evil looking girl from the white corridor were the same actress.


@Noctis yes, Us all the way. I understand that get Out connects with Americans but to me it's Us. Red (Real Adelaide)'s fate really resonated with me. I also liked that kids were mixed so each family had a tethered kid (Jason on Lupita's side and Umbrae on Red's) and human kid (Zora on Lupita's side and Pluto on Red's).

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On 2/13/2022 at 8:57 AM, PenguinXXR said:



Peele's films rarely end up going the obvious route. I feel like they want us to think aliens, but it'll actually be something else in the end. 


So you are looking for TWISTS, even more fuel for the MNight comparison!


On 2/13/2022 at 10:48 AM, Cmasterclay said:

Signs is the best M. Night movie by a million miles and one of the better blockbuster films of the last 20 years, so pretty shocked to see that being used as an insult!


I promise I'm not using it as an insult, I love Signs dearly.  I just couldn't help but notice the similarity in these three films from two different directors.

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I think US have a better teaser (because the hook was very clear there), but this a pretty good trailer as well. 


I love the fact that Jordan is a power name now, the trailer did an impact online basically because it's his movie. 


I hope we can see whatever is going on inside of that ship (?), i want to see some crazy shit.

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7 hours ago, lorddemaxus said:

Anyone who saw Batman in IMAX and got the Nope trailer, did the aspect ratio open up? I entered my Batman screening right when the trailer ended and never got to see.

It did not, the only aspect ratio trailers were Top Gun and the little bits of Flash in the DC montage thing.

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10 hours ago, interiorgatordecorator said:

any reactions?

found this


“This is a bigger budget popcorn version of Signs with sprinkles of Twister and an emphasis on chasing UFOs. Popcorn fun. There are no big allegories. Maybe you can read into the themes of how you can avoid UFO death? The trailer is misleading and it is not a riff on the Twilight Zone episode (“Maple Street”) everyone was speculating about. The cast of characters are mostly Hollywood horse wranglers at a ranch. it’s a very contained piece of filmmaking from Peele. The cut we saw felt very unfinished for a July release (VFX-wise)”

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