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What are you gonna be buying? [2012]

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So far I've seen 5 movies this year.

I will be buying:

John Carter Quite average but I admire some of fantastical set-pieces. This will only be picked up at the bargain bin.

21 Jump Street Just very, very funny. Hopefully it'll be Anchorman-esque in repeat viewings.

The Hunger Games Solid and I'm a fan of the books so will own it.

Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists Wonderful movie.

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The GreyMan on a LedgeThe Woman in BlackThis Means WarJohn CarterThe Hunger GamesWrath of the Titans(remember, I live in Portugal so I have yet to see some movies like The Pirates or 21 JS).The first four and the last I will probably buy some months after they are released at lower prices. John Carter and The Hunger Games will be my top priorities.

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Man on a Ledge, This Means War? Do you collect DVD's or were those actually good?

I had a lot of fun with those movies in the cinema. Man on a Ledge had me at the edge of my seat and This Means War was hilarious. As I said in my post, I will probably not buy them as soon as they are released, but after some months when they are at lower prices.
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Update: American Reunion, The Pirates!, The Avengers, The Hunger Games, 21 Jump StreetNope: Chronicle, John Carter, The Dictator, Snow White & the Huntsman, PrometheusOwn (as digital copies): The Grey, Safe House

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