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I’m impatient so we are starting a bit earlier with some Honorable Mentions


  • The Wild Thornberrys - It definitely has its share of problems but tbh it has been one of the more fun pieces I have written and am proud of it. Hopefully I can build upon it in a sequel.
  • Animal Crossing - I enjoyed this one more than others and thought it was a fun little family romp.
  • Returning From Hell - While I didn’t dig it as much, Awkwafina slays in this film.
  • New Tricks - A passion project while not as groundbreaking is well put together and very charming 
  • Mighty Fall - Another passion project that had some bumpy steps but ended up a fun time.
  • Floodbath - An intense disaster drama that was lovely crafted.
  • Castaways - It had its share of problems but it is a good improvement for Horizon Entertainment and I look forward to more from them.
  • The World That We Knew - Another solidly put together drama that missed it by just a pinch.
  • The Insect God and Walking With Dinosaurs - Both are well put together films constructed by @El Squibbonator and I look forward to more films from him.


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Losers Weepers - @4815162342


Possibly the most entertaining shitpost I have read, one that I surprisingly enjoyed a lot. 




Static Shock: Frozen Summer


I had story problems with this film and almost chose to cancel this franchise but considering how dire our year was, I buckled down and finished this film, leaving something I’m proud off.




Dealer’s Choice - @SLAM!


A damn entertaining drama thriller as a couple chases the highs and lows as they  gamble throughout Las Vegas






The War Between Ants


The petty pissing contest between two animation titans and their egotistical leaders is always a pretty funny site to see, especially when both films succeeded.





Funny Business - @El Squibbonator


Though it did suffer from unfortunate timing, Funny Business is a well made hybrid with laughs to spare.


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Everything I Never Told You - @SLAM!


I have warmed up to this film a bit more after the initial read. I still think leads outside the parents aren’t as well done but the parent leads do such a great job it bumps up the film for me.




Mass Effect: Revelation - @4815162342


While it does suffer from overstuffing, the third installment of the franchise still brings forth plenty of thrills, visuals and entertainment they have become known for.





Pokémon: The Case of The Orange Outrage - @4815162342


Another solid installment of the Pokémon franchise, bringing forth what might be the most fun film of the franchise but the emotional beats aren’t as strong in this one as the previous films.





Far Cry - @MCKillswitch123


Another well made CAYOM video game adaptation with some pretty fun action sequences as our hero shifts morality. I enjoyed it a lot.







The Idiots - @4815162342


An entertaining baseball documentary that is an effective home run but it’s not the best baseball film of the year....



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Like Static 2, I rushed to finish this and while I do think I need to work on both scares and suspense, I’m still very proud of what I made and gave a taste of Bajan culture which we may see more of Y9





The Space Between Trees - @Blankments/EGK


This film grew on me quite a bit since initial review. While I do think it has a problem similar to DEH in that if the lead stopped lying none of it would’ve happened but the two leads in this film are such a joy to watch, as the point so much isn’t on the mystery but rather how these characters interact and from that point, it does so pretty damn well.




Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Boy in The Iceberg - @Blankments


A clear improvement from the IRL counterpart, Iceberg acts as some Damn great blockbuster entertainment. Only time will tell if it becomes the franchise Blankments Productions desires.








Sins of The Fathers - @4815162342


Sins of The Fathers is a fresh take for sci-fi epics in CAYOM as instead of humanoid aliens, psychic aliens or bug aliens, it focuses entirely on a colony humans as sabotage is afoot when a new planet is found. Awkwafina shines as the lead, as Sins exceeds with sharp writing and great visuals as well as some debate on the nature of mankind. I did feel some familiar beats to some of Numerator’s other work but that doesn’t negate it’s a great film.





Holland Hannah - @Alpha


Holland Hannah succeeds as a captivating thrill ride that feels like a feature length music video in the best way possible, enrapturing us to join along the ride.


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The Un-Title-Able Squirrel Girl Sequel


This film, while I think reception is still yet to be known, has always been a project of great work for me. I went through the past two years trying to find out a plot for this but all came up short, and I even considered cancelling this one too. Despite its flaws and some characters getting sidelined, I am most found of SG2 over all my other sequels.


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Olive’s Hallowed Eve - @Blankments


Olive’s Hallowed Eve is a great addition to the original. What really shines the most is the sense of positivity even when things are most dire and its message of just because your goal is over, doesn’t mean it’s the end of your story and the importance one can bring on other lives. Bravo @Blankments


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The Bronx is Burning - @4815162342


A worthy adversary to And The Band Played On as my favorite Numerator film, Bronx is a well written, spellbinding drama as racial tensions clash alongside baseballs making another classic as Michael B Jordan gives a legendary performance.


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Posted (edited)

Now this is the twist


2. / 1.







Everything We Miss - @cookie




Learning to Care - @Blankments



This was probably the hardest decision on which title was the best this year. Learning To Care feels so real and is such a powerful film that I really empathize a lot with. Everything We Miss is a pretty raw and might just be one of my favorite CAYOM animation for its raw sense of surrealism making the ordinary a sight to behold. So I decided to go with my heart and give Learning To Care the number one spot and Everything We Miss number two.






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  1. Learning To Care

  2. Everything We Miss

  3. The Bronx is Burning 

  4. Flightless Bird

  5. Sandboy

  6. World of Trouble

  7. Olive’s Hallowed Eve 

  8. Dirty Hands

  9. The Un-title-able Squirrel Girl Sequel

  10. Up In The Sky

  11. Holland Hannah

  12. Sins of The Fathers

  13. Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Boy in The Iceberg 

  14. The Space Between Trees - now boosted to a B+

  15. Heartman

  16. The Idiots

  17. Far Cry

  18. Pokémon: The Case of The Orange Outrage 

  19. Mass Effect: Revelation

  20. Everything I Never Told You - boosted to a B/B+

  21. Funny Business

  22. The War Between Ants

  23. Dealer’s Choice

  24. Static Shock: Frozen Summer 

  25. Losers Weepers

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Posted (edited)

@cookie @Blankments @4815162342 since y’all made my top 3, you get the pick of prereads of my films. You all get to choose 1.


Endless Entertainment/Endless Animation/Infinite Studios Y9 Slate 


True Colors - Thriller/Social Satire - directed by Jordan Peele - aiming for late February Y9


Tyson (John Boyega), a hard hitting news reporter with the nose and passion for truth, working alongside his partner/former flame, Iris (Keke Palmer) but are struggling to make names for themselves in journalism or able to be heard. However, after a tip from an old associate, leading Tyson to investigate the head of Uirtus, a pharmaceutical company about illegal testing, led by the opportunistic billionaire Nick Newman (Chris Evans).


Upon the investigation, Tyler finds a strange set of pills, that turn his world upside down as he becomes the one thing he never expected to be: a blonde haired, blue eyed, white man dubbed as Tanner (Zac Efron). Using his newfound white privilege to his advantage, Tyson/Tanner sets to uncover truth and help society by taking down Newman but as his investigation continues, Tyson soon begins to lose himself to his Tanner persona and uncovers an even dark truth about a local domestic terrorist group and its ties to Newman.


Endless Animation’s Cosmic 3000 - March 21st, Y9 - directed by Peter Ramsey and Kemp Powers


In the year 3000, cars have been replaced by cruisers, which are sleek hovering vehicles with a build similar to a car and mankind has made contact with millions of alien species across the galaxy, often racing against each other in the Cosmic Circuit, a yearly space race across the most dangerous planets for intergalactic fame and fortune. Michael DeCosta (Trevor Jackson) lives in a now gentrified Milwaukee as he attempts to make ends meet as well as come to terms with not fulfilling his dream as a racer. However, when the biggest corporation on Earth, OptiCorp sets up shop in his hometown, causing mass evictions, Michael meets his racing idol, the now handicapped but legendary racer Felicia Throttle (Jane Lynch), who has been dying to make a comeback, mentors and sponsors him for the race, entering him in the Cosmic 3000, befriending and rivaling a slew of other racers.


Cosmic 3000 is an inspiring and irreverent film about race, gentrification and class that uses Endless Animation’s new technology dubbed Tracer, a sister to the famous Worldmeander software, used to make more fluid CG animation with traditional hand drawn animated aesthetics with a look described as similar to the human characters of The Mitchells vs The Machines meets a high end anime.


Green Lantern Corps: Evolution - May 2nd, Y9 - directed by Ava DuVernay


Three years after the Korugar incident, the Green Lantern Corps faces lower morale as they continue war with the Red Lanterns, now led by Benoz (Mark Hamill), who has recently freed Atrocitus (Hugh Jackman), forcing the Guardians, spearheaded by Vicio (William Hurt) to insert more strict rules for the Green Lanterns, for the good of the galaxy keeping them from going to their home planets.


John Stewart (Sterling K. Brown), a still “green” but highly skilled and highly ranked Green Lantern and former Navy SEAL, struggling with the strain of endless cosmic fighting as well as his desire to be free as well as being on Earth full-time with his family. John is partnered with veteran Green Lantern Hal Jordan (Sam Heughan), who has grow jaded in his pursuits of intergalactic peace and being a Green Lantern, stumbling upon a plot by Atrocitus and Benoz attempting to recreate an intergalactic weapon known as the Anti-Monitor. 


Forcing the two to go off the books, the two partner with Hal’s old mentor and best friend Sinestro (Joaquin Phoenix), now ruler of Korugar, who has created the new Yellow Lantern Corps, who are as heroic as the Green Lantern but have less limitation when it comes to lethal force, embarking on an intergalactic journey that even takes them to Earth. However, things get more complicated when it seems Sinestro’s motives may not be entirely altruistic. John and Hal must learn to get along as well as reanalyze their ideals and find their own peace if they want to save the galaxy.


Endless Animation’s Lesedi - July 18th, Y9 - directed by Ashton Corbin


Lesedi follows the story of the titular 11 year old girl, Lesedi (Madellen Mills) with an overactive imagination, love for fantasy and a song in her heart, as both she and her father have recently moved in with her grandmother (???) in New York City. Lesedi struggles to adjust with the city life and fitting in, but stumbles upon a secret that is set to rock the world. That deep within downtown NYC, is the magical epicenter of the world where wizards, elves, trolls, goblins, mermaids, vampires (which include dangerously cute vampire-penguins) and many more live in secrecy as she befriends a rebellious sorcerer’s apprentice Rose (Ella Jay Basco) as the two attempt to learn magic and naturally have some fun.


Endless ALTERNATIVE Animation’s Sleepy Hollow - Fall Y9 - directed by Henry Selick


From stop motion pioneers at Laika and the mind from writer-producer horror genius Jordan Peele, comes Sleepy Hollow, reimagined like never before. Gareth (Michael B. Jordan) is a young man in his 20s and aspiring writer, struggling to come up with a good idea for a book winds up in a car crash. As Gareth awakens, he finds himself in the town of Sleepy Hollow, a peaceful small town in America that seems oddly both modern yet has no modern day technologies such as cars, phones, etc. What’s even peculiar is Gareth finds himself trapped there. As Gareth stays in Sleepy Hollow, he soon learns of dark secrets that make him question reality and his sanity. 


Shell Shocked - Fall Y9 - directed by Kelly Fremon Craig


Tracey Yang (Haley Tsu) is a high school junior, reeling from a school shooting at her high school that lead to the death of her best friend (Millie Bobby Brown) that happened a month ago. Tracey, as she struggles with her PTSD, attempts to challenge her state’s current laws in order to make sure this doesn’t happen again at a school regardless of the odds against her.


also December reviews tomorrow y’all 

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