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Mortal Kombat (2021)  

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I imagine this will be a pretty fun time for those who are big fans of the games. As a non-gamer myself, I thought this was just okay. For the most, it delivers on what it promises: good, gory fun. Yet, I could not help but feel that it lacked a sense of wit that would make the B-flick antics much more pronounced. The cast is pretty decent, but a good chunk of the actors lacked charisma – mainly Lewis Tan, who is a serviceable leading man in his own right, but Cole Young as a character is pretty generic compared to some of the more lively personalities surrounding him.


By far, the opening prologue was my favorite part and perhaps one of the best action scene in the entire film, only behind the final climactic battle scene. It's a shame that both Sub-Zero and Scorpion get shafted through a majority of the film, because their central conflict with each other is, far and away, the most compelling aspect of the film. Oh well.

The editing is probably the worst aspect of the film. It is insanely choppy in parts, almost as if they were trying to cut corners to keep it under two hours. Certain scenes either begin and end at very awkward points. All around, I think it would have benefitted from a few extra minutes to let the story breathe a little. It would not shock me in the slightest if they ended up releasing an unrated director's cut or something in that vein in the distant future. 


All that said, if you're a fan of the games, you're much more likely to get a kick out of it than me. And it's way better than either of the 90s films, so take that as you will.



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The first 30 minutes are pretty good and intriguing, with Sub Zero being presented as a relentless Terminator-style threat. But the script tosses that out the window after Sub Zero fights Jax, as he conveniently disappears without reason and sends a lizzard that Cole, Sonya and Kano can easily kill, and they gain a lot of time to talk, plan, negotiate and travel to the Earthrealm headquarters in peace. From that point on, the movie only goes downhill.


After the first round of training, Lord Raiden gets mad that Cole can't find his arcana and calls him a liability to the team (even though right next to him there's a woman who doesn't even have a mark) and sends him back to his family, which Cole accepts with no questioning, even though the reason he left them behind was to protect them because Sub Zero wanted to kill him (and still do).


The rest of the movie is more of this type of nonsense, with the villains being able to go in and out of the heroes headquarters, with Lord Raiden and the big bad guy Shang Tsung showing new abilities that could have been useful before, and so on. There were a few really cool moments, but a script this terrible is unacceptable from a major Hollywood studio film in 2021. Even for a Mortal Kombat adaptation, there should be some craft and effort.

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There is hardly any character arc in the movie, most of the character are doing their role like cosplaying except Kano, who does provide some genuine connection for me, but only through his unlikeable traits.   


Overall it is a solid entertainment which may not worth seeing it but neither a wasteful gesture to see it in cinema

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Kinda fun. Messy editing and a little more convoluted than it needed to be (seriously just give me a tournament), and the fights are 50/50. The two sub zero/scorpion fights were highlights but there's a few lame ones in the middle. The main character they made up for the movie sucked but everyone else was a good time. Bad acting but in that charming B-movie kinda way.


'95 movie >>>> this tho.

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I enjoyed the movie because of Kano. But why not stay true to the actual canon? Inventing Cole was lame and pointless when you have tonnes of other characters to choose from. The movie needed more work in the story and editing department. Didnt feel very gelled together. Scorpion and sub zero felt a bit of a downer after the build up because it had Cole in the fight too. Some great moments and laughs but also some things that potentially can ruin this franchise. Hoping sequel improves on the flaws and actually has the damn tournament. 



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