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GOLDEN GLOBES 2021 DISCUSSION THREAD | Nomadland, Borat 2, Andra Day, Chadwick Boseman, SBC, Rosamund Pike win

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There's been a delay or so, but we're finally kicking off the awards ceremony season with the 78th Golden Globe Awards. This year is full of undeserved nominations, and the HFPA are being exposed for being super racist and a super fraud. But if there's one reason we all watch this show, it's to see celebrities get shitfaced drunk, supply some exciting GIFs, rage over our faves not winning, and hope that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will say something funny but end up just being kind of awkward.


Does Hamilton deserve a Best Picture nomination? Why did Emily in Paris get all those noms? Will James Corden win it all? All these questions and more will be answered tonight!


As always, you guys know the rules. Be civil, be nice, have fun. Don't do anything stupid or you will get warning points. Enjoy!

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Ready for Glenn Close to begin her sweep towards finally winning her career Oscar...for a movie that's in the red on Metacritic. All via Zoom, no less.


This will be really dull in all likelihood. And the ratings are certain to be awful, as they will be for all awards shows this year. 

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Just now, lorddemaxus said:

Are they gonna do this one like the Emmys or is it actually gonna just be one big zoom call or something?

They will be presenting from LA (where Amy will be) and NYC (where Tina will be). Presenters are split between the two locations and I'm guessing the nominees/winners will be appearing from their homes.

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Finalized list of presenters:



Anthony Anderson

Ava DuVernay


Kevin Bacon

Angela Bassett

Sterling K. Brown

Jamie Lee Curtis

Laura Dern

Michael Douglas

Cynthia Erivo

Colin Farrell

Gal Gadot

Salma Hayek

Bryce Dallas Howard

Kate Hudson

Christopher Meloni

Tracy Morgan

Annie Mumolo

Sandra Oh

Sarah Paulson

Rosie Perez

Joaquin Phoenix

Margot Robbie

Kyra Sedgwick

Amanda Seyfried

Christian Slater

Ben Stiller

Justin Theroux

Kenan Thompson

Susan Kelechi Watson

Kristen Wiig

Renee Zellweger

Catherine Zeta-Jones



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3 hours ago, SLAM! said:

I'm ready to cheer on Carey Mulligan!



Her war with that critic left a bad taste in my mouth. It's like she knew she had to do something drastic to gain attention


Anyway, rooting for Rosamund Pike

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Drama: PYW

Actor: Boseman

Actress: Mulligan

Comedy Musical: Borat

Actor: Miranda

Actress: Bakalova

Director: Zhao

Screenplay: PYW

Supporting Actor: SBC

Supporting Actress: Colman

Animated: Soul

Foreign: Minari

Score: Soul

Song: Fight for You


TV Drama: The Crown

Actor: Bateman

Actress: Corrin

TV Comedy: Ted Lasso

Actor: Sudekis

Actress: Cuoco

Limted: Queen's Gambit

Actor: Grant

Actress: Joy

Supporting Actor: Levy

Supporting Actress: Garner


Aside from Mulligan and Soul's two categories, this is the most unpredictable Globes in a long time. 

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Tina and Amy proving they are still the best Golden Globes hosts ever, even in a pandemic year and on opposite coasts. I was excited for this year's ceremony for them alone. I genuinely wish they would just settle into a permanent Globes residency and host every year. 




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