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grey ghost

DVD's Being Phased Out? What Are Your Top 10 or Top 20 Must Own DVD's?

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I would prefer DVDs with rewatchability.


In no particular order:


1) Inception

2) The Passion of the Christ

3) Elf

4) Spirited Away

5) The Lion King (1994)

6) The Prince of Egypt

7) Citizen Kane

8 ) The Wizard of Oz

9) Singin' in the Rain

10) Napoleon Dynamite

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Top 30 (it was too hard to do only 20)...


Devil's Advocate
The Matrix
The Truman Show
Into the Spider-verse 
Infinity War 
V for Vendetta
Waking Life
Fight Club 

Donnie Darko 
Long Kiss Goodnight 
Edge of Tomorrow 
Get Out 
Training Day 

Schindler's List
Donnie Darko 
Office Space 
Coming to America 
Artificial Intelligence 
T2 Judgment Day 
The Game 
Fog of War 

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Going by the quality of the extra material (commentary track, making of type of bonus), maybe what distinguish more the experience of a bought movie versus when they appear on Netflix in a way, movie quality also weighted in the equation.


Memento (Nolan commentary mainly)

Star wars Trilogy special edition (Lucas commentary)

Lords of the rings trilogy (commentary and a lot of making of material)

The Thing (Carpenter and Russell)

Casablanca (Roger Ebert track), Citizen Kane Roger Ebert has well

Apocalypse Now (coppola, that movie making inspired book and documentaries)

The Ridley Scott one, Alien/Blade Runner

A History of Violence (Cronenberg)

Cornetto trilogy (mainly for Hot fuzz and Shaun of the death)

Gone with the Wind


I think it would be around 20 dvds with the cheating of using box set ;)



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