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House Party Reboot | January 13, 2023 | King James produces

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EXCLUSIVE: Rising stars Jorge Lendeborg Jr. and Tosin Cole are in negotiations to lead New Line’s reimagining of the 1990 cult comedy House Party, produced by The SpringHill Company. Award-winning music video director Calmatic will be directing in his feature debut.


Springhill Entertainment’s LeBron James and Maverick Carter will produce. Reginald Hudlin and Warrington Hudlin will exec produce along with Spencer Beighley and Jamal Henderson for SpringHill. Emmy-nominated Atlanta writing duo Stephen Glover and Jamal Olori wrote the script. New Line executives Richard Brener, Josh Mack and Victoria Palmeri and overseeing for the studio.


The beloved classic House Party follows a high schooler (Christopher “Kid” Reid) sneaking out to his buddy (Christopher “Play” Martin) house party in what turns into a wild night full of antics, music and plenty fo fun. The film was a surprise box office hit for New Line in 1990 and is credited with helping catapult hip-hop into the mainstream. The film launched the career of writer/director Reginald Hudlin as well as many young actors including Reid, Christopher “Play” Martin, Tisha Martin-Campbell, Martin Lawrence, A.J. Johnson, Daryl “Chill” Mitchell and Full Force (Paul Anthony, Bowlegged Lou and B-Fine).


The film has a high priority for Springhill Entertainment as the original was a movie James and Carter grew up loving and still holds a special place in their hearts. Not only are James and Carter huge fans but are so many people who have discovered it over the years and New Line sees this as something that has franchise potential just like the original.


Like the original film, New Line and Springhill were looking to find rising stars to put front and center and went through tons of auditions before landing on Lendeborg Jr. and Cole. Execs will now look to find their female counterparts and insiders say expect plenty of fun surprises on the cameo front as well.


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The film will get theatrical release.





In the wake of the Batgirl news, press speculation mounted that a House Party reboot from producer LeBron James also was getting axed, given that it was quietly removed from its July 28 debut slot on HBO Max. But a knowledgeable source says the opposite is true and the comedy is now poised for a theatrical release.


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I got the Green Band trailer for this in front of Black Adam, which was really weird. Instead of just editing out some of the raunchier jokes and language, they have a bunch of taglines saying "We wish we could show you all the swear words and nudity and celebrity cameos, but we can't", and then cut to one or two gags from the red-band trailer that were more "appropriate". It's a very weird decision that I don't think would make me want to check out the full trailer.

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