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YourMother’s Vaccinated X-Tra Dank, X-Tra Thicc and X-Tra Y8 Reviews

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After much wait and my finals...




As Fast As I Can - C-

I’d like to welcome @Safeno Rdz to the game and look forward to future films. As Fast As I Can has a lot of great elements like Cuaron and a well assembled cast. The movie while has a solid foundation, ends at what is seemingly supposed to be the first act, making the viewers wondering if the other two acts. It’s not a bad debut feature or film but was hoping for more.


Christmas Shopping - B-/B


Slam, I forgot to mention this too in my honorable mentions. Christmas Shopping is a well made Christmas film with a really strong third act. My problem with the film is that I didn’t find it too engaging for me. However, I think that’s just me personally. Nonetheless, I’m sure Christmas Shopping will charm audiences this holiday.



Dreams - B-


While it’s nice to have an anthology film once again, I didn’t really care much for Dreams. Apart from the final short, none of the others really stuck out but they were entertaining nonetheless.



Sins of Our Fathers - B+


Y’know maybe there’s something to Awkwafina pulling off double nominations for Best Actress this year. Sins of The Fathers is a delightful breath of fresh air as far as big sci-fi films go in CAYOM as it takes Numerators’ success with crime thriller and puts it in the backdrop of outer space. I did find some elements familiar but that’s not really a detriment. 



Wii Fit - C


You know what, I got to agree that this is the best Wii installment of the franchise as while the melodrama is upped its enjoyable 

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